Trucker men looking for man sex and gay light skinned black cock

Trucker men looking for man sex and gay light skinned black cock
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It was three days before the start of track season and I needed to get ready. Last year I was the only freshman on varsity and hoped the same would happen this year.

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For the past month I had been training my little heart out to be the number one girl in all the school. Little did I know at the time what kind of work out I was going to get. Like always I got home from school and quickly got undressed then put on a tight white T and some running shorts then I was off.

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At the end of my street I came across Mr. Will an old friend of the family. "hey Mr. Will." "hey Kelly. Hold on a sec why you running. to good to talk to you old uncle Will." "oh sorry I just need to train for…" "the track season so ive heard." "yeah I'm the best." "I used to run." "yeah dad told me you used to." "wow my, my look at you." "what?

haha" "well you've really grown since last I saw you." "really? Well I guess I'm a little taller." "I guess but it wasn't your height I was talking about… other things." "what are you talking about." "I know this might sound a little creepy but you've developed… very nice curves." "hahaha thank you Mr. Will I'm very flattered" At first I was a little naive but by then I pretty much realized he was checking me out and flirting with me.

Looking at me in a way he never did before, undressing me with his eyes and to tell you the truth I liked it… I liked It a lot. Mr.

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Will was in his early forties but he took good care of himself. He was very good looking. "you're a big girl now you can call me Rob." "hahaha.

Ok… Rob." He takes a few steps closer to me and rests his right hand on my hip. "No I'm series your very attractive. I'm sure all the boys go crazy." "I do get the occasional whistle. I actually have a boy friend." "Really. Is he cute." "of course." "and do you two… you know." "oh come on Mr. W… I mean Rob. We've made out a few times." "you know Kelly you should ummm… come inside." "what?" "yeah I got a few buddies downstairs." "a few buddies?" He slides his hand from my hip to my ass.

His whole hand was caressing my right cheek. "yeah a few friends watching the game. You should come watch. After words we could give you a workout." "workout?" "yeah a real workout." I know I should walk away but I've been so curios about sex lately I've even started logging onto porn sites. I figured what ever might happen no one would ever know.

"well you know I have been running a lot lately. Maybe a change in routine is good for the body." "hahaha my thoughts exactly Kelly." Rob walks into the garage and I follow him in through the kitchen and down into the basement where the guys are watching the game.

"hey Rob where the hell were you." "I was just chatting with this little cutie. Guys this is Kelly and she wants us to give her a little work out." "well how old is this girl." "you'll be 16 in what." "8 months." "wow we got a young one today." There are five horny men all in their thirties and forties and little old me. One man swipes all the food and drinks off the coffee table in front of the couch and tells me to lay down on it.

I does as he asks and I lay on the coffee table propped up on my elbows. They all gather round me when Rob and one of his buddies yank my shorts and panties off while simultaneously two others pull my shirt over my head. My T fly's over my head but my boobs are held in place by my sports bra. One man pushes his hands under my bra and clutches my left tit.

He shakes and rubs it and tweaks my nipple. Another man on the other side of the table does the same to my right. They shove my bra up to my neck and they both devour my tits like two hungry piglet's.

They lick, spit and slobber all over them. I couldn't believe what was happening. How did I go from innocent kissing with my boy friend to porn gang bang. "how's that tit?" "its amazing. Nothing like a young firm tity hahaha." I look down and I'm completely naked (I guess technically with the exception of my bra) the other two men grapple my legs push them back and spread them wide apart. Rob unzips his jeans and his cock shoots out.

The remaining two men who were loving my tits undo their jeans inches from my face. "oh my god. I don't know…" "just relax and enjoy the workout." Rob sticks his fingers in my pussy and starts viscously finger banging me. "just trying to loosen you up a little." One of the men propping my legs up looks down at me "were gonna run the train on your sweet ass." All the sudden I feel this rod run through my pussy. It hurts so bad.

"OHHH FUCK." "oh yeah you little slut." says Rob He pushes in and out. His cock feels like a base ball bat.


"OH MY… OH SHIT." "could someone shut her up." One man turns my face in his direction, squeezes my cheeks prying my mouth open and he shoves his dick in my mouth. Its my very first taste of cock and it wasn't that bad. I slobber all over it like a dog all over his hard rock cock when I realized there was another man to my left who wasn't getting any attention. I turned my head and take his head in. I try my hardest to focus on the blow jobs and not the pain in my pussy but it was soooooo bad.

"I'd fuck faster but your so tight. Hold on." Rob pulls out and rushes upstairs and the fucking stops momentarily. A sigh of relief comes over me but it doesn't stop me from sucking dick. I suck off one guy while jacking off the other. I switch back and forth back and fort. The two men holding my legs let go and take their pants off and they walk over and stand right over me.

I spit out a cock and look up at them. "hi guys." "you really like sucking cock." "yeah I guess I do." "you know you're the same age as my daughter." "really is she cute." "she gets asked out a lot." "cool." I had a cock in each hand and two more above me. I open my mouth and the two men both cramed their rods in my mouth.

Two in my mouth at the same time was a little much but I figured what the hell. I switched between four different dicks. "I think I'm gonna gag this bitch." "what's that?" They all laugh and then he rams his cock in my mouth forcing me to take it all in. "ghghgugg." I gag like fucking crazy.

It was a total shock He pulls out and slaps me in the face with his rod. "did you like that you little slut." "ummm not really but I'll do it again." "of course you will." again he runs it through my mouth as far as it can possibly go and holds it. Only this time he has a hold on my throat. "ghghughg." I gag again. spit and saliva seep between my mouth and his cock onto the side of my cheeks. He finally pulls out and I cough up a ton of spit gasping for air.

My eyes are tearing up and very blood shot. "oh shit let me get in their." The other guys want a turn and I end up deep throating the whole group. Within minutes I've gulped down all four guys. Saliva is spread all over my chin and nose. Huge amounts of spit stream from my lips to their heads every time they pull out. "fuck man where's Rob he's missing the fun." "I'm right here. Shit what did you guys do to her." "we had some fun isn't that right Kelly." A dick is pulled out of my mouth and I cough up more saliva.

I reply "tons of fun." "here, I got it boys." Rob comes down stairs with a bottle in his hand. "a little jelly to ease the motions." The two men go back to my legs and pry them back and apart. Rob squirts some of the jelly in his hands and rubs his cock with it and then pours a load on my cunt.

After rubbing it all over he inserts his cock in me again but this time it's a bit better but not that much. "oh yeah that's it, its a lot easier now." says Rob At first he goes slow but eventually he speeds up. Faster and faster he goes the more painful it gets but I cant say a word. I have a cock jammed so far in my throat the balls touch my chin. "OHH FUCK YEAH OHH FUCKIN SHIT." Rob shouts as he pounds my insides.

Then the cock is pulled out of my mouth. I cough on the spit but manage to say "please go slower." "oh no Kelly me and my boys are gonna fuck you raw.

Speaking of which who wants a turn." The man holding my left leg volunteers and Rob pulls out "Tony my man go ahead." Tony thrusts in and fucks me just as viscously and merciless as Rob. "OHHHH GOD." I scream My head is hanging off the table when someone stands over me with 2 balls in my face.

I cant tell who it is there's too much saliva in my eyes and tears from the suffocation. All I know is that he lowers him self and his hairl balls are in my mouth.

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"lick my nuts." I do as he asks and tkae his left nut in my mouth. I bounce it up and down with my tounge then suck it in. "ohhh yeah bitch. You sure your a first timer." He pulls his balls out and I try to spit out as many pubes as possble but all before I get a chance another cock is shoved down my throat only this time he starts thrusting in and out as if fucking a pussy.

"yeah fuck that hole like it's a twat." His cock is pulverizing my mouth.

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With every pull out I cough up more spit. "would you look at that. She was so cute when we first met her now she's a mess." Someone's cock is pulled out of my cunt and another is shoved in. I cant tell if this is the fifth or sixth cock I've had in me because I'm so disoriented.

I'm getting brutally fucked in two holes and then suddenly I feel someone sit on my stomach. Before I knew it my tits were pressed together and I was being tit fucked.

It felt awkward but compared to the pounding I was getting in my mouth and twat awkwardness was a welcomed feeling. "I think its time we double stuffed this slut." said one guy "yeah sounds good." Everyone got off of me and I just laid there like a dead fish. I was so tired and dazed but the guys wouldn't have any of it they got me off the table.

I tried to stand but felt so dizzy I had to lean against the wall for a moment. I stood straight and Rob was laid out on the couch with his cock still erect.

"come on girl why don't you come up and sit on top of old uncle Will.

Hold on a sec heres a towel now clean your face. It was much prettier before." I take the towel and wipe clean my gross face. Dazed I step over to Rob and sit on his cock slowly. Rob grabs my face and caresses it and sticks his fingers in my mouth "you've done a lot today.

yeah that's it.


After 5 cocks your twat still pretty tight. Now press your rack against my chest to let Mark here get on top of you." "what?" "girl didn't you hear were going to double stuff you." "oh my god. I've never heard of double stuffing but I can take a guess what it is." "yeah you know exactly what it is." "but I could barely take one." "we'll just add some jelly and it will all be fine." One of the guys squirts jelly on his cock and rubs it all over then presses me up against Rob and crawls on my back.

He sticks his fingers in me guiding his cock into my pussy. He pushes in real slowly. I hope that he isn't able to get it in but he manages. "we've got double stuffing." shouted the Mark "AHHHHH FUCK IT HURTS." Mark on top starts fucking me. The two cocks are crammed so tight together one moves the other. I close my eyes shut screaming with pain but the guys just have a good old time.

The three who aren't inside me are standing stroking themselves as they watch me get punished. The couch is bouncing up and down like a rocking horse. "OH FUCK I'm… so exhausted I cant… take much more." "well it takes a big girl to take on five grown men her first time. Come on Mark get off she's real tired." Mark gets off me and I fall off Robs cock. "just one more thing Kelly before you go home." "yeah." "lay on the table again." I does as he asks and fall back on the table.

Again like a dead fish I just lay waiting to get orally abused or pussy abused or worse anal abuse. All the men gather round me. "I think we need to make her face nice and pretty." Tony jacking his cock real fast prys my mouth open and shoves his cock in my mouth one final time. Again he gags me "ghgughgu." "here it cums. OHHH FUCK" he shoots his load deep in my throat.

The taste is foul and I cough up as much of the cum as I can but his cock keeps most of it in. "hold I'm not done." His cock explodes three times filling my mouth. He pulls out and I cough up spit saliva and this time cum along with tears streaming down my face from the brutal choking.

Mark and another guy knelt down to the left and right of me viscously jacking their cocks. At least their getleman and dont stuff my mouth "OH FUCK YEAH HERE IT COMES." Like a water from a faucet Marks cum globs down in a huge thick stream further covering my face.

The other guy jacks it real hard and manages to shoot not three but five shots. "yeah you little slut." Another guy who I'm not to sure what his name is blows one big load right on my left eye. I couldn't see shit. Then there was Rob and like Mark his cock dripped cum on my face but it seemed like it would never end.

"hold on Kelly almost dry… oh there we go.

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oh yeah when i was upstairs i also brought this with me." It was a hand mirror. He put it in front of my face and I… I cracked a smile. "see now there's the Kelly I know and love." "hahaha I don't know what it is I just kind of feel like its funny." tears cum and spit covered y face and I kind of enjoyed it/ All the guys laugh along with me.

"now get your clothes, clean your face and go home." Walking home I wasn't really sure what to make of hat happened that day but it wasn't the last time I saw those guys or played with even more of Robs friends but i will say Rob was right i did get a full work out in