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Harry's Ladies Harry was ushered into Ragnuk's office and the Goblin king looked grim. Lord Potter I have had you escorted hear to demand that you return that sword, It is precious to us. Harry nodded and asked "the sword is Goblin made I assume"? "Correct, Matter of fact the sword was taken in battle, by Gryffindor from my many greats grandfather and should be returned to us when Gryffindor died".

Harry nodded his head knowing the sword could just be redrawn from the sorting hat.

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He unstrapped the sheath and gave it to the Goblin. "Be careful it's impregnated with Basilisk venom said Harry. The Goblin nodded an said "I know, it's what killed Lord Malfoy". Harry looked and said "well now that that's over with could you have a sword with similar enchantments on it made for me with the name Potter engraved on the side"? The aged Goblin nodded his head saying "it wont come cheap and it will take a month and a half to make".

"I pay you a fifty thousand galleon's now and twenty five more when done". The Goblins eyes bulged no Wizard offered fair price on good when buying from a Goblin it was just unheard of. "Ok Lord Potter we will send a missive when the sword is complete." "Thank you King Ragnuk a pleasure doing business with you". "And you Lord Potter. Harry made his way into a shadowy ally transformed into his Phoenix form and flared out. "FUCK ME HARDER" screamed Alexia as Harry fulfilled the obligations of the cursed end of the line clause.

Focusing on pleasing his lover Harry being driven by his natural instinct pounded her pussy and roughly latched onto her breasts.

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The young Hufflepuff screeched in pain and pleasure, Her cum gushed out in buckets while Harry's impregnated her. Several rounds of love making later Harry and Alexia went to shower. Entering his study Harry over-viewed the itinerary for the next Wizengamont meeting his and Lord Malfoy's bills were on the agenda along with several others oddly the meeting was on Valentine's day and from the manifest he had read the Wizengamont did not meet on a holiday.

Thinking something was up he wrote to Amelia. Reading up on his Basilisk form Harry decided to work on it next. A few hours later his response arrived. Lord Potter You are correct that the Wizengamont dose not meet on the fourteenth but the day before. You should have received a owl to apologize to you for the Minister's slip of the tongue. Also this is a full session and if you had not attended you could have been detained for dereliction of duty and fined half of your vaults or a year in Azkaban.

I will see you their Lord Potter. Give my love to Susan. Harry pulled his list out of females to reminisce over and found a astonishing change. Ginny Potter.x M Susan Bones.x Daphne Greengrass.x Nymphadora Tonks.x Hermione Granger.x Luna Lovegood.x Padma Patil.x Gabrielle Delacour.x B Katie Bell.x Hestia Jones.x Alexia Smith.x Tracy Davis.x Alicia Spinet.x Kimberly Anderson.x Shelly Sinatra.x Narcissa Black.x Romilda Vane Sally Anne-Perks Poppy Pomfrey.x "Bloody Hell Not More Names".

Harry called a meeting with Albus to discuss the additions. After a long talk the duo decided it was just his magic making it's last choices. Thankful that he did not get the Slytherin bull or the pug, but Harry had to admit it the pug had indeed start to look better. Harry the potion will be done soon all we lack is the blood of two more virgins then we can finish. Harry nodded an said well I will have it in a few days.

Harry cornered Romilda Vane in the library explained to clause to her and was jumped as soon as the words left his mouth. He quickly cast the privacy charms. Harry shoved his length into her tight twat and pounded into it fiercely. Harry picked her up and braced her against the stacks and thrust his newly lengthened cock into her quim the teen came screeching and Harry emptied his sack into her womb.

Harry collected the blood into the phial and after another round Harry and the happy girl made their way to the great hall. Harry had Dobby move Romilda's trunk into his quarters when she asked it of him. Harry introduced her to the rest of his ladies then made his way to Quidditch practice. Angelina put them through their paces and Harry tried a move he devised on his own. After the shower Harry approached Katie after a long discussion the witch striped naked and bent over a bench.

Harry marveled at her arse not believing how perfect it looked he creased it before entering her snatch. Harry made slow love to his old friend being carefully gentile. As she came Harry emptyed his sack for the third time that day. He collected the blood stored it and was jumped again by Katie this round was fast and rough Harry pounded into his new lover with enough force to bruise her and Katie loved every minute of it.

After returning to his rooms Harry held Katie close as the two of them fell asleep. Dogging a bludger Harry continued his pursuit of the Hufflepuff seeker the seeker was then knocked off course by a return bludger from Fred. Harry spent the next twenty minutes watching out for the tiny gold ball until he caught sight of it at the far end of the pitch Harry eased forward acting like he was just changing positions the let out a burst of speed. Rodgers quickly fell behind not expecting the change in speeds.

Harry was closing in on the snitch when it shot off in Rodgers direction, cursing Harry slung his full weight forward his broom did a end over end until he was facing the same way he had just came from and shot off like a rocket. He pulled along side Rodgers who started trying to knock him aside. Hermione watching in the stands cursed when she was Harry pull the end over end, "I am going to kill him she shrieked" "get in line yelled Daphne" Hermione watched as Rodgers pulled a Malfoy and tried to get some distance and then knock Harry off course on his third try Harry used the sloth grip roll to go under and on to the other side this caused Rodgers to hit the wall of the pitch and go down.

Everyone started looking for the snitch which Harry had held high in his hand with a shit eating grin on his face. The grin did not last long, as soon as he got back to his room Hermione pounced on him spitting like a cat.


Harry took her into his arms and just held her. Later that night Harry felt someone slid beside him and grab him man hood. "Mione what you doing I thought you hated me right now"? "I am sorry Harry I have talked to the other and they think that I have over reacted I just wanted to apologize to you the bushy headed girl said as she took his cock into her mouth.

After Harry had creamed into her pussy Hermione positioned his cock at her rear entrance and nodded her head. Harry slipped inside her arse and marveled at the felling he thrust into her deep and slow until she was begging him to pond her raw. After ten minutes of him tweaking her nipples and slapping her ares red Hermione came gushing buckets and Harry emptied his balls into her rectum.

Harry woke up his dick still buried in Hermione ass and still rock hard. Harry started to take it out but Hermione had different ideas. She rolled over on top and started bouncing reverse cowgirl on his cock Harry moaned, reached up and grabbed a hand full of bushy hair then pulled a fast maneuver and the two of them were in the doggie style position Harry used her hair and pounded her arse as hard as he could while Hermione shrieked in pain/pleasure as her boyfriend thrust into her.

A few minutes later and multiple orgasms for Hermione Harry grunted and shot off in her rectum, Harry sat chatting to Susan at the Hufflepuff table while just about everyone else their glared at him. Harry noticed a girl with red-blonde hair sitting a ways off looking "peaky" as Mrs. Weasley would call it. "Who's she asked Harry"? "Oh that Sally Anne-Perks Harry the last girl on your list.

Harry nodded and said follow me. After escorting Sally to his rooms Harry and Susan explained why she looked and felt so bad the young girl looked shocked the started crying. After calming her down Harry found that her father had already entered her into a marriage contract with Michael Corner even though she hated the boy.


Harry found that if she did not go through with the contract Her father would loose two third's of their fortune while their family a noble house their vaults could not take a hit like that Harry asked "How much would that amount to?" About a hundred thousand galleons.

Harry nodded and said "well since that would happen when the contract broke Harry would replace the money plus another hundred thousand. The girl was shocked but smiled and said ok that will be just fine before jumping onto the startled boy. And hour later three well shagged teen left Harry's rooms to go to class. After DADA Harry sent a note off to Sally's father and another to his account manager to authorize the transaction after the Conner's Galleons came out.

While not happy the man readily agreed to it and Michael was Happy that he did not have to marry a girl he did not like or care for. That night Harry kissed Susan's belly where his chilled was growing most of his first girls were starting to show now and were all getting really randy constantly. It wasn't uncommon to see them helping each other out while Harry was busy. Thursting into Padma's quim Harry growled at the site of seeing his cock diapering into her moca colored flesh "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCKME" The Indian bombshell screamed so loud that he thought that she would be heard through the silencing charms he had placed.

Harry widened his girth and shoved a finger up the girls arse to which she orgasmed Harry still far off keep pounding her pussy hard sending multiple orgasms throughout her body Padma flipped him over to were she was ridding him cowgirl style screeching in one continuous orgasm until Harry finally unloaded several shots of baby batter into womb.

Harry smiled when he woke up in a tangle of limbs and a horny metamorphmagus sucking his dick. Harry removed himself from the pile smiling at the sultry look on Tonk's face he lead her into the shower to emerge satisfied and squeaky clean leaving a tired Tonks putting on her disguise. Harry and his Ladies gathered around and watched as the adults drank the Age restorative. All sings of age quickly melted off of Albus and Abe's face.

Minerva looked to be in her late Twenty's while Mad eye's leg had regrown but the eye had been a ritualistic sacrifice and did not regrow. The potion worked to well on Flitwick he looked to be in his late teens early twenty's. " I guess the potion works differently on beings with Goblin blood in them". Dumbledore spoke allowed. That night the great hall was abuzz with speculation of why most of the staff looked so young when most were positively ancient.

Dumbledore stood and spook as you can see most of us have de-aged quite a bit well it happened in a potion's accident earlier this morning apparently abe tripped over a downed stool and all the ingredience in his hands flew into the cauldron a explosion took place and we were covered in the mess and poof we looked feel and are younger Madam Pomfery has already ascertained that we wont suddenly revert back but will age like any other normal human. All knowledge of the potion we were making and what items we were adding were obviated as this miracle dose not fall into the wrong hands.

The student's were abuzz talking about the "accident" and on one noticed a Slytherin boy slip out of the hall and run towards the owlery. The next day both papers were delivered. Harry could not believe how many people still read the Phoenix Chronicles even after the ministry tried to ban it. He smiled at the title HARRY POTTER. CRAZED ATTENTION SEEKING LOON OR COSTANIT SUVIVER Story by Penelope Clearwater For almost a year now Harry Potter has been called a lair an attention seeker and a nutter by the Daily Prophet.

But is he.

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Several disappearances have happened over the past two years Bertha Jorkins 32, Auror David Thustal 25 and Bartimus Crouch Sr. 55 have all disappeared without a trace. Several Muggals have also disappeared their names are Frank Bruce 61, Natalia Dangleman 10Sahara Newman 9, and Jerry Pitts-Riddle All the muggals were from Little Hangleton and the witches and wizards are still labeled missing to this day by our ministry.

But are they. Rensontly the Albanian DMLE has found a woman's body with residual dark magic strong Legilimency probs all over it it was also found that the women was raped repeatedly and was pregnant at TOD(time of death). The Goblins in conjunction with the DMLE found out through blood inheritance test was found to be Bertha Elaine Jorkins Her unborn child was found to be the child of Peter Isaiah Pettirgrew.

Barty Crouch's body was never found but his son confessed to Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and Harry Potter. Before Crouch Jr.

could give his testimony to the DMLE Minister Fudge was accompanied by Dementors paid a visit to the bound and Fudge watched them suck the soul out of the man partially responsible for Cedric Diggory's death. Alas The body of Cedric Diggory had mo life threating injuries when the Healers gave the report to the Diggorys and the DLME the Diggory's have premited us to print this because they want to know how their son was murrderd. Harry Potter has answers to all of this he tried to tell the minister who ignored him and called him crazy but with the death and all the disappearances along with Death-Eaters escaping Azkaban dose it not have the same feel as the war in the 70's and 80's dose in not signal a Dark Lord is on the rise or Re-rise I for one believe so.

Several students scoffed and tossed the paper and several others gulped and looked alarmed but a lot had a grim look of determination on their face. Harry hand co marched to DADA for a special lesson when they arrived Professor Dumbledore was standing at the head of the class. " I have several thing I am going to show you I am not going to Molly Cuddle you or go easy sooner or later this war will come out of the shadows and into the light and when it dose Voldemort will target you specificity to frighten your parents into helping him or for just pleasure of the kill.

So now I am going to show you a forgotten shield charm that lashed out at any attacker now no shield know has ever stopped an unforgivable curse if one is ever fired at you it is best to duck or doge never try to shield you with get hit that way now the fortis ague shiel.

The following lesson was one of the best in living memory of the class "Albus really know his stuff" said a elated Ron "and that draining shield he showed us was just a work hove genius" crowed Hermione his ladies conversed amongst themselves while Harry, Ron,and Neville took up their own speech about the lesson and those fire hex's he showed us to ward off Inferi just Brilliant. Theodore Nott was seething Potter got away with "accendently" killing his father and he was going to make the nascence pay with blood.

Nott leaped from around the corner and yelled out AVADA KEDAVERA the green spell fired point blank into Harry's chest and threw him back into his ladies Neville and Ron quickly subdued the laughing teen and started kicking him while he was down. Stop yelled a severally angry Snape a hundred points from. then he saw Harry Potter rising from the floor with a bleeding lighting bolt scar on his chest wave after wave of pure magic poored off him all his witched instantly felt a link form between themselves and their lover until and explosion happened Nott disintegrated Snape felt the Dark Mark melt off his arm through-out the school any Death-Eater student who willingly took the mark turned to dust and the others fell to the ground screaming in pain as the link to their master was severed all thinking what ever deity they believed in that they were free.

Hundred's of miles away Voldemort the self styled Dark Lord was writhing in pain was he felt his links to his servants at the old fools school was striped away.

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His followers were experiencing the pain to. Several spies in the Auror office were captured as they twitched on the floor. Lord Delacour watched a a co-worked and friend cried out and the mark on his arm melt away all over the world several hundred Death-Eaters were released our captured all because of one foolish boy's idiocy. Harry awoke naked in a strange place he wished for a simple robe to cover himself and one appeared. Harry heard and mangled sound and looked under a bench that had materialized and saw a flayed looking boy with red eyes crying Harry called a voice tentatively "Harry you cant help him".

Harry turned and saw hi mother standing behind him MUM he gave a strangled cry launching himself at her and enveloping himself in a bone shattering hug Oh my sweet boy I have missed you. Your father and I are so proud we have always watched you my son we shared every pain and heart ace you heve been through and all the good times as well. Though your father is a little miffed that you dont pull pranks Harry turned to the flayed looking boy thing." Is that Tom"?

He asked," yes it is Harry and it is about time you send the rest of him here to be judged". "Harry you Have to return to the land of the living your place is with the family you have now".

Harry nodded and said "I will make you proud mom". "You already have said a crying Lily by my son she said and she hugged him one last time and gently kissed his lips transferring all her knowledge and memories to him along with several other things she had took form James and the Soul shard of the disgusting creature called Tom.

Time seemed to fly to Harry Nott was shipped of to the Ministry Harry was examined by Poppy and after a clean bill of health was thoroughly Shagged out by all of his witches February 13th dawn and Harry untangled himself from all 19 of the witches that were in the end of the line contract he smiled showered and started sorting through the memories his mother had given him it was heart breaking work to see his mother's life how Petunia had betrayed her how Potter dogged her begging to go out with her Snapes betrayal and finally falling for his father their marriage and Harry's birth and the miscarriage a month before Halloween of 81 and finally the ruins and charms she had used to keep him safe from the killing curse that just reinforced the Potter family magic.

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Harry cam out of his meditative state with Narcissa's head bobbing up and down his cock Harry smiled you sure love giving bj cissa Harry groaned the young witch smiled and picked up the pace until she forced the remainder of his cock down her throat Harry gave into her ministrations and came with a grown down her throat.

The witch impaled herself on his cock and road him like he would not live to see tomorrow. Harry picked up the pace wanting to bring the petite blonde off before her vice like cunt took him over board Harry showered again with Tonks, Mione and Kim shagging all three before dressing and port-keying to Gringotts.

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Their Harry got more bank drafts and sold several Basilisk fangs he got a update on his muggles stocks and found that several had split so Harry invested in more aiming for Sony,Yahoo, and a few ventures in the oil business. Harry steeped into Ragnuk's office and found that his sword was ahead of schedule and would be complete in less that a month the teen nodded thanked to goblin.

Whizengamont Session I call to order this 16400 th meeting of the Wizengamont to order Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge presiding Ok Lords and Lady's our itinerary for the day will be trials of Theodore Nott for attempted murder of Lord Potter head of the ancient and noble house of Potter and the trial's of Jeffrey Bates, Morgan Daliy ,Shelly Cornfoot, Carlie Norton, Scipio Goyal,and Penelope Clearwater.

Harry and his Lady's eyed each other. Then we will move on to bills proposed at last session the new bills for the next session held on May 21st the on to budgit cuts and taxes for the coming year. After the trials of petty criminals mostly ones just stilling to survive It was Penelope's turn. "Ms.

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Clearwater you hear to face charges for conspiracy to overthrow the rightful government and Slander how do you plead" Not Guilty said the witch not looking up. Ms. Clearwater please look at us when we question you. The witch looked up and the members of the court gasped at her face. It was swollen and a multitude of black, Blue and green one eye was swelled shut and her lips were bleeding.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS AURORS WHY IS SHE IN THIS SHAPE" yelled a seriously angry Madame Bones "I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO DID IT NOW". Two aurors stood up and said we did it questioning her under the Ministers orders. The very angry head of the DMLE had both men arrested and transported to the holding cells she gave a scathing look to the minister and said "I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY ONE OF MY PRISIONERS WAS BEAT LIKE THAT"? Fudge twirled his bowler hat in his hands and said we are running low an Vertiserum as you well know and we needed to know the truth to were the offices of the Phoenix Chronicles are she she is a reporter writing for an unlisioned paper so we took drastic measures to find out.

Well spill it what did you find out? Well the property is hidden by the fadelious charm and that she was given her assignment by house elf. So in other words you beat her to within a inch of her life and you have nothing. "It dose not matter what you have" yelled Tonks "lets get on with the trial". Of course sai dthe minister. Harry watched seething in rage at what the imbecile minister had pulled Harry watched as a mock trail was played out with clearly fabricated evidence the young hero stood and said enough eather produce some legitimate proof other than the BS you just tried to feed us or let us vote.

In the end Penelope was cleared in no small part thanks to Harry, Sirius and Co the aspiring reporter was sent off to Saint Mungos then the the Chronicles office to wright a smear campaign against fudge and his illk After more tiring Bs Malfoys last bill was shoot down had Harry's barely passed thanks to the newly reinstated Greengrass family the tried teen returned to Hogwarts and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow Voldemort snuck by the sleeping unspeakable to row 97 he found his quarry right at the end as his former spy once told him the grabbed the prophesy sphere and quickly retreated unknowingly tripling several alarms just as he entered the atrium several aurors and Fudge in his nightwere spotted him he's back whispered Fudge before a exploding hex took off his head the dark lord dissapperated.

Tom smiled of course he was sighted but he had the prophesy and it was all worth it he gathered his remaining and new followers and broke the orb to finally hear the words he had been wondering about for over thirteen years "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches, born to those who have thrice defied him born as the seventh month dies". "AND GOT YOU TOMMY BOY YOU FINALY THOUGHT YOU GOT IT DIDNT YOU WELL GUESS AGAIN OH AND COJUR A MIRROR".

AHHGGHHAAAAA! His face resembled a muggle clown Tom tried to vanish the suit but was unable PPPPPPOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTEERRRRR!!!!! Voldemort then started sending killing curse's into the massed throng of his followers At Hogwarts Harry woke up laughing