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My wife and I had taken a 7 to 9 day vacation to a cabin on a lake in the northern part of the state in the late Spring for the past 20 years.

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When our children were younger we would take them to her mother's. It would give them time with grandma and give us some time alone with each other. We would take our family vacation at another time. Once they were older, the kids would stay home alone, at least until they had moved out on their own. Last year my wife and I had just returned from our annual trip. About a week later she woke up with a great pain in her abdomen and severe nausea.

She occasionally had some small pains and occasional nausea for several months, but it was never severe enough to concern her. Today it was different. I took her to the emergency room.

I called into work to take the day off as she waited to see someone. After several tests and a few days they discovered she had advanced cancer in her liver and it had already spread outside her liver to other organs. They recommended trying chemotherapy, however because of it's advanced stage any surgical procedure was out of the question. She was put on pain killers and went through several weeks of chemo, but the chemo had no positive effect.

Her pain continued, she continued to take stronger and stronger pain meds, and she continued going downhill. Eventually I hired someone to be with her during the day while I was at work. I cared for her at night. One night she insisted that we have sex. I don't think we had had sex since her diagnosis, it was too painful for her. Tonight she tried to act normal even though I could tell she was in pain. We went through our normal love making routine.

I asked her a few of times if she was sure she wanted to continue. She insisted that we continue. Soon I heard the familiar sounds she made when her orgasm was close. She grimaced and when her orgasm took over. She shook and shuddered with a combination of pain and delight. I exploded into her so happy she had reached her climax.

She smiled and said, "The last time was as good as the first." She made me promise that I would go up to the cabin the next Spring at least one last time. Three days later she passed away peacefully in her sleep. The next Spring I headed up to the cabin alone. I was so very sad and cried much of the way. I made a couple of traditional stops along the way for food and gas.

I almost turned around after one of the stops. The memories were nearly overwhelming. I drove through the city on the southwest side of the lake remembering the good times, but mostly remembering my wife. I drove up the road along the west side of the lake.

I turned around the northwest corner of the lake and then turned into the resort. I parked the car, turned off the engine, and just sat inside the car. More memories came flooding back.

I sobbed for several minutes. If I hadn't promised my wife I would come here a least one more time, I may have restarted the engine and gone back home. After I regained my composure I decided to go in and register. "Good afternoon Mr. Thomas," the desk clerk greeted me. "Are you all right?" "Y…Yes, I am fine," I managed to say hoarsely. Because we were there every year the owners and many of the staff had gotten to know us by sight. The owners were an older couple. The resort had a hotel with about 30 rooms and 24 cabins all along the lakeshore.

We always stayed in one of the one bedroom cabins. The resort also had an indoor swimming pool, a swimming beach, tennis courts, a restaurant, a bar and also a variety of boats and bicycles for rent. The cabin had a nice screened in front porch that faced the lake.

Near the lake there was a fire pit with outdoor chairs. We would have a number of bonfires while we were there. A BBQ grill also came with the cabin and we would use it for several meals. The staff mostly consisted of high school and college aged kids who worked there during the summer. We got to know several of the housekeeping staff and wait staff, because many worked there during high school and throughout college while off school in the summer.

The vast majority were very friendly and outgoing. Most called us by name because we been there for so many years. It got to the point where we would ask them about how the last year had gone for them. I will expand on individual members of the staff later. The woman owner was having a meeting with a large number of the staff in the lobby. When the owner saw me she said, "Staff this is Mr. Thomas. He lost his wife during the last year. Let's do all we can to make his special." She was the one I spoke to when I had called originally with the intent to cancel my reservation.

As the phone rang I could hear my wife's voice asking me to go to the cabin at least one my time. Instead of cancelling I just informed her there would only be one of us coming. I explained the situation. She gave me her sympathy and guaranteed they would do their best to make my time special. Several of the housekeeping staff said, "Hello Mr. Thomas," in unison.

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When my wife and I were on vacation at the cabin we would do a little fishing, and go to a number of state and county parks to do some hiking and sight seeing. My wife's family came from the area so she had many places she like to visit to remind her of her childhood. We would drive by her grandparents former homes, visit their graves, and some of the historical places around town some of them historical only to her family.

I would go with her to these places. My wife would go by herself to do some shopping, sometimes for antiques, others for souvenirs and flea markets.

She would go by herself because she liked browsing, I only liked knowing what I was going to buy. I planned to do several of the things we had done together while I was here this year. The first night I unpacked and ordered a pizza from the place we always ordered from while we were here. The pizza was good, but I did not enjoy it without my wife. I went to bed early.

I had a hard time sleeping.

I kept missing having my wife next to me in bed. I woke up early, showered, dressed, then walked down for the free continental breakfast that was offered. After breakfast I purchased a local newspaper, picked up a bag of ice, and walked back to the cabin. I sat in the screened porch and read through the paper. I picked up my book and began reading. I must have lost track of time or had fallen asleep in the chair. The next thing I knew there was a knock on the screen door. It was Sarah.

FIVE YEARS PRIOR I had met Sarah. She came by to do the housekeeping. I learned later that she had just finished 9th grade and had recently turned 15. My wife was gone to do some shopping. I was on the front porch reading a book. Sarah came by to do the housekeeping, which was minimal, because this was just our second day there.

I noticed that she was wearing a basketball jersey under her uniform shirt. When she completed what needed to be done Sarah came out of the cabin. "All finished!" she said.

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"Do you like basketball?" I asked. "Yes, I was on my freshman team," she answered. "But I am not sure if I am good enough to continue. A lot of the girls are better than I am." My daughter had played several years of basketball.

Her team had won the state AAU championship for her age group 4 separate times.


She had also played for her high school team. During her senior year She was top scorer, top rebounder, and second in assists.

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I helped coach some of these teams. "Do you need someone to help you improve?" I asked. "Yes, but I can't afford to pay a personal trainer and I don't know anyone qualified who will help me for free," she said sadly.

"You're looking at him," I said. "I have some coaching and training experience. Did I see I see a basketball hoop over by the pool?" "Yes," Sarah answered. "When do you get off work?" I questioned. "I am done with housekeeping about 1:30, then I am off until 4:30 when I help out at the restaurant," she replied. "I will meet you at the hoop at 2:00 and bring a ball," I requested. "Okay, see you at 2," she agreed with a hint of uncertainty in her voice. Just before 2 I left the cabin to head over to the basketball hoop.

I left a note for my wife, letting know where I was, in case she returned before I was back. Sarah was already there waiting. The basketball hoop was set at the end of one of the tennis courts. The lines had been painted for basketball, but overlapped some of the lines for the tennis court. Sarah was very tall, maybe 5' 11" and on the thin side. The tennis court surface was in good shape and looked like it would also be good for basketball. The tennis court with the hoop actually had another hoop on the other end and there was no tennis net on the court.

"Let's start with layups," I said when I got near enough to talk without shouting. She did as I suspected she would and only did layups on the right side of the basket. I could see she needed a little work on the fundamentals. I asked her to do some left-handed layups. Her dribbling with her left hand needed work as did her left-handed shooting.

I then asked her to shoot 10 free throws. She made 5 of 10 after I had her reshoot 1 that was definitely affected by a gust of wind. Not bad, however her style lacked consistency and 7 of 10 was the desired percentage for most high school coaches. I then had her take shots from around the free throw lane. She did fine from close to the basket but had no range. I explained to her what I thought she needed to work on and what we needed to do to improve. She listened and thought about what I had said.

She agreed to have me work with her. We started with dribbling and ball handling. She started by dribbling in zig-zag patterns from one side of the court to another. Then dribbling while running with stops while continuing to dribble. She dribbled in figure eights and while moving backwards.

She repeated these drills with her left hand. Then I had her work on layups primarily with her left hand. I had her do "Mikans" or the Mikan Drill. This consisted of doing a layup on one side of the basket, rebounding, and then immediately doing a layup from the other side of the basket. I told her she had to hit 8 in a row before she could stop.

She got to 6 immediately before missing one. She then hit the next 8 in a row. It was nearly 3:45 and she needed to take a shower before her 4:30 shift at the restaurant.

"Should we do this again tomorrow?" I asked. "Yes," she answered immediately and smiled. "Do you have someone else that could be here for some passing drills?" I questioned. "Yes, my sister Sammy. She's a little younger, but she plays basketball too," she replied. We agreed to meet at 2:00 again the next day. The next day Sarah and her sister Sammy were waiting for me at the hoop when I arrived.

Sammy looked a lot like her older sister.

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She was thin with long, blond hair. She wasn't quite as tall, but she was more than a year younger. We quickly repeated the drills from yesterday with Sammy actively participating by doing everything her sister Sarah did.

We were able to work on passing drills. We were able to work on pass and shoot drills. We were able to work on give and go. We worked on free-throws. I had noticed the both Sarah and Sammy were inconsistent on their approach to shooting free-throws.

I got them to a consistent routine of catching the ball, dribbling 3 times, getting set, and then shoot using the strength in their legs. After a little practice both of them were able to shoot 8 of 10 free-throws.

I gave them a list of specific things to work on. I had used this list in the past. This included some strength exercises for both their arms and their legs, and running/moving exercises. The list was divided into five 45 minute groups. 1 for each of 5 different days. I explained they could do more or less it was up to them and how much time they were willing to commit.

Just then a car parked nearby and a man got out. "Hi dad!" the girls said in unison. He walked over to where the 3 of us were standing. "Hi, I'm Tom. I took off from work early. I wanted to meet the man my daughter told me about," he said. We shook hands. The girls excitedly told their dad about what we were working on.

Then they showed him the list of activities. He looked it over, nodding his head a few times. "Just to be honest," he explained, "I had to see if you were on the up and up. I thought it was suspicious for a guy near 40 to want to spend time with a 14 and a 15 year-old pair of girls." I was first shocked at first, my face must have shown it.

Then I broke into a smile. "Tom, I am sorry I did not think about how it might appear. I should have spoken to you first or for Sarah to ask your permission," I apologized. "I have a daughter myself.

She is just a little older than your daughters. I may have wondered the same thing." I gave him a brief deion of my background. I also told him he could check with the owners for a reference if he wished. He said he was satisfied. Sammy said good bye and went with her dad. Sarah had to get ready for work. We planned to get back together the day after next, because my wife and I had plans for the next day.

Sarah, Sammy, and I got together two other times during my stay. I gave Sarah my phone number in case she wanted to call me with questions or needed any advice or help. Sarah called once in August and then in September just before high school tryouts. I wished her and Sammy the best of luck. I got an excited call from Sarah early the next week. She had made the Junior Varsity team and would be sitting on the bench during Varsity games.

She said the coach would make sure she was eligible to play some in the varsity games, meaning she could only play a limited time in the JV game preceding the Varsity game. Sammy got on the line and told me she had made the Sophomore team which was unusual for a freshman. Both thanked me for my help. During the next 4 summers I got together with Sarah and Sammy when my wife and I stayed up at the cabin. We got together 3 or sometimes 4 times out of the 9 days we were at the cabin.

We worked on more advanced skills each year. I updated their written training program each year. Sarah made Varsity starter her Junior year. Sammy made JV her Sophomore year and also got same Varsity playing time. Their team made it to the state tournament both of Sarah's Junior and Senior years. We were able to go see them play, because the games were played not far from where my wife and I lived.

During her Junior year Sammy became a Varsity starter with her sister. Both years at the state tournament their team finished second. Sarah got a partial scholarship to a Division 3 college and then the next year Sammy got a partial scholarship to the same college.

The college was the one in their hometown. BACK TO THE CURRENT TIME "Hello Mr. Thomas," said as she stepped inside the cabin porch. "I am so sorry to hear about Mrs.

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Thomas," she said as she gave my a hug that lasted longer than expected. "What do you need me to do?" "I only need new towels, the garbage removed, and the bed made," I answered.

She released me and went into the cabin. Soon she appeared with the used towels and garbage. She went to her cart and got replacement towels and garbage bags.

She disappeared back into the cabin. A few minutes later Sarah called, "Mr. Thomas, can you come here? I have something to show you." I wondered what was going on as I got up. I walked toward the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom looking for Sarah.

I first noticed that the bed had not been made. Then the door closed. I turned around to see Sarah standing there nude. She had developed some curves in the past 5 years, but was still tall, now 6' 2", and thin.

Her blonde hair came down to her shoulder blades in back and the tops of her breasts in front. I was in shock, but finally asked, "What's going on?" "I want to thank you for the past 5 years," she said moving toward me. She put her arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me long and hard.


I was still caught off guard, but then responded by kissing back. I then seriously thought seeing her nude and kiss was the extent of the thanks she was offering. After all she was 20, younger than my daughter and I was in my 40's. She pulled our lips apart. "Thank you, Sarah!" I said.

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"I'm not done yet," she said pushing me back toward and then into a sitting position on the bed. Her aggressiveness from sports training was definitely showing. She knelt on the floor in front of me. She untied my shoes and pulled them off, followed by my socks. She rubbed and kissed my calves. Her hands moved up my thighs, gently caressing my inner thighs. Then up the legs in my shorts. "Sarah, you don't have to do this," I told her. "I know I don't have to, I want to.

Just relax and enjoy," she said. Her soft fingers pushed up under my underwear and the tips began lightly caressing my balls. My penis began coming to life. I hadn't been with a woman since my wife died. I sucked in a deep breath. "Did I do something wrong?" Sarah asked. "No, nothing at all. It's been such a long time since someone has touched me there," I explained.

She smiled a smile both sweet and naughty. She withdrew her hands and told me to lay down. I did so with my lower legs still over the side of the bed. She grabbed the sides of my shorts and underwear and began to pull. I lifted my hips from the bed and she tugged my clothes to my knees and then down to the floor. I took my shirt off. I was fully erect with my penis sticking straight up. Sarah licked her lips. Her hands again slowly moved up my inner thighs.

She cradled one of my balls in each of her palms and rubbed her thumbs around them. I moaned softly. She continued for a few more minutes. I then felt her warm, moist breath near the tip of my rod. My penis jerked as her lips first touched my manhood.

I saw a look of intense desire on her face. Her lips surrounded the swollen head of my now aching penis. Her tongue swirled around the tip as she sucked intensely. I moaned again more loudly than the first time. Slowly her mouth moved lower taking more and more of me into her.

She gagged slightly. She pulled off of me. I sighed. "I'll continue in a second. My boyfriend would have shot his load by now. He has no lasting power," she said. "Even when he comes in my pussy he explodes after a couple of strokes, leaving me unsatisfied." She lowered her mouth back to my waiting pole. She got to the point she began gagging, paused, then continued to take me deeper into her mouth.

Her tongue moved over the underside of my penis as she moved her head up and down, while maintaining a constant suction. I could feel my testicles tighten getting ready to relieve the pressure. "I am going to cum soon!" I informed her. She remained intent on her objective. Her hair had become a tent around my groin, so I was not able to watch as she pleasured me. She scratched the underside of my balls. This triggered my ejaculation. I grunted and pumped several streams into her mouth.

She sucked and swallowed until my convulsions subsided. When she lifted her she had this big sweet smile on her face. "Wow you are so much bigger than my boyfriend. You shot so much more into my mouth than he does," she said with a hint of amazement in her voice. I smiled back at her still catching my breath. I thought we were done and tried to sit up.

Sarah pushed me back down. Then she started moving up on top of me slowly kissing her way up my stomach toward my chest. She paused and circled her finger through my chest hair gradually making her way to my nipple. She circled my nipple which had become erect. My wife had never been much for prolonged foreplay, at least for the last 10 years. I was not used to someone taking their time and being patient during lovemaking. Not to say love with my wife wasn't great and satisfying.

We had just fallen into a routine. I was startled from my thoughts when Sarah's lips and tongue touched my nipple. I could ever remember my wife doing this. It sent a tingle across my chest and down to my penis, which started to firm up again. She moved over to my other nipple and repeated the process adding a gentle nibble.

She lifted her hard slightly and said, "You don't have to tell me you like this. Your response says it all." She went back to my nipple and began sucking hard and teasing it with her tongue. I caressed the back of her head and her shoulders, then continued as far as I could reach. I could quite reach her rear end, so I ran my fingers up both sides of her spine. I felt a warm moistness just above my knees from between her upper thighs.

I felt her pubic hair and pussy press against one of my thighs. I also became aware of her firm breasts pressing on my stomach. I put arms on both sides of her and pulled her up farther until our mouths met. We kissed as I held her tight with her breasts pressing against my chest with our nipples pressing against each other's.

My penis came to rest in the crack between her pussy lips. I quickly felt a warm fluid coating one side of my rod. Sarah began sliding up and down. My penis sliding along her lips. Becoming more and more coated with her juices.

After several minutes she got up on her knees with our groins still in contact. I had pushed my hard on deeper between her lips before she got up. The head of my penis was rubbing across her clitoris.

Her breathing had become quicker. I reached up and cupped both of her breasts with my hands. They were so perky and firm and yet so pliable. Sarah sucked in a deep breath at my first touch. She closed her eyes and moaned. I firmly caressed her breasts. Her movement became more rapid as did her breathing. She lifted herself up until my penis was standing tall. Sarah took a hold of it, guided it into position, before lowering herself onto it. It jerked as soon as her vaginal lips touched it.

"Wow, it's pulsing in my hand," Sarah exclaimed. "My boyfriends have always pushed into me before I have time to feel this. You're also so big around." I smiled and she smiled back. I continued massaging her breasts. She lowered herself on my pulsing member. With each push she would let out an "ooo", "oh", or "ah". She was so warm and tight. Her pussy hugged my rod. The feeling was exquisite beyond words. I moaned and started pushing up and down with small movements.

She continued lowering herself pushing me farther and farther into her. Our pelvises touched. She held still. "Give me a chance to become accustomed to this. You are longer and thicker than I have experienced before," Sarah requested.

After a short time She began moving up and down and I moved in coordination with her. I moved one hand down and found her clitoris. She moaned at my first touch. I continued stimulating her love button. "Yes, oh yes," she repeated getting more breathless each time. I was getting close to cumming. My balls were tightening. Then she gasped and clamped around my rod. Her vaginal walls rippling around my shaft. This triggered my climax.

I squirted stream after stream inside her. I thrust up into her pushing her up off the bed. Just then I had a frightening thought.

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I wasn't wearing a condom. I didn't want to get her pregnant. She must have noticed the look on my face, because she said, "Don't worry I'm on birth control." I relaxed back on the bed. Sarah collapsed on top of me still panting. I put my arms around her. She melted into my body. We both recovered. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. "That was amazing. That was my first vaginal orgasm," she said smiling.

"Thank you! It's been more than 8 months since I have had intercourse," I told her. "It was certainly intense and satisfying." We hugged again. She got up and began to get dressed. "I've got to finish my housekeeping tasks," Sarah said. She left. I went back to the screen porch to contemplate what had just occurred.

I decided just to take it at face value. It was her way of thanking me. I spent the rest of the day out doing various activities that my wife and I used to do together. When I returned that evening the bed was made.

There was a note from Sarah saying she had returned to finish making the bed. Again I contemplated the morning's experience, but came to the same conclusion. After watching a little television I went to bed with a smile on my face and still a hint of her odor in the room.