Asian ladyboy gives the best blowjob

Asian ladyboy gives the best blowjob
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Georgia and I walked upstairs in a daze. Kris' cock had been a revelation.

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Getting her little brother to show us how to make a boy cum opened up a whole new world to two very adventurous girls. I noticed Kyle looking at us with a curious look on his face, but Georgia and I were focused on her room and a chance to compare notes.

Kyle's look was made clear when we got to Georgia's room.

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There were wet spots on our blouses, and our faces were shiny from where we had cleaned off Kris' splatters. I didn't know if Kyle knew what had happened, but he was wondering what those crazy girls were up to. I pointed out the wet spots to Georgia and smiled. We stripped off our blouses and went rummaging in her closet for new clothes.

Seeing my friend's full breasts nestled in a lacy white bra was too tempting. As she led me in the closet, I reached out and unclasped her bra and slipped my hands around to cup them, slipping her hardening nipples between my fingers and kissing her lightly on her neck. Her hands reached back and grabbed my head she spun to face me and pulled me into a long passionate kiss, her skin hot, soft and smooth against mine, our hands exploring each other's curves.

We fell to the floor and lay next to each other, trading kisses, caresses and smiles as we talked about our newfound knowledge of the male situation. I knew Georgia was conflicted, after all, it was her brother we had jacked off, and now she was making out with her best girl friend.

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I figured I should just ask her what she thought was the next step in this complicated situation. She leaned back and looked up at the ceiling then at me. "Kat, I know what your answer is you've always wanted to have sex with Kyle." I blushed and nodded but I had an answer : and you've had the hots for him too, Georgia I remember watching you doing the laundry, and spending a lot of time with his jeans in your hands" It was her turn to blush. "Where does that leave Kris?" I blurted.

After all, her younger brother had just literally exposed his desire to both of us. We pondered that as we dressed.


Kissing her goodbye in the room, I went home to think through what to do. The next day was Saturday, and I called Georgia with a plan.

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My house had a large greenhouse in the back (my mom was into hybrid roses) and we often used it as a place to get away for our private talks. Mom and Dad wouldn't be suspicious if we went back after she came over, so it was a perfect chance to try what I had in mind.

Georgia came over, and after about an hour, I told my mom we were going out back. We walked to the greenhouse and found Kris there as planned. He has slipped in the back and set up a pallet of sleeping bags in the far corner.


As instructed, he was naked, and b obviously ready for our plan, as his cock was at full attention. I walked over and kissed him, grabbing his cock and stroking it while I did. Georgia slipped out of her jeans and moved to the pallet, calling out she was ready. I led Kris over to her and pointed at his sister's pussy. "Put your cock in there slowly, Kris" I purred "Fuck your sister, but no cumming yet, or you won't get a second helping from me." Kris dropped to his knees and slid slowly inside Georgia.

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As we had both played with dildos, Georgia accepted his thick chubby easily and wrapped her legs around his hips, controlling his movements as she sighed contentedly. "Feels so good, Kat, this was a great idea" I had dropped my jeans and moved to straddle Georgia's face, lowering myself onto her waiting lips as I locked lips with Kris. Moving together, Georgia's legs, hips and lips kept is synch, slowly moving in a three way dance that had everyone gasping for air as we rocked.

Knowing we couldn't last like this. I slipped off Georgia's face and onto the sleeping bags, on all fours, I turned my ass to Kris and wiggled, as Georgia released her hold and moved to my head.

Kris slid behind me and I guided him to my slit, feeling his cock at the entrance to my pussy, then feeling his hips roll in and bury his cock in me. My head fell forward and I plated my face in Georgia's hot, slick pussy, tasting her and Kris and losing myself in the scent and new sensations of n being fucked by e real live cock. I heard Georgia. "Fuck her Kris, but you have to wait until I cum before you can, OK? Kat knows how to make me cum, and I want you to watch her while you fuck her." I wiggled my ass against his pelvis as I let my tongue dart in and out of Georgia's hot pussy, and suckled her throbbing clit.

I could hear Kris gasping and felt him trying not to cum. I let my tongue swirl and tease Georgia's clit faster and faster and heard her telling Kris how great this felt, how her pussy was tensing… then just pushing her crotch hard into my face as she groaned and her juices ran over my face as she climaxed.

I began banging my ass off Kris's rock hard cock and squeezed it, begging him to cum for me.

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He pulled out of my pussy and slid his dick between my ass cheeks as I felt him pulse, the felt the warmth of his jets of cum splash over my back. We ended in a pile on the sleeping bags, trading kisses and letting our fingers tease.


Once we caught our breath, we turned and faced Kris and smiled. We let him know he could have sex with us anytime, because we'd all get better the more we tried, and we all agreed how much fun it was. There was only one condition.

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"Kris" I said "we want you to let our secret slip to one more person but you have to make it seem like an accident, OK?" He nodded and asked who. "Kyle" we chorused together "tell your brother" He smiled.

"I thought that might be who you wanted to tell, Kat no problem." We kissed to seal the deal, and Kris seemed excited about the prospects ahead.

At least, one part of him did, and I couldn't wait to share that excitement, rolling onto my back and pulling him on me and slipping his rock hard dick inside to practice again&hellip.

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while Georgia got out the camera we had hidden on a tray and started our own private video collection&hellip.