Desperate Dirty Teen Roadside Fucking

Desperate Dirty Teen Roadside Fucking
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As I rode down the dark two lane highway I couldn't stop the tears no matter how hard I tried. My boyfriend had broken up with me for the biggest whore in our senior class in front of her. I was going to surprise him with my plans for us for that night. But when I got to his house and found the door unlocked as usually, I walked into his living room like I had always done many times before.

Sitting on the couch butt ass naked was my boyfriend Brandon and that bitch from school Tameeka. Of course it made perfect sense for them to be together. He was on the varsity basketball team and she was the most gorgeous cheerleader on the squad. But I still couldn't believe he would do this to me.

He broke up with me right then and turned back to the TV, dismissing me.

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I tried not to think of how good they looked together but images of them both seated calmly on Brandon's couch continued to burn in my memory. How could he?

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I mean I'm not ugly or fat. I work out as much as I can when I'm not studying but I guess that wasn't enough.

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I continued to cry my eyes out as I drove home. This was officially the worst Saturday night of my existence. I walked into my house and heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from the living room.

A woman was moaning loudly while a man grunted in time with the rhythmic sounds of his balls hitting her ass. Since my mom was out of town for the weekend, I was scared to walk around the corner for fear that my dad was cheating. Since I didn't have a choice but to walk past the entryway to the livingroom to get to my room, I finally put one foot out into the hallway.

I continued on and almost got away when my dad called out to me right before I was clear from his vision.

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I looked over at my dad with his big dick sticking straight up towards the ceiling and tried not to stare. Turns out, he was jacking off to the porn. The theater like speakers in our house made the action sound so real. My father stroked his big dick while he looked me up and down. His dick head oozed precum and he played with it while staring at the deep cut in the sexy dress I had worn for my night out with Brandon. My dad caught me staring and did the unthinkable.

He said, "baby girl, come over here and let daddy make you feel good." He was drunk. That's the only time he called me that. I was hurt and horny so I slowly walked over to sit beside my dad.

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As soon as I sat down, he wasted no time in shoving his hand into my bra to retrieve one of my plump DD breasts. He shoved my right breast into his mouth and sucked hard.

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My nipple was instantly hard. As I struggled with the shock of my dad sucking my tits my body betrayed me.


My dad found one of my hands and placed the closest one on his hot dick. As I slowly stroked him, he continued to suck my tit. After I started to moan and open my legs for him, he stopped sucking long enough to help me stand and remove my dress.

"Damn baby girl, you sure are sexy ass hell," he said as I stood before him in a red bra with one wet tit out of the cup and a matching thong. "Take that bra off and turn around for daddy." I did as he said and let my bra fall to the floor. I felt his large hands on my ass. He stroked my ass a little before he removed my thong.

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I felt one.hand on my back, pressuring me to bend over. I bended over at the waist just as he said, " that's it baby girl. Now spread these legs and a hold to that table so daddy can finally taste this sweet pussy of yours." I did as he asked and moaned when I felt his hot, wet, slick tongue touch my pussy.

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He licked the inside of pussy until I felt my knees shake. He licked and sucked on my lips adding a finger to my excitement. He slipped his finger into my pussy just as he started to suck on my clit. I tightened my hold on the dinner table as I started to cum all over my dad's face and hand. When the stars cleared from behind my eyes, I felt my dad turn me back around to face him.

I watched as my dad licked my pussy juice off his lips and almost came again at the sight.


I bended down and passionately tongue kissed my dad. I kept kissing him as I kneeled down in front of him and took his dick in my hands.

I loved his tongue in my mouth and his hand on my tits but I had to taste his dick. I took half of his dick into my mouth and looked up just as his head fell back in bliss. As I slobbed and bobbed my head up and down on his long, thick shaft, my dad put both his hands in my hair to encourage my efforts.

"Ahhh shit baby girl daddy's about to cum. Ohhhh.FUCK!" He held my head on his dick as his cum hit the back of my throat. As I swallowed his seed he bent his head to his me and pick me up off my knees.

He sat me in his lap and I felt his hard dick on my stomach. He raised me up until my pussy was in line with his dick and thrust upwards. As he slammed his thick member into me I screamed out in pain and pleasure at his size. "That's right baby. Take this big ass dick." I rode him until we both came hard and passed out