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Party babes suck cock in middle of club
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This does not leave me enough time for this, but here it is finally and I am working on the next day.--Katlyn Chapter: Visit Two, Day One Friday Evening Mike hid in a side room in Sally's home.

He knew she would come straight home, and get in the shower. He would surprise her there. This way he could go make sure the door was locked behind her. The things he had brought were vicious. She would learn to obey weather he was there or not, but soon when construction on the basement was done she would live with him. He had talked to the contractor today he had said a month which meant really two. But he was good at being patient. He heard the keys in the door and smiled to himself.

She knew that was no protection against him, but still did it. True to form she went to the bedroom then the bathroom, he was careful not to let his imagine run away with him when he heard the water turn on. His purpose there initially was to teach. Fun would have to wait. He waited twenty minutes then went to the bathroom door. Very quietly, he had tested it previously, even greasing it down till it made no sound.

He opened the door and went in. The bathroom was not big so he moved fast, opening the curtain, turning the water off and then he grabbed her by her hair and moved her back toward his front, pulled her head back and covered her mouth. She had managed to scream some, but not enough for the neighbors to be concerned with. "Uh-uh, remember how to be a good girl, Sally?

I hope you do, now climb out of the tub and present yourself. It has only been a week do you remember that position?" Sally sort of nodded as much as he would let her. Mike backed up a step and very patiently helped her out of the tub and forced her to turn around facing him. When Mike released his hand from her mouth Sally started yelling. "Leave me alone! Just go away!

I don't know what you want." Very swiftly Mike slapped her across the face. It was forceful and firm, but nowhere near his hardest Sally stopped yelling but kept talking. Mike grabbed her chin and pushed her cheeks together effectively shutting her up. "You are going to get into position, you will have sixty seconds from the time I stop talking, I am going to dry you off. Then I am going to punish you for going to the cops.

I have quite the punishment set out for you because it is important that you know I will keep my word, but I can always make it worse if you don't listen. Now, present yourself, Bitch. Mike looked at his watch and looked at Sally and waited.

60 seconds was probably too long, but this way she could think about her predicament for a few seconds. Sally was soaking wet, had just been trying to enjoy her shower, she had had trouble enjoying anything since his last visit a week ago, and here she was again, helpless. Maybe she should get a gun? Too late for those thoughts, she slowly got back into what she remembered was the standing present position, hands behind her head, feet apart, shoulders back, but she was so angry with herself for being caught off guard again.

Why had she not gone to the cops? Why was she letting him do this? Her thoughts were broken up by Mike kicking the inside of her feet. "Wider, Bitch. Arch your back. Ah good girl". Mike patted her cheek. "Stay still I am going to dry you off. If you disobey there will be extra punishments." Mike was using his teaching voice, the super patient and informative one. It always threw Sally off. It was like he was trying to be nice but she was making it difficult. "Sally where is your hair dryer?" "In the cabinet under the sink." Mike sighed as he reached for it.

"Sally you will address me as I taught you. Say the sentence again properly." Sally did not want to cave in so fast she did not say anything.

Mike raised his eyebrows at her and shrugged his shoulders. If she wanted more punishment he could dole it out. She would learn. First he dried her hair without saying a word and finished her off with a towel. He was thorough. From top to bottom even spreading her butt cheeks and getting in between. Sally tried to move when he spread her butt cheeks, but he had anticipated and had his arm around her stomach. "Sally!

Stand up straight, you know better than to break position before I give you permission! He slapped her butt in kind a playful way, but enough to get the point across. She whimpered but stood up straight. When Sally was dry Mike moved behind her and pulled her hair back for a handle. "Now Sally I have two sets of punishments to give you.

One for the things you did not do tonight, first you did not obey promptly and second you did not call me Sir.

These punishments will be mild compared to my reason for coming back so soon. Do you know what I am here to punish you for?" Once again Sally shook her head refusing to answer verbally at all. She wanted this to all stop. What gave him the right? "Stubborn. You do realize you are standing in that position because I told you to.

It is kind of silly now to try to resist me, when you have already given your body over to me, to put in any position I want.

Now I am going to punish you later for refusing to answer, not obeying, and not addressing me as Sir. But first I need to let you know what I am here for." All of this was said in a very casual tone of voice did not portray any passion, just passing the time and informing the person in front of him what her life was going to be like this weekend.

Mike grabbed a bunch of Sally's hair from the back, pushed her forward so her face was parallel to the ground and dragged her behind him to the guest bedroom "Kneel" Mike gripped her hair tighter and forced her down. Sally got into a kneeling position. "Obviously you are not trained so we will be using this a bit more extensively this weekend." Mike held up the training collar that had been used last time, it had spikes that dug into her neck when he pulled on the leash.

"But that is for when you are good and in training mode, right now I need to punish. While you are being punished remember that the amount of pain you endure this visit is all your fault.

You made a bad decision while I was gone and you are continuing to make bad decisions. Now are you going to continue to accumulate punishments or are you going to listen to me?" Sally's head fell forward a little bit, ashamed of herself, but scared of the man and the pain that was inevitable, and growing with every stubborn act.

"Sir I will listen to you." Mike bent down lifted her chin in his hand till her head was facing forward. "Now now, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you are just trying to avoid punishment right?" "Yes, Sir." Sally was not sure if she was supposed to respond, but in for a penny in for a pound. She would half to make her move later. "Good girl. Now I am going to begin your punishment for going to the police against my explicit warning and my little notes.

Why did you do it: You had to know I would be watching taking it all in and that you would have to pay for your deeds I will be nice and give you a choice. . do you want to be blindfolded? I have a good one here, or do you want to see what is coming? Sally was getting worried and almost beside herself.

"Please Sir, please no blindfold. Sir I am sorry, I won't do it again, please Sir." "No, Sally I don't think you will. This visit will be painful." Mike almost sounded sad about it, like he pitied her. . .almost. He brought out a spreader bar with a collar in the middle and iron cuffs on the end, this particular device had the name "Secretary" and it would serve the purpose. "Stand up, Sally and help me get this on you.

It will help you not earn more punishment by moving too much during your punishment. I am so thoughtful. Now hold the bar while I put the collar on." Sally stood stiff as a board wondering what was going to be so bad she would move too much. She listened and did whatever Mike told her kind of in a daze. After he attached the collar, he locked her wrists on the ends of the spreader bar.

Sally was scared but let Mike move her around. He led her to the doorway, put her back to the frame leaving her body halfway in the bedroom and halfway in the living room. Then he threaded a rope around one side of her collar around the bar then through a hook she knew he must have put there, then around the bar on the other side of the collar and then she guessed he tied it off.

She followed him with his eyes, but he never acknowledged her, he went back to the bed and got another bar with cuffs. He knelt down attached one ankle then gripped it and placed it where he wanted it and attached the other leg. He then looked at her, more critiquing his work than looking AT her. He walked to the bed to an area that had paddles, long leather whips, floggers, canes, and more.

Sally's eyes went wide, she did not even know the names of everything there, but she was pretty sure he was going to use them all on her. Mike saw the fear in her eyes and it pleased him. She should be afraid. She had disobeyed. He would not use all these instruments of pain in one visit he had lots of things planned for this weekend besides striking, but he wanted her to see what he was capable of when not pleased.

He picked up the single tailed leather strap. He reached across the bed and grabbed the ball gag and walked back to Sally.

"Okay Sally time to start. I do not expect you to count or even remember how many. I am going to punish one area at a time, this is going to hurt, and I don't want you to be too loud so open up." Sally began shaking her head, but before Mike could encourage her in any manner she opened her mouth and stilled her head so he could insert the ball gag. She stayed still while he buckled it behind her head. She knew she was not going anywhere so she needed to comply.

Mike stood back and admired Sally, and then without warning he began.

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The strap came down on one breast then another quickly the tops getting red quite fast. He laid about ten on each breast then stopped for a minute. Sally was a mess already, she would have to adjust her pain tolerance as this was barley the beginning. He leaned in and whispered "it has only just begun, save your energy Bitch, you did this to yourself." Mike moved to the side of Sally and angled himself so he could get the strap to lie down directly across both breasts, right on the nipples.

After about ten he switched sides and did the same from the other side then went back to his frontal assault. He avoided the bottoms of her tits, as he had special plans for those. Mike moved down her tummy then back up to her breasts moving side to side as it suited him. When Mike tired, he stopped to rest and to ascertain how Sally was doing.

He knew he had not broken any bones, but he needed to asses her mental state and maybe adjust the rest of the night. He did not want her to crack under the pressure. He did not want a zombie slave, but he wanted one that was going to listen quickly and always obey. Training was not usually tough for him, but he had a vested interest in this one. Mike removed the ball gag.

Sally was almost in hysterics. All she could get out was "Please no, please no more Sir, please no, please no more Sir"… over and over. Mike brushed her hair aside and tried to calm her, he attached a lead to the collar then undid the leg spreader, all the while talking to her telling her what he was doing. "Hush, shhh its okay, we are going to take a break, okay? Shhhh its okay." All the while he undid the collar from the spreader bar and unshackled her hands, lastly he brought his hand near her face to untie the bar and Sally flinched.

"Sally why are you flinching? I just told you I am going to untie these okay? So I have to get near your face, I am not going to hit you, sit still like a good girl. Sally stilled herself, but she knew better than to trust this nice guy. She tried to still her crying and steady her breathing. Mike led her over to the bed, snapped his fingers and pointed at the floor "Down on all fours, bitch." Sally did as commanded not sure at all what was coming.

Mike knelt beside her and held her, talking to her in a soothing voice, "Good girl, see you obey so well when you want. That is why if you do that all the time there will be no reason to punish you see? Do you need to use the bathroom? Sally?" "Yes Sir, please." Mike led her into the bathroom where it had all began. Sally shivered and put her hands on her head, as she had been required to do in the past.

She did not want to have any more punishments build up so she said "Sir, May I sit down and go please?" "Yes you may, tell me when you are done." Sally relieved herself relieved there was only pee.

"Sir I am done, may I clean myself?" Mike laughed a bit. "No, no Sally you may not touch yourself if I am here." "Let's go to the kitchen and get you water, come and he pointed to the floor, Sally crawled behind him. Mike got a glass and a straw, he turned to Sally, "Kneel Bitch." When she had Mike held the straw to her mouth "Drink" Sally drank deep and long, Mike pulled the straw back.

Mike leaned down and held her face so she was looking at him "Sally I am sure you think you have learned your lesson, but we are not done, there are two more stages and then you still have the mild punishments for not calling me Sir and disobeying me.


Do you understand?" "Yes Sir, I understand, but I HAVE learned. I will be good, please can we be done?" "No I always do what I say I am going to do. Come back to the guest room." Sally was shaking. "Yes Sir." And the tears started running down her cheeks.

Once back in the room the command came "Kneel" to which Sally responded without hesitation. Mike held up the ball gag to her mouth and she opened wide without complaint. "What a good pet." Mike fastened the ball gag behind her head. "Lie on the bed on your stomach." When Sally was in position and the toys had been moved to the floor Mike got the leather strap and began again, this time up and down her backside.

First on her butt, one cheek then the other back and forth, then her feet. She kicked when he slapped her feet. "BAD GIRL! The strap came down hard on the back of her thighs multiple times. DO NOT KICK!" He went back to her feet so see if the lessen had been learned and it had. Sally tried hard to not move them. Finally Mike brought the strap down on her back over and over till her backside matched her front in color. "Sally turn over onto your back, spread your legs and do not close them no matter what." Sally turned over relieved to get the material off her very sensitive tits until she felt it on her recently strapped back.

Sally spread her legs not really knowing what to expect till it happened quickly and powerfully, her cunt exploded with pain, by the time she was processing what had happened another blow had already found the same mark. "Keep em spread, Bitch!" Sally was not even aware she had tried to close her legs, it was a natural reaction.

Her crying had turned more into yowling and was using all of her concentration to not close her legs. He only struck her on her cunt 5 times, but each strike was commanding. When he was done Mike tugged on her collar. "Sit up Sally." Sally sat up and Mike reached around and removed the gag. "Sorry you are in pain, can you tell me why you are being punished?" Sally was a bit thrown she just wanted to wallow in her discomfort, and here he was asking her questions she had to answer.

"Sir? Ummm because I went to the cops?" "Yes, there will be the last phase of this punishment after dinner. I am hungry." He reached for the pinch collar and very softly said "Kneel in front of me bitch." Sally jumped. His quiet was dangerous. "Grab your ankles and don't move till I say." Sally leaned back on her ankles wondering what was next especially since he had said dinner was next. She liked his cooking and after the punishment she had taken was actually kind of excited to eat. Mike removed the collar she was wearing and replaced it with the pinch collar.

He got up "Heel me" and walked toward the kitchen. Sally knew the drill, let too much space come between her and him and the teeth would dig into her neck, she crawled quickly behind him, but never beside him. Mike cooked dinner while Sally scrambled behind him, she was sore, tired, hungry, and thirsty and it was barley seven pm, and there was more to come?

Sally shivered at the thought. Mike was pleased that she seemed to be taking him seriously, she came around pretty quickly when she had the proper motivation. He knew the rest of the night was going to be interesting and he was excited. He set dinner and sat down. Sally was confused. Usually he set a place for her and she ate with him, he had not given any commands, but the leash did not have any slack so she stayed on her hands and knees.

Mike settled in, placed the napkin and waited a minute sipping on water to see how Sally would adjust. He was actually impressed that she stayed on all fours and waited. Mike pointed next to his chair. "Position two, bitch." Sally scrambled.

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Knelt, face forward, arms touching opposite elbows behind her back. Mike patted the back of her head and stroked her hair. "Good girl. You will stay in positon, and stay quite while I eat.

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Do you understand?" "Yes Sir I understand, but um Sir?" "What bitch?" Mike's voice was smooth and very quiet, but he had turned giving Sally his full attention and that made her nervous. "Sir I am hungry, Please Sir, I would like to eat." "You will eat what I give you and when, now still yourself and don't say another word." Mike turned to his tablet and began reading the news, eating, and ignoring Sally completely.

Sally did her best to hold her position although she was not sure why given that he was not paying any attention to her at all, but with her luck she would relax and then he would notice.

Dinner was quiet and long. Mike and set aside a bit for Sally, but was making her wait and was seeing how she would adjust to her depending on him for everything. "Sally open your mouth." Sally looked at him opened her mouth. "No!" Mike sighed. "Bad girl. Listen just because I speak to you does not give you permission to break your position do you understand? You are to stay in one position until you have permission to be another, now face forward and open your mouth." His voice was very explanatory as if he was giving a lecture and this was an everyday occurrence.

Mike did not feel like being patient, and normally she would have starved if he was in a training session at the Institute but this was different. She would be his and he needed to be more long-suffering of her mistakes. Perhaps he needed to communicate better. Besides she would need her strength. Sally had put her face forward already and was sure pain would be the next order of business.

She was surprised when Mike said. "Now let's try this again. Open your mouth" Sally did so without breaking position and Mike placed a bite of food in her mouth. "Chew, open up when you are ready for your next bite." Mike fed her a decent portion of food, letting her drink from a straw on occasion. Sally was starving and the food was good. Chicken something or other. She had to admit he was a good cook. She was angry that she was letting him do this but telling herself that she really had no choice, and in reality she did not.

Sally was actually dreading dinner being over as that meant the punishment would continue and she had no idea what he had in mind, but she knew he would keep his word, She had learned he did not lie and he always followed through, an admirable quality in a man if he was not brutalizing her.

Mike stood looked at Sally, admiring her every naked inch while she tried not to fidget. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Good girl, now heel." He gathered the dishes and headed into the kitchen. Making her wait for the next punishment was part of it, but she could never anticipate what was coming. Mike put the dishes in the sink and headed into the guest room where all the toys were.

He found what he was looking for and turned to face Sally, who was on all fours getting very nervous. He sat on the end of the bed and spread his legs wide. "Sally come kneel between my legs" obedience was quick and without hesitation. Mike cupped her chin in his hand and pulled her face up till she was looking at him.

"Sally, we have not finished, I told you that and I meant it. You went to the cops and that was very disappointing to me, therefore your punishments must be very painful." He reached down and squeezed a breast which caused Sally to squeal, and try to wriggle from his grasp.

He pulled her toward him and looked her in the eye till she stopped moving.

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She would learn, all was his, she was not to resist. Sally let the tears fall silently as Mike pushed and pull on her very tender boobs, but she did not make much noise. He looked her in the eye till she dropped her gaze to the floor. His eyes were commanding and cold there was no kindness, not like the first visit. Suddenly Sally felt her collar being pulled as Mike stood up. "Come bitch lets finish this." Sally crawled behind him nervous while he walked and lectured.

"Remember this is the punishment for disobedience. If you should choose to disobey me again while I am away it will be worse, always worse. You went to the cops, I saw you. I told you not to go. We could have had a more pleasant weekend, but you spoiled that. You did, so during this next part remember that, because this will hurt. Tomorrow we will deal with your punishment for your stubbornness in forgetting to address me properly" In the guest room he picked some board off the floor "Kneel" Sally knelt.

"Grab your boobs and hold them up.


And look straight ahead." Sally was confused but did as he asked. Mike first changed the collar Sally was wearing to one of solid steel that locked in the back and had an O ring in front. He put the board against her chest, it looked like a serving tray with a strap which Mike secured behind Sally's back and attached the chain from the front of the tray to the O ring on the collar.

Mike stood up "UP" Sally struggled behind him while Mike picked up stainless steel locking cuffs from the floor. He turned around, Sally was still holding her boobs, and Mike wondered if she had noticed the spikes on the tray that would be there to greet the untouched bottom of those beautiful breasts.

"Hands behind your back." Sally moved to comply dropping her breasts onto the tray, which she had not noticed had little spikes poking out for the first four inches in even rows from side to side, as the breasts dropped Sally screamed in pain, trying to grab them to lift them, but Mike was faster and he grabbed first one hand and placed a cuff on it, then the other had managed to lift a boob a little, which would only make it that much more painful the second time it hit the spikes.

With no mercy or words he roughly grabbed her second hand and placed a cuff on it then locked them together. "NOOOO Sir, Sir this hurts, please Sir. Please take it off." Her crying and pleading were to be expected, but needed to stop, Mike moved behind her and put his hand over her mouth as he leaned in to whisper to her.

If you keep being so loud it will get worse than I planned. We are not even there yet, now stop being loud, take your punishment because you did this.

Yourself. I warned you. Sally was sucking in her breath the whole time trying to stop. WORSE??? Oh god who was this guy?!" Mike circled around her letting her get her composure. "Jump" Sally now understood what he meant by worse. "Sir? Please Sir, I will behave." "Then obey me. Jump. If you do not then I will have to use a crop on your breasts.

Jump." Mike had walked toward the crop and picked it up.

"3.2." Sally jumped, not much but she did it. the jump shifted her breasts to new positions and new places exploded in pain on the spikes. Mike swatted her on her ass with the crop. It was hard enough to let her know he meant every word he said. "Higher this time Jump." She jumped again, but not higher. Mike was losing patience. "Sally you say you will listen and obey and I should have mercy on you, but when I ask you to do a simple thing like jump you refuse to do it to the best of your ability.

Now I want you to jump three times in a row as high as you can. If I do not think you did I will make you do your little jumps ten times then I will bring this crop down on each of those breasts 5 times. After all that I will make the same request with the same punishment for disobedience. Do you understand?" "Yes Sir." "What do I want you to do?" "Jump, Sir, it hurts so much." Mike grabbed Sally by her hair and made her look into his cold eyes. "I don't care how much it hurts.

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Sally, you deserve this. You went to the cops without permission. Now how many times are you to Jump?" "Three Sir." Sally put her head down and waited for a command she knew she would obey. She needed this over. "Jump, bitch, jump as high as you can." Sally did, crying which turned to sobbing and when she was done she could not stand she went to her knees the pain was too great. Mike knelt next to Sally, pulled her hair back and wiped her tears.

"Do you understand now? You must do what I say. I will let you have pleasurable things and experiences, but first you have to learn to listen and obey. Now stand up." Mike grabbed her arm and assisted her to a standing position. Mike stood in front of her for a minute wondering what she was going to do or say, but nothing came out.

She just stood there with her head hanging down crying, making soft sobbing sounds. Mike went behind her and unlocked the back strap and let the tray fall hanging by the chains in the front connected to her O ring. Mike then unhooked the chains from the O ring collar. There was red on some of the spikes. Mike sighed. He had known it might cause blood, but it had not really been his intent. "Come on Sally, I need to tend to your wounds.

You are done with your punishment for disobedience. Tomorrow will not involve pain, but there will be more punishments for you lack of respect." Mike was leading Sally by holding her hand he took her to the living room where he had already put the first aid kit.

He cleaned her up. Sally squirmed when he applied the rubbing alcohol and he was not gentle but for the most part she stayed. He took her to the bathroom, got her ready for bed and led her to the bedroom where the cuff was attached and motioned for her to get in. She did without hesitation. Mike got in behind her. "Sally?" "Yes Sir?" "The hard part is over okay? You just have to obey me weather I am here or not and you will not have to go through that again, do you understand?" "Yes Sir." "Good girl, now let's sleep." Sally realized it was only Friday night and wondered what else was in store for her.

She really needed to do something, fight, but what if he could do worse to her than he had already? Sally laid awake long after her Stalker had fallen asleep.