Reality group of amateurs get down for a good time on the floor

Reality group of amateurs get down for a good time on the floor
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Double Trouble Part IV When we got to their house, Ellen was busily working away putting things in order and getting the moving trash organized for the trash pickup tomorrow morning. She was also in a great mood&hellip.having gotten a call from an old girlfriend, Pilar, who was coming to town for a few days to visit and wanted to spend some time with Ellen and Jennifer.

When Jennifer heard the news she was in orbit& excited to see their friend Pilar again. Pilar was from Spain and had become Ellen's best friend and Jennifer's godmother when Ellen and Pilar were attending classes at our local university.

We settled into a comfortable Sunday afternoon routine&hellip.I think everyone was pretty much drained from the last few day's activities. WE fixed a light supper&hellip.piled up on the couch and watched a movie. At about 9:00, I took my leave, kissing both my girls a fond goodnight and headed for home. I was scheduled to work the next three days&hellip.opening the store at 6:00 am tomorrow&hellip.and I really needed a good night's sleep.

The next couple of days I gave Ellen, Jennifer, and Pilar some space&hellip.wanting them to enjoy their reunion. Apparently they were having a great time as I heard little from them for the next two days. On the third day I arrived home to find a note stuck in the screen of my side door&hellip.inviting me to join the ladies for an evening of "food and fun." While I was hungry…I confess I was much more interested in the potential for "fun" than the dining possibilities.

I took time to take a shower and change clothes…then I headed next door.

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I decided to walk as it was just a few hundred feet so I didn't make much noise when I arrived. I knocked on the side door&hellip.and when nobody answered I let myself in and went down the hallway in search of my girls and the lovely Pilar.

Given that Pilar was best friends with Ellen, I tried not to be too obvious about checking her out.


But good god…there was soooo much to look at. Pilar was a complete contrast to Ellen and Jennifer&hellip.where they were fair and blond…Pilar was tall, dark and sultry&hellip.with breasts that seemed to be alive inside whatever top she was wearing, and legs that seemed to go on forever.

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Dark haired and brown eyes, she was the type of woman that makes you hard at first glance. Pilar seemed to ooze sexuality without trying…and with her world class, heart melting smile.well…she was "all that!" As I moved quietly down the hallway toward Ellen's bedroom I began to hear sounds that told me that the girls were involved in something that they were enjoying a lot!

The closer I got to Ellen's bedroom door the louder the sounds and the harder my cock grew.


I stopped at the doorway and carefully looked inside, trying not to interrupt the goings on. As took in the site before me I was simply blown away. I had to look twice to be sure of what I was seeing.

The first thing that caught my eyes was Pilar" tanned ass&hellip.facing toward me…her cleanly shaven cunt swollen and shiny with her juice. Her ass was in the air…and her mouth was panted squarely on Jennifer's pussy&hellip.Jennifer had her eyes squeezed shut and was trying to push Pilar's face even deeper into her sweet little cunny. I groaned softly&hellip.remembering the honey like taste of Jennifer in heat…and wished it was my tongue instead of Pilar's that was harvesting her sweet nectar.

Perhaps the most exciting site was that of Ellen, standing at the foot of the bed, stroking a large, pink, rubber cock that was strapped to her slender hips by a black leather harness.

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Ellen was wearing a strap on&hellip.and judging from the open black leather bag lying in the floor I was sure from where it had come. As I watched&hellip.Ellen got onto the bed on her knees and moved behind Pilar. Ellen rubber the dildo against Pilar's dripping pussy&hellip.parting her labia, and then slipping the tip of the rubber cock into her cunt.

When Pilar felt the dildo slip into her pussy she looked back over her shoulder at Ellen&hellip.and that's when she saw me, standing in the doorway&hellip.cock in hand stroking it steadily.

Ellen, sensing my presence also looked around and found me with her lust glazed eyes, flushing in mixture of intense desire and embarrassment. "Go ahead Ellen&hellip.fuck her&hellip.I know you want to and Pilar wants it too& it baby!" I then moved into the room and watched as my lover Ellen assumed the dominant role with her friend and slid the thick pink dildo into Pilar's bald cunt.

As Ellen began to thrust her hips back and forth&hellip.fucking Pilar, I stoked my cock in time to her thrusting& a way it was almost like Ellen's strap-on was an extension of my throbbing cock and it was me that was fucking the sultry Pilar.

I was so focused on Ellen and Pilar that I almost did not hear Jennifer calling to me…"Daddy…come here Daddy…pleeeaaasssee!!!!" I tore my eyes from the juncture of Pilar's cunt and Ellen's dildo finding my darling Jennifer&hellip.eyes wide&hellip.holding her arms out to me. Removing the rest of my clothes I moved toward the head of the bed, my passions further enflamed by the beauty and wanton appearance of my teen aged lover. I leaned down and kissed her as Pilar…now fully captivated by Ellen and her strap-on&hellip.moved away from Jennifer&hellip.revealing a small vibrator protruding from Jennifer's asshole.

As I sat on the edge of the bed…I took the humming vibrator in hand and began moving it in and out of Jennifer's ass& she leaned over toward me and sucked my oozing cockhead into her small mouth. I groaned loudly as Jennifer cupped my balls in her hand and began to knead them…as Ellen whispered "take her Daddy…she's been waiting for you all afternoon!" I climbed onto the bed, withdrawing my drooling cock from her mouth, and turned her onto her stomach&hellip.lifting her ass high& her blond head pressed against the mattress.

It was then that I becam aware of the tube of lubricant on the bedside table…I grabbed it and began lubricating my cock as I pushed the vibrator deeper into Jennifer's ass than ever&hellip.she moaned loudly in a mixture of pain and pleasure. "Daddy…fuck my ass Daddy, I want it so bad!" "Oh baby, Daddy wants it too&hellip.are you ready for my big cock?" "Yyyyyeeeesssss" Jennifer hissed!

Pulling the vibrator out of Jennifer I was pleased to see how gapped open she was&hellip.ready for me to take her anal cherry…I was shaking with pure lust as I placed my gooey cockhead against her puckered hole and thrust sharply&hellip.causing the head of my cock to "pop" through her anal sphincter and into her ass for the first time.

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Jennifer cried out and I could feel her anal ring clamp down&hellip.tensing against the invading monster. I remained perfectly still…reaching under her to caress her slit and telling her to relax&hellip.that Daddy would never hurt her.

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"I know Daddy&'s just so big" she sighed. I began slowly rocking back and forth& big hands on her slender hips guiding her as I gently worked more and more of my rigid cock into her rear entrance.

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After a few minutes I could feel her relax and a few minutes later Jennifer began pushing herself back on her Daddy's cock. At that point I became aware of Pilar and Ellen&hellip.watching us intently …Ellen's dildo still buried inside Pilar&hellip.the two of them slowly, sensually fucking as they watched me take Jennifer's anal virginity.

God&hellip.I was fucking going crazy! Wanting on the one hand to fuck Jennifer like an animal and on the other wanting her to really learn to enjoy anal loving…just as I had taught her mother to do. Finally I could not hold back any longer and I began to fuck Jennifer's tender young ass with long hard strokes&hellip.the feeling on my cock gliding inside her bowels was so sensual&hellip.I knew I was going to cum&hellip.and cum very very hard&hellip.very very soon!

"Ohhhhh fuck Daddy&hellip.yeeesss&hellip.fuck my ass…fuck me hard Daddy!" At that point Jennifer's words were all it took to drive me over the top&hellip.I dug my fingers into her flesh and shoved the full length of my cock into her ass&hellip.exploding with incredible force, pumping her ass full of my hot cum! Jennifer howled her release and squeezed my cock hard as I gushed ropes of cum, shoving my throbbing cock into her ass over and over. Finally I collapsed on top of her&hellip.both of us spent& cock still in her ass& we were serenaded by the sounds of Ellen and Pilar reaching the own climaxes as Ellen pounded her dildo into Pilar as they came screaming and thrashing on the mattress beside us.

A few minutes later I opened my eyes and looked up to find Pilar smiling at me. She then crawled over to me, her eyes locked with mine, licking her pouty lips sensually and kissed me deeply.

"That was so beautiful to see, you are such a good Daddy" she whispered. "I wish I had a Daddy like you." I kissed her back. "Thanks, you and Ellen are pretty exciting to watch, too." "Maybe with the little one asleep…the three of us can do more than watch each other." "I think I'd like that idea a lot Pilar, sinking my tongue in your gorgeous pussy sounds very appealing, if Ellen is okay with it." Ellen chimed in "Ellen is fine with it, as long as you fuck me like an animal afterward!" "Ummmm, is that a challenge" I asked?

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"Bet your ass it is Daddy!" Then Ellen grabbed me around the neck, and kissed me passionately. Life was fucking perfect! How lucky can one horny old guy get? A little later I carried Jennifer to her room and tucked her into bed.

I stood beside the bed and looked at her for a long time&hellip.she looked so innocent&hellip.and was such a little slut&hellip.but she is my slut&hellip.and that's all that Daddy cares about. I kissed her softly and returned to her mother's bedroom and the waiting arms of Ellen and Pilar.

As I entered Ellen's bedroom the two girls were spooning…with Ellen behind Pilar and the large pink dildo protruding from between Pilar's legs. Both were looking at me in a way I can only describe as the way a hungry cat looks at a mouse…trying to decide if they were gonna play with me before they ate me… or not? Frankly, I figured there were worse ways to die so I jumped into bed beside Pilar and began exploring her breasts and pussy with my hands and lips.

Pilar and I were kissing passionately while Ellen was stoking Pilar's fire by rubbing the dildo back and forth between her pussy lips allowing her juices to lubricate the rubber toy. I slowly began working my lips down Pilar's squirming body&hellip.stopping long enough to suckle her nipples and bite them hard enough to make her suck in her breath and then whimper in delight, before crossing her heaving stomach and making my way to the top of her slit, flicking and licking her clit as Ellen "dry fucked" her from behind.

I flipped around on the bed&hellip.allowing Pilar to deep throat my aching cock. I then repositioned Ellen's gooey dildo between Pilar's ass cheeks as I began to lash her pussy with teeth, tongue, lips and fingers. Ellen's hands were squeezing Pilar's breast tightly as she whispered passionately in her friend's ear "want Daddy's cock in your cunt slut…is that what you want?" Pilar pulled away from sucking my cock long enough to choke out "fuck yesss, I need Daddy's big hard cock in my little pussy!" "Daddy…this little slut needs a real cock now…are you gonna fuck her Daddy?

Pleeeaaasseee?" What was there to do besides roll onto my back& Pilar on top of me and smile happily as Ellen took my dripping cock in hand and guided it into Pilar's gushing cunt! Pilar immediately impaled herself on my rigid pole and began bouncing up and down at a furious pace…screaming "fuck me Daddy&hellip.fuck this little girl's pussy&hellip.fuck it good Daddy!" Ellen, who was by this time about as sexually frustrated as is possible quickly moved around and straddled my face, settling her dripping pussy onto my mouth while begging me to eat her 'til she couldn't stand it anymore.

I did my best…I licked, tongue fucked and with a free had massaged her clit roughly until I thought she would break the sound barrier with her screams of "harder Daddy&hellip.harder plllleeeaasseeeee!" At that moment I felt Pilar land on my cock harder than ever…driving my throbbing swollen cock into her balls deep as she climaxed and flooded my crotch with her cum.

Her cunt was contacting like a vise on my cock and when she began pulsing her muscle contractions, I simply exploded into her shooting a huge load of semen up and into her womb.

I wondered for a second if Pilar was "safe" but quickly decided that I really didn't care if she was or not! That thought alone seemed to make me cum even longer than usual.

One of the things I love about fucking is watching a woman's face as I make her cum. The display of raw sexual energy and passion is thrilling to see and if I haven't cum already, always sends me off, big time!Unfortunately, due to having Ellen's cunt in my face I couldn't watch Pilar cum&hellip.that was the bad news.

The great news was that as Pilar came&hellip.Ellen did too and I was treated to a cum bath from my lover's pulsing pussy. I never tire of drinking Ellen's juices…or causing them for that matter! The next few minutes are a bit of a blur. I'm not sure who did what but when things began to make sense again we were all in a pile of interlocking arms and legs, Ellen was kissing my face softly and my cock was still buried in Pilar's incredible silken pussy.

We were all adrift in that glorious post coital bliss that I never seem to get enough of. I chuckled to myself, kissed the girls, told them goodnight, and then fell exhausted into a deep dreamless sleep.