Horny blonde teen gets tight asshole fucked hard

Horny blonde teen gets tight asshole fucked hard
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Hi my name is willy and im the forth child of my mother kids. im 14yrs of age,and im 5'10 dark haired, and im im into alot of sports so my body build rip. i have a 8'5 cock that stands at attention, i gets very horny alot, i dont have a girlfriend because i dont go out alot but enough about me lets talk about my other family members.

tiny, she 16 yrs of age, and she is 5'5 and light haired, she got her genes from our dad, and she have doubble d'cup breast, and she really into sports too so she keeps up with her body size.she have a boyfriend name tim who she mostly fight with over sex, and how i know because she once told me when she was once drunk at his party.

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sara, she is 17yrs of ageand she is 5'8, dark haired like me,she also have doubble d'cup tits. she not into sports, she more of the party rocker "6/days" a week partier.


she have c'cup tits. she dont have a boyfriend but she bring a man home everytime she come from a party, but she sneak them in from the garage, because my mom dont allow my sisters to have boyfriends yet they all have to be 18 first.

her body shapes is some what of tiny body is. tonya, she 18yrs of age, 5'10, dark haired, she also have d'cup tits, she like some sport which is basketball. she dont have a boyfriend, she said she dont have time for one, she stay in the house all the time, unless its going shopping for food or some clothes.

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she recently brought a basketball rim set that she sat up in the back yard.she play on it everyday. her body is like a coke bottle. she is very hot. my mom, she was early age at having us, she have dark hair, she have d'cup tits and she is 5'7, her body is really hot for to have four children, but she works out alot so that maybe why she still in shape.

she not married or anything but our dad still live with us, she say its best to keep him around just for me and my sisters life. she dont want to be a single parent.

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my dad he's always out of town anyway on bussiness trips. well this how the story started it was an ordinary morning when i woken. i heard tonya in the backyard shooting hoops i heard her because my room is all the way in the back of the house i chosen my room. but that that ordinary day just change when i heard i buzz sound coming from outside my door. i got up open my door but the noise wasnt excactly outside my door it was coming from my mom room "her room was close to mine but not that close", so i went to her door but it was close and in i was getting courious and courious trying and wanting to know what that noise was finally was "this not my first time hearing this mysterious noise i once heard it one night i was in my room it got anoyying because i was trying to sleep because i had school in the a.m.".

so i cracked her door open and peeked in and what surpised me was i seen my mom naked before but not like this. she had a medium dildo in her ass and a long dildo in her pussy and there was that buzzing sound i finally found it but i didnt know it would be a dildo.

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as i watched her fuck herself i got turned on and this was a feeling that i never had this turn-on was strong i feel in love at sight with my mom, but then it got even amazing she started moaning, so i steped back to make sure nobody was around and it wasnt anyone so i steped forward and got back into my poistion and she was still moaning with her head on the bed and her legs in the air, so i said "fuck it im about to jerk off to this", so i wiped my dick out and jerked as fast i could "althought i had to take short stokes because my cock was 8'5 inches to big".so i jerk to the point when i was about to cum, and it seem as if she was about to cum too beacuse she said "OHH FUCK, OHH FUCK" "FUCK ME WILLY, FUCK ME" then i was shocked by what she said, the sound of that made me cum hard and long, and i came to long because when i opened my eyes she was done the buzz sound went off, but her head was still on the bed facing her window.

i took that as a que to hurry up and leave before she raise her head. i steped back but as i step backed i heard another door close but i thought it wasnt nothing but the wind so i looked down and what i saw could get me caught or in trouble.

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it was cum, but i couldnt get it unless i want to get caught in the act. so i just left and i thought that she might think she did that.

laughing at the thought as i enter my room. i close my door but as soon as i close my door tonya knocked and i told her to hold on while i get out my bed, but she said "i know you wasnt in the bed" then i said "fuck you". so i got back in bed and jerked off to the event that just recently happen.

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i jerked off about 20 time. i finally got out of bed and put some more clothes on and went to the living room, and in the living room there was mom and tonya they was wispering and i wanted to know what they was gossip wispering about and i askand when i asked they just laugh at me and got up and walked off shaking their asses in my direction goin to my mom room. PART TWO COMING SOON IT WILL BE BETTER GIVE FEED BACK SO I COULD MAKE IT BETTER PLEASE GIVE POSITVE FEED BACK THIS IS MY FIRST STORY.THANKS FOR READING

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