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Schritt Schwester 8
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This is my first story. I don't feel confident enough to make something up, so I think I'll just tell the story of my first real sexual experience. It probably has too much build up.but oh well. If it turns out that I have any talent at all, I'll post more of my limited escapades. My name is Bret. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest with less than 1,000 people.


It was the kind of community where you feel that everyone knows everyone. I'd lived in the same house my entire life, as had my neighbors. To one side we had an elderly couple and to the opposite lived a divorced man and his two daughters, whom I had know for over ten years.

In the early days, I was forced to take a half mile walk to school every morning. Eventually, my sister (my elder by 3 years) got her drivers license and hauled me back and forth. During the winter months, my mother had decided that my sister could also take my neighbors daughters to school every morning. I believe this was probably the beginning of my relationship with Kay, the older of the two.

At the time, I was 13, Kay was 12, and her younger sister, Brianna, was only 10 or 11. It all started innocently enough. We would sneak looks at each other, talk, and hold hands. As the years progressed, it was my turn to receive my license at the age of 16. My sister moved off for college, leaving me the responsibility of hauling our neighbors to school. Now, it's worth mentioning that Kay and I never really got into a REAL relationship.

It was all just that kid stuff years ago. I dated several girls and considered the friendship Kay and I shared was based only on the ride to school. Kay never really got into the swing of the dating scene. I don't fully understand why.

She wasn't model material, but she had a beautiful face topped with strawberry blonde hair. She stood 5'3 and couldn't have weighed more than 125. To me, she was still beautiful. My junior year, at 17, I was as horny as any other red-blooded teenager. Kay and Brianna would get in my truck every morning and it was all I could do to keep from getting a chub just looking at her.

The ride to and from school was easily the highlight of my day. My nights consisted of fantasizing about the things that could be between Kay and I.

I'd lay in bed and we'd text each other all hours of the night, but neither of us let on that we had feelings for the other. The way our homes are set up, Kay, Brianna, and I all had rooms on the top floor. The windows to Kay and I's respected rooms faced each other almost perfectly with about 30 feet separating us. Briannas was down the hall from Kays.

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Kay also had her own full bathroom. More than once I'd shut all my lights out and watch Kay move about her room. Her bed attired usually consisted of a tank top and a pair of oh so short shorts. On my lucky days, I'd catch Kay coming out of her bathroom with only a towel shielding her body from the world.

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Her body glistened from the shower water and she looked like a goddess to me. Only once was I privileged enough to catch Kay coming out of her bathroom fully nude. At 16, puberty had done her well. As can be imagined, self-inflicted sexual exhaustion put me to sleep that night. But I digress. As January rolled around, boys basketball was in full swing.

Sitting at lunch one day, Kay sat down next to me. "Hey Bret." She said with her normal white smile. "Hey." I replied.

"Um. Are you going to the game tonight?" she asked. "I dunno. Maybe." was my answer. "Oh. Well, if you do, could you take me? I really wanna go but I don't have a ride." she said. "Sure thing, Kay." I said. She smiled and I watched her walk away as her jeans clung to her for dear life. As soon as she asked me, I knew I wanted to go. Not for the game, but for the chance to be with her. I sent her a text an hour later telling her to be ready by 5 and we'd leave for the rival school, which was roughly 45 miles away.

5 rolled around slowly and I was ready to rock. I walked out to see her sitting on my tailgate smiling. "You ready?" She asked.

"You bet." I replied. The ride started off normal enough. We talked about the game, people at school, the normal stuff. Somehow, the conversation turned to relationships and my inability to keep one. Ultimately, the big question finally came up. "So.have you."done it" yet?" She asked. I was taken aback. "Why would you ask that?" I questioned. "Just a question. You don't have to tell me." she replied.

"No,'s cool. I just can't seem to get that far." was my answer. "Oh." She said. "What about you?" I asked. "Well.yeah. Only once though." I couldn't believe it. It made me feel depressed just hearing that someone had deflowered my sweet, sweet Kay. She explained to me that it was a one time thing that just kind of happened. It wasn't someone she was dating, just something that got carried away.

Needless to say, I wasn't much for talking the rest of the ride.


Why couldn't I just let Kay know how I felt about her? The game seemed to take an eternity and we eneded up losing 64-58. The ride home offered no solace as Kay was on the phone with one of her gal pals most of the ride.

Around 11 I pulled in my drive. "Thanks!" Kay said as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. "No problem." was all I could muster. I went inside and straight up to my room, leaving my lights all off.

I watched as Kay made her way into her room, on the phone again. She pulled off her white shirt, revealing a lacy bra. She struggled peeling her tight jeans off around her lovely hips and slid them down over her orange and pink high-cut boyshorts.

She sat on her bed, running her hand through her shoulder-length hair, all the time yacking on the phone. Finally, she closed her phone, looked at it and opened it back up. Her fingers began rushing all over her keypad. Immediately, I figured she was texting the scumbag that took her virginity. To my surprise, my phone began to vibrate. I opened it up, seeing I had a new text from Kay.

"Is everything ok?" it read. "Couldn't be better" I replied. "Are you sure? It just seemed like you weren't happy tonight." she responded. "Yeah, sure. Everything is great." I sent, immediately feeling like an asshole for the sarcasm-laden message. "You wanna talk?" She asked. "I don't feel like talking on the phone. I'm tired." I replied. "Just come over here." she said. I had mixed emotions. I was so upset, yet excited that she wanted me over. "Why?" I asked. "Just do it, weirdo " She answered.

Kays father is a severe alcoholic. I felt totally comfortable going into their house knowing he would be at the bar. I left my house, crossed their yard, and walked in their back door.

I froze. I looked into the living room and saw the glow of the television. I eased my way toward the light and saw it was only 15 year old Brianna asleep on the couch. She looked so much like her sister. She wouldn't become part of my life for another year, though. I crept up the stairs to the room adjacent from my own.

I knocked on the door and a cheery voice invited me in. To my disappointment, she had slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top over her body. She invited me to sit on her bed beside her. I took off my jacket and laid it on the floor, then joined her.

"So what's wrong?" She asked. "Like I said.nothing." My voice had no emotion to it. "Come one. You can tell me." She batted her eyes. "Nothing to tell, Kay." I said. She grabbed my arm. "Bret.

Come on." She urged. "It's just." I started.


She looked me in the eye. "It's just I really like you, Kay. I'm sorry, but I have for so long now. You're the only girl I think about and the only one I wanna be around. I just couldn't believe that you'd do something like that with someone kinda hurt. I'm sorry, Kay.but I think I love you." I said. Kay had a weird mixture of shock and sadness on her face. "Now that that's over I'll just go now." I offered. "No.don't do that." She said.

"For the longest time.I've had a crush on you. I wasn't going to tell you, though. I just thought you saw me as some dopey kid next door. I wanna be with you too." She said. Kay and I sat in silence for a few moments. Gradually, our faces drew closer and closer. Our lips met in a culmination of everything I dreamed of. Our tongues danced with one another in the middle of our teenage lust. Slowly, I began laying Kay down next to me. We continued to kiss passionately as I massaged her thigh.

I ran my finger under the elastic of her small blue shorts. She broke the kiss and looked at me.

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Then, she bit her lip and looked adorable. She just smiled and kissed me again, I took that as a sign to move forward.

She raised her back off the bed as I moved her shorts down her legs and over her ankles. I took my middle finger and rubbed it over her panty-covered mound. She giggled a little and kept a deathlock on my mouth. Quickly losing interest, I decided it was time for the panties to go as well. I slid them down and threw them at her door. I looked down at the object of my desire and smiled. Just as I had thought, she was shaved to perfection. I took off my shirt and threw it toward the direction of her panties crash zone.

I leaned down and ran my tongue just above magical slit. She looked down at me with her deep brown eyes and just smiled. I ran my hands up and down her thighs as I forced my tongue in and out of her pleasure receptor. The sweet and salty mix had my member growing to full capacity.

I stood up and undid my belt buckle, removing my belt. She sat up and tugged at the bottom of her tank top. She then reached behind her and removed her bra. She used her finger to call me over to her naked side. Reaching out, Kay ran her hand up and down the 6 inch bulge in my pants. Fearing "firing my gun too soon", I coaxed her on. She undid my button and fly and I helped slide my pants to the floor.

My boxers did nothing to help hide my ever-throbbing erection. I slid them off and my dick sprang to a life of it's own. I moved closer to her and she slowly stroked my blood-filled member. "Ohh." I said silently.

She got up and pushed me on the bed. I laid back, legs draping over the edge. She got onto her knees and gave me a further inspection. A taste test was in order. Kay had no problem taking my full cock into her mouth. The feeling was phenomenal.

The most beautiful girl I knew, the object of my desire, was doing all she could to please me. My hips began bucking, slamming my balls into the underside of her chin. "Whoa!" I said, wanting to prolong this as long as I could. I was about to cum. Kay reached under her bed and pulled out a shoe box.

Inside laid a few condoms. She pulled one out that was wrapped in red. She opened it up and slowly worked it down my shaft. She stood up and smiled at my naked body. She got on the bed and crawled over to me. She raised a leg and straddled me, looking me right in the eye. I placed my hands on each asscheek and she slowly lowered herself down.

My head spun from the insane pleasure originating from my groin. She laid her chest to mine and moved her hips up and down slowly. I kissed her neck and massaged her backside. Kay let out very faint yelps and I was lost in ecstacy. She pushed off my chest and leaned back on her arms, grinding her hips all the time. I reached up and took in the gorgeous sight before me. Her perfect breasts swayed almost in slow motion in front of my face. I looked further down to see my cock being assaulted by her vagina.

I leaned up and took her left nipple into my mouth, my tongue combatting it's stiffness. I grabbed Kay from underneath and stood up. I turned around and laid her on the bed. I lifted her leg and allowed my member to penetrate her once again. I raised my hips and slammed them down over and over and over. Kay hit her orgasm. A scream shot out of her mouth that I was sure was going to wake up a sleeping Brianna downstairs. The sheer pleasure in her voice sent me into space. I pumped and pumped and reached my own climax.

"Ohhhh Goddddd." was all I could get out.

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I exploded inside Kay. Thank God for that condom. I continued to pump until I was gasping for air. I collapsed on top of her and laid there for some time. I looked down at Kay who was smiling at me. We kissed passionately once more.

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Slowly, my member went flaccid and slipped out of her. We laid there kissing and giggling for a few moments more and I decided to let Kay get some sleep. I brought her bra and panties to her and watched her put them back on.

I applied my own garments back to my body and leaned down to kiss Kay one last time. I walked back to my house the happiest I had ever been.

I walked upstairs and fell on my bed. I felt my phone vibrate. I opened it and saw I had a text from Kay. "Love you." It read. "I love you too" I replied.