Two Giant Blacks for Blonde

Two Giant Blacks for Blonde
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Your feedback would be most appreciated. Enjoy. *** Chapter 1 I was on the phone when Mrs Fairley stepped out of her office, walked up to my desk and cut the line. She plonked a bottle of vodka in my lap. "Come on girls. I think we're done with work for the year," she said in her thick British accent waving a cigarette in the air.

She called us all girls as a kind of tongue-in-cheek derogatory thing. I suppose it got her off to some degree. By the look of things, and the half-empty bottle, she had already knocked back a few shots.

She brushed my legs of the desk and sat down on it's edge. "Somebody find some cups and, Eren, my love," she looked to me indicating toward the vodka, "pour that bad boy out." She placed her bare foot between my legs. "Massage me, my feet are aching," she frowned. "Mrs Fairley!" Candyce Kristensen exclaimed from across my desk, clearly surprised and a little amused at our boss' abrupt nature. "Catelyn, darling." She turned to look in her direction. "Today I'm just Catelyn.

Or Cat, if you'd rather." "Cat," Peter Gillian said from around the cubicle as he strolled over, "let me get that for you," he offered looking at her foot. My wife always says I should have become a chiropractor," he stated with a wide grin. "Oh, you kind soul. Your hands would be most pleased to enjoy my feet," she joked as she swung her feet away from me and into his hands.

I offered no protest as I handed my chair over to Peter as Mrs Fairley whimpered 'oohs' and 'ahs' through Peter's kneading. I moved across to sit on Candyce's desk. Mrs Catelyn Fairley was known to be quite the hard ass, which was why her sudden change in attitude garnered Candyce's shocked attention. She was always a stern lady, riding us along as if she had a giant stick up her ass. A women in the real estate business certainly wasn't uncommon. But she was the manager of our company: Real Homes.

A company in the business usually dominated by egotistical males in their midlife crises not shy to flash out their viagra loaded cock's amongst each other just to show who's got the biggest dick. And Mrs Fairley had a knack of winning that competition every single time.

"So, Cat," I tested the foreign name out,"What is this we're celebrating?" "Do we need an occasion to get drunk, my child?" she contested. "Just pour the god damn thing!" Peter was already raiding the cabinets for paper cups. "Why can't you ever find anything in here when you need it?" He said in more of a statement than anything else. "Amateurs!" Mrs Fairley got up, grabbed all our coffee mugs and poured lavishly, spilling most of it on the carpet.

Peter grabbed two mugs, handing one to Candyce as Mrs Fairley handed over one to me. Mrs Fairley raised the bottle to the air. "To us, and our last day together!" "Wait! What?" Candyce interrupted her toast.


"Last day?" "Yes." she confirmed. "As you don't know - until now, that is, you all should have known last month or so, my dear Edwin (her husband and owner of the company) and his merry directorate arseholes decided to keep it from you - they have sold the business, girls," she paused and looked at all of us,"to our rivals.

"So, as of Monday, all of you will be out of your comfy jobs, and as I'm pretty sure, some of you will be suing us. But rest assured, you'll be paid out in full." "Cheers," Candyce said unenthused with the sudden dire news as she raised her mug to Mrs Fairley's bottle.

"That's the spirit, my lovely Candy Girl!" she affirmed. "Cheers," Peter and I said in unison as we looked at one another with empty expressions. Cheers to the unknown future. After quite a few shots Peter and Mrs Fairley were looking pretty glazed over.

Candyce was still bright and sprightly. She was seasoned in the arts. Often she would come to work in the morning after a late night clubbing and drinking with her husband and his friends yet she still manged to pull off looking as fresh as a daisy. You could tell without knowing her history that she was experienced. Experienced in many arts. Especially the carnel ones. She was a sex goddess.

Half the staff had stories about her past.

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And half the staff wanted to be in the stories of her future. She was a vixen with a full ass and thighs that drove you mad with desire. Even fully clothed, she could bust your nut with just the right look. And boy, did she know how to look. She flaunted it well. And she wasn't shy to show it off. And neither was she likely to shy away from a dirty conversation. In fact, more times than most, she was the one in the middle of nearly every filthy chat in the office.

And now, with a few shots down, she seemed to be in her element changing up our gloomly conversation into something depraved, dotted with filthy sex jokes and even filthier girl talk.

Peter and I were loving it as they went on about their most intimate details. The alcohol seemed to ease their demeanor in front of Peter and I. But Peter had this glazed look in his eyes that was all so wrong as he looked at both Candyce and Mrs Fairley - this glazed look wasn't the alcohol.

Peter was a weird guy. The one everyone avoided in the office. He would always try his hardest to suck up to all the higher up's. He wasn't an ugly looking guy, but he was older. And height wasn't in his favor. Nearly everyone seemed to look down on him, literally and figuratively. But he had big ideas and you should never mock anyone, no matter who they were, when they had big plans.

He was after all the top selling salesman in the building, and he's smooth talking skills ensured he held the title every year. The girls were talking about their latest sexcapades, and I was shocked to her Mrs Fairley's revelations. None of them involving her husband. And a few involved other women. Peter joined in about his one encounter in a devil's threesome. That is, to say, when two men spit roast one girl between them.

And it seemed to hook Mrs Fairley in as I got a text. It withdrew my attention from the group as I scrolled through my phone. The text was from Candyce, and it was a picture. When I opened the file I grinned, flashing my teeth at Candyce. The file contained a clear view of Peter with his hand inside his unzipped pants while standing against the cubicle to talk to Mrs Fairley. All she could see was his head.

But, unbeknownst to him, and unfortunately for Candyce, she had a complete view of him in profile. I raised my phone to take a photo of Candyce. She was watching me the entire time so she struck a pose and raised her hand to her mouth in an inverted peace sign with her tongue sticking out. The flash of my phone when off and Candyce laughed as Mrs Fairley and Peter turned their attention towards me.

I cursed at my stupidity. "What's going on between you two?" Mrs Fairley asked as she looked over to Candyce. "Nothing," she laughed. "Oh, come on, do share." Peter urged pulling his hand out of his pants. Mrs Fairley immediately snatched the phone from my hands. She saw my pic of Candyce and raised her eyebrow at me. She began going through my texts with her.


"Oh my!" Said exclaimed, shocked and surprised with some of the things that we discussed. Candyce was an old friend of mine long before we started working together. Not many in the office knew that.She was a year below me in our school days, but we only really got close after working together. She was the only person I knew when I started the job, so naturally I drifted towards her.

Plus, she was hot. Not really model hot, but she could carry her own. She had a killer body to boot. Throughout school she was the scrawniest girl I knew. But after she pushed out two kids she really started filling out her form.

Especially around her ass and thighs. I'm an ass man, so I knew a good ass when I saw one. And hers was epic. She was a definite MILF! And god, did she drive me horny. We would have the most explicit conversations together, and when we'd get home, the texts would start.

She wouldn't hide it from her husband. He seemed to trust her very easily. I never really flirted outright, and most of our chats were sort of 'coded' between us.

So I wasn't too worried if he saw anything. It was more of a play flirt between us than anything else. I never crossed the line with her but I knew the most depraved things she'd done. I knew more of her sexual appetite than her husband did. But the lines between us were almost entirely friendly. I knew she though I was not.

I knew she liked me.

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But I also I knew she'd never cross that line. Even though I knew she cheated on her husband once already. To this day she isn't really sure who the father of her second kid is. That fact haunts her. So I knew she was a sexual deviant. A wanton sex goddess. And I wanted it bad. But only if she was willing to cross that line first. Mrs Fairley handed the phone back to me. "We will not go there." I accepted the phone, much to Peter's demur expressions and questions on what it was all about.

But Mrs Fairley quickly shut him up. "Pour us another round, will you Eren, hunny." "We're all out, I'm afraid." "And we were just getting started," she said. "Relax, guys. Candice to the rescue," she said as she swop ugly her chair back to open her draw and pulled out a bottle of brandy. "Oh, Candy! God only knows how much I love you." She gripped the bottle from her and poured it out.

"This is going to royally fuck us over," she said in reference to the vodka/brandy combination. Who keeps a bottle in their desk draw, I thought as I looked over at Candyce with a frowned expression. She knew what was on my mind and she just winked back at me. Halfway through the bottle and Mrs Fairley and Peter were practically flirting with each other in front of us.

They were both now sitting on my desk as we watched them. Peter was the first to make a move on his boss. I poured another drink for Candyce and myself as their conversation died. I stopped when Candyce gripped my leg. My attention locked onto Peter as he was lip locked with Mrs Fairley, his hand between her legs - his fingers massaging ever so slightly. We looked on in amazement as time froze between the two of us. Peter slipped Mrs Fairley's panty aside and rubbed at her clit. Mrs Fairley was hairy down there, but her juices were flowing.

"Oh my god! Your desk!" Candyce whispered. "It's not like I'm using it anymore." I joked. Peter pulled Mrs Fairley's underwear down to her knees as my boss pushed herself back to completely sit on my desk bare assed. Peter knelt before her between her legs and dived right into her hairy mess. The slurping and sucking noises broke my attention as I handed Candyce her drink. Her hand was still on my leg.

"Let's leave them alone for a bit," she suggeste as she removed her hand. I agreed and got up. Candyce followed me. But stopped halfway and turned back, hushing me to carry on. I was halfway down the office stairs when Candyce grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit with her.

She had brought the bottle with and had a panty in her hand. "Are you so wet you had to take them off?" I whispered, my eyes on her white frilly panty. "God no! These are Mrs Fairley's. Besides, I'm not wearing any," she winked. "Oh!" I said, raising my eyebrows with a smirk on my face.

"But, what the hell are you doing with them?" "I don't know. Thought you'd like them, haha!" She joked. I shrugged and pulled my face. "No?

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Not even a momento on your last day?" "I don't think I need a momento to remember this day," I said. Candyce laughed and subconciously smelled the garment.

"You're disgusting," I teased. "Don't act like you don't love it." She said. "Her sex actually smells pretty good." She brought it to my nose and I took a whiff. "There's pubes in it." I said and we laughed again. Mrs Fairley moaned loudly from the cubicles at the back. "Is this really happening?" Candyce asked. "It happening," I said, shrugging my shoulders again.

"No, I mean, our jobs. What are we going to do." "I don't know. Can't really think about it now. This is all just such a mind fuck." "I know, right.

I mean, I got kids to think of." She leaned into me as she trailed off, her head resting on my shoulder as she drank from the bottle in the silence between us and the moans from the back room. I pulled out my phone and showed her the picture I took. She laughed emphatically. She was so enchanting, I thought to myself. "It's not that funny." "Oh, yes it is!" She objected. "I mean, who takes creep shots with the flash on! Hahaha!" "Oh, shut up." "It's a good pic. Stunning model." "I have to agree," I said.

She smiled back at me, " I love how is says 'Real Ho'" she laughed again. "What do you mean?" I asked, confused. "Did you even see it?" She asked referring to the pic. "Look at the sign outside the window." I peered into my phone again. It seemed her chair was in the perfectly aligned position in conjunction with the company logo outside the window to give a mug shot of her head along side the words: 'Real Ho'.

It was preordained, I thought! "Happy coincidence," I laughed. "So apt though," she said looking at me with her held tilted back, her hair trailing above the stairs as she propped herself up by her elbows.

Her breasts lay splayed apart in her form fitting dress. She looked so desirable in that moment, the sun glaring in from the outside doors giving her appearance a heavenly ambiance. "So, you're really not wearing any panties?" "Haa!" She laughed looking up at the ceiling then turning to face me. "I knew you were gonna ask that." There was a pause before she asked me, "What do you think?" She spread her knees apart.

That single action was so sexy in my eyes it made my cock grow hard. I couldn't tell as her thin red dress covered her to her hips then broke out into frills before her knees.

It hugged her curves and left little to the imagination as I eyed her up an down. I strained my eyes to see the detail in her dress. The low cut between her breasts and her hard nipples poked through indicating that she wasn't wearing a bra and the dress was tight around her frame.

"I can't make out your panty line, but it doesn't look like you have any lingerie on." I settled with that as my answer. She grinned at me with her lower lip between her teeth then turned to face the outside glass door as it seemed she was looking outside lost in another thought. I slowly drank in the sight of her fine form before I subconciously looked out the door as well. What I saw dropped my jaw to the floor. In the reflective image of the mirrored doors I could clearly see her shaved pussy.

It was glistening wet and sumptuous. She was eyeing me out the entire time. My head snapped back at her. She had that same grin with her lip between her teeth.

So sexy. I don't know if it was the alcohol or my long sustained passion for her but I couldn't take it anymore. I swung towards her, gripping her arm and pulled her into me as I threw my tongue into her mouth and kissed her wildly. She kissed back matching my enthusiasm. After a session of frantic mouth to mouth, tongue on tongue action we paused to look at each other. Our eyes locked together as our minds were in sync on our flagitious moment.

Her face was covered in my spittle, as well as mine in hers. She was the most sexiest minx in my eyes and I wanted her completely. Our lips locked again but this time we were attacking each other's clothes off in a frenzy. She managed to unbuckle my belt and grip my cock in her hands. Her clammy hands felt so good wrapped around my throbbing member.

I gyrated my hips as she held me tight, my dick squirming in her soft hands. I tried in vain to slip off her shoulder straps but the dress was so form fitting it was impossible.

In my passion I ripped at the front cut of her dress between her breasts. Her tits popped out revealing two generous handful mounds. I buried my face in them sucking her pert nipples into my mouth. She had these large arieolas that looked so inviting. I slobbered all over them as she broke out in a fit of giggles. Her legs found their way around my waist as I shifted my attention back to her face licking up her neck line and locking onto her tongue once again.

As they wrestled with each other, she guided my cock into her wet vagina. My seven inches slipped in effortlessly as I gripped her love handles. I began to fuck her with deep hard strokes.

"Ooh, stop. Stop!" I kept going. But she pushed me back, "Stop, dammit." She shouted. "What?" I pleaded confused. "My back. These fucking stairs!" She shifted around onto all fours. I climbed up behind her and inserted myself into her once again. I began slowly this time, but then she pleaded with me, "Faster!" I smirked. I thrusted in hard. "Faster!" She stated with a guttural ferociousness.

I liked this side of her. I began to pile drive into her pussy from behind. This time she didn't detest my action, but began moaning in pleasure as she propped herself up with one hand while the other worked at her clit. Her juices started to flow shortly after, turning our wild fuck into a cacophony of beastly sounds as wet flesh slapped against wet flesh.

I grabbed her hair and torqued her into me as she gritted her teeth and grunted. My other hand found her tit as I rested on top of her while my pelvis thrusted in and out with a mind of it's own. "Oh, fuck.

Fuck yeah! This. Is. Sooooo. Good." I whispered into her ear between thrusts. "Is that the best you can do, maggot?" She said turning to face me. I pulled her hair harder and she yelped as I thrusted one more time but much more heavily.

The weight of it was too much for her arm to bare as her body slammed into the stairs, her tits squishing against the harsh carpet. I forced her head down as I gripped her ass with my other hand and pounded her. My fingers sunk into her ample ass as my sweat dripped off my face and onto her butt cheeks. My eyes focused on her brown puckered asshole as the sweat trailed down the sensual curve of her ass and dissapeared into the crevices of her her wrinkled ring.

I felt I was about to cum. But I couldn't now. So I pulled out. "That all you got, you weak cunt?" She said, her voice muffled from under my hand that clasp against her. She was perspiring too, as if we both we in a sauna. "We'll see who's the weak cunt when you cum like a crazed whore, bitch!" I stated as I buried my face into her propped out ass as my other two hands worked at her pussy and clit. "Oh, my god!" She gasped as she tried to grip onto the carpeted stairs. She bit onto the edge of one of the stairs, my tongue flicking as deep as it could within her anal walls.

A muted scream and grunt came from Candyce as torrent after torrent of juices started flowing from her gaping canal. I let her orgasm drain out for a bit as she lay on the stairs in spasms of ecstasy. A faint whimper escaped her mouth as she heaved in short breaths. After a brief moment, I pulled her up by her hair. "Your job's not done, whore." I said as I flung her over and around as she swiveled on her soft ass so that her feet were towards the top of the stairs.

I straddled her face. Her mouth opened up accepting my cock as I inserted it into her. Her eyes opened wide as she took my fully erect cock down to the base. My balls slapped against her nose and cheeks as I methodically fucked her mouth to orgasm. I shot rope after rope down her gullet as I gripped her hips. I kissed her full on her gapping pussy before she spat out my flacid cock.

I sucked her loose lips into my mouth one last time before I lay over to the side. "I'm disappointed." She said. "What?" I asked between gasps of air, surprised. "One thing I love about sex is actually eating cum. I didn't even get to smell it." "Next time.

Promise," I gasped. "Haa!" She laughed. We both rested a while in the euphoria of our lust as we recovered. I slowly began to pull my pants up and tuck my shirt in.

I helped Candyce up as she stood on shaky legs, her dress still stuck above her waist line.

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I bent over to pull down her dress and noticed her knees where rubbed raw from carpet burn. As I tugged the hem line down her tits flopped out before my face. I buried myself into them one more time, sucking in her glorious nipple. "Ouch!" She yelped. I pulled away. "Don't you ever stop?" She asked slapping me in the face.

I saw that her nipples were also raw. Carpet burn. "Shit, sorry about that." "Yeah, well that doesn't matter as much as this dress does. It's ruined! How am I gonna go home like this." "Don't go. Come home with me." I joked. "Come, on! Get serious Eren!" I don't know what I'm going to do." She pleaded.

"Relax, just wear my coat home." "And what exactly am I going to tell Trav?" She asked about her husband with her hands on her hips. I stood back to admire her voluptuous frame, "God, you're so sexy!" "EREN!

Get serious for one moment, god!" "Just tell him the truth." "I can't tell him we fucked!

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Are you insane?!" "Don't be ridiculous! Of course you can't tell him that. What I meant was an elaborate truth, like say, you fell on the stairs and your dress ripped. And I offered you my coat." "Ah!" "You won't be lying," I pointed out, "And it will explain the carpet burn," I said smiling at her.

"It's a good look for you." "What?" "Carpet burn." She laughed and reached out for my face, kissing my softly on the lips as her hand lay on my chest. "So where do I rank?" "Top ten," she said. "Only ten?" "Just barely!" She smiled. "Slut!" I teased. "Oh, fuck you, mr saint." She stuck her tongue out at me.

"You wait here, let me get my coat." I vaulted up the stairs and manuvoured my way around the strewn files and paperwork as both Peter and Mrs Fairley wear still at it on my desk which was now coated in a thick translucent mess of their amalgamated juices. I pulled my satchel from my desk and coat off my chair and moved over to Candyce's desk to get her purse.

When I returned to the stairs I saw the mess we made. The grey carpets were stained in our expulsions. I admired my handiwork. Candyce turned to face her back at me as I threw the coat over her shoulders and gripped her tasty tits one last time as I pulled her into me.

I nibbled at her ear as she held onto my hands. She grabbed her purse from me and opened the doors braking our embrace. I walked her to her Toyota. "See you around, stud," she said. I smiled as she reversed out before speeding off down the road. When I got home, I sent her a text: 'When do I get a chance to break into the top 5?' Not a second later I get a reply: 'You can pick up your coat tomorrow.' A wide grin crossed my face as I stepped into my apartment.