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Naked bearded gay men having sex first time Public gay sex
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Alpha exited the cellar, leaving Leah in her cell.

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He made his way up the stairs towards the "control room." Feeling rejuvenated after spending a couple hours on Leah's training, Alpha walked with a strut and a smile on his face. He loved how Leah was coming along. She wasn't fooling anyone pretending to be broken and compliant. It was something seen from previous girls before her. Alpha and his two companions were going to play along and use it to their advantage. After making a few turns in the hallway, Alpha reached the control room.

He opened the door to find, with surprise, Kenny sitting down facing the monitors. He was replaying the session Alpha just had with Leah. He was at the part where Alpha had her crawling towards him naked several times. Kenny was eyeing her perfect ass as she crawled on the cold concrete. Watching her crawl on screen distracted him from hearing Alpha entered the room. It wasn't until Alpha intentionally shut the door loudly, did Kenny realize Alpha came in the room.

He paused the recording before turning his attention to Alpha. "What are you doing here, Ken?" Alpha asked.


Kenny pivoted the chair he was sitting on to face Alpha. He noticed he was holding his favorite brand of beer, which was almost done. Kenny had been here for awhile. "Guess who called me not too long ago?" Kenny responded back with another question. It took Alpha a few seconds to deduce who he was referring to. His expression turned to happiness. "What did he say?" "He says he'll be here tomorrow night." "Why didn't he call me?" "He said he was busy and when he called, I told him you were busy." Kenny motioned towards the footage he paused involving Alpha and Leah.

"That's great. But that doesn't explain why you're here. How did that thing go?" "Piece a cake. Nothing to it. Got done a lot sooner than I thought. So I thought I drop by here. That's when I got his call." "How did he sound?" "Like a little boy who knows Christmas is tomorrow." Alpha was happy to hear both good news. He went over to the screens and saw the live footage of Leah, lying down on her bed in a fetal position crying softly.

"That was some good stuff, Alpha. I thought she had you there for a second. Fiery little cunt, isn't she?" Kenny took a swig from his beer, unpausing the recorded footage he was watching. "That she is, Ken. That she is." Alpha only looked at the live feed as he recounted his time with Leah that happened not 10 minutes ago. He never had to look at past footages to recall his time with his slaves. "Alright, Kenny.

Can I leave it up to you to prepare her tomorrow before he comes in?" Alpha asked Kenny without taking his eyes off Leah. "You don't even have to ask, man. I'll make sure to wrap her up nicely. Something special just for him." Kenny was at the part where Alpha made Leah kiss his shoes.

Alpha and his two colleagues were waiting for his special guest to arrive ever since they acquired Leah. The main reason being they haven't seen him in a long time. And the other reason being Alpha promised him they wouldn't "do the deed" until he did it first. It was only fair since he was the one who pointed Leah out to them. This was their way of saying thank you. But after he spends his time with Leah, she's was fair game for anything.

With that in mind, Alpha bid Kenny farewell as he left for the day. The next morning, Kenny went down to Leah's dungeon to get her ready for tonight's event. He found her sleeping heavily on her bed. Before waking her up, he admired the way she looked.

They still did not give her a blanket for cover, so she had no choice but to sleep in the nude. Leah was sleeping on her side facing towards Kenny's direction. She had her right arm under her head and her left arm behind her. Kenny had a perfect view of her tits. They rose and fell as she breathed deeply. Her left leg leaned down covering the lower part of her body. There was even the ice bag Alpha gave Leah for her sprained hand after their session. The ice had already melted in the bag.

At that moment, she looked serene and in peace. "Rise and shine, sugar tits!" Kenny kicked the cell bars loud enough to wake up Leah with a startle. Instantly she covered herself. Even when looking tired, she gave Kenny an evil look. She was exhausted from yesterday's session with Alpha. The soreness from her hand and arm was evident of that. Leah was beyond embarrassed and humiliated having to perform "slave acts" for him.

After their small bout, Leah realized Alpha was a very dangerous individual that could easily best her in a fighting match. The next thing she would have to try was outsmart him. It didn't turn out so well when she tried doing that with Buddy, but maybe Alpha and Kenny would be a different case. In the mean time, she had to keep up the façade of being broken.

If they truly believe she was broken, it would give Leah a chance to catch them with their guard down. Kenny proceeded to retrieve something out of one of several big closets in the cellar. To Leah it looked like an oversize folded chair. Even when Kenny unfolded it and placed it in the middle of the open floor, she still couldn't identify what it was. The best way to describe it, according to Leah, was that it looked like a metal frame for a big chair or table. There were several bars on the main frame, with also several paddings.

One of the paddings was big and was at the center of the frame. Whatever this device was, Leah had a bad feeling about it because she knew Kenny was setting it up just for her. Kenny had to drill screws at the base of the frame onto the ground to keep it firm and steady. In fact, there were already holes in the ground to accommodate the screws. After feeling satisfied the contraption was set to his standards, he put the tools away.

He rolled back a cart with other items on it but Leah couldn't tell what they were. Finally, Kenny returned his attention back to Leah. "You have a long day ahead of you. And an even longer night. I have the pleasure of getting you ready. Are you going to be a problem?" Leah didn't respond in any way.

She thought if she opened her mouth, she would start yelling profanity and hurling insults at him. Instead, she tried to give him a blank look but only succeeded looking agitated. "It doesn't matter whether you do or not. It's more fun when it's rough. So please, make it fun for me and fight as much as possible." As Kenny unlocked her cell door and went inside, Leah gave no sign of resistance.

Even after he dragged her out by the hair, Leah did not fight back. Kenny made several attempts to get her riled up, such as calling her more degrading names, and manhandling her. Nothing seem to do it for her. Leah complied with all of Kenny's demand. He wasn't completely disappointed. He was looking forward to what was in store for her tonight. While Kenny was strapping her down into one of his favorite positions, he took the time to inform Leah of tonight's agenda.

"A very special friend of ours is coming tonight. He's coming to see you personally. And I've been given the task to prepare you for him. You can probably guess how I'm setting you up what you're in store for, huh?" He was right. By the time Leah realized how he was strapping her to the strange contraption he set up moments ago, she knew exactly what was going to happen to her tonight. But it was too late to fight back. It took a lot of effort on her part not to start freaking out.

She wanted to continue pretending to be broken. Tonight might be too much for her to handle, however. As Kenny put the final touches to Leah's predicament, Leah's panic began to set in. Her new forced position on the make-shift device left her in an extremely vulnerable state. Her heart rate was beating faster and faster.

"That should do it. I'll leave the rest for our special guest to finish. I'll even leave some special toys for you two to play with." Kenny left more random items on the cart next to Leah. He knew the person coming would make use of each item. "I think that's everything. This is gonna be a special night for the two of you. Make the most of it, because after tonight, no more taking it easy on your sweet ass." Kenny slapped Leah's ass hard before seeing his way out the cellar.

Leah only made a small sound of discomfort from the slap. She held out from the discomfort she was in until Kenny left the room. As soon as he was gone, Leah moved frantically to escape, if not adjust in her new position.

How can he leave me like this, Leah thought? I'm not going to last long like this. After putting a stop to her attempts to escape, Leah resorted to what she's been doing best ever since she woke up in here: wait for the worse to come. Miles was on his way to his uncle's usual spot. He had been speeding since he got the rental car. The faster he got to his uncle, the sooner he could do what he had been waiting for, for so long. Miles Stanton was a 25-year old college Senior.

He took a break from college after completing his first year. The break was due to emotional stress from his father's death. He didn't know how to cope with his dad's passing. He was very close to his father so naturally his father's untimely death hit Miles really hard. His father's death came near the end of his freshmen year in college when he was 19 years old. Miles was doing really well until the day he received the phone call from his hysterical mom about his dad.

As a Ranger in the military, his father would frequently deploy overseas for a rotation or two. For the most part, his father was careful to avoid any danger. Unfortunately, he let his guard down when an innocent young Arab boy was used as bait for an IED attack, crossed his path. After the news, Miles came back home to be with his mom and other family members. It didn't take long for Miles to act out wildly and rebellious.

He experimented with several different drugs and alcohol which always lead to fighting with authorities. At 20, he already had a list of numerous misdemeanors, barely avoiding felony charges due to dumb luck. But Miles didn't care. He hated the world.

He hated himself more. Growing up he knew he was just a loser who was quiet and not at all interesting to his age group. Miles was an average American white boy who didn't share any particular interests with anything or anyone. He may have had his father's dark brown hair and brown eyes, along with his body structure, but Miles was nothing like his father. His dad spent a lot of time with him as he grew. He loved Miles since the day he was born. They were inseparable.

It was even hard for the both of them when Miles went away for college but his dad raised him to be strong.

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Or at least tried to. Miles' dad was a tough guy who intimidated a lot of people, if not with his physique then with his intelligence. It was no surprise he shot up in the ranks as a Ranger. His dad was a very respectable soldier among his peers. All the traits his dad had were not passed down to Miles. Miles was an introvert who barely passed in school. His parents did not understand his lack of interest in anything.

Numerous times they tried to enroll him in activities or clubs but none of it took. The only real interest Miles had growing up was playing video games. It was the only thing he was good at. Every time he received a new game, he would finish it in days. After which he would ask for a new game. Miles' mom, Scarlett, didn't know what to do with him. She felt like there was no helping him.

She thought if he kept this up, she was afraid he was going to pass a point of no return. Fearing she was going to lose her only child too, she called her older brother for help. Her older brother was always the smartest of the two and relied on him for support, especially after Miles' dad died.

Miles remembered the day his uncle stopped by the house for the fifth time to try talking to him. Instead of trying to reason with him again, his uncle took him to a special place no one knew about. Little did he know, that the place his uncle took him to would change his life forever. The very same place he was heading to now. The story of his first time there, however, is for another day. After his first trip with his uncle, Miles' mood and attitude changed dramatically.

His mom asked repeatedly to her brother what he said or where he took him that day? His answer was always the same. "I promised him I wouldn't say, but it was something he needed to see." She didn't press too much into it since Miles did get better.

He stopped doing drugs and running into the police. He eventually went back to school to continue his education. It was during his first year back, he took a computer graphic design class that taught him ways how to edit recorded videos.

He took this new found knowledge into editing his gaming sessions he recorded. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was interesting than other gaming videos where you just see the gamer playing every second of their gameplay. Miles made sure to edit his videos in a way where he only showed interesting parts.

It wasn't until he recorded playing himself with others online did he discover the missing ingredient. Playing online anonymously motivated him to act out in a delirious manner that actually helped him exponentially.

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The only reason he was able to get away with it, and attract so many viewers, was because of his commentary. Viewers would comment how Miles was hilarious and his personality was out of this world. Miles even surprised himself that he was able to come up with this persona.

He would never act like this in person though. His insecurities wouldn't let him. The final touch that labeled him a rock star in the gaming community was his laughter. His laugh would come out as maniacal and raucous. Everyone found it comical, fitting his personality well like a tailored suit. With a little help of other up-and-coming gamers, Miles' popularity grew opening paths to sponsorship and advertisement gigs. He was constantly getting free gaming-related products to try out and inviting him to gaming events.

Which he always turn down because of his wish to remain anonymous. Although people were curious what he looked like, nobody really did seem to care. His secret identity in fact was another ingredient to his growing fame. What he loved most, however, was the countless free games he would receive.

He would be asked to record his gaming skills as he played all the free games. He did it with extreme pleasure. For his username, he came up with the name, "CO2Deviant."There was nothing special in the name when it comes to its origin. When he was thinking of a name to come up with, he was in a biology class learning about carbon dioxide. Miles already wanted to use the word "deviant" in his name, but he needed to add something else to make it unique.

After hearing the chemical compound of CO2, he decided to simply call himself, "CO2Deviant." "Deviant" was an inside joke only he was aware of. His viewers assumed he was jokester who enjoys causing some trouble every now and then. They had it right for the most part. Including his insecurities, he was told to remain anonymous by his uncle and friends to avoid getting caught. This was after a heated argument between Miles and his uncle that Miles could not be a "professional gamer" and a criminal at the same time.

On top of which he was still going to school full time. The risk was much too high. But after convincing his uncle that neither would conflict the other, his uncle allowed him to follow this complicated path with the condition that he remained anonymous. Since his mother's older brother was well-taught on the subject of computers, he even personally set up his HTML with his own content management system, so that nobody outside would try to hack into his account.

Everything was going great for Miles. Although he was leading a double life, he managed to successfully balance both. His father's passing still got to him every now and then, but he would always rely on his uncle for a "therapy" session. Miles even made school work on top of it all.


Everything was going according to plan until the day he came across some female gamer known as SSShotguneagle. He knew that username as a popular heroine character from a video game series, and could see why this girl gamer used that name for herself, after watching some of her videos.

She was gorgeous. It was hard to believe an attractive female gamer was getting so much notoriety. It was common for drop-dead beautiful young girls to record themselves playing video games. There are a lot of horny guys out there who would pay to see sexy vixens playing their favorite video games while dressed in provocative outfits. So, why was this Leah chick any different? She knew who he was too and challenged him to a friendly online first-person shooter game.

It wasn't her intention to upset him or humiliate him. Leah thought he would take it like a man and keep acting his outgoing self.

Surprisingly, however, after beating him in consecutive times, CO2Deviant lost it. He wasn't his happy, crazy self anymore. Instead he came off as a complete douche who berated Leah for being just a slut who used her good looks and revealing clothing to get popular.

Her response: genuine laughter. That anger Miles felt after his father died returned like a meteor hitting earth. It was as if he bottled up all the rage for after all those years when he was getting better. He never thought he would ever be this angry again. It did not help that his illegal activities fueled his ego to be better than everyone. Ever since his uncle helped him that day, he could finally look at himself as a man.

A proud man. A man his father would've been proud of. It even surprised him that a simple thing as a girl beating him in a game, would set him off like a volcano. It may have surprised her, but she egged him on to keep insulting her, which he always took the bait.

The more he degraded her, the deeper he dug himself. Miles was also not smart enough to let it go.

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He would come back on different days to challenge her on the same game or in different ones. The only reason Leah permitted this was because it helped her get a lot of views and subscribers, while Miles was losing both. Everyone saw the kind of person he actually was. An egotistical, loser who needed to win every time or, at the very least, not lose to a girl. It took his online friends to beg him to stop before he actually did. By then, the damage was already done. He came up with the idea to record himself (still anonymously) apologizing to Leah.

The pride proved almost impossible to swallow as he posted his apology video. Leah gave out several videos of her own negative opinions about CO2Deviant, even after she accepted his apology.

This, Miles felt, warranted more videos spouting out more creative, verbal insults about the better gamer. This was the final pin on his coffin. This didn't stop Miles recording his gameplay and posting it online for all to see. But the number of views wasn't as high as it used to be. He even lost a lot of subscribers because of this.

The company who sponsored him suspended him because of his rants as they stated "we do not share the same views as CO2Deviant." Miles was beyond livid. He was past the point of just yelling at Leah to make himself feel better. The bitch needed to be taught a lesson. A lesson she would never forget. He needed to be the one who taught her that lesson. He needed to be the one who punished her for what she did to him.

He needed to make a phone call to his uncle. Miles wished he could've gone to a school near his home, but much like the first time he couldn't, his poor grades in high school limited his options. But his uncle promised he would bring him back during his vacation days.

That's why Miles was on his way to see his uncle during spring break. No classes for a week. After turning on to the hidden road he drove so many times on, he finally reached his uncle's place.

Standing there to greet him as Miles pulled up, was none other than his dear old uncle. Miles returned his wide smile as his uncle approached his car.

He quickly got out of the rental car and ran to his uncle for a warm embrace. "It's great to see you, kid," his uncle said first. "It's good to see you too, uncle Alfred!" "Hey! What did I say about you calling me that name, huh?" Alpha put Miles in a headlock as Miles tried to break free from him while laughing.

"Alright, alright, jeez! Still touchy on that name, huh, uncle Al?" Miles finally managed to break free from his uncle's grip. "C'mon, let's go inside. Kenny's inside waiting for us." "Where's Buddy?" "He couldn't make it today, but he sends his love." Alpha followed his nephew into the private residence.

Miles made his way to the kitchen to fetch two water bottles from the fridge. Without either sitting down, Miles placed his rucksack on the kitchen table. Miles handed one of the water bottles to Alpha. "How was your flight?" Alpha asked, taking a sip from his water.

"Alright. How's everything here?" Miles took his own first sip. "Alright, too. We've been pretty busy getting our new guest acclimated to her new environment. She is everything you said she would be." It was obvious to Alpha his nephew was beyond excited. His demeanor gave it away as he rocked side to side and fidgeting his hand with the water bottle. He's never seen him act this way with the previous women they've had before. He had always been calm and restrained, even right before he was about to spend time with them.

Then again this one was special for Miles. Alpha thought, knowing his dear nephew, that Miles would quickly make his way down to the cellar to begin their own session.

He chalked it up to him being anxious. "Didn't I tell ya? Man, I still can't believe you got her. And it wasn't hard at all?" "Not at all. It was the same as all the others. More or less." "Oh, okay." Miles took another sip without saying another word. Alpha loved his nephew and the kind of person he was, but it often perplexed him how he was nothing like his own father. He knew Miles wasn't the most outgoing person which lead him a secluded life.

Until that is he found his calling in recording his video games. "How's your site doing?" Alpha asked, breaking the silence.

"It's going good. I'm getting more subscribers again. Not as much as before, but I'm getting there." "That's good, Miles.

At least it's a start." "Yeah, I guess." Alpha recalled the messages he received from Miles about what happened to him. About how some rival gamer who also recorded her gameplays, humiliated him in the "worst way possible." Alpha was not familiar nor was he interested in the world of video games and/or watching others play games.

But apparently whatever she did to him was "unforgivable" according to Miles. He didn't contact his uncle in secrecy to pour out his feelings. He wanted him to help Miles get back at her in the worst way possible. "I've been watching your videos, too. You're a pretty funny guy. Are you sure that's you? You're not taking someone else's credit are you?" "No," Miles said with a nervous laugh, "It's me, I promise.

So, are we going to get started or. ?" "We will. Soon. Kenny is putting last minute touches. Relax, will you?" "Sorry, I, uh . I just . you know." "I know, Miles. It's okay. I understand." Alpha stared at his only nephew as he drank more water. He wondered what his brother-in-law might say if he was still alive.

How he took his son under his wing after a series of poor choices as a result from his brother-in-law's untimely passing. Miles' mother, Alpha's sister was nothing like him. Both were similar in many ways, but unlike Alpha, Scarlett had no demons in her closet. Not that he was aware of anyway. She was just as smart as Alpha. She was actually on her way to becoming a lawyer until she met Henry and had Miles right after.

At first Alpha was put off by this due to the fact that his little sister was on her way to a bright future.


But after meeting her soon-to-be husband at the time, he understood what she saw in him. He was a good man for her. Alpha only made Scarlett promise to one day finish her journey to becoming a lawyer. He's still waiting to this day. The silence broke again this time by the sound of heavy steps running up the stairs and into the kitchen. "Hey, look at this guy! C'mere, man!" Kenny yelled as he gave Miles a bear hug, lifting him off his feet. "Good to see you too, Kenny!" Miles held on as he tried not to spill his water.

After setting him back down, Kenny gave a playful punch to Miles' stomach, which Miles reacted instinctively. "How are ya, my man? How's your mother?" "She's good, she's good. I'm good too. My site's picking up again." "That's great, man. That's great!" Kenny had the same love for Miles just like Alpha did if not more. They might not be related in any way but Kenny knew his father. They both spent a fair amount of time together overseas when they were deployed.

Henry and Kenny shared a bond after a few close calls together. Even after coming home, they were both inseparable. After Henry's passing, Kenny owed him to watch out for his only son. He was extremely skeptical about having Miles take part in their extra-curricular activities.

But when he saw Miles and how he acted around the girls, he was a natural fit. "Well, hey listen, man, I know you wanna get started on that bitch. So have at it, my man. She's ready for you." This made Miles light up like a Christmas tree.

He could always count on Kenny to get the ball rolling. He looked at his uncle for reaffirmation. "If Kenny says she's ready, then she's ready. C'mon, I'll follow you." "Have fun, kid! We'll talk more later." Kenny said with a wide smile. He made a loud smack as he slapped Miles' back, which made Miles winced. "Thanks, you guys!" Miles and Alpha set their bottles down before Miles followed Alpha down stairs leading to the exceptional big basement.

He lead him down the same hallway he lead his nephew down on many times in the past. By this time, he could let him go on his own to find their latest possession. The reason, however, he never let him down stairs on his own was because there were other rooms down there that Miles had no business in whatsoever.

Miles often asked what were in the rooms, but Alpha would snap back at him not to worry about it. This time though he didn't care about the mystery rooms. He only had one thing in mind. They finally reached the door. Alpha used his special key to unlock the big door. After entering the room, Alpha locked the door behind them. What Miles saw made his heart skip a beat. It was her. It was S.S.Shotguneagle. It was Leah. The stupid bitch who caused so much problems for him.

It was an unusual feeling to see her this way. She was not in her gaming room playing video games, or in her livingroom answering fans' questions, or in her garage talking about her cars. This was a whole new world for Leah. But she was still quite a sight! Leah was strapped to some make-shift platforms that supported her stomach, legs, and chest.

The platforms had her body parallel to the floor at waist level. The front side of her body was faced towards the ground. The first thing Miles noticed, besides the fact that she was completely naked, were her legs. The bars and pads supporting her legs had them spread so wide that they were making her do the splits. Whilst preparing her earlier, Kenny made sure to warm her up, as well as making her do several stretches before attempting the feat. Kenny may be a cold-blooded sadist, but he didn't want his property to be damaged.

Not too soon anyway. With her legs presented that way, Miles had a perfect view of her pussy and asshole. It was a sight not many have seen in person. Especially Leah's fans. Without a word, Alpha led his nephew closer to the painfully bound Leah. They walked completely around her so that Miles had a better view of her predicament. He noticed the padded platform that supported her stomach.

He could finally see those glorious tits he (and many other horny male individuals) would fantasize about when he saw her vides. It wasn't a good view because of her position but he knew he will have all the time in the world to see them at better angles. Kenny had her hands tied together by the arms and wrist behind her back, pulling them tight up with rope. Very soon, Leah was going to lose all feeling to her arms, which would be a godsend for her. The next thing Miles noticed was her head hanging down.

Nothing was holding her head up which had it slumped down. It certainly looked like a punishing position for the neck and shoulders. Yet, there was rope tied to her braided ponytail. He always thought Leah's raven hair was exotic when she had it down and flowing.

It almost disappointed him to see it braided like that. His gaze followed the rope that was tied to her hair. The rope went through a big loop from the ceiling and back down again. Dangling at the other end of the rope was a big hook with a golf-size knob at the end, attached to nothing.

Miles knew immediately the purpose for that hook. Witnessing Leah in that torturous, vulnerable position was giving Miles an automatic erection. He would often fantasize how she would look naked every time he saw her videos. She would always wear the most revealing outfits when in front of a camera. She may have been clothed, but the way she was dressed left plenty of room to the imagination. Not only was she completely nude in front of Miles, but her body was beautifully tense due to the bondage.

It was a work of art. What sent Miles over the edge was how he also hated her with a passion. She made a fool out of him in front thousands of viewers. His vengeance, thanks to his uncle and his friends, was going to be nothing less than perfection. While walking around Leah's helpless body, Miles could hear incoherent noises coming from her. He didn't understand why until his uncle explained. "Sounds like Kenny had her gagged with a ring gag.

I'm assuming in case you wanted some fun with her mouth too." "Oh, yeah." Miles responded with an evil grin. He kept eyeing the poor girl who was trying to communicate with both of them to let her down at least.

It was the only thing she could do. Her extremely vulnerable state only added to the pain tenfold. She wasn't able to pick her head up to see who the mystery stranger was. With her arms pulled tightly up, it was almost impossible.

The only way she would be able to pick her head up is if she had help. Judging by the ring gag in her mouth, she assumed she would be getting that "help" very soon. "I still can't believe you actually went through with it." "It was a great idea we couldn't pass up." "So what happens now?" "Now?

Now, you have fun." Alpha gave Miles a slap on the back. The look on Miles' face gave Alpha a sense of pride. He rested his hand on his shoulder. "Consider this your birthday present." "But my birthday isn't for another 4 months." "You could've fooled me with that look. Call it an early gift." Miles still couldn't believe his luck. Had it not been for his uncle and special friends, none of this would have been possible.

His deep and dark fantasies were about to become reality.

"You have the whole night to yourself. I suggest you use it wisely. Since you have to go back home tomorrow." "Don't worry. She and I will have plenty of fun together." "On that happy note, I'll leave you both to it." Neither exchanged goodbyes. Miles didn't even notice Alpha leave the room. When Miles heard the door closed again after Alpha exited the room, a switch inside Miles' head turned on.

His change of mood was indiscernible. Unlike his online alter ego, "CO2Deviant," this new person was one Miles slowly created every time he was alone with another of Alpha's beautiful victims.

He practiced his new alter ego as a sadist plenty of times that by now he knew exactly what horrible things he wanted to do to this unwilling beauty. He was still too mesmerized at Leah's naked, bound body. The little details are that made all the difference in the world. Like how the muscles in her back were tense and twitching from the position she was in.

Or how a thin coat of sweat was about to cover her entire body. Her toes were curling, trying to adjust to the discomfort from her spread legs.

The small details were enough to rile up Miles. Everything else about her was a bonus. Because Miles didn't make a move for the longest time, Leah assumed she was alone again. It was both a relief and depressing when she finally heard some movement from Miles. It wasn't easy but when he finally managed to break out of his trance, Miles walked over to the set of items Alpha had set out for him.

His uncle already knows what kind of toys he likes to use. He carefully glided his hand over most of them. One of the items were her eyeglasses he knew she wore all the time in her videos. He picked it up to inspect it for a little bit. It was going to take all night to use them all. He wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. And neither will she. "Do you know who I am?" Leah didn't make any indications to answer his question.

She just continued trying to make herself comfortable since escape was looking more futile. When he didn't get a response from her, he turned to look at her. Her head was still hanging down due to no support. "Oh, yeah! Ha ha, sorry about that." Miles walked over in front of Leah, squatted down, and lifted her head by the chin. Her eyes were a little red and puffy from the crying. No makeup, like she usually has on before stepping in front of a camera.

But she still looked incredible to Miles. Her forced, gaping mouth did nothing to deter her lovely face. Just the opposite. He made sure Leah had a perfect view of him with her dark brown eyes. Lifting her head up to look at him, sent sharp shooting pain to her upper back and arms. A small but long groan escaped out of her mouth in response to the pain.

Looking up at Miles, she had no idea who this guy was. She never met him before. There was nothing memorable about him. He looked like an average joe you would pass on the street without noticing. Taking the time to look at his face, just like Miles did with hers, Leah could see the same twisted look of lust that her other three captors have shown.

It repulsed her. "There. How's this? No? Still nothing? Oh well, I guess that makes sense." Miles let her chin go, dropping her head back down hard, before standing up again. The pain came from her neck this time, followed by another groan. He slowly walked around Leah, taking off his long-sleeve shirt. "Not many people know who I am. I'm just a regular guy who just happens to know quite a few special people." As Miles continued to talk, he picked up a small cattle prod as he passed the desk of toys.

"I'll admit I'm not anything special, really. And that's okay. I can admit that. It's okay because I created a popular character who gets all the fame and glory. You see, Leah, you and I have so much in common." After thinking thoroughly, Leah still did not recognize who this new sick bastard was.

He could be a deranged fan who's about to fulfill whatever sick fantasy he has for S.s.shotguneagle. She met her fair share of fans, whether during every day activities or at sponsored events. Almost always she would run into at least one fan once a week. How was she supposed to keep track of all of them? "I love playing video games. Just like you. And much like you," Miles started flipping the prod in a playful manner, "I used my love of video games to make a career out of it." He then proceeded to trace her widely spread legs with the prod.

It wasn't turned on. Yet.

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Leah gave a little twitch when she felt its touch. "I got pretty popular, thanks to my hidden charisma. I found it much easier to perform when I am anonymous." Leah hated how she was being forced to listen to him.

The whole time he's talking, she had a sinking feeling today was finally going to be the day she was dreading the most. On one hand she is relieved to get it over with, even though she was more than sure this will not be the last time. The quicker it gets done, the quicker she could start getting used to it. It was a morbid thought, but her options were still limited. On the other hand, this was not going to be your typical rape (another morbid thought). These savages have plans for her to make sure she suffers the worst kind of hell before getting rid of her.

"I've made quite a few friends who share my love of gaming, who are just as popular if not more popular than me. They've helped me a lot with my status in the gaming community.

But where there are friends, there are also enemies. Enemies that do nothing but to make other gamers look like amateurs. Some of these enemies take the form of an annoying cunt who takes pleasure in disrespecting others who are obviously above her!" By the time Miles finished his last line, he arrived where Leah's hung head was at, only to forcefully yank her head up by the hair to face him once again.

The sharp pain from her arms and back returned with a vengeance. "Remind you of anyone?" Miles asked rhetorically. He threw her head back down. "Yes, you guessed it. I'm talking about you, bitch. You embarrassed me way too many times.

You humiliated me in front of a lot of people. You made fun of me at my own expense! You constantly cheated to beat me, isn't that right, Shotgun Eagle!?" Miles struck Leah's stretched leg with the rod.

He didn't electrocute her. He used it more like a blunt instrument. Nevertheless, it produced agonizing pain to Leah's left hamstring, making her wince in pain. Not being able to soothe it was another thing Leah would never get used to. Yet, at the same time, she was trying to process what her new captor had just said. It sounded like she has beaten him more than once. It didn't help her narrow her guesses however. As an expert in gaming, Leah had her fair share putting a lot of boys to shame in their own game.

Naturally their ego would get bruised prompting them to spout insults one would hear in elementary school. It amused Leah all the time that her male opponents would be "butt-hurt" when they lose a game.

And it would be even more amusing when they whine like little babies when they discover they are beaten by a girl. It angered Leah that this new creep was going to do what every crybaby male gamers' fantasy is in putting S.s.shotguneagle in her place. "It's about time someone puts you in your place. And I am more than happy to have the pleasure to do so.

But it's only fair you know who I am before we get started. I want you to know who is going to punish you, not only for what you've done to me, but what you represent. I really hope that by the end of this session, you will regret ever picking up a controller." Leah sensed him walking back behind her placing himself in the middle of her spread legs.

On his way there, Miles placed the prod back with the other items. He wanted his hands to be free as he groped and massage Leah's ass. He started off gently, then gradually got rougher. It disgusted her to hear him moan in pleasure as he molested her. Miles didn't even start his session with Leah yet, but already he felt like his cock was going to explode. But he didn't want to rush it. This was their first time together. The first of many.

This first time, however, was going to be memorable for the both of them.

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Miles was going to make sure of that. He continued assaulting her ass with his hands, making sure to grab as much as he could. Her ass was perfect. With her small waist, it made her ass look big. Not too firm, but plenty soft for any lucky man to grab a hold of. Miles would lower his hands a little as he massaged her so that his thumbs would casually rub across her pussy lips.

Leah noticed this and instinctively tried to get away but only succeeded what looked like her gyrating her ass. To Miles, it perceived as a very welcoming invitation. "Your ass is fucking hot by the way. Always teasing us viewers with your yoga pants and short shorts. You sluts are all the same. Using your body to attract attention. Well, this is what it gets you." Miles struck Leah's right ass cheek with his hand.

The sound from the smack was loud, which pleased him. He hit her so hard, there was an instant red hand print on her ass. Leah groaned loudly in pain. She wasn't expecting that. She also didn't expect another hard slap on the same spot a second later. Miles didn't waste any time being gentle with his attacks. He kept slapping her ass continuously with ferocity. To make it worse, he only focused on her right ass cheek. It didn't take long for Leah to start sobbing. Never had she endured such a treatment like this.

Sure her boyfriend, Todd, would smack her ass hard as a joke every once in awhile, but even he wasn't into that. Plus he knew she didn't appreciate it much. Now Leah was undergoing the worst kind of spanking.

And he wasn't planning on stopping until her entire cheek was blood red. Her sobbing turned to small chokes and gags, as it was difficult to cry with her mouth forced open. The only movement they allowed her was her head, which she shook violently as a way for him to stop. Even if Miles did notice it, it would've only egged him on. Miles stopped his assault on Leah's right ass cheek when he approved it was the right shade of red. Leah felt like her right ass was on fire.

The pain did not seem to go down. All she could do was cry and wait. "Phew! That's a work out! But I got it just the way I like it! And now for the other one." Instantly, with all the movement she could muster, Leah shook abruptly while screaming for Miles to stop. "Yeah, I know. But if you see what I'm seeing right now, it doesn't look right. Don't worry, though. I'll go a little bit harder and faster to get it over with.

I'm a lefty anyway." Without further ado, Miles slapped her other ass cheek with his left hand. True to his word, he slapped her harder and faster. Anguish succumbed Leah.

What made it worse was the idea that this was just the beginning. Her mind was betraying her as her will began to shut down. Miles loved the sound coming out of the whore. He knew it all too well. And what made it even better was the fact that it was S.S.Shotguneagle. The bitch who embarrassed him in so many of her videos. His ego and pride were slowly being repaired with each passing second. Thanks to putting more effort in his second round of spanking, Miles stopped sooner than the first time.

Much like the first, Leah felt her ass was on fire. Only this time it seemed like her ass had fallen out. "Perfect!" Miles brought down both hands on her ass once again to continue his massage. The slightest touch brought back that world of pain Leah felt. Even with the massage, it didn't do anything to soothe the pain away.

"Damn, girl, your ass is now hot in more ways than one!" Feeling her ass now, the spanking resulted in her blood reaching closer to her skin making his touch feel warm. "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that. Always flaunting your ass in front of the camera. Making every guy fantasize about slapping it. And I'm the lucky son-of-a-bitch who just had the pleasure." Much to Leah's relief, Miles glided his hands outwardly feeling the rest of her legs.

Her legs had the right amount of meat on her. Even her tense legs did nothing to take away the great feeling Miles felt as his hands made his way down to her legs. He traced his hands back to her ass. "You don't know my real name, but you probably know me by another name: CO2Deviant." It was like a stab to the gut. For a moment, Leah forgot the pain she was enduring and processed what the asshole behind her rubbing her ass had just said.

She didn't want to believe it. No way was she letting this scumbag do whatever he wanted to her. Leah knew exactly who this asshole was. They met several times in one of her favorite online first-person shooter games, where she had beaten him at all times.

The only reason she posted all their videos together was the rants he would give after every loss he suffered. At the time, it was hilarious that a snot-nose little piss-ant was spouting insults at her to save his massive ego.

The only thing he succeeded was making himself look like an imbecile in front of a whole lot of viewers. He brought that on himself. Now he was about to take things too far to extract revenge on a girl that kicked his ass fair and square. That anger she thought she lost came back with a passion.