Elegant teenie is geeting pissed on and splatters wet pussy

Elegant teenie is geeting pissed on and splatters wet pussy
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So, we go to the hot pools one Monday night.


The weather is heading towards winter, it hasn't hit quite yet but the thought of soaking up in a nice hot tub is perfect. When we arrive we each go to the separate changing rooms to get changed. I am already wearing my bikini so I simply strip off my outer clothes a Im ready to go. I wander out and enter the larger pool that is quite hot, but not super hot.

I get in and start to relax, waiting for you to come out and join me.

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As I am waiting I see another guy get out of one of the smaller hot tubs and come towards where I am. As he is walking over I can see he is a well built guy, nice muscles and face, with a good saunter to his walk. "He's kinda hot" I think to myself.

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He gets into the big pool and looks in my direction, we catch each others eye, and exchange a small smile. Gradually he makes his way over to me and strikes up a conversation. "Hey, hows it going?" he says. "Pretty good" I say.


"You here by yourself?" "No my boyfriend is just getting changed, Im waiting for him." "Oh really? Cool. Nice night isn't it?" "Sure is." And then there is a bit of a silence as we each enjoy the evening and the beautiful hot water. "Are you sure you're here with your boyfriend?" he says, "I cant see him anywhere." "Yeah he's here, he's just taking his time for some reason." "Oh ok, sure." And with that he moves a little closer to me.

I can see his eyes roving over my body, lingering on my tits with appreciation in his eyes. My bikini is small and makes me look great, so I can't blame him.

And he's hot, so I have to admit that I like him looking at me in this way, even though I know you probably wouldn't like it. I start to feel a little naughty and so I say.

"Like what you see there?" "Yes I do!" he says with a smile, "You have a beautiful body." "Mmmmmm, thats what my boyfriend tells me." I say. "I bet, although Im starting to wonder if this boyfriend exists.?" "He does, he's just taking his time, I wonder where he is?" And I turn to look for you but you are nowhere to be seen.

He's looking too, and when its obvious that there is no one else around, he moves a little closer again and gently puts his hand on my shoulder. He looks into my eyes with a smile and gently strokes down my arm, across my hand and onto my thigh. It feels so nice in the hot water, and I smile back without meaning to. This gives him a bit of confidence and he strokes back up my thigh, across my hip and up my waist. Just slowly and gently - its very nice. "My boyfriend will be here in a minute." I say.

"Thats ok." he says back as he continues to stroke my waist and my hip, up and down, slowly and gently. "I'll stop when he gets here." "Ok." I say. He of course takes that as another invitation, and his hand gets a little bolder. As it moves up my waist he edges his palm inwards so that the heel of his hand makes contact with my boob. It just brushes it gently, but a bolt of electricity flashes through it and into my body, ending right down in my clit. 'Oh dear.' I think to myself, where is this going???

He sees me respond to his touch so he eases his hand over my boob and softly cups it and lifts it. My knees go weak as my body starts to buzz with sexual excitement, and I close my eyes. He softly squeezes, and caresses, and I am loving it!! He quietly moves around behind me and pushes himself up against my ass. One hand wraps around me and cups the my boob, while the other hand lands on my belly and starts to move downwards.

I sink back into him, loving all the attention when suddenly I remember you!!! I open my eyes and sure enough you are standing there, outside the pool staring at us!

'Shit!' I think, but you dont look angry, more just a little shocked. You're eyes are wide and your mouth slightly open in disbelief. We stare at each other as the guy behind me continues to caress and massage me.

Slowly you come down to the steps of the pool and sit down. I watch as you silently give me your consent by not reacting, by not getting angry or speaking at all, by just sitting there and watching. It dawns on me that this may be turning you on. Meanwhile my new man behind me is gently pulling at my bikini top to release my boobs. And sure enough without too much trouble, they pop out into the cool night air.

We are standing in the pool and my top half is out of the water now, my nipples immediately go extremely hard in the cool air, and his fingers over them feel amazing. He softly pulls and rubs them. I close my eyes and let out a small moan "Aaahhhhhhhh." His other hand is progressing down inside my bikini bottoms, towards my slick wet cunt. And I can feel his cock on my ass, and its a big one!! Ooooh, that turns me on even more!!!

My hand reaches around behind me to find that massive love tool, and I grab it through the fabric with lust!!! You are experiencing some twisting emotions. On one hand you are incredibly turned on by all this, and on the other you stomach is churning with intense jealousy.

Here is another man with his large hands all over me, on my naked tits, heading towards my hot cunt. And I seem to be loving it!! This combination of emotion is a heavy mix and you are finding your cock is rock hard in your shorts. You start to rub it and then you slide you hand down your pants to get to your cock.

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You cant decide whether to stop me or let me continue, but your indecision is letting me continue anyway. I see you rubbing your cock and I take that as consent. I slide my hand down my new lovers pants and find his monster cock. It feels so good in my grip!! Aahhh, finally a really large one, just like I love to have inside me. And I wonder if you will be ok with me fucking this guy tonight in front of you. I realise at some point that my hot new man has seen you and he has understood the situation.

And he is not about to stop unless someone else stops him, well he is a guy, hardwired to fuck!!! And who can blame him? And I am a pretty hot girl, so any guy with half a chance is likely to go for it!!

I feel him pull my bikini bottoms down over my ass to get his access, and I start to rub that massive man-meat around my entrance. It feels great and I can see you know what is happening as your face drops a little, you look a little bit scared and even more shocked, but you dont stop wanking your cock, so I continue.

I feel his cockhead at my entrance and I push back onto it, I push that massive meat into me and I feel the head pop in! Aaaahhhhhh, sooo goood!!!! Then he grabs me hips and pulls me down onto him, sliding slowly into me as my cunt is stretched to the max!!! Holy shit, can I take this guy? He is gigantic!!! The water is getting in the way of our mutual lubricant, so I whisper to him, "Lets get this out of the water." And I pull off and grab his cock in my hand, leading him up to the steps.

We approach the steps and you and I have our eyes locked together. "Hi Jack." I say with a smile. "Hi Phoebe." you say back to me. You move aside so we have some room, and as soon as my ass is out of the water, I stop and pull his cock back to my wet hole. You start to wank furiously now as I begin to sit on that huge fucktool, and my random hot new man grabs my waist again and pushes that cock into me.

It really is a little bit too big for me to take, and its slow progress as he pushes it in. My fingers dont meet around the shaft as im gripping it, thats how big it is, thicker even than your wrist!!! I have to wriggle to get it wet enough to help it get in there, and even then its tough. But gradually, and eye-poppingly for me, it gets in.

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HOLY FUCK!!!!! THATS MASSIVE!!!! I say incredulously. THAT IS ONE MONSTER FUCKING COCK BABY. I can see you dont know if Im talking to you, or my new big dicked man, and I myself dont know either!! He is my 'baby' now. My new lover, with his huge cock inside me, impaling me and owning me, right in front of you!!!

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I am stretched to the fullest, gasping for breath, and it feels fucking great. And then he starts to fuck me. Getting the juices flowing all over his awesome cock, and warming up my cunt so it can take his size. And slowly but surely, I begin to take it, and take it well.

Fuck its good!!! Its so good to be so filled up, so impaled, so taken by a giant cock. "Oh my god I love that massive cock!!!" I say to you. Your face is contorting in ripping emotion, and you are wanking hard out, your hand a blur on your little cock. You are moaning as you do it and I can see you are lost in total sexed up lust.

This gives me the freedom to let go, and I start to moan with each thrust he gives me. "Aaahhh, aaaahhhh, aaaaahhhhh." With each thrust a word comes out.

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"Yes, yes, fuck, me." "Just, like, that, with, your, fucking, huge, cock!!!!" "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" And you can tell from my cries that Im going to come. "Fucking, shove, that, cock, inside, meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" And I come, hard, down on that awesomely thick cock. "Ahh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!!!!!!" And then you come, shooting up towards me, and your hot come hits me in the face, splash!!!

And then again with another thick wad of come, splash!! You are moaning too. And then my new stud grabs me tight, and I can feel his cock throb as he squirts deep inside my cunt. "Aaaahhhhhhhh." he moans as he releases into me, again and again. And I see your eyes pop out of your head as you realise what is happening.

"Oh my fucking god, he's coming inside you!!" you say. "Yes darling, sorry he is, and Im also sorry to say that it feels fucking amazing!!!" Im holding my new man close so he can get in as deep as he can, and Im grinding back onto that sweet fucking cock.

"Sorry my darling, but it feels so good!!!" And then my new man finishes, and pumps a few more times while your face is one of total shock. He looks at you in the eye, and says. "Thats one sweet sweet pussy dude!!" And then he pulls out, pulls up his shorts and wanders off to the changing rooms.

You are incredulous, and speechless. I see your face staring at my cunt and I slowly come towards you. You manage to stammer. "I can see his come. its coming out of your .pussy!!" "Yes my darling" I say. "Here, let me feed it to you." And I pull your head into my cunt and feel your lips enclose my fat engorged pussy.

And then I push.

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I push all his lovely man come out of me and into your waiting mouth, and I can feel your searching tongue as you look for more. And so I push again, and another flood of gigantic man cock goo squishes out of me, and into your waiting mouth. You moan with lust as you drink it. And I know that even though you are hating this, you will do it again, because your cock is rock hard already and you will not stop me when I do it next time. I know that I now have the ultimate relationship where I have the most beautiful and loving man as a partner, with a nice but medium sized cock, and the endless opportunity to fuck strangers, especially those that I can find with large ones, huge ones, as big as I can find.

Because you and I both know, I love a giant cock. It always makes me come, and the bigger the better!!! And you will eat the come afterwards. Clean me up, and take it down, that mancome, take in into you as your worship of me.


I plan to advertise on the net for new lovers, only those with huge cocks. And before we leave, I run up to my new lover, and we deeply kiss in front of you, and I get his number.