Outdoors pussy drilling with rose monroe xxx

Outdoors pussy drilling with rose monroe xxx
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How I became an exhibitionist. I was the good little catholic girl when I was growing up and even went to a catholic grammar school. Until I met my husband, I was sort of a prude and dressed extremely conservatively. When we met I was the shy good little Catholic girl, very modest.

I had sex with boyfriends, but not until I dated them for quite a while. Then when Paul and I were engaged, he started to buy me really sexy clothes, see thru tops, dresses that were extremely low cut and slits up the side. I would wear them for himbut I would always have a jacket or sweater on because I felt uncomfortable about anyone seeing me like this.

Then one evening when we were in Los Angeles at a restaurant on the Queen Mary hotel and I was wearing a leather shirt, black stocking and garter belt, skimpy black lace panties, heels and this totally see thru black top and a little black velvet jacket over it. While we were having dinner, Paul asked me to unbutton the jacket so he can get a peak at my tits and after some coaxing from him I did unbutton it and he was able to get a peak.

Then before I realized it the waiter came over and I know he got a good look also and I felt embarrassed and pulled the jacket closed.

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After he took our desert order and walked away, Paul told me that he was proud of me and I could not understand what he meant. So he told me that he loves me and adores my body and was proud of it, especially if another guy got to see my tits.


I was a bit taken back at first, then after we talked about it a bit I understood what he meant. I love him dearly and would do anything for him so when he asked me again to keep the jacket unbuttoned I did. When the waiter brought our deserts, I still felt a bit embarrassed with him being able to see my tits thru the top, but with Paul looking at me with a huge smile on his face I felt protected and not threatened about it. I stayed that way through out the rest of dinner and then when we were walking back to our room, I left the jacket unbuttoned and as I walked anyone looking could see my tits as the jacket moved as I walked.

Waiting for the elevator, we kissed passionately and Paul was so excited and his cock was rock hard and he was rubbing it against me. Wow, I could not believe that just letting a few people see my tits could get him so excited. That was when I realized that I really enjoyed this, letting guys see my tits knowing that they would be excited and would want me, it was almost like having some power over them. When the elevator arrived and we were heading down to the room, I told Paul I wanted to go to the lounge and listen to some music and dance.

He wanted to go to the room (guess what for), but I told him I would make it worth his while and pulled my jacket open for him to see my tits. That is all it took and we got off the elevator and went to the lounge and sat at a table and the waiter took our drink order, staring at my tits.

When the band started playing a slow song, I stood up and told Paul I wanted to dance and when he stood up, I took my jacket off and we went to the dance floor with everyone looking our way staring at my tits, the top was so sheer. I felt so sexy and when we danced Paul's cock was hard and rubbing against me. When the song ended and a fast one started we stayed on the dance floor and now everyone there was getting a good look at my tits as we danced.

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The guys were staring and their girlfriends and wives were giving them and me nasty looks. Then when the song was over we sat back down at the table and I kept the jacket off so all could see me. I was so horny knowing the power I had over all these guys.

We danced a bit more and when I had to go to the restroom, Paul asked me to take my panties off, saying that he wanted to know that I was naked under the skirt.

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So when I was in the ladies room I thought what the hell and I took them off, it was wet from my juices, and when I got back to the table, I surprised Paul and handed it to him.

He just smiled, smelled them and then shocked me by putting them on the table.

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He called the waiter over and asked for the check and when the waiter brought the check, he noticed the black lace bikini panties an the table and looked at me and I smiled at him and winked. He did not know what to do. Paul saw this and just smiled and after he signed the bill he took the bikini panties and put it with the bill and handed them to the waiter and said "enjoy" as we stood up and walked back to our room, without my jacket on and every one could see my tits and when we got on the elevator 2 ladies, about 30 years old, were on it and one of them asked me how could I walk around like that.

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I said it made me feel sexy knowing guys were looking and getting excited, wanting me. She then said she always wanted to do it, but was too embarrassed to try it. I said to try it some time and she giggled. The doors opened at our floor and we got off and went to the room where we ended up making love as soon as we got in the room. Paul was so excited that we made love twice and he was still ready for more. He then asked me to keep the garter, stocking and heels on and just put my coat on and then he said he wanted to go around the ship and take pictures of me, especially if others get to see me flashing Paul.

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I did and we had a great time. All the while walking around the ship with nothing on under the coat except a garter and stockings, I could feel Paul's cum inside me, ever so slowly dripping from my pussy down my leg. A few times I had to reach down and wipe it off with my fingers. It was great.

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That is how I got interested in exhibitionism and it has progressed from there to where we are today.