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Gay sexy hunk straight gay sex photos and fat cum cock boys movies
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Laura had asked me to fix her laptop which had been suffering from some kind of a malware infestation. Not that she had used those words specifically. While she was a very smart girl and an Ivy League student, she just didn't particularly care about computers as long as they worked properly.

I got rid of the problem fairly easily, but when I started browsing through her files to see what might have been the cause for the infection, I found some pictures and videos which I couldn't have imagined Laura had been looking at. The thing was, I knew all her important essays and such were saved here, so she certainly didn't let her friends and such use this specific computer… This should not have entirely come as a surprise, of course.

I had to remember my daughter was already a young adult woman, and naturally girls thought and dreamed about these things too. I have to say the subject matter looked a bit peculiar for a girl to be dreaming about, but I guess that was just my opinion.

The material consisted entirely of big throbbing penises shooting thick white goo into pretty young girls' mouths. I hadn't realized Laura had sneaked in until I heard her speak: "Did you manage to fix it, dad… Oh, err, hmmh…" She blushed adorably when she noticed what was happening on the screen, and I'm pretty sure I did too, considering it was an animated slow-motion gif of a long stream of white jizz shooting onto a girl's tongue and then dribbling deeper into her mouth.

It was certainly a bit embarrassing moment. "Mhnmp," Laura mumbled, and her green eyes had widened alarmingly. I swiftly closed the page and attempted to explain the situation: "The malware must have saved that in the cache… I mean, they do that occasionally." I knew I didn't sound entirely convincing, even if that argument might have been true in some situations. This was far from the only picture or video of a similar topic I had found, and most of them had been saved on purpose, they hadn't just ended up in the cache.

It was also telling that she didn't seem to be accusing me of watching porn on her computer, which was what the situation should have looked like to her. "Ha, yes, sure, that's right!" Laura said, nodding along with all too nervous enthusiasm. I also noticed that despite the embarrassment of the moment, her attention had been intently concentrated on the animation as long as it had been on the screen.


She swiftly snatched the computer from my hands, exclaiming a bit too quickly and with her eyes a bit too wide: "Well-it's-working-I-need-it-right-now!" Laura drifted away as quickly as she had arrived, taking the laptop with her. I could guess she was afraid of me deleting her files, and I don't mean the essays. I just shrugged and got back to my own things, reminding myself on that she was an adult and it wasn't really my business what she was watching.

I thought that was that, until she came to my home office again a few days later, nervously twirling her hair in her fingers and with her green eyes blinking.

"Is the computer bothering you again?" I guessed. "Umm, no, that's not it…" she mumbled, "although kind of it's related…" I wondered if she was trying to explain the videos in some way, and I was preparing to come up with the best possible excuse to explain why it wasn't necessary. I didn't have the time to come up with anything before she continued, though. Laura bit her lip and her eyes were strictly directed at the ceiling rather than at me as she quickly blurted out: "Could you squirt in my mouth, daddy, like in that girl's in that video?" I was fairly sure there wasn't anything wrong with my hearing, although I could only assume that to be the case.

I tried to furiously think of the best answer to this absurd statement: "Err, I think there are plenty of boyfriends who…" Laura drew a quick breath to gain courage, but her eyes still weren't looking at me when she continued: "You, dad. Not a boyfriend". "This is, well…" I tried to come up with an answer, but the technical manuals on my shelves weren't offering one. Laura forced herself to look at me, and her eyes were blinking pleadingly.

"Please, dad. I can't ask anyone else, and I just want to know how it feels like. I promise I'll keep my eyes closed, so I won't see you naked or anything and it won't be embarrassing." "Right now?

Just this one time?" I said without thinking, immediately wanting to strangle myself. Why had I said that? "Yes," Laura said and crossed her arms, hugging herself. "Okay.

All right," I said, because I couldn't think of what else I could have said at that point.

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"Wow, thanks, dad!" Laura suddenly brightened, she seemed really happy and she even bounced off her feet a few times. She looked around my scruffy office and then shrugged, saying: "I'll just be here, I guess".

She went down on her knees. Her hands were on her lap, and her eyes were big and blinking. I got up, still not sure what I was going to actually do.

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Laura closed her eyes and stayed still as I came closer, trying not to think of anything too much. "Don't look now," I said, although I was sure she heard the zipper of my jeans being opened. "I won't, dad," she said, but at the same time she started unbuttoning her own shirt. "What are you doing?" I asked, like a properly concerned parent. Her shirt was already hanging down by her elbows, only held on by the sleeves, and a white bra had come into full view.

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"I don't mind if you see them once, dad," she said, and before I could tell her not to she had snapped the bra open from the front and let it also fall off her shoulders. With her eyes staying carefully closed, Laura opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. All that smooth skin, perky teen tits, nipples and areolas standing tall. Daddy's little angel waiting patiently on her knees with her mouth open.

What could a father do? I know I was harder than I remembered being for years, and my hand was pumping rapidly. It wasn't all that easy, even though I got close a couple of times. I started stroking my balls with my other hand, hoping that would help. Laura managed to hold the position for the entire time, moving only very little.

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I guess she was insistent on her dream finally coming true, and that gave her the mental strength required. At last I started feeling the warmth and throbbing which told me a load was unquestionably on its way, and it would be a big one. Looking at my daughter, I felt happy when I could sigh to her: "Here it comes now, sweetling…!" I moved a little, wanting to make sure my position was perfectly aligned.

The tip of the penis lightly touched Laura's warm tongue and that made my entire body cramp and my knees wobble because a long white stream suddenly shot into her girly mouth and splattered there audibly as I shouted: "Nnn!

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Nnn!" Laura swiftly adjusted and latched her lips on the tip of the penis and started suckling on it, swallowing the first mouthfuls at the same time. That sight was just so adorable that my hands kept stroking and trying to pump out everything I possibly had. I kept releasing everything that had built up for weeks in throbbing, pulsating spurts, and Laura's warm lips just kept on suckling peacefully. She looked so serene, and she loved my warmth so much she was constantly swallowing everything I could give.

Laura was taking everything I was carrying in my balls until I could only softly whisper: "I don't have anything left, princess", and she finally pulled her lips away. "You can look now," I said after I had zipped my pants back up and was trying to get my breathing to calm down. "And please get dressed," I added in a proper and fatherly tone while Laura was still swallowing the last few spurts she had in her mouth.

Her green eyes blinked open and she said: "Thanks, dad". "Was it as good as you had hoped?" I wondered while she was getting her clothing in order. She looked up at me with big eyes and said: "Your warmth made it good, dad.

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That's the important thing." "Daddy's little jizzmonster," I said teasingly when she was leaving after checking her outfit on the mirror at the corner of my office. "Oohh, that's funny, dad!" Laura giggled, glancing at me over her shoulder.

"I like that. Just don't use that while mom is around." "I won't," I said and smiled at her, adding, "You can ask me again any time. That's what fathers are for, after all." I had to hastily explain myself after when I noticed her expression: "I mean about the computer, not.


you know." "Awesome!" Laura exclaimed and again added, "Thanks, dad" before leaving back to writing her essay or whatever she had been doing. Oh man, what a day…