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Sudani sex story sudan sex story
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This is the final chapter of Solomon's Daughters but it is not the end of the story so I hope you will continue to read. Sorry for the long time for this post I simply didn't have free time to write. I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others. Solomon's Daughters: The Wedding Chapter 12 Liz was in the kitchen when he came upstairs and got a drink from the fridge.

"Where is everyone," he asked her. "They have taken control of your room and are figuring out what to wear for the wedding," was the reply. "Why aren't you in there with them," he asked curiously. She walked over and stood in front of him so close that their clothes brushed together.

She was staring directly into his eyes with a serious expression on her face and he stared back mesmerized by her beautiful green gaze. He saw her lips move but was so focused on her eyes that he didn't realized she had spoken for a few second. "What did you say," he asked after he realized she was waiting for an answer. Her lips quirked into a small smile. "Where are we having the wedding," she asked again repeating the question.

Anthony heard the words but as stood there and continued to stare into her eyes his brain worked sluggishly. "Old goblin throne room," he finally managed to say and by that time Liz was grinning loving into his eyes and his pulse was climbing with every second of eye contact that passed.

He took a step towards her and she stepped back away from him and turned to leave the room. "I'll go look and see how you decorated and then we'll spend the rest of the day managing the rest of the details. You need to go spend the night somewhere else you can't see us until tomorrow at the wedding we will call you with the details," she finish as she neared the door to the hall.

"Liz," Anthony said and she stopped and looked back at him. "Yes," she asked. "I love you," he told her and she smiled happily at him and her eyes misted over slightly. "I love you too," she said softly and exited the kitchen. Anthony stood there for a few minutes just thinking about the future and wondering what consequences his choices would bring. With a sigh he headed for the front door grabbing his key and the bag of jewelry he had made.

He got into his car and pulled out heading for Eternal Night and reached out and turned on the radio. He reached the club with no problem and found that Jenny had reserved a parking spot with his name on it, he pulled in and shut off the car before climbing out. He walked in through a side door using a key and headed for Jenny's office but she wasn't there and he turned to go and was nearly knocked from his feet when Kira plowed into his stomach.

"Anthony will you play with me," she asked. He smiled down at her and nodded and she clapped her hands and dashed off leaving him standing there to wait for her return. He didn't have to wait long and when she returned with her toys they commenced having a pretend tea party then they played a few board games.

Kira's eyes began to flutter closed and she crawled up into Anthony's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his stomach. He cradled her tiny form to his and lay back with her sleeping peacefully on his chest and slowly drift off so rhythm of soft breathing and the smell of strawberry shampoo drifting to him from her hair.

They remained in this position for a couple hours and that is how Jenny found them.

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"Kira," Jenny growled under her breath seeing the mess on the floor of her office. Then she froze when she saw the two figures on the floor next to the game that they had been playing. Anthony hand was tangled in Kira's hair and his other hand was resting lightly on the small of her tiny back.

Kira whimpered in her sleep as Jenny watched and Anthony rubbed his hand on her back up and down quieting her without even waking.

Jenny sighed and began cleaning the room then grabbed a blanket from the back of a lounge chair and covered the two sleeping figures before taking a seat at her desk and starting her paper work. Hours passed and night fell and Anthony and Kira didn't stir. With a yawn and a stretch Anthony woke with the rising sun. He carefully moved Kira onto the couch and covered her with the blanket that was lying across them.

He then headed out into the club looking for Jenny and found her scolding one of the bouncers. "Underage kids aren't allowed in and the ones over eighteen but under the drinking age are supposed to be marked on their right hand you know that," she growled at the tall man with wide shoulders and muscled arms nearly as think as one of Anthony's legs.

"What's up," Anthony said with a yawn as he walked up to Jenny. She shot him an irritated look but answered his question anyway.

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"This is Jake and last night he let in two sisters one was nineteen and the other seventeen. He didn't even mark either of them as underage. If Nathan at the bar hadn't thought they looked too young he would have served them and we could have been fined or lost our alcohol license.


What makes this so annoying is that this isn't the first time and Jake just says he understands but does what he wants anyway," Jenny said with frustration. "Then why don't you fire him," Anthony asked puzzled.

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With a start Jenny and Jake both looked at him in surprise. "Can I do that? And you know he is one of our people right," she asked.

"Jenny you are in charge here. The fact that he is one of my vampires doesn't mean he doesn't have to do his job. If you want to fire someone or change the drink menu or add to it do so. Anything that doesn't cost massive amounts of money is okay to do without my permission. If you get the urge to renovate the club that you need my permission for but short of that your word is law here," Anthony explained.

With his words a triumphant and malicious grin split here face flashing her fangs and Anthony realized her anger must have caused them to extend. She turned her attention back to the Jake who was not looking so confident now.

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"Jenny wait a minute.," he began but she raised a hand and cut him off. "You have repeatedly broken the rules and been late or not showed up for work at all without even calling in.

You are a crappy employee and I have seen nothing to tell me you might become better so your fire," she said sounding the lasted word with glee. Jake opened his mouth to protest but she glared him into silence. He turned to look at Anthony but found only indifference in Anthony's eyes and gritting his teeth in anger he turned and walked off into the back area of the club were the vampires that lived here were housed.

With a relieved she Jenny turned back to Anthony. "What can I help you with," she asked him. "First thanks for the blanket and second where can I get some food?

I am starving," he said. "You're welcome and head over to the bar I'll have who ever is on cooking duty today bring you some eggs and sausage," she said and walked off. Anthony walked through the crowd of people still moving around the club and was astounded that the club was as almost as busy during the day as at night. He made his way to the bar and hopped onto a stool that gave him a good view of the rest of the club. The bartender was now a tall blonde with small breasts and long blonde hair, so he figured Nathan had been replaced.

The blonde turned her ice blue eyes on him and smile a bright innocent smile that lit up her eyes with happiness. Her face was beautiful and with her eyes and smile made her look very young her body what slender but Anthony could see the muscles move slightly under her skin as she moved over to him. "What can I get you," she asked him. "Hi I'm Anthony, and you can get me your name," he said holding out his hand to shake her.

Her smile turned brittle around the edges but she took his hand and shook once before letting go. "I'm Tina, nice to meet you Anthony. What can I get you to drink," she asked him again. Just then a pudgy male vampire in an apron walked up with a tray and slid it in front of Anthony. "I'm the chef Carlos.

Jenny said to bring you something to eat, it's good to meet you sir," he said and shook Anthony's had exuberantly nearly shaking him of his stool. Carlos's wide grin was infectious and Anthony smiled back and thanked the large vampire for the food and he walked of back into the kitchen.

The blonde was still there staring at Anthony when he turned back to the bar. "Sir," she asked. "Anthony Caine, owner of The Eternal Night, at your service," he said. She looked surprised for a moment then she looked nervous.

"Don't worry about it I am not here to spy on you or judged your ability to do your job. If Jenny keeps you working here than your good enough for me. I simply can't go home at the moment so I am stuck here in the company of a Nordic beauty of a bartender," Anthony said with a grin and she blushed. Someone else called for a drink and she hurried away and Anthony dug into his breakfast. Anthony finished his meal and watched the dancers move on the floor and let the music flow through his mind washing away all thought and his worries.

He jerked in surprise when his cellphone vibrated in his pocket. "Hello," he answered after flipping it open and raising it to his ear. "Hi," Liz's voice came from the phone echoed by more feminine voices calling out greetings in the background.

Anthony paused and waited for her to speak but when she remained silent he spoke up. "Is something wrong," he asked. "No," she replied shortly. He again paused to let her continue but she once again remained silent.

This time he did not speak he just relaxed by leaning his elbows on the bar and listened to her soft breathing on the other end of the line. "Are you there," she asked after nearly five minutes of silence. "Yes," Anthony said. "Why don't you say something," she asked. "What would you like me to say? Why don't you talk? You called me remember," he shot back. "I called to tell you that the wedding will be at midnight tonight and to meet us in the old throne room," she said.

"I'll be there, I love you Liz," he said. "I love you too," she said back and hung up the phone. Anthony went back to Jenny's office and stretched out on the sofa and drifted off back into a deep sleep. At ten thirty Jenny found him sleeping there and shook him awake scolding him that he would be late for his own wedding.

He grinned at her and waved his hand down his body and hers and his clothes shimmered into a black tux and hers became the black dress she had been wearing the first time he had seen her. "Shall we go," he asked and held out an arm for her. The moment she took his arm Kira burst into the room dressed like a tiny gothic princess.

She wore a black hoop skirt white lace at the fringes and her blonde hair was artfully curled her lips and tiny finger nails were both painted black. "Can I go to see your wedding too," she begged grabbing a handful of Anthony's pants. He looked down into her pleading eyes and nodded before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her along with them.

They arrived at Anthony's house at eleven thirty and were met at the door by Wind. "Wait in the living room," she said and flitted off. Jenny followed after Wind with Kira in tow and Anthony sat down on the living room couch. "It's time," Wind said flying back into the room and motioning for him to follow her twenty minutes later. He stood and followed her wondering what would come next. He followed her into the basement and through the door into the old throne room and was astounded at the sight that met his eyes.

The huge room was packed with people, they stood shoulder to shoulder from one wall to the other with only a small isle leading from the door to the throne area. He looked around at all the faces in confusion. The faces elves, goblins, and vamps from his own coven looked back at him with smiles of congratulations. He walked slowly forward until he cleared the crowd and stood in a clear space where the throne once stood.

Carved into the stone of the floor was a large circle connecting eleven smaller circles. On the north side of the circle was a smaller circle and the other ten smaller circles were arranged in a semi-circle facing the one circle that was standing alone. The circle, set off by itself, had a straight line connecting it to each of the other circles. "Over here," Wind said and motioned for him to stand in the circle set apart from the others.

He complied without complaint and wondered what exactly the plan was. Suddenly in each of the other circles stood one of the women he loved dressed in black silk dresses. Their hair was each styled beautifully and they wore only enough make-up to accent their features.

One at a time they would have left his dazed by their beauty together all at once with no time to prepare he was stunned and speechless. His mouth was slightly agape and he stared at them mutely his eyes flicking from one to the other so fast he began to get dizzy. Liz stepped forward into the circle in front of her and the other followed her actions only a second behind her.

"This is a binding circle; we will perform the binding ceremony and be connected forever. This ceremony cannot be undone so be sure this is what you want before you agree," Liz said. She turned to face Sar-Rah who stood in the circle to the farthest left.

"Do you agree to be bound to Anthony as wife and as sister to all others who stand within this circle," she asked. The question sounded like some formal words of an old ceremony. "Yes," Sar-Rah replied. With a nod of her head Liz turned to Risa who stood next to Sar-Rah and repeated the question again. She went around the circle receiving an agreement each time and then she finally was facing Anthony again.

"We are all in agreement we wish to be bound and in turn bind you to us. Do you, big brother, accept us as your wives and then binding of you to us," she asked him. "Yes," he said without hesitation.

As soon as he agreed the circle on the floor flared a brilliant silver and rose up off of the floor leaving the stone untouched. The floating silver rings rose to chest level, then the circles that they had been standing in flattened and completed the larges circle. The floating circles that now connected them all began to glow golden then the silvers lines connecting each of the girls to Anthony shifted to gold as well.

With the color changes Anthony felt stirring in his mind and he began to sense the girls' emotions. It was a lot like the tie he had with the vampires except he was pretty sure this one went both ways. "Wow," Liz said and was echoed by a few of the others. The symbols flared golden in a blinding display and vanished without a trace. Anthony blinked the purple after images of the symbol from his eyes and looked over at the girls who were still looking a bit stunned.

He waved a hand and the bag that held his hard work appeared dangling from his fist. He walked to Liz and pulling out a jewelry box out of the bag he set the bag down and straightened. He then flipped out the box and pulled out the ring he had made for her.

It was a simple design because he may have had all the knowledge of a master jeweler but put knowledge into practice is still difficult for someone who has never practice a certain skill. The ring had an emerald the same color as Liz's eyes and was about the size of her thumb nail. The emerald had a border of diamond a centimeter thick and it was mounted on a gold band. "Anthony," she gasped when she saw the ring and tears filled her eyes as she held up her hand for him to slip the ring onto her ring finger.

She kissed him passionately and moved aside for one of the other girls. He gave them each a ring matching the color they eyes glowed when power flooded them except Galina and Linda. They received rings that actually matched the color of their eyes. After the last girls receive a ring and kissed him Sar-Rah moved over in front of Anthony stared at him solemnly. She reached to her neck and gripped a thin golden chain that seemed to appear out of nowhere. On the chain was a ring, a large ring obviously designed for a male hand.

"This was our father's signet ring. It was said to be given to him by an angel at the behest of God himself. I don't know whether that is true but it is a powerful artifact. With this ring my father enslaved the Djinn and eradicated all but the last of their species. I have carried it and protected it for nearly three thousand years in wait of my husband," she said and she slipped the ring onto Anthony's finger.

It was far too large even for Anthony's fingers but when it settled into place it tightened to a perfect fit. "All hail Anthony Caine, King of the Djinn," Sar-Rah said with a smile and room erupted in a roar of approval. The reception started with Sar-Rah grabbing Anthony's hand and pulling him to the open space.

With a waves of her black polished finger music brush from nowhere and filled the room and they began to dance. After Sar-Rah it was Liz, then Eliza and so the party went on well into morning and eventually the crowd thinned then dispersed completely as people staggered of home.

Anthony and the girls cleaned the throne room with a thought and made it to their bed before they all collapsed into it and fell instantly into sleep. The next morning they hopped on a plane headed for Hawaii a two week honey moon. The plane flight was uneventful and several hours after boarding they arrived at the airport. The girls were all excited about the beach and what they planned to do for the two weeks.

They rented a SUV and head to a nice hotel and got settled then separated the girls taking over the bedroom and leaving Anthony to change into his swim trunks in the living room. "Are you ready yet," he asked impatiently as giggles carried through the door. The door knob turned and they walked out. All of them were wearing bikinis of varying color except Linda who wore a one piece but the chest section had a diamond cut out of it showing her cleavage and it was backless, exposing her pale flawless back.

Sar-Rah's bikini was little more than a g-string and two tiny nipple covers that were tied to her body. Everyone else's bikini was pretty much standard. Galina was wearing a charm around her wrist that made her green skin human tan and her black teeth white but she still had the cat like fangs and her eyes were still a striking yellow color.

"Where is the rest of yours," he asked Sar-Rah with a raspy voice. All of the exposed female flesh was distracting him. "Don't you like it," she asked in a hurt voice that he knew for certain was a lie.

"You know full well that I do but you can't go out in public like that," Anthony replied struggling to focus and not be overwhelmed. Her face started to get a stubborn look on it that he didn't like but he got an idea.

"Please, will you change into one a little less revealing? For me? I won't be able to enjoy this trip if I spend the entire time watching you jealously. It's going to be bad enough with all of the male attention you're going to get just in a normal bikini," he asked pleadingly.

Her eyes softened as he looked into her eyes and pleaded with her. "Fine," she said with a sigh. With a wave of a hand the bikini grew to cover her breasts, the bottom part remained a g-string style but Anthony didn't argue farther. "Alright let's go," Anthony said and lifted a cooler onto his shoulder and a backpack on the other. They could just pull food out of the air but people might notice them doing that so the cool was to disguise their summoning of food and the backpack was the same for towels or anything else they might need.

They rode the elevator down and walked through the lobby catching the attention of every male in the room. Anthony fought back twinges of jealousy every time he caught someone staring at the girls and he said nothing.

Their hotel was only three blocks from the beach so they walked over, the remaining oblivious or at least pretending not to notice the stares of every man and some of the women that they passed.

"Towel," Liz demanded when they found a spot to sun bathe in. Anthony sat down the cooler and pulled out towel after towel from the bag for the girls and soon they were all stretched out in the sun. Anthony not wanting to sun bathe went a dozen feet or so from them and began to pile sand into a two foot mound surrounded by a six inch high circular mound of sand.

As he worked he became focused on what he was doing but not focused enough to watch a guy come and hit on one of the girls every few minutes.

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The girls quickly sent them on their way so his jealousy didn't grow into more than a twinge or two. Eventually guys topped approaching them and distracting him from his task so he was able to completely focus and time flew by as he packed sand. A few children began watching him then wanting to help they ran to the surf and filled a bucket with water every time the one he was using to dampen the sand ran out or be came to sand filled to use.

He formed the large lump into a two foot high tower with a wall and four towers only half as tall around the main tower.

He was vaguely aware that there were more people watching but he paid them no attention. After finishing he made the wall then using a flat shell he carefully carved lines where the stones of a real wall be filled together. After finishing the wall he form the space between tower walls and the outer wall into rolling hills dotted here and there by small house.

He worked then moved backward, until he was where he started, and then he connected the beginning field to the end and was finished. He stood digging his fists into the small of his back and bending slightly backward. He was rewarded with the popping of his spine and he groaned at the release of pressure. "Wow," Liz said from behind him. He spun so fast, in startled surprise, that he nearly fell over but Liz reached out a hand and steadied him.

"What," he asked her. It was only them that he noticed that his audience had grown into a small crowd of people and that some of them where taking pictures of what he made. "Yeah, there do seem to be a lot of people overly interested in a sand castle," he said not waiting for her answer. "Not that you goof," she said backhanding him in the stomach.

"That is the most amazing sand castle I have ever seen," she said gesturing at the tower. She ran back to where the towels were laid out and the other girls were all on their stomachs now.

Their smooth skin and the rise of their butts along with the glisten of sweat on their skin made his mouth go dry. He stared at them hungrily as Liz ran over and began talking to them rapidly while digging in the pile of her clothes. She found what she was looking for and turned and sprinted back toward him. The others rose from their towels as she finally reached him. "Found it," she said and flipped open her phone. She aimed the lens on the back at the castle then adjusted the distance so she could get all of it then snapped a picture.

She moved closer and began taking more detailed pictures of different things he had done. The others walked up and began examining the castle and the crowd backed up as if for some dangerous animal but didn't exhibit any fear.

Anthony raised an eyebrow at that but was distracted from his train of thought when arms wrapped around his neck and Sar-Rah's soft body pressed up against his and her mouth lightly pressed onto his.


"This is amazing," she said when she pulled back and was replaced by Galina. "I didn't know you were such a good artist," she said after kissing him passionately. He just barely managed to keep from nicking himself on her fangs.

Each of the girls offered him a kiss and praised his work in front of the crowd of on lookers. All of those guys they had turned down were staring at him with envy and hostility. Anthony's face was red with embarrassment from all of the attention and praise, and a little worried one of their admirers might start trouble. So with a shrug he wrapped an arm around Megan, who smiled up into his eyes, and Risa and began to move back to where their stuff was.

"Let's eat," he said sitting on the sheet he had laid out. He lifted off the lid of the cooler and began pulling out subs, chips, and soda for everyone.

They joked and laughed while they ate and then cleaned up the mess throwing the garbage back into the cooler. They then ran to the water and swam, after that they split into two teams and played volleyball in the sand and Anthony who was supposed to be referee watched all of the bouncing and giggling flesh instead of paying attention to the game so they couldn't tell who was winning.

After the game they rinse in the ocean then gathered their things and made the short walk back to the hotel. "You take a quick shower then wait for us in the bedroom," Liz said pushing Anthony toward the bathroom. He complied and was soon finished with his shower and they flooded into the bathroom as he exited.

He went and sat on the bed to wait for them to finish. He could feel them in them vaguely in the back of his mind thanks to the bonding; he had been sub-consciously blocking them so he wouldn't be overwhelmed with their minds.

He pictured the feeling of each girl like a sting on a violin. Now he reached into his mind let his consciousness touch one of the strings, the string seem to suck him in and the world tilted as he was now looking through eyes that weren't his own. Around the room in the shower and in the tub he could see everyone but Galina so he figured these were her eyes.

His deduction was confirmed when the eyes looked down so Galina could focus on scrubbing her green skin. "That castle was pretty amazing," Sar-Rah was saying while sitting in the tub next to Liz.

Anthony was amazed by the way Galina saw the world; it was like looking at the world through a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses. Galina didn't appear to notice him and the feeling of her running her hands over her body as she washed was a kind of blissful torture to Anthony. With an effort he pulled his mind from hers and was more prepared for the tilting sensation this time.


He experimented with trying to touch their minds without completely submerging into them and by the time the bathroom door opened for them to exit he could touch their mind separately or all at once without being pulling completely into their heads. He moved back into the middle of the bed and with a wave of his hand the king size bed grew almost double in size to allow everyone room.

"Who's first," he asked as they all crawled onto the bed. "It's up to you," Eliza said and sat cross legged. Anthony considered then looked into the faces of each of the others.

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"Alright I choose to do all of you at once," he said with a devilish smile. "Isn't that a little ambitious," Liz asked disbelievingly but he just grinned at her smugly. "Fine, if you can do us all at once we'll give you some kind of reward. Okay," she asked looking at all of the others who nodded in agreement. "What do I get," he asked confidently. Liz looked over at Eliza who seemed to understand the look and nodded before Liz turned back to him.

"It's a secret but I can guarantee you'll like it. It is something you have always wanted," she said with a happy expression on her face. "Fine," Anthony said and his hand shot out and gripped Megan's ankle. She squealed as he pulled her naked form across the bed until she was in front of him.

He went to all fours over her and crushed his mouth to her kissing her deeply. She tried to wrap her legs around his waist be he grabbed hold of them and forced them to stay spread, while straining with legs and back muscles to keep from slamming face first into Megan's face. He let go of one leg and using the hand steadied himself and returned to kissing her. He let his mind touch the string that was Megan in his head and he felt the sensations of the kiss from both sides.

He then used his mind to blanket the strings that were the others and ginger fed that feeling into their minds. He didn't push enough for them to notice but he could feel the small reactions in their minds and they began to get more aroused. His mouth pressed to Megan's kept him from grinning in triumph as he felt several of them fidget and shift in impatience.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road," Anthony said after pulling back from Megan and catching his breath. He looked around the circle of his wives and was pleased to see their skin flushed in excitement and their thighs glistening with a wetness that was not sweat. Reaching down he ran his fingers through Megan's wet pussy while she and the others watched in fascination. "Yum," he said after lifting his soaked fingers to his mouth and sucking them clean. Megan shuddered beneath him and a few of the others moaned at his action, but all of them were transfixed as he positioned his cock at her hot, silky entrance.

He pushed just a little in not even getting the head in then pulled out again, he continued this for a few moments. Megan was groaning in frustration and trying to thrust up at him but his hands were gripping her hips tightly and keeping her ass pinned securely to the bed.

The girls around were also become impatient as they could feel a small shadow of what Megan was feeling. "Shall we begin," he asked Megan who nodded vigorously in response to his question. "Beg me," he demanded continuing his torturous prodding.

"Please," Megan cried out. "Please, what," he asked with and evil grin. She let out a wordless scream and grabbed his hands to try and pry them away from her hips so she could thrust at him. But her Djinn strength no was longer an advantage over his and she couldn't budge his hands. "Please fuck me? Ram your cock into my pussy hard and make me cum," she cried out when she couldn't free herself.

The sound of such erotic words coming from the innocent tempered Megan nearly made him cum with just the images they invoked. "As you wish," he said. Using his mind he took all of Megan's sensations and his own and fed them into the stings that where the others. They would now feel everything he felt and what Megan felt.

Megan would feel what it would be like if she could have sex with herself.

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Before the confusion cleared and they could figure out what was happening he slammed forward into Megan's hot tight body. Her cried of pleasure was echoed by nine other female voices. He was holding himself back from feeling Megan's pleasure and theirs as well to try and keep from ending the fun too soon.

"What is that feeling," Megan whimpered out between her gasps for air. Anthony leaned down and put his face close to her ear and nibbled on the rim before he spoke.

"It is my physical sensations. It's what your body feels like to have sex with," he said. At his words she shuddered beneath him and her inner muscles gripped him so tightly it was nearly painful. "So tight," Megan screamed as she came. Anthony continued to pound into her not give her anytime to recover. "That is my line," he said with a chuckle causing her moan louder as she writhed beneath him. He sped up his thrusting staring into her half open eyes as she panted. As he got closer to his own release he straighten until he was kneeling holding her hips so he didn't fall out.

When he was fully up on his knees still buried fully in her, her hips gripped tightly in his hands her back was no longer touching the bed. Only her shoulders and head were on the bed. The position made her body automatically grip him tightly as if to hold her so she couldn't fall. "Hey.," she but was cut off by her own scream of pleasure when he pulled out and slammed back into her as hard as he could. He began to thrust hard and fast into her pulling her body almost completely off his as he withdrew then jerking her onto him as he thrust forward.

Her screams and moans were echoed though he was no longer focused on anything except pleasing the woman on him and himself. With a final thrust and a grunt of effort let loose inside her and her mouth open in a silent scream of release as her tight tunnel rippled around his cock.

Her nails ripped into the skin of his forearms, where she was gripping for balance, and raked long furrows from his elbows almost to his wrists. He barely even noticed the pain as she shredded his skin.

"God," he muttered and let go of her hips. She let out a yip of surprise at the fall and shuddered as the feel of him pulling from her ran through her. He looked around and noted that all of the others were laying wet spots and that some of them seemed to have passed out.

He grinned and gripped Megan's shoulders and rolled them so she was lying on his chest. She snuggled her face into his neck kissed he there and he wrapped his arms around her back and locked his hands together and they drifted peaceful into see.

"Anthony, Anthony, wake up dammit," was the wakeup call he received the next morning. "What's wrong," he asked sitting up. Megan was straddling his legs and sobbing as if someone had died. He leaned his weight onto one of his arms and flinched as pain shot up his arm to his shoulder. He brought his arm into view and he whistled at the long tears in his skin.

His other arm had the same ache of pain and when he looked at it he could see that she have given him matching sleeves of claw marks. He reached out and pulled Megan onto his lap ignoring when she tried to pull away for him. "Shh, it's okay, sweetie," he said trying to console her.

"I hurt you," she gasped out between sobs. "Not really, they don't hurt that much. And beside I am very proud of them," he said and she quieted a little. "You are," she asked.

"Yes I am glad I could please you enough to make you lose control enough to mark me," he said and her sobs faded off and she drifted back to sleep in his lap. He softly laid her down and she rolled onto her stomach and it was only then that he noticed that she was covered in his blood.

Kylie came and sat next to him and gave him a sweet kiss before pulling back. "Thanks for soothing her. She was convinced that you would hate her and not want to have sex with her anymore. Do you want me to heal those," she said and started to reach for his arms.

"I could never hate any of you, and no just get me some gauze to wrap them with if you could please," Anthony replied. "Looks like I win," Anthony said to Liz and Eliza, gloating while Kylie summoned gauzes out of nothing and began wrapping his arms.

"You'll get your reward when we get home," Liz said with a smile. "Thanks," he said to Kylie when she finished tending to his arms. The rest of their honeymoon was spent much the same way. They played together all day and took turns with Anthony at night or he would please them all at once. The two weeks flew by and before they knew it, it was time to go back home. "All right everyone, prepare yourselves, when we get back the real work begins," Anthony said as they boarded the plane.

"We will start trying to contact the rest of the supernaturals and trying to bring them to town peacefully. And then to form an alliance between us all," he continued. They all nodded as they took their seats and the minutes later the plane took off and carried them back home.