I feel good after this _)

I feel good after this _)
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Thirteen: Sister Gets Gangbanged By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Leyla Umayyah A nervous lust tingled through my pussy and electrified my body as I posed with my three friends before the horde of hungry boys crowding the bleachers of our college's gym.

Naked, my round, dusky breasts quivered before me. On my right, my blonde friend Kimmy already had cum staining her thighs, leaking out of her pussy while she had such a glowing smile on her lips, her braces flashing as she kept glancing at my younger brother, Jalal. They had just made love. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. They were just perfect for each other. My nerdy brother and my shy friend both had such a crush on each other and Jalal didn't mind at all that she was about to be fucked in every way possible.

He liked that she was a slut. On my other side stood Kendra, my Black friend. She had firm, ebony breasts, her body sleek and delicious, her thick lips pursed in a sultry smile as she stared out at the boys, her fingers playing with wiry pubic hair, twining the silk around her fingers.

Beyond her was my third friend, Izzy, a busty redhead, her hands cupping her big tits, proffering them to the boys who salivated like a pack of hungry dogs. They wanted to feast on us. They wanted to do such naughty things to us. My pussy clenched. Juices trickled down my thighs. I was so wet. Today was the ultimate act of a slut, to fuck every guy who wanted me. And to do it for money. The horde of boys, more than forty, had each paid $50 to get in here.

When they heard they had a chance to fuck four of their classmates, they had leaped at the opportunity. My hunky older brother strode out before us, naked and ready to fuck. At twenty, he had a man's strength, tall like our father and just as broad-shouldered. He just lacked Daddy's sexy beard and the experience that another two decades had given him. "Are you ready to fuck these four sluts?" Faizel asked, his voice booming through the gym like a motivational speaker.

The boys whooped and cheered. A roar echoed through the gym. They were all so horny, their youthful faces twisting with pleasure. I shuddered as their passion washed over me. My snatch tightened in anticipation. Mom, sitting in the front row, squirmed.

She had her legs tightly crossed, her cheeks dark. She was dressed with all the modesty that a married, Muslim woman should possess, her hijab covering her hair, her skirt long, her blouse up to her neck. But I could tell she wanted to be out with us, a slut like the four of us. But she kept it in the family. Faizel drank in the roar of the boys. He spread his arms wide. He enjoyed this. He wanted to see his baby sister be gangbanged, the big perv.

The boys kept cheering. They gained their feet, ripping off their clothing, hard cocks bouncing before them. I knew half of the boys. Isaac from my English class.

Rich and Sean from my biology class. I saw some of the older boys, Pete and Evan. Adam stared with such hunger at me, and Carter, Kimmy's older brother, stroking his dick as he had eyes for his little sister. Incest was so hot. But the boy I was really glad that was here was Clint. He sat at the top with the only other women here beside my friends and mom.

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His cousin, Lee, and his aunt, Ms. Samuels, sat naked before him. Each had leashes connected to their nipple clamps so Clint could parade them around. It was so hot. Ms. Samuels taught at our college and Lee was her daughter.

They were pressed against him, the professor's big breasts pillowing against his side, her hand resting on Clint's crotch, rubbing her nephew's hardon through his jeans.

A faint delight rushed through me. I wanted to be fucked by Clint so badly. He was the reason this all happened. He inspired such lust in me that my mom caught me masturbating while fantasizing about Clint fucking me up the ass. "They're all free to be fucked," Faizel continued. "In any way you want. Their pussies. Their mouths. Even their asses." He seized me and yanked me to him. My breasts bounced. He shoved his hand between my thighs, rubbing at my hot cunt. I groaned as he shoved two fingers into my snatch, sending a wave of delight tingling through me.

"My little sister is dripping with excitement. She's a slut for the whole family. Aren't you?" "Yes!" I moaned. "I love fucking my brothers." "That's so dope!" someone shouted from the crowd. "You really fuck your sister, Faizel?"' "I'd love to get my dick in my sister. She's so fucking hot!" "You got to fuck her, Faizel! Pound your sister's cunt! I have to see that." "Hell, yeah!" I shuddered at their horny lust, their depraved desire to see my brother fuck me so hard.

His left hand squeezed my tit. His thumb ran across my dark nipple, sending a jolt down to my pussy. My snatch clenched down on his fingers probing over and over into me, stirring up my cunt. Jalal came up to us. My little brother had a slender build, glasses on his boyish face. He had a cock almost as big as Daddy and Faizel, still wet and glistening with Kimmy's juices.

"You ready to get this started?" Faizel asked. "YES!" boomed the boys, their raging, young hormones needing to explode all over our bodies. "You ready to watch this slut get spit-roasted by her brothers?" Faizel demanded, his fingers curling inside my cunt, making me groan in delight. "YES!" "Get down on your hands and knees, whore," growled Faizel, ripping his fingers out of my twat.

"Yes, big brother," I moaned and dropped to my knees on the blue tumbling mats covering the gym floor. The boys surged out of the stands as I shuddered between my brothers, my juices dripping down my thighs, a bitch ready to be fucked doggy style. Carter reached his little sister first. Kimmy gasped as he threw her down onto the mat.

Her small breasts jiggled from the impact. But she just smiled and spread her legs, her pussy dripping with cum. "God, you are such a slut!" he growled. "I had no idea!" "I'm such a slut!" she moaned before the blond hunk mounted her and slammed his dick deep into her incestuous cunt. I lost sight of Kendra and Izzy as the boys swarmed them. And then Faizel grabbed my hips. My brother's cock slammed into my cunt. I shuddered at the sudden penetration by his thick cock. He stretched my pussy to its limits, sending delight surging through me.

My toes curled and a wanton moan burst from my lips, my mouth gaping open. Which Jalal pounced on. My little brother slammed his dick right into my open mouth. The tip of his dick hit the back of my throat as he moaned. I shuddered, tasting Kimmy's sweet pussy cream staining his shaft. I shuddered in delight, tasting their shared love while my brothers filled my holes with their thrusting cocks.

Faizel gripped my hips hard with his strong hands. He grunted as he rammed his dick forward, slamming into my juicy pussy. His balls smacked over and over into my clit, sending sparks of delight through my body.

I whimpered about Jalal's dick, loving being taken so hard. "Leyla!" Jalal groaned, staring down at me, his eyes so hungry behind his glasses. "That's it, fuck our slut-sister hard!" growled Faizel, his thrusts so hard, so powerful. My tits swung beneath me as I rocked between my two brothers. "Fuck your cock down her throat. Use the fucking whore!" "Such a whore!" Jalal said. He grabbed my dark hair in a powerful fist. I stared up at his smooth chest, his muscles moving with his thrust as he fucked harder.

The tip of his cock hammered at the back of my throat. I relaxed it, not fighting as he jammed his cock deeper. The crown of his dick penetrated my esophagus. I fought my gag, trying not to choke on his shaft as he rammed it down my throat. Saliva dribbled down my chin. I made such naughty sounds as I sucked and loved his dick. I caressed his plunging shaft with my tongue.

He groaned, his dick burying deeper each time, my lips coming closer and closer to his wiry pubic hair. "That's it, little brother!" groaned Faizel as he pounded my cunt, stirring it up with his big dick. "Use our slut-sister." I wanted to scream out, "Yes, use me!" But I had a mouth full of cock. His cock. I loved being a slut. With a loud grunt, Jalal buried his dick all the way down my throat. My lips pressed into his wiry pubic hair.

His balls smacked into my chin. I loved it. I moaned about his dick, sucking in breaths through my nose, smelling his salty musk. Kimmy's sweet pussy still lingered on his dick, adding another naughty thrill. Jalal held his dick down my throat as Faizel pounded me. My older brother's hard strokes slammed into me. His crotch smacked my rump, making my body rock.

My clit drank in his slapping balls. My pussy drank in the friction. It sent tingles through my body while building my incestuous orgasm in the depths of my cunts. I loved my brothers so much. "Leyla," Jalal groaned.

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"You're just so awesome!" Then he looked over at Kimmy writhing beneath her older brother. "Thank you." Dizzy delight rippled through me. I made my younger brother and Kimmy so happy. He fucked my mouth now, drawing back his cock through my throat and slamming it back in. My esophagus burned with his thrusts. My pussy clenched on my other brother's dick every time Jalal buried into me.

I whimpered in delight, my orgasm swelling and swelling. He kept pounding my mouth while watching Kimmy moan and gasp. "Fuck me, Carter!" gasped Kimmy. "Oh, yes, you're cock's as good as Dad's!" "You little slut!" Carter grunted, thrusting even harder, his balls thwacking into her. "Oh, yes, fuck my ass!" Kendra screeched from my other side.

"Oh, you fucking stud! Pound me!" "Jesus, Izzy, work those hips and fuck my cock!" a guy grunted from beyond her. "Look at her big titties bounce as you fuck her, Vince!" another guy said. "Shit, that's hot." I groaned, more drool running down my chin.

My tits swayed beneath me as both my brothers fucked me hard. It was so hot hearing my friends getting fucked, all those horny boys around us. They watched us, guys jerking their dicks. Several were nearby, staring at me getting plowed by my two brothers, watching our incestuous passion. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Juices, churned to a froth by my brother's dick, trickled down my thighs.

My cunt drank in every thrust. I shuddered, moaning about Jalal's cock as my orgasm grew inside of me. Their balls smacked into my chin and clit, making me feel so naughty.

"Goddamn, you are fucking your sister hard!" Pete groaned, fisting his dick. "She's as hot as your mother." "Yeah!" Faizel groaned, his voice throaty. "But she's got a tighter cunt!

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Fuck, Leyla, keep squeezing that snatch on my dick. I'm going to cum so hard into you!" I wanted that. I clenched my cunt down hard on his plunging dick. The friction burned hotter. I moaned about my brother's cock as the pleasure surged through me. Faizel plowed his dick into my twat, his balls smacking my clit. Sparks exploded through me. My pussy convulsed. I came. I screamed about Jalal's cock as my older brother's dick pumped in and out of my spasming cunt.

Rapture surged out of my cunt in wild waves. They splashed through my body, washing through my mind. Such delight swirled through my thoughts. My eyes rolled back into my head. Fireworks detonated across my vision. My brothers both groaned as I pleased their shafts.

I trembled between them. They both fucked me so hard, my younger brother's dick plunging down my throat, massaged by my humming vocal cords. And Faizel's dick buried so hard into my massaging cunt. "Fuck!" grunted Faizel. "You have such a hot cunt!" His dick spurted his incestuous cream into my cunt. I whimpered as his seed splashed into my snatch. It swirled through me. His creamy treat. I whimpered about Jalal's dick as the pleasure burned through me.

It was such a naughty wondrous experience. I shuddered, my twat massaging about his dick, milking out every drop of his cum. Jalal groaned next, drawing his cock out of the depths of my throat. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked on the tip. My tongue swirled around his spongy crown as Faizel pumped the last drop of his cum into my pussy.

My younger brother's eyes squeezed shut. "Leyla!" His jizz spurted into my mouth. I shuddered, another orgasm rippling through me as I guzzled down my little brother's cream. I savored the salty, incestuous treat spilling over my mouth. I gulped it down, the cream flowing down my throat and warming my belly.

It was amazing. I swallowed it as my pussy dripped with my other brother's cum. What a great way to start the gangbang.

Guys groaned around me, watching me getting filled with so much spunk. I shuddered, my orgasm peaking through me. "Goddamn, that was hot," Pete groaned. "I have got to tap her ass." "You lubed up?" Faizel asked. "Yes!" he groaned as my brothers pulled their dicks out of me. "Then fuck my ass!" I gasped, wiggling my hips, my older brother's cum dripping down my thighs. "Just ram it into my bowels." "Fuck, you are such a slut, Leyla." I beamed.

Kimmy squealed nearby. She was on her hands and knees. I missed her brother Carter finishing in her. She had a Black guy fucking her pussy now while Rich plowed into her mouth, her small tits jiggling beneath her. Jalal grabbed his soft dick, rubbing it as he watched his new girlfriend getting spit-roasted. He was so cute. I was— "Shit!" I gasped as Pete's lubed dick rammed into my asshole. He had hit the mark on his first thrust.

I was so caught up staring at my brother I hadn't realized he got into position. He slammed his dick to the hilt into my bowels, spreading my anal sheath apart. I whimpered, the velvety friction burning in my asshole as he drew back his cock and burying into me.

"This is so hot!" an Asian guy I didn't know said as he knelt before me. He had pale-olive skin and silky-black hair, his chest hairless and smooth.

He had a small dick he jiggled before my mouth. "Just slide it in," I moaned, bucking back into Pete's hard thrusts, my pussy clenching, forcing out more of my brother's jizz down my thighs. "Fuck yeah!" the Asian guy groaned and rammed his dick into my wide-open mouth.

I nursed on his cute cock, wiggling my hips as another orgasm built in me. Pete fucked me so hard, grunting and groaning. His balls smacked into my taint as he buggered my hot asshole. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head. I loved being gangbang. "Damn, her ass is so tight! I got to fuck her mom's asshole and see if it's as good." I would have laughed if my mouth wasn't full of cock.

My mom didn't fuck anyone but Daddy and my brothers. She wasn't as depraved a slut like I was. I shuddered, squeezing my bowels on his dick and moaned about the Asian guy's dick. And enjoyed my gangbang. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah I frowned at Jalal staring at Kimmy being spit-roasted between Lance and Rich.

My two students fucked the blonde slut hard, using her just the way she craved to be. But the way my baby boy stared at her. He couldn't be dumb enough to fall in love with such a slut.

Look at her. The little strumpet was like Leyla, reveling in the depravity. She lost her cherry last night to her father and now was getting gangbanged hard, her brother's cum leaking out of her pussy as another guy used her cunt. Now that had been hot to watch. Carter had fucked me so many times last night, and it had been such a treat to see his ass flexing as he buried his dick over and over into his little sister's cunt.

My snatch burned so hot remembering last night. And this morning. I squirmed even as I disapproved of my son's fascination with the little whore. I'd have to do something about that. Talk to him. Tonight, when I spent it in his bed, I'd make him understand. He would listen to his mother. Especially with his wonderful cock buried in my pussy. I spotted my eldest son stroking his dick while lusting after Kendra. It was clear he wanted his turn with the Black girl.

She was riding a boy I didn't know while sucking on another guy's cock. Her Black ass jiggled as she bounced up and down on her customer's shaft.

I didn't have to worry about Faizel. He knew not to fall in love with a slut. He'd marry a good, Muslim girl. One who wouldn't turn into a slut like his sister did. Or me. I'd have to select the women for my sons to marry with such care, sweet girls who would never stray from their marriage beds. I shifted, squeezing my thighs together. I wanted to be out there, getting fucked by all those young studs.

But $50 a boy wasn't enough payment to fuck my body. Those boys had to pay far, far more to get into my married pussy. A naked Clint sat down next to me, his two sex slaves kneeling before him. Vicky, my fellow college professor, gave me a friendly smile before she and her daughter, Lee, leaned in to lick at Clint's cock. Their black hair brushed each other as their tongues played over the tip of the masterful, young man's cock. He was a muscular hunk, as strong as my Faizel.

Clint had a strong chin and chiseled jaw, the sort of strength that promised to make a woman just explode if she surrendered into his big hands. He leaned back on the bleachers, grinning as his slaves pleasured him. I studied him, remembering how hard he fucked me yesterday in Vicky's classroom.

How he just seized me by the nipple and pulled me in there, bent me over, and fucked me hard from behind. He didn't pay me. He took me. My pussy ached to be filled again. "You're not joining the fun?" I asked him. He grinned at me, mother and daughter sucking on the sides of his cock, their tongues fluttering up to the crown.

"Oh, I like to make my own kind of fun." I felt his eyes on my body. I sat up straighter, my breasts jiggling beneath in my blouse. I wanted to unbutton it, to show off my cleavage as he stared at me with those hungry eyes.

His aunt and half-sister worshiped his dick, their pink tongues meeting, kissing, both so happy to please their master. Vicky's big tits swayed as she shuddered. What would it be like to have my nipples clamped? To be lead around on a leash by Clint? His eyes turned to watch the gangbang, witnessing the four girls getting fucked so hard. Pete rammed his cock over and over into Leyla's asshole.

My daughter moaned, sucking so hard on an Asian boy's dick. Cum slicked her thighs, her brother's jizz pouring out of her snatch. My fingers toyed with the top button of my blouse as I watched Leyla's dusky tits swaying beneath her body. Boys surrounded her, jerking their dicks, waiting for their turn to fuck my daughter's slutty body. I popped the button through the eyelet, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

My hand absently moved lower, found the next button. I toyed with it as Pete threw back his head. I took his virginity on Thursday. He was the first student who paid to fuck me. He grunted and flooded my daughter's ass with his cum. I undid the next button. Clint let out a pleased growl as his incestuous slaves whimpered in delight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah Pleasure assaulted me over and over.

The gangbang was never-ending orgasms. They fluttered through me as cock after cock penetrated my body. My mouth, my pussy, my asshole all pumped full of jizz. It warmed my belly and leaked out of my nethers. Such rapture rippled through my body as I came over and over. Cum streaked my body. It ran down my thighs, matted my butt-cheeks, dribbled own my chin.

Guys had busted their nuts early, splattering my supple back or my heaving tits. Spunk ran down my nineteen-year-old body as the guys fucked me so hard, satiating their youthful lusts with my holes.

I would do this for free! But getting paid. That just made it kinkier. Proved how much of a slut I was. "Goddamn!" Terry Johnson groaned as he rammed his cock in and out of my asshole lubed by Pete's and two other guys' spunk. "Shit!" "Yes!" Jerry Johnson, Terry's twin brother, groaned as he slammed into my pussy. I shuddered, their dicks feeling identical in me. The same length and girth. I trembled between their bodies, the three of us lying on our sides as they pumped away.

I whimpered, my tits rubbing against Jerry's chest. Maybe I should fall in love with a pair of twin brothers. Then I could just enjoy two men in my bed all the time. Plus all the other guys I fucked.

"Fuck me!" I whimpered as their twin dicks speared into me, their heavy balls thwacking into my body as they slammed into me in almost identical rhythm. "Just pound my holes! Oh, yes, I'm going to cum on your dicks so hard!" "God, yes!" groaned Jerry as he pumped away at my pussy, my tits smashed into his chest.

"Geez, you're so tight and wet!" "Yes, yes, I need more cum to fill my pussy!" I whimpered. "Give it to me!" "And your asshole?" Terry groaned as he held me from behind, his crotch smacking into my butt-cheeks with his every thrust, his cock burying into my bowels.

"I need soooo much cum back there!" I whimpered, the dual delights assaulting my mind. This was so hot. I writhed between them, undulating my hips, taking their dicks in my holes.

They pounded me so hard, driving me wild. My orgasm swelled so fast as the twins fucked their dicks into my slutty body. My pussy and asshole clenched down on their plunging shafts. Silky and velvety friction sent waves of heat billowing through my nethers. The two different sensations swirled through me. They met and mixed in my core, driving me towards another orgasm. My young body trembled between the twins. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head as they plowed so hard into my body.

Their dicks buried in me at the same time, filling me to the hilt. I loved having two cocks in me. I whimpered, "I'm going to cum! You two are such studs!" "Yes!" Terry grunted as he reamed my asshole, his ego boosted by my words. I loved doing that. It was so hot making a guy feel so special, that only his cock could give me pleasure.

It made me feel so wanton, building up my own pleasures. I undulated between them, stirring their dicks around inside my holes, my cunt and bowels drinking in the friction. "You two are going to make me cum so fucking hard!" I squealed, clenching down on their dicks.

"Do it! Keep pounding me!" "Yes!" Jerry both grunted, thrusting so hard into my sloppy twat. "Yes, yes, yes!" "We'll make you explode, cunt!" Terry grunted. "Hot cunt!" his brother moaned and buried into me. Twins shared everything, even their orgasms happened in unison. I gasped as both their dicks erupted. Their cum pumped into my body. I shuddered between them as their hot seed spilled into my cunt and asshole.

My back arched, rubbing my nipples into Jerry's chest. And came. My pussy and bowels writhed about their dicks. I milked the twins dry as they groaned and grunted.

They filled me to the hilt with their spunk. It sent such a dizzy wave of passion through me. My head spun from the delight. I clutched them tight to me, my nipples drinking in the feel of Jerry's chest as I writhed in utter bliss. It was so amazing to be fucked by two guys.

Twins! Rapture burned through my mind. Stars danced across my vision. I whimpered and groaned. My pussy and asshole convulsed harder as my orgasm surged through me.

Both guys panted, satiated by my body. And pulled out of me. Cum bubbled out of my asshole and dribbled out of my cunt as I rolled onto my back, struggling to gather myself as my orgasm buzzed through my body. Then hot jizz splattered my tits, a guy grunting as he fisted his dick. "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned, smearing the cum into my breasts as I looked around.

I spotted Kimmy riding a Hispanic guy, her firm tits jiggling, her head jerked back. Mitch gripped her golden curls as he pounded her ass, driving her pussy up and down the Hispanic stud's cock. Her braces flashed as she opened her mouth to moan wide. Jalal watched nearby, stroking his dick. I swear Kimmy was writhing with the two guys for my little brother's benefit. She was making her new boyfriend happy.

They were so cute together. "Goddamn, I need to get a piece of that, slut," Lance, a hung, Black guy, groaned. "Yes!" I whimpered as the ebony stud knelt between my thighs.


He brought his dark shaft to my pussy and rammed into my sloppy depths. Lance fucked me hard, leaning on his hands braced beside me. He plowed my cum-filled cunt with such enthusiasm, making my round, jizz-stained tits bounce beneath me.

My fingers dug into the blue mats as I bucked my hips back into his thrusts. Rapture moaned from my lips. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt! You're such a stud!" "And you're as much a slut as your brother claimed!" Lance groaned, burying so deep into me.

"You fucked him!" "And I fuck my daddy!" I gasped. I gave him a grin. "I also lick my mommy's pussy!" "Holy shit!" he groaned and rammed into my tight cunt. A moment later, his hot jizz spurted into me, his mind lost to the incestuous reality of my family. I shuddered, savoring his spunk filling me. My pussy was made to be a cum bucket for horny guys.

I whimpered, a small orgasm rippling through me as I satiated another customer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah My tits rose and fell in my half-unbuttoned blouse.

My body burned with heat. Leyla thrashed beneath Lance, the Black stud fucking her so hard. Beside me, Clint groaned, Vicky now sliding her big tits up and down his cock. He'd already cum down Lee's mouth. His pregnant half-sister, her belly just starting to swell, perched beside him, watching the depravity.

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"Ooh, Izzy is taking it hard up the ass," she giggled. "Mmm, but not as hard as you fuck me, Master." "He does fuck a girl's ass hard," Vicky smiled. "Do you like it up the ass, Jawdat?" "I've grown to appreciate it," I said, remembering my baby boy fucking my asshole bent over the kitchen stove. He had showered me with attention.

And now he fawned over that blonde hussy as she took a cock in her pussy and her asshole. He deserved a pussy and asshole only his dick had ever entered. "I bet you have," Vicky purred, drawing my attention away from my son. She pumped her big, pale breasts faster and faster on her nephew's dick. "Mmm, do you like giving titty fucks?" "I've never given one," I said, shifting, watching those huge tits sliding up and down Clint's dick.

"He seems to like it." "She's got great tits," Clint said. "You should do this. Your husband and sons would love it." Vicky gave me a naughty smile, her hands squeezing her big tits around his dick. "And your lovers." I shifted, my pussy molten. This was such torture. My daughter was getting fucked hard like a slut while Clint flaunted his whores in my face.

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He had them both naked. Other guys kept glancing at them. Sometimes, they would ask to fuck them, but Clint never would. He just liked showing them off, proving that he had a pair of hot sex slaves. "Just cum on my tits, Master," Vicky moaned, rubbing those big breasts faster and faster. It was hypnotic. My hand squeezed my own tits through my blouse.

They were about to fall out. I shuddered, my nipples aching to be played with. The gymnasium reeked of sex, salty cum and hot pussy. It was such a naughty scent. Moans and grunts echoed through the room. Clint's face twisted. He seized Lee's leash and jerked hard on it. The nineteen-year-old slut gasped in pain, her small tits stretched, her nipples pinched cruelly by the clamps.

She whimpered and quivered, squeezing her thighs. "Fuck!" Clint grunted. His cum spurted from his dick. Thick, white cream splashed his aunt's mature face. It spilled over her features, running in thick lines down her cheeks. Then it dripped to her heaving tits. She whimpered, licking up the incestuous spunk that reached her lips while her boobs squeezed out the last drops, spilling out of his dick and dribbling down to her flesh.

Clint jerked hard a final time on Lee's leash, bringing another gasp of pain from the girl. Then he leaned his head back, an explosive breath bursting from his lips. His muscular chest rose and fell as Vicky pulled her tits away from his cock. His dick stayed hard. "What's your secret?" I asked. "To getting women to be my sluts?" he asked. "No, you're still hard." I had Carter all last night, and even he would go soft between cums.

He wouldn't stay that way for long, but Clint didn't lose his erection at all. He looked ready to go again. "There's this pill," he said. "Experimental Viagra. One of my sex slaves owns a pharmacy." A hot throb ran through my pussy. I glanced out at the orgy. My daughter was straddling a Carter, grabbing his dick while three other boys were lined up before her, offering her dicks to suck on. She looked so happy. "You paid to gangbang my daughter and her friends," I purred, "and yet your just sitting here enjoying your own women who already fuck you for free.

Why?" He shrugged. I leaned in closer, my married cunt on fire. "Perhaps you're looking for someone. older to enjoy?" "Say it," he said, voice strong, commanding." I bit my lip, so horny. "Will you. fuck me, Clint?" "I've been waiting for you to ask." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah I straddled Carter's waist and grabbed his cock. But instead of bringing it to my pussy, I guided it to my asshole.

"Yeah, just like that," he groaned as I placed his dick at my rectum. Then I slid my asshole down around his shaft, swallowing it with ease thanks to all the cum leaking out of me. "Fuck, yes, I want to enjoy this ass. Mmm, you're going to have an ass just as curvy as your mother, Leyla." "Ooh, yes, I want to be as hot as her when I'm her age," I whimpered, taking more and more of his dick.

I faced away from him, riding him reverse cowgirl. Though I'd never done this with a cock in my asshole. My pussy clenched in envy, causing Lance's and Jerry's and Faizel's and a half-dozen other guy's spunk to leak out of me.

I whimpered, facing the three guys with their hard shafts thrusting at my face. I didn't know any of them by name, but I didn't care. They had dicks to please. I grabbed two of their cocks as I worked my asshole up and down Carter's dick. Kimmy's older brother felt so good inside me. He had a great cock. I stirred him around inside my bowels as I fisted two of the shafts before me and sucked on the third, the one in the middle.

"That's it, slut," groaned Carter, his hands guiding my hips as I worked my asshole up and down his dick, the velvety friction burning between us. "Suck their cocks, whore!" "Yes!" the guy in the middle groaned, his dick nice and thick. I purred around him, sucking so hard as I fisted the other two. They stared down at me with such hunger in their eyes. I trembled, such a slut today. I loved it. I worked my greased asshole faster and faster up and down Carter's dick, the pleasure building so fast in my cum-soaked depths.

I sucked from dick to dick, my fists pumping fast as I made each guy groan. I wished I had a third hand to enjoy them all. I loved the different feel of their dicks, different thickness and lengths, different textures at their tips.

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Their precum tasted different, saltier, sweeter. Wonderful. I whimpered in delight, reveling in being a slut.

My hand flew fast on their dicks as my tongue danced over their tips. My lips engulfed them. I made such a naughty popping sound every time I switched cocks, going from one to the other, my head bobbing fast. "Shit, Carter, your sister has some fucked up friends!" groaned the guy on my left, my mouth sealed tight over his dick. "Uh-huh!" Carter groaned, his hands squeezing down on my hips.

"She's just like her mom. That tight asshole." For a moment, that comment danced through my lust-addled brain. It was almost like he'd fucked my mom's asshole.

But that was impossible. I slammed down his dick and he grunted. His cum fired into my bowels. Feeling his jizz pump into me set me off. I spasmed on his shaft, my asshole milking his cock as he pumped me full of jizz. I whimpered, sucking so hard on his friend's dicks, switching cocks every few sucks. "Shit!" the guy on my right grunted as I blew the guy in the middle. "Oh, fuck, yes!" His dick spurted in my hand. Hot cum splashed on my face. I loved it. It ran down my cheek to my neck.

I fisted his dick hard, squeezing out every drop of his cum as I nursed so hard on the shaft in my mouth. "Yes!" the guy on my left groaned. "You fucking slut!" "Cum on her face!" Carter panted.

Hot jizz splashed on my other cheek. The guy on my left, his cock long and slender, pulsed in my hand as he unloaded his passion. I squeezed my eyes shut, my orgasm rippling through me as the spunk coated my body, falling down to my tits. I moaned about the dick in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. The guy in the middle erupted.

His hot spunk spurted into my mouth. I groaned as the salty delight filled me. It spilled over my tongue. I shuddered, gulping down that wonderful delight. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy spasmed, squeezing out more cum to pour out of me. "You are as good a fuck as your mother!" groaned Carter. "Goddamn, that was hot." I stiffened at that. My mouth popped off the dick. He sounded so sure. He'd. He'd fucked my mom. I whipped my head around as a sick twist to my guts strangled my pleasure.

Mom wasn't sitting on the bleachers. She wasn't watching the gangbang. And Clint, who had been sitting beside her, was also gone. Where could they be? Was he. fucking my mother? My stomach twisted. I spotted the storeroom where Kimmy fucked Jalal. The door was open. I thought Kimmy had closed it. Shadows moved in there. Was my mom. cheating on Daddy? I rose off Carter's cock.

He popped out of my asshole, his cum leaking out. I trembled, not sure what to do. Guys were lounging now, resting from their first round of pleasure.

I stared at the door, denial beating back seething anger. Mom couldn't be in there. She just couldn't. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah I'd led Clint to the same store room that Jalal and Kimmy vanished into before the gangbang started. I shuddered as his slaves came at me once inside, ripping off my dress. They pulled it down my figure, revealing my naked body beneath, my big, dusky breasts swaying.

"Get on your knees, bitch," Lee hissed. "It's time to please your Master!" "Yes!" I whimpered, my pussy dripping with juices. I fell onto my hands and knees on the blue mat. A stain from Jalal fucking Kimmy soaked into the mat. I shuddered, feeling like such a whore at this moment. My pussy clenched, my heart thudding in my chest. "Fuck me, Master!" I moaned, loving saying the words.

I glanced down at the wedding ring on my left hand. I was such a slutty wife. "Fuck me so hard!" "Lee, you deserve a treat," Clint said. "Slave, eat her cunt." Lee fell to the ground before me and spread her shaved pussy. Her pink depths gaped open, her cream spilling out of her as she wiggled her snatch closer. She grinned at me, such an impish look, and I realized I was the slave.

Clint wanted me to eat out his half-sister's cunt. I didn't hesitate. I was too horny. I buried my face into her tangy snatch. I shuddered, licking through her young folds, my pussy clenching. Her half-brother fell to his knees behind me.

His cock smacked my ass. "Let me assist you, Master," Vicky purred. I shuddered, fluttering my tongue through her daughter's depths as my colleague guided her nephew's dick to my married pussy. I shuddered at the feel of his twenty-year-old cock rubbing on my pussy. He was such a stud. I needed him in me. I moaned into Lee's pussy, anticipating that hard thrust that would fill my cunt and give me such satisfaction.

But he didn't thrust into my married depths. I shuddered, rotating my hips, rubbing the tip of his dick into my pussy. I let out another whimpering moan of need into Lee's pussy as I plundered her tangy depths.

"Please, Master," I groaned after a minute. "When I am ready, slave!" he growled, pushing just the tip of his dick into my pussy, letting it marinade in me. "Yes, Master," I groaned, saying those words making me feel so wanton and wicked. I felt like a true slut. Suddenly, his dick pulled from my pussy entirely. I lost even that few inches of his cock in my married hole. I whimpered in disappointment when it pressed at my asshole, slicked by my married juices.

He rammed into my asshole. I screamed out my rapture into Lee's pussy as her half-brother buried to the hilt in my bowels. My eyes opened. Burning rapture surged through me as he filled my hole. His heavy balls smacked into me, full of his cum. "Oh, yes, Master!" I moaned, clenching my bowels down on his dick as he withdrew, increasing the friction, and the pleasure, for us both.

"Goddamn, what a tight ass you have," he grunted. "Does your husband even know how much of a slut you are?" "No!" I whimpered as he plowed into me so hard.

He reamed into me, filling my bowels with his dick. "He's never even fucked my asshole!" "Such a naughty wife!" groaned Lee. "Just a slut! A filthy, whorish cunt!" "I am!" I whimpered into her pussy. Lee ground her twat hard against my face. My tongue licked and flailed through her as Clint sodomized me so hard. He fucked me with that same passion that he had yesterday.

He enjoyed my bowels. Pleasure rippled through me, that rough, burning delight only anal sex could give. I grunted and groaned into Lee's hot snatch.

Clint's thrust pressed my face into his half-sister's pussy. I reveled in it. Her silky folds caressed my lips while my tongue reached as deep into her pregnant depths as I could. Her small tits jiggled as she squirmed and writhed against me, humping and gasping out her pleasure. "Fuck her so hard, Master!" Lee whined. "Oh, yes, just plow into her!

She's your fucking sex slave! Your married sex slave, Master! Enjoy her asshole!" "Yes, Vicky purred, her hands stroking my body, finding my breasts, my nipples.

She tugged on them hard, my bowels clamping down on Clint's thrusting cock. "Use the married slut!" Clint grunted, thrusting so hard into me. His every thrust built the pleasure in my asshole. I bucked back into him, stirring my hips around. I had to feel him detonate in me. I needed to feel that explosion of cum flood my bowels.

I craved it so much. I licked my tongue up to Lee's clit. I sucked on it, her tangy cream coating the inside of my mouth. I savored the flavor as I bucked back so hard into Clint's thrusts. His meaty balls smacked over and over into me while his aunt played with my nipples, driving me wild. I moaned about Lee's clit as my pussy clenched. Juices poured down my thighs. Only a few more strokes, and I would explode on Clint's amazing dick.

He fucked me the way a woman, a slut, needed to be fucked. I didn't care about anything but my pleasure. "Fuck!" Clint growled as he buried into my asshole. "You married slave! I'm going to fuck you at school whenever I want!" "Yes!" I howled, surrendering to him. And came. My asshole writhed about his bowels.

I shuddered and screamed into Lee's pussy. She gasped, bucking hard. Her juices flooded out of her cunt as she joined me in rapture. Clint kept ramming his dick into my convulsing bowels, sending wave after wave of rapture through me. "That's it," Clint grunted. "That's so good, slave!" "Cum in my asshole!" I screamed.

"Do it! Cum in my married asshole, Master!" Clint buried into my asshole. His hot cum spurted into me. Another powerful orgasm shuddered through me. Waves of ecstasy slammed into my mind as he filled my bowels with every drop of his cum.

I whimpered, my body shuddering as I took every spurt of jizz he had to offer. I drained his balls. He grunted and drove his dick into me one last time as his he fired the last drop of cum into my asshole. I groaned into Lee's pussy, licking through her folds as she came down from her orgasmic high. My pleasure peaked. I held onto it, loving being a slut. "Goddamn, you are a good fuck, slave." "Thank you, Master," I purred.

"Mmm, and a good slave sucks his Master clean after he's used her ass," Vicky purred. I understood.


I was utterly a slut now. I pulled my asshole off Clint's dick, turned, and grabbed his dirty dick. I smelled my sour asshole on it. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his dick, his spunk leaking out of my asshole. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah Anger burned through me. I held my phone, dug out of my discarded skirt, and filmed my mom sucking Clint's cock clean. She cheated on my daddy! She promised to be his loving and loyal wife, and she fucked Clint! She called him Master!

And she'd fucked Carter and even Pete! What he said while fucking my asshole made so much sense. My mom was a whore! A slut! And Daddy would know.

To be continued.