La putita de Marianita muestra las tetas y se toca

La putita de Marianita muestra las tetas y se toca
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I was alone.

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2 weeks ago my brother had moved out. He had lived with me for 5 years, we actually became best friends, but now he found a girl - HOT - and after 6 months of dating they decided to move in together. Good for him, lots of sex with a really hot girl, any time he wanted.


but me, I was alone. I was 31, no girlfriend, no brother to hit the bars with and pick up some drunk chicks, and not many friends. I'm good looking, just under 6 foot tall, 185 lbs, broad shoulder, kind dark green eyes, and rugged good looks - but it had been a year without a girlfriend, or a date and man was I HORNY.

I masturbated. a LOT. I love playing with my cock always have. And a guy that does telesales from home has a lot of free time with no one around, so I was pretty much always masturbating. About 3 months went buy, spring was just arriving, when through the open window of my home office, in the courtyard below, I heard voices that I did not recognize. I lived in a building with an interior courtyard. Maybe there were 40 apartments - I knew everyone that lived there - many elderly people who didn't go out much, a few young couples and me - alone, and horny.

Anyway, from my 2nd floor open window I heard a sound of a mother and child speaking. I went to the open window and I saw them, WOW.was she hot.jet black curly long hair, SKINNY, A CUP breasts, maybe about 5' 5" and damn if she wasn't barely 100 lbs.moving in today - that's why the activity in the courtyard below. My hand, naturally, went straight to my cock.stroking.

Trailing behind her was a girl, about 7 or so, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, same body shape, just smaller - you couldn't miss it was her daughter. Mom had on blue jeans, and a jacket, her daughter had on a knee length flowery dress, for spring, and was twirling like a dancer in the courtyard, while her mom kept saying, "come on Nancy we don't have time for that today".

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I liked them both instantly. I masturbated, thinking of what the mom would be like. I decided not to bother them, move in day can be very stressful, but a few days later, I heard them again in the courtyard, this time the mother was cheering Nancy's dancing.

I went to the window and playfully yelled out - "who's making all that noise out there?" and I startled the both of them. They both looked up and when the daughter saw me, and my playful expression, she gave me a smile that warmed my heart. I went down to the courtyard and introduced myself, hi I said, I'm Steve.

Welcome to the heart was racing - Mom was even hotter close up. Thanks said the mom, extending her hand, I'm Kathy and the ballerina here is Nancy.

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"Oh.I said, looking at Nancy, so YOU'RE the one making all the noise huh." I smiled at her as I mussed her hair.she blushed.and twirled a way. We made some chit-chat, they were new not only to the building, but to the area and didn't know anybody.

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They had moved into the apartment on the 2nd floor directly across from mine. Now I'm not shy, and she was really hot, and just looking at her, I was getting a hard on, so I offered to cook them dinner at my place, if they wanted some company.

Kathy agreed, saying that would be a great idea and asked what kind of wine I liked - I said "whatever you're bringing over". we made plans for that night and I ran to the store to get groceries so I could cook dinner. at 6:30 my buzzer rang, and I pressed the button to let them up. I had the table all made, dinner in the oven, almost ready and empty wine glasses and a plastic cup I had bought that day on the table - I was trying to be thoughtful.

When I opened the door, only Kathy was there - and man did she look HOT. she had on a little black dress, well above the knee, heels, diamond earings, red lipstick - she was dressed to kill, she looked good ands he knew it. where's Nancy, I enquired - looking past her in the hallway - "oh, I got a babysitter for her today, it's been forever since I had a date".and when she came in and presented the Cabernet to me, she saw that I had plated for her daughter "awww you are so sweet" she said giving me a hello kiss that lingered longer than most, in appreciation that I thought of her daughter.

"well, it's just us" she said, blushing a bit herself, with her hand on my forearm, "i hope you like the wine".

"it looks great", I said, trying to compose myself, the kiss had left my heart racing and a throbbing in my pants that was hard to ignore. I sat her down and brought out the meal.and as we ate, and drank the wine, we sat close to each other and she told me her story how she came to be here, a single mom with a daughter in tow. As we talked, we edged closer, the wine taking affect and touches of her hand on my fore arm were driving me crazy as we spoke.

it turned out she had gone through a messy divorced which left the 2 of them moving away from her ex husband, a guy who, after mating with her, had no time for her or his own daughter for the past 7 years, was always away with friend, hookers, and even missed his own daughters birthday as far back as she could remember.

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she eventually got herself together, sued him, and was receiving enough, barely from him and her job as an administrative assitant that allowed her to move to a nice 2 bedroom apartment across from me.

we were drinking and talking and touching and getting closer, it was really warm in there, as we finished dinner she helped me carry the dishes into the kitchen and as we placed the first set into the sink, her body next to mine she leaned over and kissed me. "this was really nice" she said.and that kiss became a passion filled, long, french kiss with our bodies mashing together. my cock was groaning in my pants, trying to get out and she rubbed her small, sexy, 'a' cupped frame against it, moaning herself, and she took her hand and unzipped me, and we both looked down and saw my raging hard on finally get the relief it demanded as it hit the fresh air and her hands, as she stroked me.

"nice" she said."even your cock is nice." as she stroked me and looked at me.her mouth was so sexy, she ready my mind and knelt down and started blowing me in the kitchen.I was very close to cumming, her soft black locks in my hands.and she knew that too.


"not yet" she said.and took my hand and led me to the living room.where she laid on her back on the sofa and I kissing her, laid on her.her skirt lifted up.moving her thong aside, she guided my cock inside her.and we kissed and fucked.until I was squirting my cum inside her. NOW THIS IS A HELL OF FIRST DATE, I was thinking to she kept me inside her after I came.her pussy squeezing my cock."OH MY GOD" she exclaimed, "that was so good, and you're so nice, and it's been sooo long" she said smiling, "I'm glad you live so close I could use this regularly!".I smiled as she said that, as I too was getting VERY tired of masturbating.

we kissed and made out, and she sucked my cock after I pulled it out of her and we kissed more adn eventually she looked at the clock and said "oh my god, I gotta go, Nancy's babysitter has to get home".and I walked her across the courtyard, and we kissed deeply at the entrance door to her stairwell - ".can we do this again sometime?" I asked."I'm free after 3:00 PM tomorrow" she said immediately.

smiling.and turned and ran up the stairs. I went home, finished cleaning and masturbated like an animal the rest of the night remembering what just happened.