The ballet dancer male gay porn and male masculine black gay porn

The ballet dancer male gay porn and male masculine black gay porn
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I am the owner of a big apartment complex in a very warm part of the country. My parents left it to me. I had an idea a while back. After I got rid of all of the tenants (because I didn't renew their leases unless they were young single females), I made it into an extended stay hotel for women.

No men allowed past the lobby. Of course, that's not what the tenants are told. They are told that I am allowed to live there because the owner has a soft spot for me because I am legally blind and pretty much blind as a bat.

My picture is also posted around the complex along with an explanation of my condition and my special relationship with the owner.

And that's why the rent is also insanely cheap. The owner wants to give young women a way to save up their money or not go into debt any more than they already are just because they want to have a nice safe place to live. There is a very large pool that rivals a lot of the resorts in the area.

Most of the girls go without swimsuits because it's an all-female complex. I don't count because I am supposedly legally blind. The first day that I chose to make my appearance was on a particularly warm day and just about every tenant was out by the pool.

I had my baggy t-shirt and very out-of-date trunks on as I walked out with my white cane out. I called out to the life guard, "Hey, is Greta there? I need help to my chair. I don't want to fall into the pool." Greta said, "I can't leave my post.

The other guard is away for a few minutes." And she called to a couple of girls that were sitting near to where I was standing, "Rita, Susie, would you two just help Danny to his chair?" Susie spoke up for the both of them, "Sure thing." And before I know it, they introduced themselves and took my arms. I folded up my cane and started walking with them occasionally going too far requiring that they correct my steps.

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I kept my chin up as I walked seemingly oblivious to what was going on around me. After I sat down, I pulled out my iPhone and thank the girls for helping me. "Anything for you, Danny," Rita said. "Danny, I think you are going to be hot like that. Everyone else has their swimsuits off." I started blushing. I asked, "Is that why it got so quiet when I came out?" They started giggling and Rita said, "Probably.

Can we help you take your shirt off, Danny?" I said, "Yes, to be honest, I already am getting hot." I lifted my arms immediately as if I didn't know where they were. As they took off my shirt, I saw Susie give Rita a look. Susie said, "It looks like you work out - a lot." I replied, "Yeah, I guess I do. It gives me something to do and I like the idea of being strong in other ways. I don't feel like I am as helpless that way." Rita said, "Danny, would you mind if we sat with you." I said, "I would actually like that." Susie, "We need to get our stuff.

We will be back in a couple of minutes." Susie came back with her towel, Kindle and a bottle of lotion. Rita came back with her towel, a paperback book and a drink. Susie said, "Everyone is looking at you funny, Danny.

I think it's because you are wearing those trunks. I really think you should take them off." I acted all embarrassed and said, "I don't think I could. I never did anything like that before." Rita said, "You don't want to be the only one not naked. Do you? You will stick out." They started laughing, trying to do it as silent as they could, so I wouldn't know. I said, "Oh, okay. I trust you girls." Pretending that I didn't know exactly what direction I was facing, I asked for help, as I faced the pool.

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They bent down and sat on their heels. They pulled down my sorry-looking trunks to my ankles and told me to lift one leg at a time. I acted like I was falling over and Susie caught me. I fell right into her beautiful body. Up to now, I managed to keep from getting an erection. However, being in Susie's arms, feeling her warm naked body next to mine, knowing that Rita was getting an eyeful because she was at cock-level and knowing that everyone was staring at me, I let go of Susie and revealed what I had below my equator.

I heard them gasped. I guess they liked what they saw. I profusely apologized to Susie and Rita. I said, "I am so sorry. I think I should stay in my apartment from now on," hoping that they would try to talk me out of leaving or putting my clothes back on.

Susie said, "Don't you dare, Danny. First, we are the ones who talked you into disrobing. Second, everyone else is naked. So, please, don't go. Just sit back in your chair and relax." I did as they asked and I purposefully tried to maintain my erection. As we talked, I saw the girls through my dark glasses watch my cock move and twitch.

It was extremely difficult not to smile. After 10-15 minutes, I wanted to see if I could get further, so I said, "I am getting sleepy. Mind if I lie back and try to take a little nap?

Don't worry about waking me. It's very difficult to wake me. I sleep like a rock." Rita nonchalantly said, "Go ahead, Danny. We have our books. We can just read until you wake up." She then motioned for some other friends to come over -- quietly. Amber, Britney and Chloe came over, trying not to laugh. I lay back, closed my eyes and acted like I fell asleep. I still had a major erection.

It was pretty easy to keep it up. I just thought about what these girls were thinking as they were pondering what they could do with a cock like mine I was hoping that I read these girls and the situation correctly. I believed that once there were more than one girl, they would egg one another on to go further, each girl feeling like she had something to prove to herself and to her friends.

I also hoped that I had presented myself as the irresistible temptation. Not only do I have a pretty good body and a nice sized cock, but I am the perfect victim -- blind and sleeps like a rock. In other words, they could do just about anything to me and they wouldn't need to fear that I would identify them.

A few minutes later, after they were pretty sure that I was sleeping, I heard: "Danny, you awake?" "He's faking. I knew it." "Danny, you really do have a beautiful penis. Would you mind if I touch it?" "Yeah, I want to suck your big cock. Is that alright with you?" "You touch it." "No, you. You probably are too scared." "Look, Susie, it is calling your name.

Suuuuus." I heard a slap, someone say "Ow!!!" and giggling. Suddenly, I felt a small hand grab my cock. It felt so good. I intentionally let a little moan out. I wanted to give them a little encouragement to continue. I heard, "I think he likes it," "let me try," and more giggling.

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I felt someone else grab my cock and after a few seconds, she started moving her hand up and down. "I dare you to kiss it!" "Ok, where?" "Start by kissing his balls and working your way up to the hole on top." And a few seconds later, I felt little kisses on my cock. I don't know how much longer I am going to be 'asleep' like this.

"Now, I dare you to put his penis in your mouth and keep it there for 10 seconds." I don't know who it was, but she put the head into her mouth and basically did nothing with it for ten seconds.

"Here, let me show you ladies how to do it." I felt someone else grab my cock with more confidence and started to move her tongue all around the head. The same voice said, "I saw this in that one video I was telling you about." I felt her spit on my cock. "Guys like it when you get their dicks all wet and slimy. It feels better because I guess it reduces friction." She spat on my cock again and took more of me into her mouth. "Danny has a beautiful dick.

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He is almost as big as my dildo." She stroked my cock as I went in and out of her wonderful mouth. "I want to try!" "Ok, he isn't going anywhere. We all will get our turns with Danny. I think his doctor wants to come outside everyday. I guess Danny just became the community dick. Just don't let on, anyone." I heard everyone voice their approval. I better get in better shape if I am going to be the community dick.

Hmmm. Someone just spat on my cock and I started going in and out of a different mouth. Deeper and faster. She wasn't using her hands. My legs were spread out and my feet were gently place on the ground on either side of my chair. Someone came between my legs and took one of my balls into her mouth. I don't know what she was doing exactly, but it felt great.

I was still going in and out of the other girl's mouth. And I felt more and more warm hands on my body. On my legs.

On my chests. Several hands were caressing below my stomach and by my inner thighs. I felt the occasional naked breast on my skin. I didn't know how much more I could take. I would have warned them, but I was supposed to be sleeping. Ah, well. I began to make little sounds just to add to their fun. I was just going to just lay back and enjoy it. I am not going to worry about trying to savor the moment. It sounds like my cock was going to see a lot more action for the foreseeable future.

Uh, I am going to cum any second and this girl is feverishly going up and down on my cock. Suddenly, I was shooting cum into her mouth. She only paused for a split second. My guess is that I took her by surprise.

She recovered quickly, though, and started to pump my cock in order to get every last drop into her mouth. I couldn't see if she managed to swallow it all, but before she handed my cock to the others, she gave the head a sweet kiss. Other mouths tried to milk my cock, too, but I was spent.

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I withered in the hand of one girl. The girls all congratulated one another quietly. *** I gave it 10 or so minutes before I started to move.

Rita asked if I had a pleasant nap. I said, "I did. I must have been dreaming, though. I really don't remember it at all, but I think it was a very good dream. I must need more sleep.

I just feel completely drained." I said it totally dead pan. Susie spat out her water. I asked if she was alright. The other girls started giggling. I asked if one of the girls would mind getting me something to eat. Susie said, "Of course, Danny. You need to keep UP your strength. Do you have any preferences?" "No," I said, "I trust you.

Get whatever you think would be best for me." *** After lunch, I felt like I had regain my strength. Hell, who am I kidding? I was horny as I have ever been. My erection had return.

I said to the girls around me, "I am sorry, girls. I am afraid that I am not very good company. I am not sick. I think I may have overdone it with my work out." I never overdo it, in reality. "I just hurt all over." Chloe immediately said, "Hey, Danny.

I am Chloe. I am a good friend of Susie and Rita. I couldn't help but hear you say that you are in a lot of pain. We took a class together on massage.

We really could use the practice. Do you think we could practice on you? I think we could really make you feel much better." I said, "I would really appreciate that, Chloe. Where do you want me?" Chloe said, "How about upstairs?" I asked, "So you have a special table or something?" She said, "Yes, something like that." I knew that the girls were admiring my cock, but I didn't let on I knew.

I said, 'I am ready whenever you are. You just have to guide me upstairs." They told me some story about the path to their apartment was a little tough, so we would have to stick very close as we walked because they didn't want to see me fall and get hurt. Of course, I didn't believe a word of it. They were simply taking advantage of me because they were horny too.

And that was fine with me. I asked, "Can someone hand my clothes to me?" Chloe said, "Later, we will find them for you. I don't know where they are at the moment." Just then I saw her move my clothes to the chair next to her. I said, "Oh ok, if you say so. I will need them later, though." She continued, "Just so you know, it's really ok if you walk around naked at this complex.

A lot of the residents do. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you did as well." I said, "You're too kind to me. I know you are trying to make it easier on me. I don't know if the other women would necessarily like me walking around like that." I noticed that the other girls, behind my dark glasses, were checking out, no, ogling my naked body, but they were trying to come across as neutral as they possibly could.

"No, she's right. Nobody would mind you walking around like that." "I agree." "I certainly don't have a problem with that." (She was pointing to my cock.) Trying not to smile, I said, "Ok, I will consider it. It would mean less laundry. That's for sure.

And I like that idea. Thanks, ladies." Chloe returned to what she was saying, "I know this probably will sound very odd, but when we go up, I want you to walk directly in back of me. Women often move very quickly in the hall. I don't want you to get hurt." I said, "Uh, I have a problem. If I walk behind you, there is a good chance that I will bump into you with, with, er." Looking at my very erect cock, she said, very affirming, "Oh, your safety is my priority.

I am okay with it." She mouthed "very okay with it" to her friends. I said, "Well, I guess it's ok. Can we go? I am very sore." Chloe said, "Of course, Danny. Just put your hands around me like this. Walk when I walk. Stop walking when I stop." I said, "Hey, you don't have any clothes on either." She said, "Of course not. I was sunbathing." I said, "Your hair smells nice.

like flowers." She said, "Aw, you're sweet." She kept walking and every now and then she stopped very abruptly (when there was nobody else by her) just so I would walk into her. I apologized profusely several times. The others were trying not to laugh at her mischief. They wanted to get in on the act. The same girls would bump into me and accidentally touch some naughty part.

I was enjoying this too much. Chloe apologized and said, "I think you should get closer to me, so you aren't always bumping into me." And she pulled me very close to her and took my arms and wrapped them around her front. My cock was now up against her back.


She started to say, "mmmm", because she enjoyed the feeling. She quickly recovered by saying, "mmm, which way is shorter." We came to the elevator and when the doors opened, turning around to face me, she moved me to the back wall. I still had my arms around her, but she laid her head on chest. Her long brown hair was lying along my cock.

She really felt great in my arms. My erection was still going strong. Other girls came in too and packed in around me -- even though there was plenty of room. We got off on the 5th floor and I was back in my original position. We walked like that halfway down the hall and she opened the door. (I still have no idea where she had the key.) We went in, but before the door was shut, four other girls came in silently. I recognized Susie and Rita, so the others were probably Amber and Britney.

Chloe walked me to the bedroom as she explained that the bed was probably the best for her purposes. I said, "I just might fall asleep if I am lying in bed." She said, "That might actually be a good thing. Just relax and if you feel like falling asleep, just go with it.

I know you said you were just sore in some of your muscles, but is it ok if I have the other girls come in and we will give you a very full body massage? We really do need the practice. You already know Susie and Rita." I said, "That would actually be great. You all have been so kind to me. I hope I can repay you some day." They all just smiled to one another. Chloe said, "Danny, I think I would like to start by having you lie on your stomach." She took my glasses from my eyes and said, "Wow.

Danny, you have gorgeous blue eyes. Ok, come over here and lie down." I did as I was told. The girls came into bed with nothing but oil. It was actually quite a good massage.

(I made sure that when I had the bedrooms remodeled, huge beds were brought in.) The four girls each massaged one of my limbs. Chloe did my back and neck.

I said, "This feels great. I'm much more relaxed." My words really seemed to please them. Susie said, "You really do work out a lot, don't you?" Amber said, "Your legs are amazing." They started with my feet and worked their way up to my glutes.

Rita said, "Danny, please turn over on your back." I turned over, laid on my back and said, "I'm ready to have my front done," as they looked at my very erect cock. Chloe asked, "So, Danny, I have a personal question for you. How much experience have you had with women?" "Well," I began to spin my tale, "before I started to lose my eyesight, in the 5th grade, I had a girlfriend, Betsy.

After that, I pretty much isolated myself. I no longer went to school. My grandmother taught me at home." Rita said, "In that case, we have a lot of catching up to do." Susie asked me, "Would you want to be our boyfriend?" I said, "Sure, I would like that a lot. You all are very nice to me. But really what can I possibly offer you?" They all laughed, but said nothing.

Instead my massage resumed. They started on my arms and legs like before with oil. However, as they did my upper legs, they began to "inadvertently" graze my cock as they moved. I jerked, so they would think I was completely taken by surprise.

They started to speak. They were finishing each other's thoughts. "I heard that when men and women become lovers." "it gives the woman an incredible amount of pleasure when she knows that." "she is giving her lover pleasure." As they were ending that thought, Chloe began to kiss my cock starting with my balls.


"And it's the same with the man. He gets pleasure by pleasuring the woman" "But we want you to lay there now. It's our turn to pleasure you." Chloe was up to the head now, kissing the head softly. She started using her tongue then to smother my cock with love.

Feigning total innocence and ignorance, I let out tremendous sounds of pleasure and then said, "How in the world are you doing that??? That's the best feeling in the world." I know I was probably overdoing it. I simply wanted to encourage them and get them to "teach" me all they knew about sex.

Rita and Susie were caressing my thighs. Amber and Britney were by my chest caressing it. Amber took my hand and after kissing it, brought it to one of her breasts encouraging me to play with it. After Amber did this, Britney took my hand and, like her friend, brought it to her lips and kissed it.

Unlike Amber, she took my hand and put it on her very warm leg, guiding my hand along her leg to her pussy. Chloe took more of my cock into her mouth. I involuntarily pushed my head back into the bed and let out a "Mmmm". I said, "This feels so good." Amber's nipples were already poking out and Britney's cute little pussy was pretty wet. Susie and Rita wanted to get their turns, so Rita grabbed my cock and she started swirling her tongue around the head. They alternated bobbing on my cock as Susie sucked on my balls.

Chloe traded places with Susie.

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As Susie was taking more of my cock into her mouth, Rita was saying, "Deeper, Susie. Do what I showed you with my dildo." Susie went a little deeper. It was exhilarating to hear the girls' exchange, but what happened next was mind blowing. The three girls (Chloe, Rita and Susie were taking turns seeing who could go down on me the most.

After a while, when one girl was deep throating me, the other two were pushing her head down even further. It wasn't long before I felt their noses rhythmically bump into me. I heard them saying things like: "That's so sexy, Susie, to see you swallow Danny like that." "Hold on. I want to get a picture of that, Chloe." "Danny, how does that feel? Having the three of us slide you in and out of our mouths?" "Just wait, Danny.

When we show the other women what we did to you, you will have women lining up for their turn." I was going to cum any time now. I said, "It's beginning to feel different, ladies. I don't know what is happening." Chloe noticed that I was getting even harder in her mouth, so she sped up.

Rita said, "This is what you said was your favorite part -- when Danny is pulsating in your mouth." Amber and Britney wanted to watch this, so they turned slightly. I was cumming in Chloe's mouth. As it slowed, she started to stroke my cock slower with her mouth still attached. When she thought she got all of it, she let go of my cock. And Chloe gathered the other girls around her and then she began to kiss them, so they could get some of it.

They savored the taste before swallowing. Chloe had some of my semen on her chin and chest. She wore it like a badge of honor when we left the apartment and returned to the pool.

She was actually strutting a little, kinda like when a gymnast finishes her routine and walks off with her chest sticking out.

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I heard: "Looks like the cat who has swallowed the canary." "She swallowed something, but it ain't no canary." "Chloe, how does Danny taste? I want to sample some of that myself." When I heard them saying these things, my cock began to grow again.

"Can't keep a good man down." I felt Rita come by my side and I bent down to hear her whisper, "You are going to need all the energy you can get," as she tugged playfully at my cock. They all started to laugh.