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Amateur old beach My Stepsis The Stripper
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This is a fantasy I've wanted to write about for a while. It's a little long though, so make sure you've got some time on your hands. It's my first story on this site so go easy on the comments please. There is a kind of long build-up to the action, but if you stick with it I think you'll find it was worth the wait.

I hope you enjoy! Dear Journal, My name is Jason. I'm pretty much your average 15-year-old guy. I'm about 5'9" and weigh about 135 lbs. I've never wanted to be one of those guys who have a gross amount of muscle that just makes you wonder if they spend any time AWAY from the gym.

That being said, I am pretty well built with a decent amount of muscle.

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I'm not over or under-weight. I work out pretty regularly with a pretty decent triathlon-type regimen. I bike, run, and cycle most days after school.

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Right now it's the summer time, so I'm going a little easier and spending a little more time at the beach. Now I'm not usually the type to write down all that touchy-feely crap in a journal like this. Last week though, something incredible happened that I just couldn't keep inside any longer.

Mostly because I'm afraid I'll forget it in many years to come, but also so that I can remember the specific details of the events of last week in all their glory, I've chosen to make an entry in this old journal I found in my closet today. I'll try to write in as much detail as I can manage—here goes: This whole thing concerns a girl named Laurie who lives about five houses up the street from me. We go to the same school and everything, but we've never really been that friendly.

She tends to hang out with the more popular and cliquey part of my grade that I honestly just don't care for. That's not to say I'm a nerd though; I am very athletic and am a pretty cool guy in my opinion, though I definitely have my nerdy side. Anyway, back to the point. I mean, sure, we've hung out a few times over the years, but a friendship never really got a chance to grow between us.

Recently though, things had started to become a little different. She has this friend, her name is Nicole, and they hang out together ALL THE TIME! A pattern had begun to develop that went pretty much like this: Nicole, as always, arrives at Laurie's house for a sleepover. They Snapchat and text me a few times to get my attention, and then start annoying me any way they can. Sometimes they run past my house and scream my name, other times they start calling my phone incessantly, etc.

And this wasn't just normal girls-annoying-guy stuff; it was obviously flirty. Every time they swam in her pool or went to the beach, they'd send me seemingly innocent pics of them in their bikinis.

But they are both extremely hot, and they know it; and therefore use it to flirt with me. Both of them are super thin, but not enough to be disgusting. They have just the right amount of flesh on their bones. Laurie has the hottest ass you've ever seen in your life and those amazing boobs that aren't too big or too small, and are so perfectly shaped it's almost unbelievable.

Nicole has more of a supermodel face, not as hot an ass as Laurie's, but significantly bigger boobs than her. While Laurie's are probably only around a small B cup, Nicole's are easily a C cup on the very verge of being a D cup. The Wednesday of last week they got even flirtier, and I just knew that something was up. Sure enough, later that afternoon I get a text inviting me over to join them in the Jacuzzi by the pool. I was happy that I had chosen that morning to do a killer abs workout because I definitely caught them checking me out a couple of times while I had my shirt off.

We basically just spent a few hours chatting about nonsense. During this time, they found every opportunity to touch me or secretly feel my biceps—you get the idea. I went home with a raging hard-on, hoping that my baggy swimming trunks had successfully hidden it from the smoking hot girls.

I got back to my house at around 8 PM. I'd already had dinner at Laurie's house, so I just went into my room and crashed on the bed. My parents and little brother were out at the movies, leaving me with the freedom to jack off as loudly as I chose. And boy did I need it!

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Those girls had me at the breaking point when I left and after jacking-off for a few minutes, I was ready to blow a giant load. After I finished up, it was still pretty early so I powered up the Xbox and played some videogames for a few hours. Then I went to sleep, unable to get Laurie's incredibly sexy ass or Nicole's perfect tits off my mind. At about 1 AM I was awoken by the sound of my phone vibrating on my bedside table; it was a text from Laurie: L: Jason, get over here.

J: What are you two doing up so late, I mean early? L: We're lonely. J: Okay, I just need to sneak out. I'll be there in a minute. L: Tap on my window when you get here, we'll open for you.

I slipped on a good pair of jeans, a sleeveless shirt, and a warmish leather jacket. I walked through the kitchen to our back door and silently cracked it open. I made sure to turn the little switch on the handle so I could open it from the outside when I got back, and then went around the side of my house and headed up the road to Laurie's place.

Her house isn't huge, but it's a really cool house that makes it pretty obvious that her family is well off. I mean, everyone at my school is well off, it's a private school; but her place is extra fancy nonetheless. The way her house is set up, her room has its main windows facing the street on the left of her front door if you're facing it.

The only thing lying between her window and the street is some grass. The windows are just the right size to be able to climb through. I walked up to her window and lightly tapped on it a few times. I couldn't see in because the shades were drawn, but there didn't seem to be a reply.

I tapped again and heard a whisper from inside: "It's unlocked, come in." I pulled the window outwards just enough for me to get in and pushed the shades aside. It was dark in the room and she hadn't turned on the lights. "Laurie, I can't see anything. What's going on?" "Just a second…Okay, turn on the lights.

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And don't worry, the door is closed and my parents' room is far enough away for them to not hear us." I reached over right next to her bedroom door and flicked the lights on. I was a little annoyed to be greeted by the sight of Laurie and Nicole covered by the blankets on their respective beds.

"You called me over here just to watch you sleep? What the heck is going on girls?" After some giggling, Laurie spoke: "We have a dare for you." "Are you serious? That's what you woke me up for at one in the morning?" "Come on Jason, don't be such a downer!" "Fine then, what's the dare?" "You have to swear to do it before we tell you what it is." "No way!" "Come on Jay!" "Oh FINE!

I swear!" "We dare you to pull the blankets off us, me first." I frowned at hearing the dare. I mean, what kind of dare was that? I decided not to argue with it though. I might as well do it since I was already over here and everything.

So I walked up to Laurie's bed and threw the blankets off her bed. The sight that greeted me had my jaw hitting the ground like an anvil. She was butt naked in her bed, clear as day for my eyes to take in as much as they pleased! She'd obviously been spending time in her backyard tanning naked because there was no hint of a tan line or any type of bikini tan.

She was lying on her back so I couldn't get a good look at her ass, but her tits looked even more amazing than I could have imagined. As I reached out to touch them she flicked my hand away, saying: "Not yet big guy, you have to take Nicole's blankets off first." And I was pleased to oblige. As I ripped the covers off of Nicole's bed I could already feel my boner straining against the unforgiving fabric of my jeans. Her larger boobs jiggled a little as the covers were torn off and set my mouth watering.

She opened her legs wide as I looked over her smoking figure. She was a lot tanner than Laurie, so the pinkness of her twat really stood out.

It was the first one I'd ever really seen because Laurie's legs had been together and I'd really been focusing on her perfect tits.

Everything was happening so fast that for a little while I didn't notice Laurie had walked up behind me. She grabbed my arm and shoved me onto her bed face up. She then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, taking them and my boxer briefs off at the same time. They both gasped and giggled as my cock sprang up from the grasp of my jeans and underwear.

I'd shaved down there about a week ago and so it wasn't gross and hairy. Now a lot of guys exaggerate the size of their cock, but I'm just gonna' be honest about it. I don't have the biggest dick in the world, it's somewhere between 5.5" and 6," but what I lack in size I make up for in thickness.

My cock is pretty thick and the girls commented on that as they started touching and feeling it all over. "Oh my god Jason, you dick is amazing," said Nicole.


I could see her starting to rub her clit and fondle her tits as Laurie leaned down towards my cock. It's almost impossible to describe the absolute bliss of the warm, wet feeling that comes with a girl's mouth enveloping your cock. I almost came right then and there from the excitement of getting my first blowjob from such a hot girl. She'd obviously had a lot of experience and quickly had my whole shaft in her mouth.

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She gagged a little but kept going. Sounds of slurping and moaning filled the room as Laurie continued to blow me. Then Nicole knelt on the bed beside her and started fondling my balls while continuing to play with her pussy.

She leaned over and made out for a bit with Laurie, wich really got me going, then she shuffled over to the side of the bed that my head was on. She then bent her chest over my mouth and let me lick and suck her tits.


The dark areolas and erect nipples of her amazing boobs filled my sight. Then I started sucking on one tit while pinching and playing with the nipple of the other. Nicole sighed with pleaser and started fingering herself. All this while Laurie continued to blow me and I could feel myself starting to get close. Then I was surprised to find Nicole pulling her tits away from me and swinging her leg over me head. Then I grinned in delight as she lowered her hot pussy down towards my mouth.

She was already soaking wet from the hotness of everything that was going on and as I got my first taste of pussy juice my mind soared to heaven! I stuck my tongue out and began to fuck her hole with it. Then I made a few quick circles around her asshole with my tongue. She was starting to grind her pelvis into my face with pleasure when I surprised her by quickly moving my efforts to her now erect clit.

She gasped in delight as I started sucking on and flicking it with my tongue as I slipped my finger into her pussy. Although she seemed to have some decent experience too, it was obvious that she was technically a virgin.

My finger touched up against her virgin cherry as she moaned in pleasure.

As she started to orgasm my finger felt like an iron clamp was crushing it. Her pussy muscles gripped my finger like it was a matter of life and death as she groaned in sexual pleasure and shudders shook her body. Just as this happened I felt my balls start to contract and briefly stopped eating out Nicole to tell Laurie I was about to cum. She just kept going and swallowed every bit of my man milk as it shot out of my dick in thick, hot ropes.

"Mmmm…you came hard Jason. My god!" said Laurie. "That was so hot!" "Thanks for the awesome blow job Laurie, I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life." "Okay, I know this might sound unbelievable, but I'm actually a virgin. We both are, and other than the fact that we noticed you were super cute these past few weeks, I asked you over here so you could be both of our firsts.

We wanted a good guy to take our virginity and you are a perfect guy for that." "I can't wait. Do you have any condoms around by any chance though?" "Nah that's okay, we've both been on the pill for a while now, so it'll be okay." "Perfect." I was almost in a daze as Laurie then proceeded to move her chest up so it was level with mine.

She then grabbed my dick and guided it into her virgin pussy. The tightness was unbelievable as I slowly pushed my length inside of her until I met the resistance of her hymen. "I'm ready Jason. Do it. Just be gentle okay?" I slowly pushed against the resistance of her cherry as she winced in pain. A loud yelp escaped her lips as I felt the barrier break. "You okay?" "Yeah, keep going. Just go slow for a while." I started pumping in and out of her cunt with slow, rhythmic strokes.

After a while she stopped wincing and began to moan quietly in pleasure. During all this Nicole had not been idle. She'd found a small enough vibrator for her tight pussy and was busy pleasuring herself with it as Laurie and I started fucking.

Laurie had gotten past the pain really quickly and was starting to get really into the moment. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. She gasped a little as my tongue entered her mouth and our tongues began to play with each other. She moaned with primal desire and slid her fingers into my curly hair. "Oh god Jason that feels so good! Please don't stop." I did exactly the opposite, I sped up. A lot. I saw Nicole look up from what obviously was a very pleasurable vibrator session as the room was filled with gasps of pleasure from Laurie and the loud slapping of my balls against her ass.

She sat up cowgirl style and pushed on my chest, signaling me to stop thrusting. "Holy shit I'm about to cum Jason!" "Me too babe." "Fill my hot little pussy! Fill it…fill it…FILL IT!!!! Oh FUCK!!" She continued to grind on my dick in a circular motion as I felt her tight pussy clench around my dick and her legs began to shake.

Her mouth opened and closed but no sound came out, she was in too much ecstasy. Eventually she simply collapsed on the bed. While she was doing this I had been feeling the pressure starting to build in my balls, and I knew the moment had come (haha), I was about to cum in my first girl!

I groaned in delight as I felt ropes and ropes of my warm white cum explode out of my dick and fill her hot little pussy. I rolled her off of me and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips as I noticed my cum dribbling out of her pussy. She fondled my face and my hair. Then I noticed Nicole looking at me with the look I can only imagine a hungry lioness gives her prey. She slowly beckoned, somehow even doing that in an unbelievably sexy way. I couldn't resist and slowly got up from Laurie's bed and sat down next to Nicole.

"Fuck me doggy style Jason. I want it hard. Break my slutty little cherry hard!" "You sure Nicole, isn't it supposed to hurt, like a lot?" "I don't care, I just want to feel you ramming me as hard as you possible can.

And then I want you to cum all over my tits." "Can't argue with that." I knew this girl wanted it, and wanted it rough. So I decided to play the part.


I hurled the blankets off of her bed and roughly turned her around and pushed her onto all fours. I could see that her pussy was already wet from all her vibrator work. She spat on her hand, and reached back, rubbing her sloppy saliva all over my dick.

"I love it when you play rough Jason. Now fuck me damn it." I needed no further coaxing. After lining up with the hole nestled between her moist pussy lips. I rammed forward with all my strength. I barely even felt her cherry pop. She gasped and grabbed a pillow to slam her face into as I heard her muffled screams. Then they turned to guttural sounds of delight as I started to fuck her.

"Oh yeah baby, just like that," she said. "I love the feeling of your balls hitting my horny little clit!" "You're so tight holy crap Nicole. I know I've already cum once but it's not gonna take very long either way." "Shut up and just keep going.

Oh! Yeah baby just like that!" I could feel sweat starting to trickle down my back as I continued to exert myself. I could feel myself getting close to cumming again. I could also hear that Nicole was getting closer too. So to help her along I made a bold move, spat on my middle finger, and slowly pushed it up her tight little asshole. She gasped. "Oh shit Jason that feels so good in my ass baby. Don't stop, I'm gonna CUM!!" And cum she did, loudly.

She was shacking so violently that my dick popped out of her. I was extremely close, and so I flipped her over and began jacking myself. Then I smelled the recent sex and sweat on Laurie as her blond hair tickled my shoulder and she kissed my neck.

She'd obviously recovered from her intense orgasm earlier. Then I was surprised as she reached her slender hands around my waist, moving my hand off of my dick. Then she started to jack me off herself, which felt so much better. When she then proceeded to lick the sweat off my back seductively while still jacking me off I could take it no more.

I turned my head and kissed her hard before looking down and aiming my dick at Nicole's heaving chest and perfect tits.

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Not as much as before, but quite a few ropes of cum shot out of my dick as I groaned and groaned. Nicole felt the warmth and started squirming in delight. Then, to my amazement, Laurie leaned forward and proceeded to lick her best friends perfect tits and all of my cum all over them. She swallowed every last drop and then the two of them proceeded to make out on the bed. I watched in pure bliss, after cumming as hard as I ever had in my life twice! "Jason," Laurie said.

"That was the most fucking amazing thing I've ever felt in my life. We should definitely do this again soon." "That's for sure," said Nicole. "You fucked like a pro for a guy who was a virgin when he got here." They both shot me naughty grins. Then we all gasped in horror as we heard the sleepy voice of one of Laurie's older sister's echo just down the hall in her house. "Laurie, are you okay? What's going on in there." I wasted no time. I quickly kissed both of the girls on the check, and proceeded to throw my pants on, no time for shoes or shirt.

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I grabbed my stuff and put one leg out the window. "Thanks for that girls, I was luck to take the virginity of two hotties like yourselves. Spray some Febreeze or something in here so your sister can't smell what we just did." We exchanged winks and then I was out the window and sprinting back home. Sequel to come if the reviews for this one are good. I really hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!