Teen Melissa suck cock outdoors

Teen Melissa suck cock outdoors
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Chapter 17 While my two girls were in the bathroom I dozed off. I could not have slept more than a few minutes because they were still gone when I woke up again but sometimes 5 minutes of sleep lead to the best ideas.

I got up and prepared the things I would need for what I had in mind and waited. They came out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later.

They were both naked. They had dried off so their skin wasn't wet anymore but their hair was.


Keiko, having shorter and straight hair did not look very different but Tina's curls were straighter then they usually were and a drop of water would fall from them every now and then. I went over to Tina and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Not kissing her the way she looked now would have definitely broken some law of physics. I am sure water would have started to run up if anybody could have resisted her the way she looked and as I felt her kissing me back I felt my dick rising and rubbing against her stomach.

She felt it, too, reached down for it and started stroking me as we kissed. I enjoyed her hand and the feeling of her warm skin against my body but I had a plan so I broke the kiss and smiled at her. "Later. I have something in mind for now." I gave her a bottle of tanning oil and told her what I wanted them to do, and then I got behind the camera. Tina sat on the bed, her back against the wall and her legs spread.

Her pussy was wet, I could not tell if it was because she had not dried off properly there or because of anticipation but I guessed it was the later. Then Keiko sat down in front of Tina with her back leaned against Tina's naked front and her legs on Tina's legs so that Tina's legs were holding Keiko open.

Keiko put her hands on her knees and smiled into the camera. We were ready to go. Tina smiled at me and then she started to kiss Keiko's neck and her shoulders. The Asian girl closed her eyes annoying the warm, wet kisses on her skin and leaned her head back against the side of my girlfriend's face.

I moved to the side, catching a view of the side of Tina's full breasts on camera just as she started to put the tanning oil on her hands. The way her boobs started moving against Keiko's back as Tina rubbed her hands together, spreading the oil and warming it up send a shiver through my body.

Tina's lips left Keiko's shoulders. They moved up to her neck again and her hands took the now vacant place on the pale white shoulders gently caressing them and spreading the oil. Keiko's skin started to glisten and shine with the red light coming through the curtains as Tina kept rubbing them.

Keiko's breathing had visibly changed. Her firm B-cups rose with her deep, relaxed breathing and waited for Tina's hands. They did not have to wait long. Tina moved her hands to Keiko's front, letting her fingertips approach the light brown nipples of the petite girl a bit more with every moment.

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Tina moved towards them and then back, teasing Keiko and never quite reaching the areolas. With every moment Keiko got more aroused. Soon the soft nipples wrinkled and got harder.

And soon they were proudly standing up, pointing towards me.


But just before reaching Keiko's buttons Tina changed direction. She put her hands on the shoulders of the girl in front of her and then slowly let them glide down the sides of her arms. Then, reaching under Keiko's elbows she put her hands on Keiko's flat stomach. The contrast of the long caramel fingers on the flat white skin caused my dick to rise up a couple more degrees and if it could have, it would have risen even more at the sight of those dark brown fingers moving up towards Keiko's boobs.


Soon Tina's hands were cupping the perfect firm globes from beneath and she was lifting and dropping them, causing little waves to move across the soft flesh.

Keiko's legs were trembling. She was horny and wanted to touch herself but she was not allowed to. I had told her that her hands were not allowed to leave Tina's thighs.

But it was hard for her to resist and soon I saw Keiko's hands moving across Tina's legs as she moved her hips back and forth, trying desperately to rub her cunt against the bed which was futile with her half lying on the bed and her pussy pointing upwards. I wondered when Tina would finally grant Keiko relief. I had left the choice up to her and was curious how long she would leave the girl unsatisfied. But Tina seemed in no mood to stop teasing her playmate so soon. She moved her fingers to Keiko's nipples and gently took them between her thumbs and forefingers.

She squeezed them and pulled at them gently making Keiko moan and rub the sheets even harder. Tina would wait a while longer before doing anything else, I knew that. As much as she enjoyed me taking charge of her, she had an own dominant strain and would prolong this sweet torture as long as she could.

Tina spread her own legs a bit more apart causing Keiko's wet slit to open up and I saw white creamy fluid running out of her. Her insides were perfect pink and the pussy lips framing it had swelled up and were wet and inviting.

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I started to doubt my own ability to resist her and thought about breaking this off and treating me to some of her wet little cunt just as Tina finally decided to take this to the next level. She looked at me and smiled as she let one of her hands glide down Keiko's front and to her pussy.

I saw Tina's hands flow past Keiko's love button and saw the tip of her middle finger disappearing into the soft pussylips.

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Keiko rewarded her actions with a soft moan and started pressing her hips into Tina's hand, who in turn pressed back into Keiko's hips. Tina started moving her palm in circles around the smaller girl's button, letting the tip of her middle finger rest between the soft skin folds while her ring and index finger teased the swollen lips from outside. All the while her play with Keiko's nipples had taken on a new quality. She was doing it more firmly now but not to hurt but rather to bring the girl to a hard, strong orgasm and it seemed to work.

Keiko was moaning and groaning for Tina to continue, to work her harder and deeper and Tina gladly obliged. I was rock hard watching the two and knew that I was making one of the hottest videos I would ever make in my life.

The two beauties together, naked one orgasming from the others attention and all of that bathed in the soft red light. Keiko's hips started jerking. She was not moving into Tina's hands any more, she was lost in the feeling right now.

Helpless to speed things up or slow them down she just took what she got as the first preorgasm spasms started to rock her body.

Then, finally, she thrust her hips up into Tina's hand one last time and did not come back.

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The muscles on her stomach rippled, her toes curled up and she thrust her head back, then, just as suddenly, her legs sprung out, thrusting her whole body back into Tina, who, at the same time, pulled her girl even closer to her by pressing the hands on Keiko's pussy and tit hard against the petite body.

Keiko spasmed and spasmed, first silently, then with a loud scream. Then she was giving of squeaking noises and then she was silent again. Her orgasm was beyond anything she had ever experienced before and when she finally sank back against Tina's body she did it with an expression of deep happiness and satisfaction, smiling and enjoying the last soft movements of Tina's hand on her wet cunt. Now, with the video finished I couldn't resist anymore. I took my place between Keiko's spread legs and aligned my rock hard dick with the girl's wet slit.

I pushed and was in her with no resistance. Her cunt was wet and soft from the arousal she had gotten over the last half hour. Pushing the Asian girl's head to the side I pressed my lips against Tina's and let my tongue slip into her mouth. We were frenching as I moved my dick inside of the other woman with little movements of my hips.

Soon I broke the kiss and started to kiss the dark creamy skin of her neck while she kissed my ear and moaned into it. I put my hand on the back of her head to gently caress the skin just where the hair started growing.

It was her favorite spot and I let my fingers explore it abundantly. I played with the soft short curls of her hair while I kissed the sides of her neck and her clavicle. I was fucking Keiko but I was making love to the woman I truly loved. Then I lifted my other hand to her back, stroking the skin there and every now and then moving to the sides of her breasts. "Don't cum into her. I want it, let me taste it." She whispered into my ear as I kissed her.

I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, seeing her lust, her hunger for me. I nodded and then kissed her on the lips again. We kept kissing as I pushed in and out of Keiko. I felt that I was getting closer and as I crossed the point of no return I quickly got up and offered my dick to Tina who greedily sucked it into her mouth. I looked down at her; I felt her tongue circling around the tip as I unloaded my balls into her mouth, filling it completely with my cream.

I felt Keiko's lips and tongue on my balls and saw that Tina had grabbed the hair at the back of the girls head and had pushed her face to my balls for her to service me while I gave my seed to my girlfriend.

When I was finally done she looked up at me and swallowed the whole load.

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Then she smiled and licked her lips. I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "Why don't we send Keiko off for the next 24 hours and spend some time together? Just you and me, relaxing and enjoying each other?" I asked while Keiko was sitting right beneath me, licking my balls to cause me pleasure. But it was ultimately of no consequence. She was a toy for us to enjoy as we pleased and send away if not needed.