Youll be looking at a close up of Latin chic Vane

Youll be looking at a close up of Latin chic Vane
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Every morning my slave Angel wakes me with a morning blow job. She's a petite blonde, not natural. Oh so spankable ass, small breast but sensitive nipples, lots of fun! She gets up and makes coffee. She drinks two glasses of water. She needs lots of saliva for my blow job. She climbs under the covers on her hands and knees.

She starts by licking my shaved balls. Angel must always have a bald pussy. (Yes, I shave them to keep them smooth and hairless. Because, Really! Who wants hair in their mouths? I also trim the pubes short). This alone gets me hard. She starts to stroke my cock now while licking it too. Getting it nice and slick.

Because of my size she can't take me all the way down her throat, unless she is laying on her back with her head off the bed, while I fuck her mouth. I'm long, 9" but also have girth. She has no gag reflex, so going down her throat is not the problem.

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It's that her mouth is too small. When I do fuck her mouth, we have to be very careful she doesn't scrape her teeth along my cock. I can tell you, that does NOT feel good!! What she lacks in ability she makes up for in enthusiasm. I'm awake now, and pull the covers away.

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I put my hands behind my neck watching her. I'm now rock hard. Angel loves to suck my cock, she also loves to swallow my load. Now she's just on her knees leaning over and using both hands. As she slides me in her grip. She produces a lot of saliva, which is what's needed for this job.

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She also attempts to take me partly in her mouth. Every so often she caresses my balls, mmmm that's feels great! She swings her ass around a bit. Now, I can slap it while she's working my cock. We both love the sound of slapping and the feel of my hand making contact with her cute ass.

She anticipates my big load. But today, I've got other plans. So I Pull my cock toward me. She gives me this puzzled look, :-/ "Good morning to you too Angel!" "Come lay in my arms." "Today I have big plans for you." She lays next to me, still caressing my balls, which makes my cock bob up and down.

"Today we are going to start with giving you an enema." "Then I'm going to start with a small butt plug, and move up to a bigger and bigger one throughout the day." "Tonight you Will be taking my cock in your asshole!" Angel has a worried look on her face.

Because we have tried this twice before and I was just too much for her to take. "But, with plenty of preparation this time, I'm sure we'll accomplish what we have been wanting to do for awhile now." This brought a smile to her face.

"I want to please you, sir!"! "I really do, but. But." I raise my finger to her lips "ssshhh" "like I said, lots of prep work is going to be done. "Yes Sir."! Next I sat up and pulled her across my lap. My cock was still hard. It felt good for her to be laying on top of it while I warmed her bottom. I only did it until I could smell the coffee was ready.

"Go make me a cup." I went to the bathroom to take a leak. I then put my robe on. She and I walked out to take a dip in our jacuzzi. Angel is not allowed to have cloths on in and around the house unless I give her permission.

I know the neighbor next door can see us walk out to the jacuzzi every morning. It's probably the high light of his morning, maybe even his day, to see Angel naked. I built a privacy fence around the jacuzzi though, so no prying eyes, unless I leave the gate open, :-). Which sometimes I do. After our soak, we headed to the shower.

I told her to get the enema bag filled with warm water. I open the valve to let the bubbles out. Then said "Step into the bathtub." "Bend over and spread your cheeks." She bends all the way over, head almost touching the bottom of the tub!

She's very flexible. "A. Yeah, I guess that will work too." I lube up the nozzle with soap and pushed it into her rectum. I like to do this in the bath tub for a very good reason. I've heard of other people doing it in their bed. That makes no sense to me? Because if she makes an oops and some comes out before she makes it to the toilet.

Using just the bathroom is easy clean up. The bedroom on the other hand can get quite expensive! I heard once a couple were at their friends house doing it. They had to replace the mattress and sheets! I turned the valve again to fill her bowels. I'm not going to torture her with it. "Tell me when you're filled?" "Yes sir." She tells me by patting the top of her head. "Hehehe" "Angel, you're funny." I turn the valve off.

"Stand there for five minutes" and I point to the clock on the shelf. Do it 2 more times and just relax" "No rush, we have all day." "Then take a shower." I'll be in the living room" I went and took a shower in our other bathroom. I dressed and sat down to read the paper. After 30 minutes or so I heard the shower running. She came out. "How you doing?" "I'm good, I feel much emptier." "Good, fix me some breakfast." "Three eggs and two pieces of toast." "Yes sir." After we ate.

"We're going to wait a bit more before inserting the first plug." "Thank you, sir" "I have the feeling I need to go again, soon." "I thought so, run along." When she finished I heard the shower again, just a quick rinse. "Think you're ready now?" "Yes sir." "Go lay across the wedge( that's on the bed." "Yes sir." Now, Angel loves to have the small butt plug in her. I've seen her do yoga with it. So this small one is just to get her ready for the next size up.

I come to the foot of the bed. Her lily white ass is so inviting that I come down hard on both her cheeks at the same time with both my hands. She lets out a squeal/scream! Not expecting that! But knows she's not to complain. "Reach back, spread those cute cheeks." "Yes sir." I Put on a rubber glove.

I lube up my fingers a bit and probe her hole a bit. Then lube the plug up. Which easily slips into her butt. I take a towel and wipe my gloved hand and clean the excess from her crack. Then I have her lay across my lap and playfully slap her ass. Then begin pulling and pushing the plug in and out, not all the way out though.

She begins to moan and gyrate her hips. I pull off my rubber glove and slide my fingers easily into her cunt. It doesn't take long. "Sir, may I cum?" (She must always ask permission) "Yes, you may". I have to hold onto her before she falls off, as she rolls through a good climax. :-) (Note:All the subs I've had, I've always been very generous with the climax's I give). I roll her off me. "Get dressed, were going to do something different." "Wear a sun dress and sandals and bring some socks." She knows to not wear a bra or panties.

We are sitting in the driveway in my truck. She's to always sit right next to me, unless I say otherwise. I reach over with my left hand and slide under her dress and easily into her wet cunt. I finger her to the brink of cumming and stop. Put my fingers in her mouth to suck them clean. The we drive to our destination.

We pull in the parking lot of a bowling alley. Not to many cars here. Again I sink my fingers into her honey pot and bring her to the brink and stop. She's gives me a pout.

We walk in and find out we will be the only ones bowling. Now, we've both bowled before. But never with her in a see thru sun dress and butt plug. This may seem weird to most. But I like to think outside the norm, :-) We get a lane for 1 game. We buy 2 bottles of water. We rent shoes. I set up the score keeper. We find bowling balls. "You're first up." "Remember you have that plug in, don't let it pop out?" "Because if you do, you'll need to get on your knees and pick it up with your mouth!" She gave me this shocked look on her face.

But I know it turned her on. At the end of each frame I wanted to sink my fingers into her pussy. But with handing the bowling balls and chalk. I didn't want to wash my hands each times.


So, instead I just tweaked both her nipples to nice erection. I know this turned her on. We both scored a few strikes. On the 10th frame she scored a final strike and jumped in the air with both hands "YEAH!!!!" And when she landed, something else did too! It bounced near where to balls come up out of the ground. She turned beet red! And just stood there looking at me.

Workers from down the way were looking and smiling at what they saw was someone, in a see thru dress happy with a strike.

I don't think they saw the plug. "Well?" "Yes sir ." She said quietly. She got down and picked it up with her teeth and walked over and sat down next to me. I took it from her mouth. We both looked down at the workers and they didn't even notice, they went back to work.

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We both laughed out loud! After my bowl and we were taking off our shoes. I had prepared for a oops. I handed her the plug, which I had put in a plastic bag in my back pack. And a tube of lube. "Here go reinsert this." "Yes sir." As she walked away with a big smile. I returned the shoes and went to wash my hands. Back in the truck, I sunk my fingers back into her, bringing her to the brink.

We drove home. As soon as she was in the house she removed her dress. "it's time to move up." We walked to the bedroom. She assumed the position. Reaching back to spread her cheeks. I lubed up the new plug and pushed it in. It went in easier than I thought. She did give a grunt. "Let's go for a walk." She put her sun dress back on. She waddled down the street. When we returned she fixed us lunch.

After lunch we watched one of our TV programs. I occasionally fingered her and tweaked her nipples. We laid down for a quick nap. Got up, it had been about 3 hours since inserting the bigger plug. "Ok, time to move up!" She laid on the bed.

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Spread her cheeks. I fingered her pussy a bit to get her wet. I lubed up the plug and began working it into her. Finally it popped in!

"How you doing?" "Wow!, I didn't think it would fit!" "But I think I like the feeling!" "Lay there a bit." I laid next to her caressing her legs and spanking her cheeks. We got up and I had her wash the truck with her sun dress on. Since the driveway gate had to be open. While I sat and watched.

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She never let it pop out. Yes, she was awkward a bit. She BBQ a few hamburgers on the grill. Naked of course. She cleaned up. I had her join me in the shower. We started making out in there. She was stroking my cock I had my hand on her plug working it a bit. My other hand fingering her cunt. "Ok, let's get out." We dried off. "Up on your wedge." I got a vibrator and laid it against her plug. She started to moan and wiggle. I stopped and spanked her a few times. Then used a tawse on her.


Then moved onto a cane, left some nice marks too! Went back to using my hands. Her ass was nice and red! "It's time!" We put the bigger wedge on the bed. I slid in behind her. I sank easily into her cunt. I was rock hard and we were both turned on high!

I slid in and out slowly, both of us loving the feeling. I then pulled out and lubed up my cock. I pulled the plug out. Put the head of my cock at her gaping hole. I started pushing in and then out a bit. I was about 3" in "you ok?" "YES SIR!" "Keep going! I want it all, I'm ready!" I squirted more lube around my cock. And slowly sank all the way in! We both said "AAAAHHHHH" She was still so tight! It was like her asshole had a tight grip on me.

I started to slide it in and out. She was gripping the bed sheets. "You have permission to cum now and as much as you want!" That's all she needed to hear. She screamed into the bed. I moved faster, picking up speed. Really pounding her tight little hole!

My balls were slapping her pussy lips and thighs. I could feel the heat from her freshly spanked ass. All I could do was hold onto her hips and fuck her tight little gripping asshole. She rolled from one climax to the next. I felt myself on the edge. I held my cock deep in her ass and felt the first spurt! Then pulled almost all the way out, then slammed it back all the way and felt the next spurt! Did this until I had emptied my nuts into her.

I slowly pulled out. Her asshole still gripping my cock. I climbed off the bed. I pulled her to the side. Lifted her off the bed.

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And lead her to the corner. "Arms up, in the corner." "Legs spread wide, ass out." Her legs were wobbly, but she stood there. I think she was still climaxing! I wiped my cock off on a towel.

I sat on the bed and watched my cum drip out of her ass and down her legs. I was very pleased. "You're a site to behold." "Thank you sir!" After only 5 minutes. I throw my towel at her. "Come lay in my arms."