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Webcam dildo close up masturbation
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This is my first post here but hopefully not my last. Please let me know what you think. Much of this came from a dream so I understand if it's a little weird at times. The rest is my embellishment. I awoke in a dark room. There was no need for my eyes to adjust to any sort of light at all. The room was cold with dampness in the air.

My lungs ached as I breathed in the chilly air. My head throbbed as if I had a horrible hangover, which was entirely possible since I can't remember much of the night before. I tried to raise my arm to rub my aching head when I realized my arms were chained down to what I can only assume was the large steel table I was laying on.

My ankles were chained as well. A strap bound my head and waist. I was completely immobile. I was also completely naked! I called out for anyone to help me but was answered by silence. My entire body ached. "What the hell is happening to me"? I screamed out. Again, nothing but silence.

Desperately trying to remember anything, I recalled going out with my colleagues the night before to celebrate a new account. I remember being introduced to Rebecca, a friend of my boss. We enjoyed a drink and danced. She went home and that's all I can remember. One lousy drink, I must have been drugged. There is no other reasonable explanation for why I am here. Wherever "here" is? Having no Idea of the time, I lay there helpless for what must have been several hours, drifting in and out of consciousness.

The pain in my body and head would not allow me rest. Suddenly I heard a noise from behind me. I called out again. "Hello? Is someone there?

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Please help me!" There was no answer. A dim light came on followed by the slamming of a door. Footsteps became louder coming towards me. "Who the hell are you and what the fuck is going on?" I shouted. "Hush!" came a soft voice in a whisper.

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"If you don't want to be punished you will be quiet" "Where am I and why am I here?" I demanded. "Let me go!" "I cannot and will not", the soft voice getting louder now. I could clearly tell now it was a woman.

"You have a purpose here and you will fulfill your purpose, get used to it, you will be here for a long time to come." "I'm here to give you medicine for the pain I'm quite sure you are feeling.

If you anger me, I will not give you any relief and you will eventually get sick." She said as a matter of fact. "What is my purpose here?" I asked "You will see soon enough, for now you will sleep and recover. I'll be back in a few days and we will introduce you to your new life." "A few days&hellip.?

What the fuck am I supposed to do if I have to go to the bathroom or eat?" My voice was shaking now. "You will be fed, not to worry about that. One of my assistants will make sure of that.

I have to keep you healthy for your purpose here. As far as having to go to the bathroom, well you will just have to do it where you lay. A little humiliation will do you good as you are going to spend the rest of your days in humiliation anyway." "You expect me to lay in my own shit and piss?" "What the fuck is wrong with you?" She told me that I would be cleaned appropriately when it suited her and when my purpose was to be served but until then I should think about how to be a good little boy and mind my manners the next time she came to visit.

She tolerated my outbursts this time but that would never happen again. I would soon understand quite well what her punishment was if I spoke out of turn or defied her in any way.

"One last thing before I go." She hissed. "You are not to utter so much as a word to any of my assistants. If I found out that you have spoken to them while I'm away, your punishment will be truly agonizing." With that she left. I never saw her face. The dim light was left on. It barely lit the corner of the room behind me. I could make out a few things that were hanging on the wall and as my eyes adjusted I could plainly see that this was a torture chamber and nothing more.

A sharp chill ran down my spine and I started to whimper to myself. What the hell is happening to me and why I thought over and over? The medication took effect. I drifted off to sleep. I awoke blindfolded. I was given only one chance to see my surroundings before the dark became a permanent fixture. For the next few days the assistance would come and go, feeding me, brushing my teeth, shaving my most private areas and medicating me.

Whatever medication they were injecting me with was no pain killer. I felt no affects of it whatsoever. My curiosity was killing me, I wanted to speak. The thought of whatever punishment I would endure kept my mouth shut. They had been feeding me fruits and vegetables so as you can imagine, there was no holding my bowel movements.


I was humiliated, but I had no choice. Finally after the fourth day an assistant came in to clean me. She attached a chain to the strap around my waist; I was hoisted up in the air so that I was literally bent over backwards. The pain of this was unbearable. It was only the beginning of the pain and humiliation for the day though.

Once she was satisfied that I was clean enough, she inserted some sort of phallic device into my ass and I felt a warm rush of liquid enter my body. "You must hold it until I say." She commanded. "I can't", I said. "It's already coming out!" Before I could finish my cries, the liquid came rushing out of me with force. "Now you've done it! I am telling the mistress you spoke and you will be dealt with swiftly!" "I'm sorry!" I cried out.

"Just shut your fucking mouth and do as you are told!" She screamed. She shoved the long phallic object back into my ass as if she were trying to stab me with it.

I winced in pain and she laughed at me. "That's nothing compared to what the mistress will do to you, you filthy little boy!!" All at once I felt the warm rush of the liquid enter me again, as well as the freezing water of being sprayed down with a hose.

Strange as it may seem, I was actually getting aroused. My mind thought differently but my cock was growing harder by the second and I could not hide it.

I felt the crack of a belt and then it struck me without warning on my stomach.


I had little time to realize the pain before the second strike found its mark. I screamed in pain and felt the immediate swelling in my cock and the burning pain in my balls. She broke out in laughter once more. "That's what you get you filthy little boy!!" My arousal was cut quite short by the excruciating pain in my groin. After another hour of cleaning every nook and cranny of my entire body I was drugged again and left alone to cry myself to sleep.

I assume it was the next day, though I can't be clear on the time, the mistress was back. Without any greeting she began scolding me for defying her orders and speaking. I opened my mouth to speak again but the memory of the belt to my cock was fresh from yesterday and I thought better of it. Once the verbal scolding was over, she began telling me what my punishment would be.

"It will be extreme, but you must learn to obey me" I was hoisted into the air once again, this time it was my entire body. She began whipping me with a long leather whip that looked like it came straight from medieval times. 20 lashes in all came crashing down over my body. She seemed to enjoy it most when it hit my cock and balls. The louder my cries were the more she seemed to enjoy it. She called me names and spit on me. She grabbed my balls and squeezed tightly.

I felt as though they would pop at any moment. She leaned in and whispered to me…"Now I want you to thank me for giving you the pleasure of pain, you will do this every time I punish you." "Are we clear?" "Yes mistress, thank you." I whispered back, trying to stifle my crying. "Good, you are learning to obey. Now I will explain why you are here and what your purpose is. You will ask no questions and you will not disobey." She began to lay it all out.

I was picked by her and her assistants because they were told I was a bit of a man whore and needed some discipline. That was all beside the point though. The main reason I was brought here was for their amusement. They all had one thing in common; they all wanted a man for a pet and slave to do whatever their hearts desired. I was informed that once I was properly trained and humiliated and subdued that I would be doing anything they asked without objection. This could be anything from cleaning the toilet they just shit in to pleasuring them sexually.

It would take some time and some hard learned lessons but I would eventually submit to their every whim. There were 5 of them in the house so I would certainly be kept busy.

I was told to forget about my old life, no one knew where I was and I would certainly never return. I was their property now. The drugs I had been given were to boost my sexual drive for when they decided they needed pleasure. Since there were 5 of them, there may be times when I am told to satisfy more than one at any given time. Plus there would most likely be beatings during the sexual acts and they didn't want me going limp on them.

My mind raced dizzily at all of this. I used to have fantasies about being used this way by many women, now it was a reality and I'm not so sure I want this anymore. "You're first lesson will be in how to please me." She said as she climbed onto the table and squatted over my face. "Lick my asshole you nasty fuck!" I resisted but it was short lived. She grabbed my balls and began to squeeze. "Lick my asshole or you will finally know what true pain is!!" I began to lick feverishly and to my surprise it was quite clean and soft.

There was no taste. I hear the door open and shut. Then I heard the clicking of a camera.


Pictures were being taken of me in this horrible position. I began to enjoy licking her ass.

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I felt her pussy juices drip onto my neck and I flicked my tongue over her hot swollen pussy. She squeezed my balls again, this time harder. "I said my ass you stupid fuck! You will learn to obey!" With that she rose up and positioned herself over my face and began pissing on me. "Open wide and drink it!" With my balls still firmly in her grasp, I did as I was told. Drinking down the putrid piss made me vomit. This enraged the mistress. "You have disobeyed, you have not pleasured me as you were told to do and now you have puked everywhere, you are a worthless fuck!" She quickly grabbed some sort of device that looked like it could be a battery charger and stuck it between my legs.

She attached one end with a clamp around my cock and the other one went painfully in my ass. With a flick of switch electricity shot through me like a bolt of lightning. I passed out from the intense pain. I woke a short time later as I was being cleaned up by one of the assistants. The lights were much brighter than before and I they had lifted the table to an upright position on the wall; I could see the whole room. All of the assistants were there plus a couple of men that wore masks to hide their faces.

They never spoke the entire night. I wondered a couple times if they were captive and "trained" as well. "I guess you will have to learn the hard way to obey me?" She sneered. "Lift him!" The men came over and removed all the chains only to replace them with different ones. Soon I was lifted in to the air just as immobile and vulnerable as before. My arms and legs spread wide and my head held upright, though my body was parallel to the floor.

For what seemed like an hour, she had the men whip me until I thought I would pass out again. I think she could tell that I was fading when she ordered them to stop. I thought it was finally over until she pulled her skirt up and bent over in front of me and backed her ass into my face. She wiggled back and forth. I could smell the disgusting odor of shit. She had just gone to the bathroom and did not wipe.

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I felt myself begin to vomit again but fought hard to hold back. Once I gained my composure I was ordered to open my mouth. She strapped a device to my head that kept my mouth from closing. She walked to my side and gave me a hard slap on the face and then the ass. "I think he is ready now." She said to the others, who all began simultaneously removing their clothes.

One of the women grabbed a chair and put it in front of me. She sat on it with her legs up and resting on my shoulders. She scooted herself up to my face and instructed me to lick her pussy and ass until she came. Under no circumstances was I to stop until I was told to do so. The punishment would be worse if I did. I did as I was told. Her pussy was sweet and in no time she gushed her cream on my face.

I moved my tongue to her ass and began licking it as if it were the sweetest thing on earth. It definitely was tasty. Mixed with her cum it was like nothing I had tasted before. My cock grew stiff and soon I felt gentle lips around the head of it. Only for a moment as the mistress ordered it be stopped.

"This disobedient little fuck does not deserve pleasure yet!" She shouted. I continued to eat the assistant's pussy and ass as I was told. I felt a pair of hands caressing my ass and back, then a finger crudely invading my asshole. I winced in pain but continued my job at hand. The finger was removed and I felt some saliva tricking over my hole, then the finger was put back in. Once it was lubed the sensation was quite nice and I began to moan a little.

"You like having a man explore you like that?" she said. My body stiffened, I was in shock. "What the fuck?" I thought to myself. I kept my focus. Maybe what I think is going to happen next wont.

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Please don't do this I thought, pleaaase! "Do it!" She shouted. The man spread my ass apart and in one motion rammed his cock into my ass. My body jerked but it was no use. I had thought that he was all the way in but then he continued to stuff himself deeper into me. I'm well endowed but holy shit this guy was massive!

He was roughly 10 inches and was ramming it all inside me. I could feel his balls smacking mine. The mistress positioned herself under me and began sucking my cock as the man fucked my ass like an animal. He started to grunt as if he was going to cum, the mistress ordered him not to cum in my ass.

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He pulled out and got in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged as he shot his hot spunk. "Swallow it or you will pay slave!" She hissed. I had no choice; his cock was still in my mouth. They continued this abuse for nearly 3 hours before they relented.

All but the mistress had gone now. She knelt before me and said "well?" "Thank you mistress for giving me the pleasure of pain." I said. "Did you enjoy that?" She asked. "No, mistress, I did not. "Then as long as you behave this will never happen again and the only ass that will be fucked is mine by you.

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Understand?" "Yes Mistress."