DAD fucks busy daughter while shes on CALL

DAD fucks busy daughter while shes on CALL
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The neighbor lady She was walking her dog in her neighborhood. She was thinking of her unsatisfactory marriage. Her husband of 7 yearsAble, was a lazy sort of guy around the house, his employment consisted of a dead end job that most people would use to pay their way through college. But he liked the work because it was easy for him, a salesman in an electronics store. Not to mention the perks, discounts and first dibs on the latest games and gadgets.

Then there was Felicia, the new girl, college student, stunning looks and figure. Able spent all his spare time ogling her, and this seemed to help him forget about his failing marriage. His wife Karen, he knew by what time it was, would be out walking the dog. Karen is a brunette around 5' 8" with a 38-28-40 inch figure. Her nipples rode high on her big firm 38's and areolas that matched the big nubs perfectly.

Their light brown color was a perfect contrast against her pink nipples. Karen had put on a few pounds since their marriage but still turned plenty of heads.

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There two main problems were money, and Karen's added weight. At least that was Able's thinking. Karen had other ideas of what the problems were. His lack of attention to her was the main thing, he was always preoccupied. There sex life had been on the decline for some time now, his size was average she guessed, and had always satisfied her, but the frequency of love making lately was beginning to wear on her. "She was horny." Working full time and going to College at night to finish up her degree in Physcology didn't allow much free time and when she had any, Able either wasn't interested, or wasn't around.

She felt like he never had time for her. As she walked she found herself looking in the window of a nearby neighbor. As early evening approached and the Sun was beginning to set on this particular Sunday evening, most people hadn't closed their blinds for the evening. As he stood there in front of the mirror, after showering, Lee realised he hadn't drawn the curtains or closed the blinds. As he moved toward the windows, he saw her standing there.

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She couldn't look away as his cock hung limply between his legs as he closed the blinds. Wow she thought that thing must have been 7 inches long and it was still soft! She finally moved on but couldn't get him or the sight of his cock out of her mind.

She hurried the dog on down the three houses to hers, and quickly went inside and closed the door. Whew! She knew he saw her and she had definetly seen him!

She let the dog off the leash and he went off to the kitchen for a drink. She started to follow him and got almost to the kitchen when the door bell rang.

"Who could that be" she thought. Just as she touched the door knob she saw him through the window. She tried to compose herself and opened the door. Hello, Lee said, I'm your neighbor and&hellip. Before he could finish Karen cut him off and said, I know who you are and I apologize for staring.

My name is Lee he said, and I came to apologize to you. No she said, I was the one looking in your window I'm totally embarrased, please don't report me to the Police.

Lee had to chuckle a little at the thought, and then said, may I come in? Without thinking or hesitating Karen said yes, please come in. Lee stepped in and looked at her closely for the first time.

Damn she was hot. That figure was beginning to put lead in his pipe. Those nipples riding high on those huge tits were poking through her bra and her T-shirt! As he swallowed hard he realized he was staring. I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare, but you are beautiful he said.

Karen felt herself blush and thanked him. Well I just wanted to apologize for my neglegence in leaving my blinds open, and hoped we could still be friends. Karen wasn't quite sure what to think, but as he offered his big hand for a shake she took it in hers and felt a familiar tingling all the way to her toes. She kind of stammered and said, yes of course, after all we're both adults.

Not quite the way I usually meet people, she thought. My husband's at work, but will be home shortly, would you like to wait for him? Lee thought for a second before he replied with a smile.

No, no I can't imagine explaining to him how we met, can you? Karen said, "Oh of course not". We could just keep that to ourselves couldn't we?

Lee was thinking, "we could keep a lot of things to ourselves if that wimp husband of yours wasn't on his way." Yes, we can keep that our little secret. As long as the Police aren't involved&hellip. Oh, please Karen pleaded.


Lee said with a wry smile, how about you show me what's under that shirt and bra and we'll call it even? Karen couldn't believe what she was hearing. Thoughts of her explaining what happen to the Police and to her husband began to play through her mind. There was no way she could go through that humiliation. So she said ok. She slowly began to lift her T-shirt up. When she had it up over her bra she stopped. Ok? she asked. No, Lee said, Loose the bra too!

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She hesitatated a second and Lee turned to walk out the door, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket as he turned. Ok- ok she said, reaching around to undo the clasp on her bra.

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As it fell away those big 38's with the light brown areolas and the pink nipples were staring back at Lee. Nice he said, as he reached out and tried to cup one of Karen's breast in his hand. The thing was really just too big and heavy for one hand. Karen started to back away and Lee grabbed her hand and put it against his now stiff rod.

His sweat pants had a ridiculous bulge now and his hard on was so hard it hurt and was begging to be released. Karen's resistance began to melt as she felt the cock she saw earlier through the window.

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It was big and hard now and she found her self squeezing it and rubbing up and down it's nine inch length. Karen felt that itch between her legs growing as she massaged his cock. The lack of attention from her husband and the non-existant sex life had finally came back to her thoughts and the need to fulfill her own needs took over. As she was kneeling in front of Lee, working his sweat pants over that huge bulge, the dog started to bark from the kitchen doorway.

Oh shit she said, that damn dog. She said, "excuse me a minute while I take care of him." Karen quickly took the dog to the utility closet off the kitchen and closed him in there. Noticing what time it was on the kitchen clock, she said to Lee, "my husband will be here any minute." What time do you get off work tomorrow? Lee asked, turning towards the front door. Four o'clock but class starts at at 5:30, she said. Well it looks like class is going to be running over tomorrow night doesn't it?

As he said this he reached for the front door knob. Hearing a car out front Karen looked out to see her husband getting out of the car. Quick, out the back door she said, I'll be at your place around 8:30 tomorrow night. Lee leaned over her, gave her a light kiss on the cheek, squeezed her left breast and said, better put these away!


He ran out the back door closing it quietly as Able was getting the mail out of the box. Karen picked her bra up off the floor and threw it in the utility room as she let the dog out. As Able came inside Karen was in the kitchen starting dinner. Able came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her bumping his forearm against her tits.

"Hmm, he thought no bra." Ooh he says, as he squeezes them gently. Are these all unwrapped for me? Karen stiffened at his touch and brushed his hands away. She thought, "yea you bastard you finally waking up?" Not tonight honey I have too much work to finish up here.

Able went off to the living and sulked in his easy chair as thoughts of Felicia danced in his head. Those perky little tits of hers and that cute little ass were making ol' Harvey come to life in his work slacks. Monday Evening- Karen rushed from work and got home just in time to see Able off to work. "I have to work late tonight he said, inventory sucks." Yeah and so do I tonight she thought. Ok, she said giving him his usual peck on the cheek.

Karen hurried up stairs took a quick shower put on her sexiest bra and thong, dried her hair and put in a pony tail. She finished getting ready wearing Jeans and a low cut red blouse. She was off to class in record time. After class she headed straight to Lee's house, nervously she knocked on his back door and waited for him to answer.

When he did he was completely naked. That swinging dick of his was at about half mast when he ushered her in quickly closing the door behind her and locking it. He led her straight to the bedroom and stripped her clothes off. She jumped as his nose brushed her pussy as he worked the lacy thong down her long legs. Lee eased her onto the bed on her back and spread her legs, taking note of those juicy thighs.

He began with light kisses all around her thighs and thin dark colored bush. Karen moaned as he licked her pussy lips rubbiing his nose on her clit. He used his fingers on his left hand to part her lips at the top of her sex, and reached up and took her right tit in his right hand and began working the nipple in small circles.

Lee enjoyed her taste and smell as he licked her to her first mini orgasm. She was hot as a firecracker now and he had no trouble getting the head of his big fat cock started into her hot hole. But man she was tight, so he pressed firmly and continued to give her about an inch at a time until his final thrust he went balls deep in her hot snatch.

Oh, she moaned, damn your huge! Karen had never been so full of cock and loved the feeling. Lee felt her tight pussy clamped around his rod like a velvet vise.

She was slick, hot and tight. Now that he was completely in her he got a nice slow pace going in and out with deep strokes. Karen was lifting her hips to meet his every inward stroke feeling him bottom out against her cervix. "That feels so good she said, keep that up right there". Lee was pounding her pretty good at this point, making sure his pelvic bone rubbed her clit as he would bottom out in her.

Karen came soon and when she came down from the earth shattering orgasm, Lee pulled his cock out of her and climbed up her body leaving a trail of her juices on her body.

He put his slippery hard thick cock between her big tits and started titty fucking her. Ugh! Ugh! "That's an awesome sight he said" as he held her big jugs tightly around his completely aroused cock. Suck it he shouted, as his big cock head cleared the top of her cleavage.

Karen did as she was told and in a few more strokes he came and came hard. Lee said, "Don't spill any of that cum, swallow it all." Karen being only an average cock sucker and having never had a cock this big, did her best.

But there was so much of it she couldn't swallow fast enough. Lee pulled out of her cum filled mouth and said with a satisfied smile, "next time you'll get all of it or get it up the ass"!


Karen went home late that night feeling pretty satisfied, but wished Lee hadn't been so mean. Well maybe she could work that out of him in the weeks ahead.