Rough hardcore sex session with impressive Kazumi Nanase

Rough hardcore sex session with impressive Kazumi Nanase
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An Unexpected Intrusion Chapter 2 In Chapter 1 the normal daily life of Betsy and her daughter Emily was changed forever as two serial rapists followed them home from the train station and overtook them in their own home.

Chapter #2 With both Betsy and her daughter completely immobilized and restrained and the house completely secure the only thing Jake and Bo could do now was wait for Betsy husband and Emily's (M) stepdad to get home. Once he was taken care of then the "party" could begin. It was hard to convince Bo of that as all he could do was think about that luscious kid tied upstairs and recall how big her tits were and how sweet her pussy would taste but the more he talked about it the more Jake was getting upset.

Don't be crazy he would tell Bo. We have to be alert and wait for this guy to get in the house and render him harmless to us and what we want to accomplish here.

Calm down and wait he would tell him over and over again. The wait turned out to be not that long because after waiting about 30 minutes they heard the garage door opener whirl away and a big Mercedes come flying into the garage. Jake had positioned himself so that as soon as Ray moved from around the car, he would get the shock of his life. Sure enough as he exited the car and walked towards the door to the breezeway, Jake sprung up behind him and hit him square in the back with a Taser.

The guy just flipped…&hellip.completely paralyzed. Bo moved in with a pair of police handcuffs and roughly shackled his wrists behind his back as he lay in a seizure like catatonic state on the garage floor. He was out for the count. Just as planned they carried him into the house and straight upstairs to the master bedroom where they stripped him of his clothes and zip tied his ankles to a large overstuffed chair in the corner of the master bedroom.


He was out of it, drooling from his mouth and barely conscious, unable to talk. That was fine with these two career criminals. With everyone secure, the phone lines cut and most lights in the house turned out having left just enough on to prevent suspicion they went to work. They completely ransacked the place took all the jewelry, cash, securities and valuable they could find and placed them in a large garbage bag at the rear door of the home.

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Now it was time to have some fun. They first got Betsy up from where they had laid her in the den behind the couch. She was awake, conscious and lucid but couldn't utter a sound as she had that large red ball gag in surrounded by a dirty old washcloth.

They carried her to the master bedroom where now about an hour since they stashed Ray there, he had regained some composure and was aware that the bad guys had just carried his wife into the bedroom. They dropped her on the bed and Jake went over to Ray. How you feeling fella he asked. Ray was obviously out of control and enraged about what was occurring before his very eyes. Jake thought to himself I better get this guy under control right away because although he was small in stature, he seemed capable of going at it for a while if he had to.

So Jake took immediate control. He reached for his backpack and took out a set of brass knuckles, but on a leather glove over his latex glove and then affixed the brass knuckles. He walked over to Ray and whispered in his ear:" look fella we are here to riun your lives but before we do we are going to force you to watch us ravish you beautiful wife and then we are going to do what you have probably been dying to do and that is fuck the shit out of your step daughter.

All while you are sitting there and forced to watch every move we make. When we're finished with them I going to give you the absolute privilege of taking a load of my own come right up your ass while Bo here saves his load for your mouth. Now just in case you have any ideas of doing something to prevent us from our mission here is a just a little taste of some of what will be in store for you if you fail to cooperate". Jake spun around very quickly and landed a punch square on the jaw of Ray while he said, I hope he doesn't have a glass jaw.

I don't want to break it cause that would be problems later on. The punch knocked Ray out immediately. Jake called out to Bo who was busy stripping Betsy. Bo leave her alone for a God Damn minute will you and bring me that drug that will paralyze this guy. Bo reluctantly did as he was told (as he always ultimately did) and got the vial and a hypo syringe from the bag and handed it to Jake.

Jake surveyed Ray's arm, found a vein very quickly, drew up the syringe and injected the serum right into the vein. This would render Ray absolutely paralyzed but full conscious when it took full effect so that he would have to watch what they were doing to his wife and kid and not be able to so much as lift a finger.

After they were finished with them and wanted to work him over, Jake could give him a shot of narcan and the effect would be eliminated completely but before he did that they had better be ready to really "fuck him up" because he would hav crazy strength after all that was about to happen. Jake took the opportunity to rip Ray's silk boxer shorts off before he turned his attention to his wife.

He knew the drug would prevent him from getting hard but his curiosity got the best of him. Ray had an average cock about 5 in.

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in length, flaccid but fairly wide in girth. Jake then snapped a ammonia inhalant under Rays nose and sure enough he could open his eyes and do little else. He couldn't speak because it was obvious he was trying and nothing was coming out. Jake took some surgical tape from the bag and taped his eyes open.


He didn't want Ray to miss any action whatsoever. Jake told Bo to finish stripping Betsy while he checked on Emily (M). Bo immediately chimed in " don't fuck with her you promised I get her first"! Jake shot back "don't worry asshole I'm just checking her to be sure she's secure. Bo went about ripping Betsy's clothes off.

Betsy was wide awake and obviously afraid for her life. He had gotten her denim shirt off and was staring at he lacy beige bra that had a lot of tit filling each cup. He wondered whether she purposefully bought them too small to let them overflow or that it was his imagination. He took his knife and cut the bra right between the to cups and her tits spilled out. She had mentioned earlier that she felt she had already begun lactating as she was 3 months pregnant and sure enough there were stains on the inside of the bra cups.

This sent Bo into orbit and he immediately began sucking on her tits and she couldn't help but milk herself right into his mouth, He was loving it so much as he was calling to Jake; " Jake wait till you get a load of this&hellip.come here". Jake could have cared less because he was getting a taste of his own of luscious M. She too was awake, gagged and wigglingly trying to get loose from her restraints.

That was obviously in vain. Jake went straight to her delectable pussy and fingered her roughly. It didn't take long for her to start to get wet so he went down on her and was nibbling on her clit. She was bucking against him no doubt but he was beginning to have an effect on her has she tasted sweeter and sweeter. Bo was too busy with his prize to worry what Jake was doing despite his promise to be first on M. Bo was sucking Betsy's tits like there was no tomorrow getting squirts of milk from each nipple.

This fascinated Bo more than anything else so he stopped sucking and started brutally milking each tit by squeezing her very large and now engorged nipples mercilessly, all the while calling out to Jake.

Jake could hear him as h was eating this delicious cunt and Jake began to worry something was wrong so he got one last mouthful, checked M's restraints and headed back to the master bedroom.

When he arrived he found Bo giddy over the milk filled breasts as he called out to Jake to come get a taste. Jake yelled at him, "whats the matter you've never tasted breast milk asshole!". Bo replied look at these things squirt and he could squirt the milk long range from each nipple. Jake slapped him playfully and told him to get off her and finish stripping her.

Bo did what he was told as Jake checked Ray's restraints and found him totally paralyzed and unable to close his eyes, just as they wanted. Jake wen over to Ray and whispered in his ear.

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I'm about to fuck your wife like you never could old man. Take a look at this. Jake took his half hard cock from his pants and put it right in Ray's face. At half-staff he was a good 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. He shook it in front of Ray and even put the head on Ray's lips. Watch how a real man fucks your woman. Bo had gotten Betsy's jeans off and found that she wore no underwear, a pleasant surprise.

She, like her daughter, was waxed clean and had a pussy with large lips. Jake saw that Bo had finished and pulled him off of Betsy and told him to go ahead down the hall and get Emily ready for the show and he quickly added, no marks, no cuts and no injuries until I come down there, Got it ? Yea, yea Bo replied. I can get plenty of good stuff out of the way waiting got you and that, later.

Jake shed his clothes and got up on Betsy who until now was just zip tied at the wrists behind her back lying face up on the bed.


She bucked a little when Jake finally got on top of her and he got right into her ear and asked her if she needed to be restrained at all fours.

She still had the ball gag in although the face cloth had been removed. She could just about muttle through some words that were distinguishable. Please get off me she was trying to say. I'm not getting off you lady, I'm going in you and the question at hand is are you going to cooperate and enjoy this or not.

Again she tried to buck him off of her so he hauled off and slapped her hard across the face for the second time that afternoon. Immediately following the slap Jake began to maul her tits.

He didn't care one bit about the lactation he was more interested in biting those huge nipples and bite he did. As if the slap across the face wasn't bad enough Betsy began to experience tremendous pain as Jake bit her nipples hard. She was trying to scream something and it got Jake's attention because he decided it was time to take the gag out. Beside he had intentions of using that mouth and needed it out anyway. As soon as he unclasped it she yelled, please get off of my stomach, I'm pregnant and your hurting me.

Jake had actually forgotten that fact and that did not bode well for Betsy. He did jump off and began to massage her belly again. He yelled out to Ray; "are you watching daddy"? He then tried to calm Betsy down while all the while roughly massaging her belly and told her, I'm sorry darling I had forgotten about little whats his name her and then stopped massaging abruptly and punched Betsy hard in the stomach.

It completely knocked the breath out of her.

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He then went back to her ear and in a loud voice said, "listen up bitch if you want to even dream about having that kid your going to do everything I say and do it like to really want to or that kid is coming out on this bedroom floor TONIGHT !

Got it! Those words shocked Betsy into reality and it was almost as though she was hit with a bolt of lightning. She tried to sit up and said:" I'll do anything and everything you want, I swear I will.

Bring your cock to my mouth right now and I'll blow you like you've never had your cock sucked in your life. Untie my hands and I promise I will take care of you. Jake thought about it and believed her. He reached into his pants, took out a large buck knife and swiped at the zip tie and it broke immediately. This woman had been transformed and this was going to be fun.

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As he brought his cock up to her mouth with a warning that if she did anything untoward she would not live another moment, he heard little Emily scream from the other room and Betsy took his now fully erect 11 inch cock in her hands and began licking and sucking it like it was her wildest fantasy. Ignoring the scream Jake turned to Ray and said what do you think of your angel now Daddy? Chapter 3 and the conclusion of this terror awaits you.