Juliana casada traindo o marido com o vizinho comedor

Juliana casada traindo o marido com o vizinho comedor
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Julie the Schooly and the Emo kids. I'm a schoolteacher in an Inner-city Hellhole and my friends call me Julie the Schooly. It had been a pretty shitty week teaching 7 and 8 year olds who had already given up on the learning process; so had been looking forward to getting 'fall down drunk' on Friday night since second period on Wednesday morning. The plan had worked and I could hardly stand up as I staggered to the taxi rank near the railway station at midnight.

"Shit!" I grumbled when I saw the length of the queue. There must have been 50 people there and even in my alcohol fuelled state I knew that meant at least a 30 minute wait at this time of night. "Hey;" I tugged at Sara's arm, "do you see those two lads in the cardigans?" "Where?" She squinted at the queue as she wasn't wearing her glasses.

"Near the front." I slurred, "The fat one's wearing glasses." "Oh!" She gulped in a mouthful of air, "Why?" "I know them. They live in my flat." I stated with great aplomb.

"They live in your flat?" Jilly giggled as she pushed me so hard I wobbled on my platform shoes. "No, silly." I corrected her, "not MY flat but the one on the first floor…you know…the fat girl with pink hair." By now we were about 6 feet away from the two nervous looking Emo kids as a taxi pulled into the rank and they were next in the queue.

"Hey gorgeous!" Gilly shouted and waved her cigarette at the boy in glasses, "My friend lives next to you; can she share your taxi?

She'll give you a wank if you say yes!" If I'd even been halfway sober I'd have been mortified at her offer but I wasn't; so just giggled and pushed her backwards making her nearly fall off her high heels. The slimmer and smaller of the two shrugged his shoulders and beckoned me towards the car. I drunkenly grinned and theatrically held my arms out in apology to the rest of the queue before I crawled into the back of the black cab probably flashing my red polka dot thong down the back of my jeans to the young lads.

As it pulled away I waved with both hands and blew kisses to my friends who had booked a mini-cab to take them to the other side of town and back to their husbands. "I'm Woody." The tall chubby one introduced himself with a silly wave. "I'm Sash." The other said with a grin "I'm Julie." I grunted as I wrestled with a seat belt that was obviously broken and a danger to the public. "Do you want me to do that for you?" Woody asked and leaned forward 'accidentally' brushing his mop of dyed black hair then the back of his hand against my boob.

Click-click and the belt was in position. I took a gulp of stale air, gave him the thumbs up signal and tried to focus my eyes. Woody was nearly 6 feet tall but quite chubby with his belly hanging over his tight black jeans. He had an unruly mop of black hair with a fringe that hid his eyes.

He was wearing thick black plastic framed glasses. Sash was much shorter and skinny. He had bright orange hair that looked like it hadn't seen a comb in months. His face was covered in freckles and he had a metal ring in his nose and two steel pegs in an eyebrow.

They were both wearing cardigans one light blue the other red, and check shirts like all of the Emo kids that hang around the City Centre on Saturdays. We sat in an embarrassed silence all the way back to the Estate that we lived in as the taxi driver practiced for the Monaco Grand Prix.

When he stopped opposite our flats I fumbled in my purse for £5 to pay towards the fare. "We're going for a pizza," Sash mentioned as casually as possible, "do you want some?" My stomach was still reeling from the crazy taxi ride but I still looked at my watch and shrugged my shoulders.

"Yes; that's a good idea." I lied. Anything would have been better than going back to my empty flat; and sharing a pizza with two pasty faced lads was slightly better than 'anything'. "We've got beer and vodka." The red haired lad broke the silence as we waited for his friend to be served.

"Great." I replied. The smell of the food was now making me hungry and I was regretting not ordering one for myself. There was very little conversation as we tramped across the concrete parking lot in front of the flats but I gathered that they'd been to see a band and they were flat-sitting for Woody's sister while she was in Australia. I was pleasantly surprised at how neat and tidy the flat was but slowly realised that it was actually a girls flat and not actually two Emo kids.

Woody poured me a huge glass of vodka and coke and I settled onto the white leather sofa to eat a slice of pizza. The conversation wasn't over stimulating but they told me that they both worked at a Supermarket and I told them about my boring job in the city centre school and I remember laughing at our different music and film tastes. As we relaxed I realised that the lads were constantly moving around for a secret look down my scoop neck t-shirt or down the back of my jeans when they crossed the room to change cd's or go to the bathroom.

Obviously two 20 year old Emo kids weren't ever going to be high on my list of prospective lovers but as I'd not had a taste of cock since I dumped my bastard of a boyfriend four months previously; I was enjoying the tease.

By 1.30 I felt my eyes getting very heavy and I fought to stay awake but apparently failed. The next thing I knew was when I woke with a throbbing head and a mouth like the floor of a budgies cage.

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Someone had draped a quilt over me which I folded and left on the sofa then stumbled across the dark room. The walk up 5 flights of stairs to my own flat wasn't easy as I was still drunk but also hungover. As I slowly made my way up the last flight I adjusted my bra strap which was hanging down my arm and tried in vain to fasten the top button of my jeans which I must have left open after a visit to the toilet.

I woke on Saturday at 11ish, put the kettle on for a cup of strong coffee and took two extra strong paracetamol. I made my way into the bathroom and flopped onto the toilet. All of the previous nights alcohol whooshed straight through my like a brewery horse, then I let off a fart so loud you could have heard it two streets away.

But it made me feel better and a damn site less bloated. As I gained my senses I had a good scratch of my pubes (as you do on a morning) only to find some of them were matted together plus there was a dry patch of skin on my boobs. Neither thing concerned me at the time as they both disappeared when I had a shower; but they nagged at the back of my mind until later in the day when I was having a drink with my sister in town at about 8.

The dirty buggers must have pulled my clothes down and wanked on me! That's exactly what the smell on my boobs had been dry spunk! The cheeky little sods. I was annoyed for the rest of the night and part of Sunday but as the evening wore on and I drank most of a bottle of nice red wine as I watched TV the thought of two young guys stripping me and fondling my private parts while I was fast asleep began to turn me on. I know it shouldn't…but it did.

When I went to bed I put some Soul music on and began stroking my body in the way I imagined they had&hellip.stroking and squeezing my 34c boobs until they hurt; then running a hand through my hairy pubes and imagining the look of awe on their cute faces as they fingered a 32 year old woman and tugged at her long curly pubic hair.

Then I imagined my tits hanging out and jeans around my knees they stood over me the previous night and wanking their cocks until spunk splashed all over me. I'd already had two small orgasms by that time but plunged three fingers inside as I slapped my clitty so hard it nearly made me cry; but the orgasm took my breath away.

I felt dirty. As the week progressed I saw Woody a couple of times in the distance; but never close enough to actually speak to him. I have no idea what I would have said if I had bumped into him. My masturbation and fantasies got wilder and hornier as the week progressed. By Wednesday night I was fucking myself every night with my 'Big Black Bully Boy' 9 inch dildo while I sucked a lifelike 7 inch pink dildo dreaming that it was Woody and Sash.

As usual on Thursday, I spent a lot of my day at work arranging the plans for Friday night by text to my friends. The more texts I sent the more I thought about the previous Friday night and began secretly hoping I'd meet the boys at the taxi rank again.

I was as horny as a scrapyard cat by 9 o'clock and 'had to do something about the mad itch between my legs'! I hunted through a box that my boyfriend had left and eventually found some porno DVD's that he'd been keen on watching; grabbed a handful of sex-toys; emptied the remains of a bottle of wine into a glass; stripped down to my bra and pants and pressed 'play' on the recorder as I lay on the sofa in my living room.

Gavin had been my kinkiest lover and this film was just what I needed a young woman was dressed as a Maid with a short black dress and seamed stockings and was serving drinks to a load of posh men in a country house.

It didn't take long for them to start touching her and eventually taking her dress off and making her suck all of their cocks. By that stage I'd already had three orgasms. After half an hour she was straddling one man; sucking another and a third was fucking her bum. I couldn't resist copying her and shoved my 'bully boy' deep in my quim, chewed on the 7 incher and rammed my 7 inch jelly vibe up my own bum at the same time.

The orgasms were hitting me one after the other. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt this horny. My legs were shaking when I eventually switched the recorder off and went to bed. I couldn't get home from quick enough on Friday evening! I quickly made some beans on toast which I ate as I ironed a short, flared denim skirt that Gavin called my 'slutty skirt' and a cotton t-shirt that had ribbons on the front and back and was intended to look like a Basque.

My shower was long and luxurious and it took a lot of will power not to finger myself as I lathered and washed between my legs while the hot water and soap ran down my body. I decided not to trim or shave my pubes as it was fun actually having hair down there for the first time in a lot of years.

I put my make-up on with especially bright red lipstick and dark eye liner to highlight my twinkling blue eyes. Underwear was no problem as I'd already decided on my tarty fluorescent pink Wonderbra the previous night and a sexy black transparent g-string that had a pink bow on the back.

I spent 10 minutes deciding what footwear to choose finally settling on my black patent shoes with big buckles at the ankles and killer heels. They always looked 'punky' to me but Gavin liked to imagine that they were 'Bondage shoes'.

I was a little disappointed that none of my friends commented on my outfit; but they were all dressed similarly themselves even the married ones!

The night went well as I flirted with a few guys including a couple from a Glaswegian stag party who bought me a cocktail and offered to oblige when I asked for a 'Sloe Comfortable Screw up Against the Wall'. If they hadn't all been pissed beyond belief I was tempted to take up the offer. I was in a great mood and had a fun night; I'd deliberately not got too drunk 'just in case'. I was disappointed that there was no sign of the two Emo kids when we got to the taxi rank.

I said 'goodnight' to my friends and waited, alone, in the queue. As the taxi entered the Estate I spotted both lads shuffling nervously in front of the Pizza Parlour. I asked the driver to pull up right in front of them.

Excited at seeing them and feeling decidedly mischievous I paid the fare then pretended to very drunk again and stumbled out of the cab. "Hey!" I giggled and called out as I teetered on my high heels, "can you help me I'm pissed again!" Their little faces lit up.

Woody jumped over the small wall and Sash ran around the outside. "Are we getting pizza again?" I grinned as I linked arms with both lads, "then back to yours?" Sash ordered a pizza and Coke while I pretended to sway and stagger; making sure they got a good look at my wobbling boobs grabbing onto Woody's arm to steady myself. We were soon in their flat and I was immediately presented with a large tumbler of vodka and coke which I sipped as I made myself comfortable by nonchalantly curling one foot under the other knee ensuring they got a good look up my tiny skirt.

As we ate the pizza and made small talk Woody flicked through the TV channels 'accidentally' surfing past a soft porn film. "You can leave it on if you like." I shrugged my shoulders and slurred, "It doesn't bother me&hellip.in fact I prefer the harder stuff." I immediately clamped my hand to my mouth and pretended to be embarrassed, "Oh shit! I shouldn't have said that; should I?" "It's ok." Sash replied trying to be cool and nonchalant.

"I do too; I just haven't got any with me here." Both lads looked at me for a response I just grinned and sipped my drink. The film was poor but there were plenty of boobs and naked arses shots to keep them happy. The conversation soon moved to them telling me what porn films they liked (older woman/younger man Sash and group stuff Woody). I wouldn't tell them what I liked but admitted to having watched a lot over the years and still owning some now.

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As we chatted and watched the TV I was squirming with excitement and manoeuvred around the sofa accidentally flashing my see-through g-string and hopefully my 'hairy spiders' which I was sure were escaping out of their tiny nylon pouch. I knew quite early on that they were staring at my crotch and we soon gave up any pretence; but neither boy actually said anything. The boys were young and shy and there wasn't a cat in Hell's chance that they would make the 'first move', so I put Plan B into action.

"Shit! I'm getting sleepy." I theatrically yawned and sleepily grinned, "Do you mind if I have a few minutes sleep while you two&hellip.you know?" Woody grinned and said "of course not make yourself comfortable". I curled into the sofa with my back and arse facing the boys. When I shuffled I felt my skirt ride up even further hopefully giving them a clear view of my 'bootylicious' arse (as Gavin used to call it).

I'm pear shaped but have longish legs which emphasise my butt; which a lot of blokes like.

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As I lay pretending to be asleep I could hear them giggling and whispering: 'look at her', 'do you think she's up for it?', 'I can see her twat look.', 'fucking hell! Her knickers are right in her crack'. (I shuffled again when I heard that, bending my top leg a touch so they could get a better look). 'Do you think she knew what we did last week?', 'Fuck knows she's back isn't she?', 'Her tits are fucking awesome did you see them swing when she took her shoes off?' It took a lot of willpower not to giggle and let them know I was listening; but that would have spoilt my cunning plan.

"Do you think she's asleep; like last week?" Woody whispered as I felt him standing close behind me.

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"I don't know." His young friend huskily whispered. "Julie? Julie&hellip.do you want another drink?" I didn't answer but shuffled my shoulders slightly so my chest was now on show and adjusted one of my boobs 'in my sleep'.

"I want to see her tits properly this time." Woody panted as he gently pulled my top down so he could see my cleavage in my pink bra. The boys were giggling as they tried to tease my bra up so they could see my big tits. I purred a little; as if dreaming, as a finger touched a nipple. "Fuck!" Sash gasped, "I've never seen nipples like them before!" It wasn't the first time I'd heard that as I have long sensitive brown nipples and huge (5cm) aureole.

"I'm going to suck it." Woody whispered to his friend as he pulled the bra cup to one side.

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'Mmmm Mmmm' I purred again as his soft warm lips touched the tender flesh. "Fuck!" Sash gasped as his friend suckled my responsive nipple, "look what she's doing!" I'd moved my hips and still with my knees bent, spread my legs.

"Pull her knickers down then." Woody spat out as he tickled my nipple with two finger tips. "What if she wakes up?" "She won't! Trust me." He told his friend before returning his lips to my nipple. I didn't make it to easy for him so lay still as the freckle-faced youth pulled my g-string down revealing my very hairy and very wet fanny. My knickers were soon around my ankles and at least one of them was running his fingers through my pubes and touching my curly labia; which had me wriggling with delight.

"Fuck it!" Woody grunted, "I want to see her puppies!" With that he delicately pulled my top up to my neck then fumbled with the front of my bra until my tits popped out. As Woody began stroking my boobs I opened my eyes. "FUCK!" Woody gasped as he jumped backwards. There was an awkward silence for a moment until I grinned and told them, "I hope you're going to get your dicks out like last week!" "What?" Woody gulped as his cock flopped about, "You knew what we did?" "Shit!" Sash shouted as he tried to climb off the sofa but I trapped him between my ankles.

"Of course I did," I grinned as I unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor with my Basque-top. "Fuck! But you were asleep." Woody replied.

"Didn't you think I would know the next morning?" I giggled again; pressing my spike heel against Sash's crotch. "Didn't you mind?" Woody shrugged his shoulders as his young cock visibly wilted. "I'm here again, aren't I?" I grinned and held my hand out towards his soft cock. The boys looked at each other and noticeably relaxed. "Do you want to show me what you did last week?" I asked as I cupped my tits for them.

"I love watching guys wank and cum; it really turns me on!" Sash grinned and began stroking my leg running his fingers up to my thigh so I parted my thighs so he could see how wet my fanny was.

Woody stepped forward so I took hold of his little willie and gave it a good shake until it began to stiffen again. "Mmmmmm…that looks yummy; are you going to show me what you did then?" I winked.

He placed a hand around it and began tugging at the shaft until the purple knob peeped out of the thick foreskin about 6 inches from my face. "Your turn now!" I told Sash as he stroked my luscious pubes.

I moved my foot away and spread my labia with one hand and began stroking my clit with two fingers. I couldn't believe how wet and sticky my quim was. I smiled as I made a squelching sound as my fingers manically rubbed my button. Sash quickly dropped his jeans and pulled his cock out then knelt astride my leg; furiously rubbing his dick. Neither boy was particularly well-endowed about 6 inches each; but I was in fantasyland having two young studs wanking for and over me.

"Put it in my mouth," I panted to Woody.


He didn't need asking twice stuffing it straight to the back of my throat; making me gag. I changed hands from rubbing my clit so I could cup and squeeze his hairy scrotum as I bobbed my head back and forth sucking his hard cock. The only sounds we could hear were the boys panting and my cunt making sloppy noises as I finger fucked myself. Woody edged closer to my face; wanking with one hand and squeezing my tits with the other as Sash tugged at my hair as he fucked my mouth.

My eyes had glazed over now and my breathing getting shorter and shallower. I stopped fingering my cunt and took hold of Woody's straining cock; rubbing it frantically. My other fingers moved up from Sash's bollocks to his shaft. I wrapped my fingers around the base and pulled it out of my mouth. I was griming manically as I began wanking both cocks in unison; inches from my flushed face. "I'm cumming!" Sash grunted and flexed his body, "I'm cumming…&hellip.NOW!" The first load shot out like a bullet and landed on my top lip.

I pulled him closer by his dick and squeezed another two big drops onto my chin as I continued tugging Woody's hot six inches. Confident that Sash was empty I wanked Woody even faster until his body stiffened and he gripped the sofa. "Ooh oooh OOOH!" The teenager grimaced, and then fired a load of his warm milk onto my face too.

His was a lot runnier than his friend's spunk immediately running down my cheeks on impact. The second spurt landed on my fringe. Their goo smelled amazing and sexy as it clung to my skin. "Fucking Hell Julie!" Sash groaned as I squeezed the last pearl out of his softening dick; "that was fucking awesome!" I scooped a little bit of spunk off my lips and chin and licked it off my fingers, much to their delight, then picked up a pair of discarded underpants and wiped the rest off my face.

I was still so excited at wanking them off that I couldn't speak. My eyes flashed across their young naked bodies, taking in every inch. Both boys were heavily tattooed; Sash's arms and shoulders were covered with Celtic images and Woody had crosses, guitars, skulls and flames on his arms, shoulders, back and legs.

The boys edged away as I pulled my labia apart and immediately slid two fingers into my twat. My fingers were a blur as I fingered myself silly for a couple of minutes until I had four fingers inside and my other hand was rubbing my clit.

No matter how hard I rubbed I couldn't make myself cum, so I rolled over onto my knees with my arse in the air, legs wide apart and my head resting on the sofa arm.

I rubbed my seeping hole again and slid my four fingers deep inside my twat. "Slap my arse somebody!" I panted "Slap it…… hard!" "Are you sure?" Woody limply asked. "Yes! As hard as you fucking can!" I screamed as froth built up around my fingers. Smack&hellip.smack&hellip.SMACK! Three slaps cracked across my buttocks. "Yes…yes…yes!" I hollered. SMACK&hellip.SMACK&hellip.SMACK…SMACK across each fleshy cheek, even two at exactly the same time.

My arse cheeks were on fire&hellip.just the way I like. "Aye aye aye&hellip.yesssssssss!" I squealed as every nerve end in my body tingled when my orgasm raced through my heaving body; leaving me exhausted. My whole hand was soaking wet and sticky and my pussy stretched beyond belief as I flopped helplessly onto the sofa with my arse still sticking up in the air.

"Fucking Hell!" Sash whistled, "Look at her cunt&hellip.you could drive a bus up there!" Both teenagers giggled despite the fact that I quickly tightly closed my legs and rolled onto my back. The smile on my face went from ear to ear when I saw that their cocks were both rock hard again.

"What do you want to now?" Woody asked after a few seconds; staring at my sweaty tits. "Anything you want to do sweetie&hellip.anything at all." I giggled. Sash lunged forward with his thin cock poking out from his copious ginger pubes. Grabbing my tits with both hands he wriggled his hips until my legs parted. Without any finesse he pushed his cock straight into my gaping cunt.

"Huh." He grunted as his dick slid in right up to his balls.

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With glaring eyes, flared nostrils and gritted teeth he immediately began banging away. I pulled my legs up by the back of the knees so his cock could fuck me as deep and as hard as possible. He soon had his head buried into the nape of my neck and used his athletic young hips to fuck me like a rabid terrier making me squeal like a bitch on heat. Woody was tugging at his thick cock only inches from my head.

Sweating and unable to speak from Sash's pummelling I opened my mouth and waggled my tongue. He got the message and pushed his foreskin covered knob between my painted lips. I sucked as hard as I could but it wasn't good enough for him so he grabbed a handful of hair again and began thrusting his cock down my throat.

All three of us were in a kind of sexual trance as both boys fucked my cunt and mouth in unison. "Swap." Woody groaned and punched his friend in the shoulder to get his attention, "Let's swap." Sash lifted his head and nodded agreement.

My cunt immediately felt empty and cavernous when he pulled his dick out. As the boys moved along the sofa I curled up in the foetal position as my stomach was aching. "What's wrong?" Woody asked with a hint of despair in his voice. "Nothing sweetie. Nothing." I smiled, "I'm just a little bit uncomfortable." "But I can still fuck you, can't I?" He sounded and looked very young. "Of course you can." I smiled as sweetly as possible, "let's try it this way." Then I rolled back onto my knees with my still stinging arse high in the air.

"Yeesssss!" Woody hissed with excitement when he realised he was going to fuck me doggy style. I made myself comfortable with a cushion under my tummy and my head hanging over the sofa arm. Woody grabbed my hips and then sighed with delight as he guided his thick cock into my hole.

With a tight grip on my hips he made his dick glide along my stretched cunt walls. The big lad was more controlled than his friend but just as powerful with his thrusts which made me throw my head back. "Stick your dick in her mouth." Woody said in a low voice, "Like I did…she fucking loved it!" Sash who had just been standing staring at us began fumbling with his tiny deflated cock.

"Don't worry about that," Woody laughed, "Julie will get it hard again in seconds; when you fuck her mouth." I hung my mouth open and invited my young friend to put his cock in. When he did it was still soft and pliable&hellip.but not for long. Woody soon began banging his cock into me with an increased ferocity making me lunge forward onto the growing cock in my mouth.

My head was soon spinning with a combination of alcohol and sexual adrenalin.


The big lad behind me pulled his cock out on a backward stroke and accidentally hit my arsehole on the forward stab. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when he pushed again and the fat knob extended my anal opening.

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Before I could do anything the little bugger pulled my hips backwards and filled my arse with his teenage cock. I was now sucking up buckets of oxygen through my nose as Woody plundered my arse and filled my bowels with his cock. "Have you seen what I'm doing?" He shouted to his friend, "I'm fucking her arse!" "Fucking Gay boy!" Liam laughed and grabbed two handfuls of my hair as he banged his hairy balls off my chin over and over again as I deep-throated him.

"Yahoo!" Woody howled as he began slapping my arse cheeks while he buggered me for all he was worth. "Shit shit shit!" Sash soon moaned as his body stiffened and his spunk filled my throat and mouth. For a second load there was a hell of a lot&hellip.but I guess teenagers are like that. He staggered backwards and when his cock slipped from between my lips I coughed up a load of cum which I accidentally spat onto the carpet.

"Oh yeesssss!" Woody viciously slapped my reddening arse cheek as I convulsed, then filled my arsehole with a load of thick cum. "Huh; huh!" He gasped as he squirted as much young spunk as possible deep into my rectum. "Oh God&hellip.fuuucckk…that was amazing." Woody panted as he pushed me off his cock making me flop unceremoniously face forwards.

I could feel his cum bubbling out as my arsehole throbbed and ached from the pummelling the young lad, now sitting grinning on the carpet, had just given me. I picked up a pair of discarded underpants and stuffed it between my legs to soak up the excesses that were dribbling out of my extended hole.

I then tentatively stood up and with the pants still mopping up my fluids I teetered on my high heels to the bathroom. My arse cheeks stung as soon as I sat on the pot but the coolness of the plastic soon soothed my burning flesh. It took a couple of minutes to regain my composure and wipe myself clean then I quickly brushed my hair and gave my well fucked holes another wipe before going back to face my young lovers.

Eventually I confidently made my way back into the living room; tits wobbling and naked apart from my heels. The boys just sat grinning as I bent over, arse facing them, to pick up my unfinished drink. I finished it one long slurp; then turned to face them. "Same again tomorrow night?"