Natalia starr has amazing sex with a guy and gets a facial

Natalia starr has amazing sex with a guy and gets a facial
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What a slut. This whore was insatiable. She dressed like a complete hoe, complete with stripper heels, mini skirts, no underwear, little halter tops that were meant for kids, tube tops that were two sizes too small, and half t-shirts that were specially modified to almost always offer some kind of side-boob or under-tit.

She'd suck and fuck anyone and anything that came in contact with her and offered her any reason to fuck. She usually woke up, covered in dried cum, and with her pussy sopping wet and super horny. This girl went to work as a secretary, but she was really just the office whore, spending the majority of her day naked, underneath someone's desk giving head, or bent over a table taking a cock in her willing pussy or tight, firm ass. She had a body to kill for, too, slim, fit, athletic, with 36D tits, and standing at 5'6".


She had long black hair that would look nice if it didn't usually have some amount of cum in it, startlingly blue eyes, and a perfect cum-hungry smile. She loved the feel of cum on her, and the taste of cum in her mouth. She'd scoop out her own creampies and gobble them up like they were the last meal on earth. She'd take any level of humiliation and degradation because she knew that it turned on guys around her, and the most guys were turned on and knew she was a willing cunt, the more cock she'd get.

This 29 year old cunt was born to fuck. Today, she was dressed in a small black bandeau top, a white mini skirt that she bought out of a children's store that was meant for a 6-8 year old, and 4" stripper pump heels.

She was on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth as she moaned and drooled around it, letting some of the drool drip down to her top that still covered up those luscious tits. She had every intention of getting a bunch of cum stains on her top, and all over her face and in her hair.

She kneeled there, deep throating my cock for all she was worth, while one hand was under her skirt furiously rubbing her clit.

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I felt my balls tightening up, grabbed her hair, and shoved my cock right down her throat, so her nose was buried in my pubes. As soon as I shot one rope directly into her stomach, she pulled her face off my cock and took the rest of the shots in her hair, face, and on her chest.

She looked up like the minx she was, smiling that familiar cock-hungry, cum-slut smile that I was so used to seeing. She sat back on those stripper heels of hers, and rubbed the cum on her face into her skin, and then licked her fingers clean while I tucked my cock back into my jeans and zipped up.

As soon as I was done, I unlocked the door, and stepped out of the change room in the store we were shopping at in this mall. The slut stood up, gathered up her purse and followed me out. I turned to take a look at this gorgeous specimen.

Her face glistened from cum and sweat, her hair had two visible ropes of cum in it, and she looked freshly fucked, even though nothing except her fingers had been in her cunt.

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There were little globs of cum on her chest and her chin had some slobber on it still. Between her legs, her inner thighs were clearly wet, and this girl was clearly ready for some serious fucking. "So hun, how was that?" she asked softly. "That was fucking great, bitch. You suck cock like a fucking champ," I replied proudly. And I had every reason to be proud. This gorgeous, cum-covered fuck bag was my mother.

I was a 15 year old sophomore in high school. My mom clearly had me when she was a freshman, and she had no clue who my father was. Apparently, it could have been any of about 50 guys, as she had gone to a frat party and fucked half the frat house, been gangbanged by her local high school's football team after a win in the locker room, and the random smattering of guys she happened upon along the way, as well as her teachers and classmates whom she regularly serviced.

And she had done all that while still in the 8th grade. This was, of course, in addition to the regular fuckings she had from her father and uncles.

Like I said: she was a total slut. We walked out of the store, my mom still with her new look, her whore-ish makeup smudged, making her look even more trashy.


We'd been to the mall before, and had a system for how things worked. Because I looked like your average teenager, and my mother looked like my slut bag older sister rather than my slut bag mother, I tended to let her walk about 15 feet ahead of me while I watched a bunch of other mall patrons stare at her, or hit on her, or in the case of the women, give her loathing looks.

Walking behind her also gave me the opportunity to watch as her ridiculously tiny skirts would ride up higher on her ass, exposing the lower cheeks and wet pussy lips. Of course, my mom wouldn't bother covering up, because this was the whole point. Usually, we'd play some games too, and I had a particularly fun one planned today. She made her way slowly to the food court, which is where she would get her first assignment from me. Along the way, she'd talk to any of the random guys that approached her and asked her any number of lewd questions.

If she had been alone here, and without a different mission entirely, she would no doubt have followed these random strangers anywhere to suck and fuck every drop of cum out of their balls, but she needed to get somewhere. That didn't mean, by no means, that she'd be willing to lose a willing cock, so she'd always exchange numbers with the strangers to call them up for future booty calls. After about 15 minutes, she had finally made her way to the food court, and strolled casually into the women's washroom where I knew she'd go into a stall and await her next instructions from me.

I sat down at a table that was perfectly positioned, and pulled out my phone.

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I smiled slyly to myself as I texted in my instructions and waited for her to respond. She responded almost immediately with a winky face, and I knew that she would of course be ready for that plan. Within minutes, I spotted her coming out, and it was easy because when she walked by, while heads turned before, this time, people stopped and just outright stared. The reason they all stared was because my whore mother was completely topless. Her tits were displayed proudly on her chest, and as if that wasn't enough, before leaving the house, I'd written SLUT on her left tit, and WHORE on the right tit.

Mom proudly walked through the middle aisle of the food court, with nary a care, and men whistled and clapped for her, while mothers would cover up their kids' eyes. My mom saw this, laughed, and kept walking by, but this time, she hiked up her skirt and bunched it up around her waist so that her uncovered pussy and ass were showed off as well. After she cleared the food court, she pulled the skirt back into place, and took her bandeau top out of her purse and put it back on, even though it was askew and a little bunched up itself, occasionally offering a nip slip while my mom walked.

I got up and followed her at a distance again, knowing full well what the next destination was. I walked into the children's clothing store and spotted my mom behind a rack of clothes talking to a sales representative. These sales reps knew us since we shopped here pretty often, and remained mostly civil with my mom, even though they would still occasionally give her scathing looks. "Yea, I'm looking to buy something for my daughter.

You guys have anything good in the 6-8 year old section?" I heard my mom ask as I approached her.

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"Oh absolutely, let's go over to the clearance rack," said the sales rep, a young girl of around 16, maybe 17. I recognized her as a girl from school, but didn't pay her any mind.

Most of the kids knew the reputation my family had. As the sales lady left us at the clearance rack, mom started riffling through the clothes.

Now, while mom did wear clothes that were way too small to cover up her body, there was no chance in hell that clothes made for a 6 year old was going to fit her 36D tits. We actually were there to buy some clothes for my sweet baby sister. "Ooh, this would look REALLY cute on Becca!" mom exclaimed as she held up a really small shirt.

My baby sister Rebecca was 13, in the 8th grade, and took after mom in the looks department. An early bloomer, she was sitting on a solid set of 32B tits, was about 5'0", and clearly inherited the slut gene from mom. She had been sucking and fucking herself on my cock since she was 7, and since we'd both grown up our whole lives seeing mom bring home random guys to fuck, or waking up in the middle of the night to seeing mom getting gangfucked by some random guys she brought home, sex wasn't an unknown topic in the house.

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When mom found out that her little baby was fucking, she was so happy. She started taking interest in how Becca could grow up to be a better slut, and so far she had done a fantastic job. The little slut had given head to nearly all the boys in her grade, she'd fucked half the guys in my grade, and regularly came home late because she was being used behind some dumpster, or in the back of one of her teachers' cars.

Becca probably had an equal appetite for cum that mom did, and was even fonder of exhibitionism than mom was. Nothing was ever slutty enough, and if she could, she'd walk around naked all the time, just covered in cum, and with a diet consisting of only cum.

Back when Becca was still 7, and her teachers weren't willing to fuck someone so young in exchange for marks, mom used to go in and fuck her teachers for her. As Becca got older, she started telling mom that she could handle herself, and by the 3rd grade was fucking her own teachers for the grade she wanted.

Becca wasn't some kind of a genius, but she wasn't an idiot. She just figured out by the time she was 9 that if you can grease the right wheels, or cocks in this case, then life became substantially easier.


In fact, this being a Saturday, she was out getting fucked by someone or a few someone's, which is the only reason why she wasn't at the mall with us. As we finished picking out clothes for Becca, we took a look over them.

Since it was off the clearance rack, mom ended up buying a whole lot more than she thought she would, including a few extra tube tops. "They stretch, and they're built for kids, so I can wear them too. They'll stretch a little, but that'll just make everything look a little better," mom reasoned out with herself. We went up to the checkout and bought what we had, and mom took the bags. Again, she walked further ahead, and I watched as her ass sashayed back and forth, capturing the attention of every guy she passed.

She finally ended up leaving the mall, and I followed her out. The parking lot was attached to the mall, but we'd parked a ways away. When I exited, I noticed that mom had dropped her bags and purse. I wondered what was going on as mom looked around. Quickly, she yanked her cum-covered bandeau top off, and hooked her thumbs around her skirt and pulled them down. She stepped out of them, and now was dressed only in her stripper heels and a huge smile. She stuffed her clothes into one of the shopping bags and started walking towards where we parked.

I smiled and shook my head slightly, then followed. By the time I got to our car, I saw mom was bent over, with her head in the car by the back seat as she arranged the bags appropriately. I saw the opportunity, unzipped my jeans, and pulled out my rock hard cock and stuck it straight into her loose pussy. She grunted with pleasure and held on to the frame of the car as I jackhammered into her. Being as turned on as I was, I must have cum in about 5 minutes flat, and in that time, a few cars passed by us, and a couple of them even honked when they saw what we were up to!

I gripped mom's waist as I shot a few ropes of cum right into her pussy, and then I pulled out as mom straightened up. Without a word, I walked around the car into the passenger seat, as mom, still naked and now with cum leaking from her pussy, got into the driver seat.

She sat down, spread her legs, scooped the cum out of her legs with her fingers, and stuck it into her mouth as she turned the car on. She smiled at me, leaned over, and gave me a kiss on my cock head. This lady needed to win some Mother of the Year awards.