Keerthi chawla boob pressed by hero

Keerthi chawla boob pressed by hero
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This story is part fiction and part true story there will be a break of about 5 or 6 lines between truth and fiction.

But the names and ages have been changed for the fact that I cant spell one of the person's names and so that I can branch out on the story more into the fiction. I grew up in a small suburban city, pretty close to Chicago.

My best friend since for as long as I could remember lived right next door. Her name was, Stephanie but everyone called her Steph. She was 8 and I was 9 at the current time in the story. I knew about sex but I didn't know how to do it or what it looked like and so on and so fourth. She came over to my house often and we played board games in my basement.

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Our favorite was Monopoly. One day we were playing Monopoly with her brother, Greg (who was even younger than all of us at the age of 7), and we got bored. So we cleaned it up and turned on the television.


We watched for about 10-20 minutes and we got bored of that too. So Steph decided to make a new game. I don't remember exactly what she called but me and her brother were to take our pants off and underwear and she would say whose looked better (very stupid and childish I must admit but it was moderately amusing to us back then). She looked at our dicks for a while and decided that her brothers looked better. (god that sounds so retarded to me right now).

I was moderately disappointed at her decision. At that moment their dad called and said that Greg had to go home because he had t-ball practice in 20 minutes. So he left and Steph and I were alone. FICTION So Steph and I were left alone in my basement with nothing to do.

I said that it was unfair that she got to see my dick and I didn't get to see her pussy. So she said if I take my pants off again she'll let me see her pussy. I complied because I really wanted to know what girls look like down there. I took my pants off as she took her skirt off and I saw that she was wearing Hello Kitty panties. She suggested we take our shirts off as well. I don't know to this day why but we did.

I saw her naked and she saw me naked. She asked if she could touch my dick. I said, "Okay go ahead, but u have to let me touch you next" So she touched my dick. She rubbed it and really seemed to be enjoying herself. It was like watching a kid with a brand new toy. I was also enjoying myself because it felt really good. She eventually got bored and stopped. I asked, "Is it my turn yet?" And she said, "Yes go ahead" She then sat down on my couch and spread her legs out.

And there it was. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My first pussy. I touched it with one finger at first, wondering at what would happen. As soon as I realized nothing would happen to me I rubbed it with the palm of my hand. She really seemed to be enjoying the contact and started to moan softly. I then retracted my hand and said we were done, because I thought I heard footsteps heading towards the stairs.

We scurried to put our clothes back on. I told her we should have a sleep-over that night, so we can do that again. She agreed with me. I went upstairs and asked my mom if we could have a sleepover and she said yes. I ran outside to meet Steph and she said it was okay with her parents too. We decided to meet back in my backyard at 6. The current time was about noonish so I went to have lunch.


I then looked through my dad's stuff and found a porno tape and popped it into my VCR. To see what sex was like. I saw what was going on and I liked it, it seemed natural to grab my dick and start rubbing back and forth. It grew hard and it felt really good. After a while I decided to stop.

I watched T.V. until it was close to 6. Then I went outside to meet Steph.

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She was there, on time, as we planned. My mom and dad were downstairs watching T.V. while I brought Steph up to my room to watch that tape and see what she thought of it. I pressed play and we watched it together. She seemed to like the tape almost as much as I did.

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We watched it for a half hour and decided that it was what we were going to do that night when my parents were asleep. We played video games, watched T.V. and did other random things until it was 10 'o'clock, when my parents were asleep. We quickly stripped off our clothes and started to watch the video again, to refresh our memories.

The girl started to suck on the man's dick, so Steph took my dick in her mouth. And she said it tasted kind of funny, but good. She sucked on it for a while then it got hard. It wasn't very big of course because I was very young. She kept sucking on it for a while. She was moving her head back and forth and back and forth across the length of my shaft. I then did what some would call "cumming" but since I was so young and had not yet developed sperm all that happened was I had an orgasm and a little bit of prostate fluid came out.

Then the man started to lick the girl's pussy and do all sorts of other things like stick his tongue in. So I followed suit and did the same thing. I started licking her like a dog would lick his bone or a chew-toy.

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She started to moan in pleasure as I started to lick faster and faster with more force. Soon she was moving her pelvis to meet my strokes with my tongue. I then stuck my tongue inside her and she moaned even more.


This was my first real taste of woman juices, and it was delicious. I started to move my tongue around in her pussy and I could feel the walls of it contracting on my tongue. She then started to moan louder and pant faster. I wasn't sure what was going on but I knew she was enjoying it A LOT.

She then started to calm down and we then looked at the screen. And there it was, the most impressive scene I've yet seen to that point in my life. The man was fucking that girl in her pussy. It was magnificent the way he moved it in and out. I couldn't take my eyes off it for a minute. Then I was interrupted by Steph who wanted to try it.

I asked if she could suck me off to get me hard again, because my dick was long since flaccid. She started to suck on my dick again.

It felt so great I almost "came" again but I held off. I quickly became hard again and I had her lay down on my bed. I climbed on top of her to get into the right position. I then started to push my dick into her but she yelped out. I asked if it hurt but she said to keep going.

I then pushed in a bit farther and popped her hymen. Blood started to come out and I got worried so I started to move my dick when she said that it started to feel good, and it didn't hurt when I popped it.

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I then started to move my dick in and out of her pussy faster as I went along. Faster and faster I pumped in and out and in and out. I had a lot of stamina because I was so young and I could run around for hours if I wanted to. Then she started to build another orgasm up and I went even faster. As she panted and moaned as I was pumping in and out of here. I then began to fondle her small mounds because that was what was going on in the video.

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That sent her over the edge. She started to moan louder and louder until I was almost certain that my parents had been awoken. But luckily for me they were sound asleep and didn't hear a word of that.

I then broke our connection and she started to pant less heavily and calm down. She said to me that she has never felt anything so pleasurable as that before. She was ready for some more but I was tired from all of that. So we went to sleep that night and we were done. We had many fuck sessions after that day and each one was more pleasurable than the last