Lovely lesbo girls get covered with urine and burst wet cunts

Lovely lesbo girls get covered with urine and burst wet cunts
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I circled the parking lot nervously, not sure where to go. Finally I found a parking spot that was suitable enough. Nervously checking her wind blow newly salt and pepper hair in the mirror and doing a quick under eye swipe of my mascara. Taking a deep breathe I quickly crossed the parking lot to the doctors office. My phone vibrated from the text. "I love you. It will be fine." Feeling foolish for arriving so early but knowing if I had left a moment later I would have probably skipped the appointment all together.

"It wouldn't be the first time." I thought while finding the building office guide on the wall and turning to the elevator. Another text. "Wish I could have came with you.

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You'll be alright. Just talking to the doctor is all you're doing. No biggie." "What if I say something wrong and they commit me? It happens. That's scary." I typed back While standing at the desk checking for my appointment I nervously cracked my fingers and wiggled my ankles not caring if anyone noticed I couldn't stand still.


"Excuse me, can I speak with the doctor ASAP?" I overheard a girl asking the second receptionist. "I have been out of meds for two weeks and have been having issues setting an appointment." I noticed she was wearing a cute black jumper and little leather strappy sandals. Very cute outfit. "Your name?" the receptionist asked. "Kaylee Brooks." she responded. I kinda shrugged a shoulder and went back to the task at hand.

My own appointment. And my nerves. Everyone else was here for one reason or another related to behavioral health health issue. I finished up filling out the new patient paperwork and getting settled into a seat I felt my phone vibrate another time. He texted me again, "[dick pic]" "Baby, I am at the doctors!" I sent back while blushing.

"You like it!" He responded smugly. Turning my head to the side a bit. A grin spread over my face and then the woman behind me stepped to the right. Quickly i put my phone screen to my stomach and felt it vibrate twice more. Involuntarily my pussy twitched. I tightened and released a few times to torture myself as i waited to see the rest of the pictures. I fought the look on my face for a moment but then finally caved while peeking down at my phone.

I loved getting new additions to the pics of him. I pressed my lips together and fought the smile and looked around to see if anyone was paying attention and disappointingly no one was. Hmm. Why sit here wet when it will already be hard enough talking to the doctor about how uncontrollable my sex drive has been along with all the other annoying issues.

I picked up my paperwork, phone, and favorite black leather sac and tried to not rush out of the door while searching for a bathroom. To the right were exits and offices and few bodies that she couldn't bother to look in the eye.

She was on a mission. The greediest and most pleasure filled mission. Making another sudden turn to the left with fleeting eyes I quickly found the bathroom tucked behind the stairs at the end of the building.

Such a nice staircase I randomly thought while rushing past it.

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I couldn't help but appreciate the design and spotless glass sides. While turning the corner and grabbing the stainless steel door handle I couldn't hold back the wetness that had overtaken my lace panties. Even my denim shorts had begun to dampen. "God, how does he always make me turn into a puddle with such ease?" I felt the joy and frustration of it hit me all at once just like it usually does when he makes me weak.

Stopping as soon as I heard the door shut behind me to take a deep breathe and to make sure the room was vacant, I relaxed. Ever so softly I took my two fingers and slid them across my swollen pussy lips outside of my shorts. I couldn't wait any longer. No speed could get me into a stall fast enough. At this point I would not have cared if the bathroom was full of women. I needed a release.

Hurriedly I got to my phones camera, jerked my shorts and panties to the side, and snapped a picture of my out of control cunt.

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Barely even glimpsing at it I hit the send button. No time for a photo shoot and sending the perfect shot. Not today. All stress was gone and the only thing I could focus on was how quick and hard I was about to cum. Shoving my finger into my pussy sent a hiss out of my mouth. Scooping a ridiculous amount of my juices out, I slid my finger between my folds softly a few times before grabbing the top of the stall. Throwing my foot onto the edge of the toilet seat and leaning my head against my raised arm was all thoughtless.

The sudden over stimulation caused me to let out a moan as I gritted my teeth. The phone went off again my eyes looked down briefly to where it laid on top of my bag before I heard the bathroom door shut loudly causing my eyes to shoot up in that direction.

The footsteps tapped lightly across the tile and echoed off the light peach bathroom walls. As abruptly as the noise all started, it stopped, just shy of my stall door. Not wanting to be robbed of the magnificent orgasm I had been leading to I scooped for more of my juices and tried my best to not pant.

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The stall next to me closed and locked. I bit down on my lip to fight back a whimper and closed my eyes. Moving my eye right leg ever so slightly to get better balance I went back to pleasing myself slowly to build back up what I had been distracted from. I felt something bump into my calf and heard something hit the floor.

"Can I catch any peace?" I thought with annoyance. Looking down I realized the woman in the stall next to me had dropped her phone.

Then I thought, "It hit my leg though. How the? She's peeping!" And bent down and snatched the phone up before she could retrieve it. A long moment passed before I heard a quiet and timid request.

"May I have my phone? . Please?" the faceless voice pleaded. Paying attention to the phone I now had in my hand I realized it was open to the active camera screen. For some reason I found this arousing. I flatly responded with, "Come and get it." I heard some situating and jingling of keys. A red crocheted messenger bag slid under the stall to my feet from the right.

Two sets of fingertips painted with bright red gripped the bottom of the stall. Then followed a cute freckle face surrounded by sun kissed blonde hair and in the middle of it all were small olive green eyes. I then came to realize this was the girl from the lobby. Kaylee Brooks. I wasn't even sure what expression I had on my face but she sure did have a confident smirk that did not match the nervous voice I had heard a few moments earlier. While still laying there she looked at me from my pink painted toes, to my tan thighs, to my crotch, tits, to face.

I was just about to raise an eyebrow and go to scolding this chick but before I could do such a thing she was using her hands and the stall door to push herself across the floor right to my feet. Feeling guilty for a second I realized my own phone had not buzzed in a while but what was I to do?

Why bother checking it now? I wasn't capable of pulling my attention away from what felt like, a challenge, in front of me. After bracing herself with one hand she slowly stood before me while never breaking eye contact.

Slowly she reached for the straps of my bra and tank top making sure to not startle me and dragged them and her fingers down to the side of my arms. Leaving the fabric just above my nipples I felt them fighting against my bra and wishing to be freed. "Heard you when I walked in. You didn't do such a good job at keeping it quiet.

How bad do you need it?" She teased. "Just as bad as I do every other day." I said as a matter of fact while straightening my shoulders. Her light pink mouth parted and she dropped a shoulder to allow her hand to make its way to my crotch. Using the heel of her palm to put the most perfect amount of pressure on my clit and squeezing my pussy lips between her two fingers while wiggling them up and down opposite of each other I watched her face and waited.

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I had only been with a girl once before and it hadn't gotten the job done for me so I wasn't expecting much out of this. But I wasn't ever one to turn down a good time. She asked if I would like some help feeling good since she had interrupted me.

I nodded. She stepped closer and put her lips almost on mine and whispered, "Tell me you want me." She never stopped moving that palm or fingers all the while. My shorts were soaked at this point and I bit my lip and nodded my head again. I had the power when it all began but I felt it slipping away more and more with each second passing.

She put more pressure with that merciless palm and moved her fingers faster and tighter and said again "Tell me you want me." She narrowed her eyes and her tone had gotten more demanding. I quivered and tilted my pelvis to her and quietly said "I want you." Kaylee grinned and let go of my pussy and when straight to the front of my shirt pulling it down under my tits and gracefully attacked my nipples that had never stopped begging while my pussy was getting all the attention.

She bit and played and sucked and licked. I was sure if she didn't stop soon I might cum just from the firmness of her hands that were all over me and her mouth on my tits.

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I started to rub her lips through her jumper and she smacked my hand away. It stung but I returned the gesture with a smack to the bottom of her ass cheek. That did it for her because she dropped to a squat before I realized it was going to happen and jerked my shorts and panties to the side so quick and forcefully i heard the lace on my panties rip slightly. Her lips pursed and met my clit with firmness and she sucked and nibbled. A gasp escaped my lips and I giggled.

Apparently the giggle sent her on her own mission because another one never did escape me. She grabbed the top of my shorts and thong and jerk them down and buried her face in my freshly trimmed pussy. I planted my hand on the side of the the stall and the other on the back on her head. I feverishly ground my goodness into her hungry mouth and nose.

She didn't seem to do anything less than love it.


She never bothered to pull back for air. Just breathed in and out as best she could while doing her job. Her tongue was everywhere and her mouth was everything. I was lost. I looked down and realized she was staring straight up at me and realized how lost I really was.

I was lost to her in that moment. I was sent straight over the edge and every part of my body shook as I let her continue to fuck me with her face. I couldn't help myself any longer and let out a loud groan and panted while letting my own head fall back and hang. She wouldn't stop.

It was too much I moaned again and again and finally had to push her away with my hand on her forehead because I couldn't take it anymore. I was spent and my clit was screaming and my soul was satisfied. Once she released me Kaylee stood and grabbed the back of my head and forcefully shoved her tongue in my mouth and did some exploring.

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I returned the love and suddenly she stopped and leaned back to smile at me while looking my face over. She gave me a peck, picked up her messenger bag, and helped herself out of the stall. Still recovering I began to clean myself up and bask in my satisfaction.

By the time I was ready to leave the bathroom Kaylee had already left. I walked slowly into the lobby and turned into the doctors office just in time to see Kaylee picking up a magazine to sit and wait for a doctor to meet her for her medication request. I didn't even have a chance to say anything or sit before the receptionist said to me, "The doctor just called you I will page her to let you back." I suddenly remembered to send him a text back saying, "Heading into my meeting now.

I love you more." About two minutes later I heard the door buzz and was greeted by an older man and led to my appointment.