Vadia senta na vara do negao

Vadia senta na vara do negao
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The sunlight is all too bright and dazzling in some bit of way. The forest is this immense and gigantic, embellished and bedecked beautifully and amazingly wonderful to the very last core and degree.

Wherever it is that I cast my eyes at, it is all a sheeny and healthfully wonderful green site. I at long last look at Jace Dicking. My own beautiful gorgeous husband! He is seated down there on some huge rock, wholly and copiously naked in a way and pose where he has his back facing and overlooking me. Yes. He is sun bathing and enjoying himself out here in the warm and mildly satisfying air.

I love being here with him, especially that he is wonderfully and brilliantly naked. I am naked and in every way thinkable undressed too. But unlike him, I am not sun bathing or washing myself in the abundant sunshine.

I have different and contrasting plans instead. I am going to wash and scour myself right here in the naked stream by this forest.

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In fact, our house is based and built not far away from here. It is just infixed a few distance couple minutes away of walking. Jace turns his neck backwards so that he can glance and look straightly at me. I sneak a glance back at him, smiling momentarily while dancing and jigging about so that my breasts and buttocks dance and jig merrily too. Then with this accomplished, I swerve away from him to walk and plunge myself into the cool and yet warm stream before me.

It is wonderful; it is glorious and remarkable.


I shudder and quiver at first, up till I get so used and comfortable to this bit of iciness that seems to swirl and whirl about me. With the lapse and slipping away of time, it ebbs and recedes away finally.

Things get back to normal again, which I like and adore so very much. The water beneath and about me is all clear and easy to sight and make out. I can even see and sight the floor of the naked stream itself, where tiny and wonderful tad bit of creatures are swimming and actively stirring about. I think it is high time that I take my bath.

I glance behind at Jace and observe that he has fully turned himself towards me. He is quiet but attentive, mute but then not that all dumb actually. It seems like what I am doing here is fascinating and arousing him up. For a moment, I think I see his giant dick resting on the stone beneath him.

I peer at him quietly and then take a much more attentive look. Yes, I am absolutely and definitely right. It is his big dick or penis which I am seeing with my own two eyes this exact moment.

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The way it rests and takes a peaceful nap on the rock is whipping and arousing me in a carnal form of way. I can even see his pubic and scrotum hair from straight here. Even his testicles' hair? I am merely joking and jesting about it! I touch and stroke about my nicely and well-shaped breasts. He is watching and deeply attentive--to even this.

I move about and then pull my head down to lick and suck the nipple on my left breast. When I raise and tilt high my head up towards him, I notice and make out that he is still watching and observing this as well. Well, he seems to be enjoying my exclusively special NAKED DANCE SHOW.

I sigh and heave out.

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I shift my hands to my large and huge buttocks behind there. It is a wonderful and exciting move on my part, one that delights and fascinates him--Jace.

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He even winks and blinks a merrily eye at me. I wink and grin back happily at him. Suddenly and without any slight form of warning, I slap and cuff my butts behind there with my very own bare and uncovered hands.

I am standing on my two feet in the pleasurable stream by this point in time. The sun is hitting and lashing straight at me recklessly and without any bit of mercy, but I do not care or mind either. I am enjoying and reveling in all this just as much as Jace himself is liking it all on the other hand.

I hit and slap and cuff and box my buttocks again. Cuff! Smack! Tap!


And then slap! The feeling is extraordinarily sensational and highly enjoyable at the same time. Again and yet again I do it, smiling and smirking to myself when I notice Jace become so helplessly enticed and led on to my seduction.

He can't resist watching this. No, he cannot. And when I notice and make out his big penis rise and straighten up there on the very rock where he is seated, I laugh and giggle to myself for a little tad bit of time. I think I see him spilling something out of his penis. Could it be that he is coming and releasing semen at the same time all too soon and momentarily? It doesn't strike me as being that way.

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Not at all! I move and drift my hands to the base or bottom of my buttocks down there. That is where my sweet dear anus is based and sited. I love her. And I take the best ever care of her more than I do with my very own dear sweetest vagina. She is sacred; she is precious and priceless, and for now, I wouldn't mind bothering and provoking her for a little bit while.

My long finger works and creeps its way straight inside her. As all this happens, I stretch and pop much wider my very own eyes--thrilled, galvanized, electrocuted and delighted too what's more. It is as if I have been hit and struck by lightning all out of nowhere and without even expecting or looking forward to it. My anus is so dry and safe deep inside. This is despite the fact that I am standing and jigging about in clear plain and mildly warm water.

She should be wet and drenched. When I bend and bow myself down, acting this out like I am Madonna clad in high-heel boots and doing her Queenly dance on some elevated and towering Hollywood stage, I have my anus and buttocks brush and eventually plunge deep and more deeper into the unsuspecting water beneath me.

All too suddenly and hastily, I lift and heave myself up so that I can stand straight and upright once more. Steadily and gently careful this time around, my fingers explore and search the depths and interior of my anus. She is still wet, soaked up, and seriously dripping with water?

Is this all true and even unquestionable in the slightest bit of soundly sense? No--it is surely and positively not so. My precious anus is still dry and fine brilliantly.

Maybe I should tarry and even stay longer than normal in the water this time around. Let me try just this out. I take my time and peace this steadily but patiently too. Arching and crooking my back downwards so that my stomach bends and faces down and my back itself deflects and incurvates upward, I lower and regress myself down towards the stream until my buttocks and anus have swept the warm water again and plunged and sunken a little more deeper into it.

With this carried out and accomplished, I glance and look straight up at Jace so that I can gape and drop my mouth open at him. My sweet long, slender fingers slither and work their way steadily and cautiously into my mouth so they can play and fool around with my sweet happy tongue itself.

While doing this, I even stick and push my tongue out so that it licks and laps across the corners of my mouth and brilliant lips themselves. Jace is still looking dazzled and hypnotized. But then I can't tell everything really. It could be that the dazzling and all too radiant sun is whipping and draining him up into doing all this, or it is really and assuredly I myself causing him to act and respond this very way.

I cannot exactly tell--for sure! I then move my hand down into the stream to locate my anus and spacious butts. There I have them. They are round, soft, and well formed and delicately shaped. I do mean my buttocks by this. And my anus?


It is still thrilled and being hit by an endless bolt of lightning. Things worsen when I shove my whole hand straight into it. It doesn't pain actually. Only that she is not used to stretching this wide and gravely. Doing this is as sufficient as is needed to tickle and pleasure greatly my vagina. I feel my clitoris rubbing and squeezing on both sides, extracting and yielding out a particular kind of juice and liquid that fades and vanishes off straight into the infinite mass of water.

My body sings and wriggles rythmatically with keenest pleasure and excitement. For a few minutes, I am in this highly blissful most state of euphoria and painlessness where I do not come back until after everything has eventually cooled and calmed down.

Only after then am I able to sigh and heave out a relaxed type of breath. Jace is so fascinated and delighted I cannot fully express what he feels and is even undergoing deep down his body and soul.

He is just there, silent and unmoving, still and unblinking, calm and unresting too in some bit of sense. I know that he expects more from me than this. He wants to see more. In fact, he is all ready and set to feast and devour more, so much more than I am even able to handle and offer to him.

I remove my entire hand out of my anus. It is all relieving in some bit of sense and way. I breathe and sigh out heavily what's more after accomplishing this. My clitoris and vulva has stopped rubbing and compressing up. They have even ceased yielding out this certain kind of juice that gets me all wet and drenched deep inside. I lie and roll myself down into the stream, drenching and soaking my entire body and whole hair with the water so that I am all freaking wet and damped up.

I glance at Jace. He is all the more quiet and attentive, waiting to see what will exactly happen next after this and how precisely and rightfully it is that I am going to handle and oversee the situation. Does he think that I am totally stupid and dumb? Does he think so really? I raise my feet up from the water beneath and even my stomach and breasts so that they are stuck out and projected out of the pleasurable water itself. As I finish doing this, I throw and push my head farther down so that it is covered and sheathed in nothing other than the agile and unresting stream that starts to fizzle and fussle aimlessly about into my ears.

No, no!

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Not any tiny bit drop of water seeps and trickles its way into my eardrum. None of this sort and nature happens and befalls me. I can simply overhear the sound of the streaming and moving water. That's just it. With my head and hair down and plummeted steeply into the water, I move my hand out to locate and site my very own vagina--which is based and positioned right in the very midst and heart of my very own legs.

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My fingers fish about and explore deep inside her. She is so wet and ready for sex deep inside here. She feels.delicious and tasty. Slowly, bit by bit and gently, with my breath being on hold and my head submerged and hidden down in the comfty stream, I stir and whisk about carefully and cautiously my fingers inside my vagina, laughing soundlessly and smirking blankly to myself in that wicked form of way and manner that Jace out there cannot be able to sight and oversee except he be near me.

I know that he is watching me. I can feel his eyes and gaze piercing and penetrating straight on me, and chances and probabilities are that he is not willing and intent to look elsewhere far or asides from me. I can't breathe. I do not feel any pain for it for this moment. However, all because I am simply and naturally human and not some strange breed or form of fish, or even a hybrid of both species, I withdraw and pull my way out of the water.

Once I am out, breathing and inhaling in heavily and uncontrollably, streams and lots of water start to gush and stream down my face and entire self. It has all been exciting and hilarious fun underneath the water while it lasted.

At seeing Jace, I notice him wink and blink at me another time. I return him the kind and appreciated favor, and then shake about my wet hair with a heavy and strong jiggling and dancing of my head so that it sticks and clings to my face while showering and spraying lots and driblets of water away from me. I kneel and go down on my knees in the water sexy style. I do it just like Beyonce Knowles does it--sexy hard, sexy wise, and sexy brilliant. With this carried through, I toss and flip away the wet and still dripping heavy mass hair of mine that has clung and hold on to my face so that I am at last able to look and concentrate straight on Jace.

He is still unspeaking and motionless too. I hit and bounce my waist high up and then low down, splashing and sploshing on the water underneath me so that is scatters and spreads away. I do it again and again, then yet again and endlessly again, almost like I am a woman who is hopping up and down her own man, hammering down undeviating on his dick this side and then that other, this excellent style and then that other.

Jace's smile widens and bouys up at this, just like his eyes do too. I laugh and giggle out at this. It is all too breathtaking and highly enjoyable indeed. I love, love, love, love it! Just like Jace himself here is relishing it too. When I rise and stand firmly up, Jace shakes and jiggles his head about--a sign and indication that he has wholly and sincerely been absorbed and fascinated up with this sweetly most thing like nothing else here in this forest and the beautiful stream itself.

I shake and jig my buttocks and fine hot ass towards him, even caressing and stroking about my thighs gently and steadily slow for him to feast on the scene and voraciously devour it with his own eyes and none other's. I blow him an invisible, air-meant kiss. He blows and vibrates his lips towards mine in return. Men and sex. It is a form of entertainment that nearly any man living and existing in this world wants, whether he be gay or straight, bisexual or unsexual.

We all love sex.we all want and crave it. What better and most beautiful part of creation than it? Jace Dicking and I myself, Elle Bitch Dicking--or simply Elle Bitch--have lots and lots more of it in geniously creative and smart gorgeous ways!