Sexy sex and massage acquire mixed hardcore blowjob

Sexy sex and massage acquire mixed hardcore blowjob
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I lay on the black leather sofa, my silky smooth legs over my best friends lap. It was one of those old leather sofa's that was a little bit worn, but you literally sink in to. It was soo comfortable. Its warm leather and anorectic smell made the whole place homely. I held a large glass of rose in my left hand. We were watching our favourite chick flick: he's just not that into you!

We had moved into the apartment together before starting university, since then we had watched the film at least a hundred times. "If a guy treats you like he doesn't give a shit, he generally doesn't give a shit!" we both said along with the movie. "Men are arsewholes" Scarlett comments taking a small handful out of the bowl of popcorn she held.

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I laughed taking a sip of my wine "Yeah but what can you do", I loved how Scarlett was so over dramatic. It when all the way down to her style. She had beautiful sandy blond curls with a purple scarf in her hair. Scarlett's purple eye shadow making her light grey eyes sparkle. She wore a cute short and very low cut grey dress showing off her porn star boobs along with a purple cardigan.

"I'll go on strike!" she said tossing her hair as she rises her chin snobbery. "Hearts will be breaking all over the world" I laughed taking another sip of my wine. I on the other hand had long black straight hair with red streaks, my eyes were green with thick black eyeliner flicking up at the edges. I wore a short black min skirt, long red and black stripy socks along with a black vest top. My boobs were about the same size as scarlets but not the same shape.

It was fair to say we were different.

"Join me, on my strike!" she insisted getting to her feet, knocking the whole popcorn bowl to the floor. She ignored it, extending her hand to me. I laughed and laughed taking her hand "why of course" I said in a Tradianal Victorian lady's voice.

"Together we will defeat all of mankind!" she said leading me onto the coffee table with her. Still both laughing, we danced still holding hands. I felt a little unsteady, and began to fall.


Scarlett caught me pulling me to her, we end up face to face. That was when all laughing stopped. I looked into her big grey eyes her looking into my green eyes. Both of us saying nothing, doing nothing. I was increasingly aware of how close she was, how her smooth thighs were ageist my own.

How her breasts were touching mine only thin material between us. How her pulse was quickening.

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I started to pull away but scarlets hold on my waists kept me in place. She instead smiled at me. "Kitty" she said. "Yeah Scarlett" I replied my voice quite. She moved her hands down my waist and over my butt, stopping on the ends of my skirt. Her tanned skin ever so slightly touching me. "What are you doing?" I ask her unsure. She didn't reply straight away, instead her hands moved down to my thighs stopping about half way up my legs. "Nothing" she said her voice even and smooth.

Her skin felt hot and smooth ageist me.

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This was a side to Scarlett I had never seen before. I felt a horny electric sense flow though me. Wait this is my best friend! A girl! This is wrong!


I told myself. I looked down and Scarlett laughed pulling away from me. "Omg your face!!" she laughed jumping down from the table and taking the bottle of wine from inside it. She screwed off the lid and poured us both a glass.

I stood there for a second confused as to what had just happened, before dismounting from the table myself and taking a glass Scarlett had poured me. Shortly after we when back to the film and those few moments we had spent together were forgotten although they played through my mind. How could I have been attracted to my best friend a girl! We watched the end of the film and had another few glasses of wine finishing off the second bottle.

I felt really drunk.


"Omg I'm so drunk" Scarlett laughed. "Yeah, woops!" I shout falling off the sofa. Scarlett laughed as I got to my feet popcorn in my hair. Omg I laughed pulling bits out my hair. "We should clean this up before the boys get home" I said trying to be serious although I couldn't help but laugh. "Errr" scarlet moaned. I got the dust pan and when down onto my hands and knees. Sweeping up the little bits of popcorn.

Once it was done I poured it into the bowl, mostly missing. "You have a really nice arse" Scarlett comments. "Really?" I ask.

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"Yeah!" scarlet ashore me, putting her hands on my thighs. I got that horny feeling again.

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"Mm that feels nice" I said not really thinking. She moves her hands higher touching just cms below the point my arse meets my thighs, although my skirt wasn't quite covering it. Scarlett's hands message me. "Mmmm" I mutter, leaning down onto my elbows exposing more of my arse to her. She slowly and gently moves her fingers higher and in towards my thong. "Are you a lesbian" I mutter. "No, I have a boyfriend" she said. I didn't think much of it but I knew I liked her hands touching me.

It wasn't like a man's touch, hers was slow and gentle. Making my nerves tingle. I smile feeling her warm hands. She parts my legs a little and gently strokes my arse, down my legs and up my inner thighs. Scarlett does this a few times, before her hand rests on my thong she follow it down to my pussy.

And begins to slowly stroke me. Making me feel tingly. She then lifts up my skirt pulling down my thong to my knees. She runs a singular finger from the bottom of my pussy up parting my lips.