Cojiendo una chica de monterrey

Cojiendo una chica de monterrey
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I met Annie in the community laundry After my divorce, I found a nice apartment in North Jersey. The first time I used the laundry room in the basement of my building, an older lady came in to check on her dryer, I had seen her a few times before and remember thinking that she was attractive, in a seasoned way.

Each time she was wearing a dress, short heels and stockings(or panty hose). A lot of older ladies like to dress that way and I have no problem with that. She said hello and I asked her how she was doing. We chatted a while and she asked me if I knew anything about computers.

Without telling her that I spent my entire career in the computer field, I simply replied that I did. She then told me that her computer had "crashed" and if I would take a look at it, she may not have to pay to get it running again. We arranged for me to come to her apartment that afternoon.


She had told me which apartment she lived in and to come around 3 if that was OK. Then she opened the dryer door and bent over to retrieve her clothes. She wasn't wearing pantyhose, but a panty girdle and stockings, and not granny panties but a thong! I stared for a while before she finished removing her clothes and she said "see ya later dear" I knocked on her door at 3 sharp.

When she opened the door, I noticed she had spent some time changing her look. She was wearing a very short, very tight black skirt, sheer blouse and spiked heels(commonly known as fuck me heels). She noticed me checking her out and said "I just needed to freshen up". and I told her she looked very nice. She led me into her bedroom where she had a desk filled with all kinds of "stuff" including her PC.

It didn't take long to see that she had been hit with malware.

She told me it "crashed" just yesterday, so I restored the system to two days ago and booted it up. It came up fine, so I loaded down some free virus and malware software and ran them. She was watching over my shoulder and leaned in close, her left breast touching my shoulder and whispered " want a drink?". I told her I preferred beer and when she went to fetch the beer, I checked her browser history, and sure enough, she was watching porn!


When she returned with a light beer for me and a glass of wine for her, I asked her if anyone else used her PC. She told me no way, that only her girlfriends came to her apartment. I said " I don't want to embarrass you, but someone is watching porn on your PC".

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She asked me how I knew this and I showed her the browser history. As we looked at the sites, most of them were bi-sexual sites. Then she said "my friend Elsa is bi-sexual, she must sneaked in here and checked out bi porn".

I though for a while, and while I was deleting the browser history I said, "people should only go to safe sites like XNXX".

Then she moved close to me, I could smell her perfume, a little strong, but nice.

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She put her arm over my shoulder, pressed her breast against me and said "show me this XNXX". I went to the site, clicked on grannies, and as she stared at all the choices that appeared, I asked her to pick one she wanted to watch. "You pick one", she said, so I clicked on one that showed a hot granny getting fucked in the ass.

She said we should get comfortable, asked me to stand, took my pants and under wear off, and started sucking my balls. I had been hard for some time now, and I told her that if she kept that up, I was going to shoot my load.

She told me she wanted my cum in her mouth, and not to worry, she would get me hard again soon. It only took a couple minutes after she started sucking my cock, that I came in her mouth. She really seemed to love it, she sucked me dry, swallowed, stood up and kissed me. I tasted my cum and her cherry flavored lipstick. She's already made me cum and I haven't even touched her ass or tits, let alone her pussy! I moved the desk chair back a little, sat down and invited her to sit on my lap.

She moved in front of me, facing the computer, took off her skirt, revealing a perfect ass and very bushy pussy through her crotch less pantyhose. I played with her pussy for a while, and started to get hard again. She sat on me and leaned to the side so we both could see to porn clip. The video had progressed to the point where the guy was about to pick his huge cock in the woman's ass. As he slowly entered, Annie told me she wanted me to do that to her. I asked her to stand, spread her legs, bend over and put her hands on the desk.

I pushed the chair out of the way, knelt down behind her, and began licking her beautiful snatch from behind. I started fingering her twat and slowly enter her sweet hole with my fist. I slowly pushed my hand into her and pulled it out quickly. This worked every time.

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She was moaning and telling me not to stop I repeated the fist fucking and she soon began her orgasm. She moaned louder, her legs began to quiver, and on one quick pull out of my hand she started squirting all over my face, her legs and the floor. I kept pumping and she kept squirting.

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I quickly grabbed the chair, sat down just in time for her to collapse in my lap. The video was also coming to a climax. The guy pulled out and shot his load all over the woman's ass and back. She kissed me and said, "I don't want you to pull out, I want you to come in my ass".

And that was how my awesome, two year relationship began with Annie.