Good Girl Obeys All Ground Rules Until Parents Away

Good Girl Obeys All Ground Rules Until Parents Away
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This is the story of my beginnings of my sex life. I am 18 now and have learned a lot in the 6 years of being with Mike and our friends.

I am still with Mike and we enjoy a wonderful life together full of love and sex. I had no idea this one day would change my life for the better.

I was 11 almost 12 when I had my first experience with what I know now to be sex. I was swimming at a local swimming hole with some kids both boys and girls. While we were playing around one of the boys challenged me to a swimming race. I accepted because I was a good swimmer and he raced me up the creek for about 200 metres before I got tired and stopped. He came over to me and he hugged me and tried to kiss me while we were still in the water.

I then realised we had been separated from the others and we were alone. He was about 14 and when we finished racing I was puffed and tired and I resisted a bit, but he was stronger than me but he was nice and I let him have his way and I had what I learned to be my first French kiss. He showed me how to kiss like that and we did it for a while I soon learned how to do it properly.

In the process it did to me what he had hoped, I got a little bit aroused I had those funny feelings down below. Sometimes I would touch myself but never did anything more than rub around my vagina. I had always been told I was not to touch myself there or let anybody else do it either. I had no idea where it led, but there was something about it that felt good. I knew that's where babies came out and that's where your father but his egg in your mother to make babies but I had no idea how.

Then he put his hands on my non existent breasts I was flat chested back then. He fondled my nipples which were hard from being in the cold water. I went to push his hand away and as I did he pulled my top off and threw it onto the bank of the creek.

I was naked from the waist up and as I became exposed he kissed and sucked on a nipple. I was a little shocked and had no idea what he was doing but I knew it was not right. I told him to stop but he kept going for a little while before he stopped and as he did he said to me that was nice I liked it did you. I said no that's wrong to do that.

He said its naughty I know but it was nice and it made you feel good didn't it. When he kissed them it made them warm so it wasn't too bad, and I have to admit it gave me that funny feeling again and that always felt nice. Then he said and this wrong too and he pulled his swimmers down and showed me his hard cock sticking up.

I said put it away that's wrong you shouldn't do that. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and we struggled for a while and in the process he pulled my swimmer pants down and he tried to put his finger into me. We thrashed about in the water and it was hard to move as we both had our pants around our ankles, then he shook his off and he grabbed me and kissed me again.

I though that kissing would keep him occupied but it was a wrong move as we were facing each other and he was pulling me against him hugging me tight. I could feel his hard cock between us and rubbing against my vagina. He kept kissing and I had to say I was enjoying that and while we were kissing he was hugging me to him with both hands and while he was doing that he was not touching me anywhere else. I gather he kissed me for a few minutes and as he did I got more aroused and when he put one hand on a nipple and rubbed and pulled it it actually felt nice he wasn't hurting it just rubbing the nipple between his fingers and after a minute of that he put his hand down to finger my vagina and I tried to push him away but as I did he kissed me again and I was so involved in kissing and forgot about feeling his finger searching for my opening.

He managed to get it into my vagina just a little bit and he said relax I know how to do this and not make it hurt, after I fucked Sue and it hurt her I read up on how to do it the first time and not hurt you.

He put his finger in just a little bit and began to feel around in there and then he said ahhh there it is now if I go gently and slow I can get it in and not damage your hymen.

Whats that? I asked. Don't worry I will explain it all before we fuck together. Then he gently put it in to me almost all the way and it felt nice.

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Then he rubbed it around inside me and I knew it was wrong but it felt nice. By now he was whispering in my ear telling me how much he liked me and that I was the girl he wanted for a girlfriend and what we were doing was wonderful. I had stopped struggling and he was having his way with me doing what he wanted and I was letting him. I have to admit it felt nice. We were still in the water and he then guided me to the bank and we both got out and stood looking at each other. We were completely naked.

I looked at him with his cock all hard and sticking out. He saw me and took my hand again and put it on his cock and said hold it for me I love it when I can feel your hand on it its like when I have my finger inside you you like the feel of that don't you. I said no its wrong. He said but you still like the feeling of it in there don't you.

I have to admit I did and I didn't say anything. Look I wont fuck you but we can play with each other there is no harm in that. I knew what fucking was but had no idea of how to. I knew it made babies in girls. I didn't want to show my ignorance so I said nothing. He then showed me how to stoke his penis and said its just like when its inside you boys do this when they cant fuck girls and girls do it to themselves when they cant fuck boys.

I dont do it. Then I will show you how all the other girls do it I know Jan and Sue do because I have done them. Jane, Anna and Jill do it, but I havnt done it to Anna yet but I want to. How do you know. Jan and Sue have told me about the others. They have played with my cock too, but I like you better. Have you put your finger in them. Both of them and I made them cum. What do you mean. Lets lay down and I will show you and I can do to you what I have done to them, and they do to themselves.

How do you know they do it. They have told me and let me and they have all shown me how they do it and made themselves cum for me. They don't. They do and we sometimes do it together I have seen Jan and Sue doing it together and they have a race to see who can cum first.

Even I do it with them. What is cumming. I will show you now lay back and open your legs and I will put my finger into you a little bit and rub it around and show you where you have to touch yourself and do it. He said are you still a virgin. I said I suppose so - I am not sure. Nobody has put anything up your vagina before like a finger or a cock.

No. I was fascinated and I let him I could not believe I was letting him I was doing everything I have been told not to but being nude and after kissing him and stuff I really felt like I wanted to do it all. He said Sue and Jan had, so I wanted to be like them. At first I was a bit scared but after a minute or two of him rubbing me I was beginning to like it and then he very carefully inserted one finger in me he played with a nipple at the same time and that made me feel really great its wrong I know but he said all the girls do it and I knew they had secrets at times.

Sometimes when we were all together they would talk amongst themselves and laugh and some times say you didn't and they always said - I did. Now I have a fair idea of what they were doing. He continued to finger me and he had worked his finger into me very carefully - a couple of times I flinched and he said sorry - I have to be very careful seeing it the first time you have had anything put up there. He seemed to know what he was doing and I relaxed a bit.

He said ahhh - thats better just relax and it will go in much easier and not damage the hymen. I began to feel and like what he was doing.I was absolutely fascinated with how I felt. I had no idea what he meant but he seemed to know and had done it before to Jan and Sue. Do you like this he asked as he looked down into my eyes.

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His finger was doing things inside me that I was liking more and more, once he had one finger in me he then gently put a second one in and it felt pretty tight. He said i was doing fine. His other hand was playing with a nipple and then he would bend down and suck one or the other and that made it feel even better inside my vagina. My tummy had sort of butterflies in it and the way he was using his fingers in me was giving me the nicest sensations in my vagina as well and playing with my clit as he called it seem to make my tummy feel even better.

I have never enjoyed having anything done to me ever before as much as I did this. The way he taught me to kiss was great but this was unreal - absolutely wonderful. Then he said ok before you cum I want you to play with my cock and I can show you how boys do what I am doing to you. You don't mind stopping for a while do you.

I promise I will make you cum before we leave. I said I don't know what that is but if it gets better than what you are doing I wont mind. You will love it all the girls do and then you will want to do it all the time like the other girls do. Now come on lets play with mine.

No do I have to play with it. Its gone all soft. Look its growing and getting harder already. But you didn't touch it why is it doing that. Because it likes what you are going to do to it and it knows you are going to so its getting hard ready for you. How does it get hard. I will explain that later lets just say that it likes you, and so do I, and it wants you to stroke it.


I was a little apprehensive but he was being so nice to me and he had made me feel unlike I had ever felt before and I liked him more now than I had ever done. I knew he wanted me to stroke his cock, I had felt it earlier and it had a nice feel to it.

He showed me how he wanted me to stroke it for him and I put my hand on it and did what he asked. It felt funny me doing that to his cock, it was not as though it was part of him, just something I was playing with. I stroked it like he asked and he watched me and told me how good it felt and how much he was liking me doing it. He said after a while it would produce the cum and spurt out.

He would tell me when it was coming and I could see for myself what it was and feel it. After a few minutes of pulling on it like I was, I said it felt funny holding like that and could I change the way I was doing it to him.

He said sure and I change the way I was holding it and then started doing it again. He said it felt better the way I was doing it and it might make him cum a bit quicker. He then said I could play with his balls as well and I giggled as they were hanging down in this bag under his cock. He told me to hold them in my hand and be gentle as if I was rough it would hurt him.

I said my mother always told me if a boy tried to do anything to me I was to kick him there. What did that do. He said it was possibly the most painful thing you could do to a boy, it really hurt and a boy could do nothing for ages after he had been kicked there. I wanted to know why and he said it is just that they hurt if you are rough with them.

I said what do they do and he said they help make the stuff babies make inside me. When a boy makes love to a girl he puts his cum in her and it fertilises the egg a girl makes inside her in my womb.

I said what does cum look like. You will see it soon it will spurt out soon when I cum and that's what you are doing now working me up like my cock was inside you and when I reach my orgasm it spurts out. What happens to a girl when you do that.

She gets pregnant sometimes but not every time it happens. Your egg has to be in the right place at the right time and the cum fertilises it and turns it into a baby. That's why girls have periods if the egg didn't get fertilised by cum, its no good and it comes out every month and you make a new one, that's why girls bleed on their period it's the old egg coming out mixed with the stuff that makes the baby.

Hell I didn't know that I don't have a period yet, but I know Sue does. Jan doesn't. I know I have fucked Jan and she didn't get pregnant.

Did you put cum in her. Yes but because she doesn't have periods yet so she cant have babies. Like you you cant have them yet either its only after you have periods that you can. So if you fuck me I cant have a baby. That's right. Are you going to fuck me. If you let me and I really want to. Jan didn't tell us you fucked her. She promised not to tell anybody we have done it twice.

Have you fucked Sue. Yes only once. Did you cum in her. Yes but I had a condom on. That's that rubber thing boys put on their cocks to stop having babies. Yes. If I let you will you have to wear one. No I hope not its only after you have periods a boy has to. Do you want to fuck me. More than anything in the whole world I really like you that's why I am here with you now, I want to show you ho much I really like you and do this stuff with you.

Why did you do it with Jan and Sue do you like them. I do but I like you better. You are the girl I want to have as my girlfriend. And fuck me. Yes more than anything. Do you want to do it now. Yes but I want you to know all about masturbating first once we have done that if you want me to I will.

I am not sure are you certain I wont have a baby. Positive. Well what do I have to do to make you cum. Would you like to suck my cock, that makes it cum really fast.

No what happens if you cum in my mouth. Jan and Sue have done it and I have cum in their mouths. Hell what did they do. Jan swallowed it and Sue spat it out. Why. Sue didn't like the taste because she didn't know what to expect. Jan has done it to another boy and she knows what it tastes like and she just swallowed it. She doesn't mind swallowing it. What does it taste like. A bit salty that's all. Will I like it. I don't know but I certainly hope so. I want to be the first boy that you do that with as well as fuck with me.

What do I have to do now to make you cum am I doing it right. I am very very close to cumming and you keep doing it like that and I will tell you when it will spurt out. Is it like pee?. No its like cream. Its all white and thick like cream. Do I make cum too. No. What happens to me. You have an orgasm which is the most wonderful feeling a girl can have.

But you have an orgasm too you told me. I know but boys have a different orgasm they have to spurt or ejaculate their cum into a girl a girl already has the egg inside her. Hell this is getting confusing. Look just make me cum and then I will make you cum and we will know what happens to boys and girls then if you want me to I can fuck you and we will both know how wonderful it is and how much I like you.

What about sucking your cock? Do I have to do that. How about you do that now and when I am getting close to cumming I will tell you to stop and we can make me cum with your hand and you can see how a boy has his orgasm and how he cums and what cum looks like. Ok, now after I have sucked it will you tell me when I have to pull it like I am now. Ok. What will happen to the cum when it comes out. Where does it go. Sue likes me to cum on her tits, but you don't have any but I can cum on where they will grow if you like.

Where does Jan like it. In her mouth she lets me cum in her mouth. Ok you can cum on my tits then and I will know what it looks like and maybe the next time I might let you do it in my mouth.

Great now I know why I like you. Now let me suck it and see what that is like. He stood up and I got on my knees and I put my mouth over his cock and sucked. It felt strange having it in there. He told me not to suck hard just enough to hold it in my mouth then to slip my lips up and down it like it was your fingers. I did what he told me and I held it as well. It felt fantastic having it in my mouth and I slipped the skin up and down as I sucked on him. I had my eyes open and all I could see was his cock and his hair and balls.

He told me I was doing it perfectly and then I held his balls at the same time and he moaned. I stopped and said whats wrong, am I hurting them. No No. Nothing like that it just feels so good I really loved the way you are doing it and it made me feel really fantstic. Girls moan when they are being sucked or fucked too. Do boys suck girls too. How they have no cock. Boys just lick and suck your vagina and clit. It makes them cum too. I went back to sucking hic cock and I was beginning to like that better than stroking him with my hand it was great.

I had been doing it for a few minutes and I was getting the hang of it and I felt I was doing it really well for him. Then he said quick take it out I am going to cum ohhhhhhh&hellip.shhhh……iiii…& I was concentrating on what I was doing and I was now really enjoying it and playing with the head of his cock with my tongue.

I wasnt expecting him to say and was about to ask him what he said, and then I realised he had put some cum in my mouth. I took my mouth off him really quickly then. Then I saw and felt this stuff spurting out of his cock all over me. It was warm and sticky. It sort of stuck to me and where there were big drops of it, it was running down my front.

Everything happened so fast I didn't realise that it was cum in my mouth and just swallowed it I was looking at it spurting out and he was pumping his cock with his hand and it was just dribbling out now, not spurting, as he milked sort of milked it down out of his cock and as he did he was putting it on me.

I was covered in cum all down the front of me. I was real mess. While all this was happening I still had the taste of his cum in my mouth and still had a little bit left. I could feel and taste it.

It had a strange taste and then realised it was his cum. For some reason I thought it might taste a bit like pee but it didnt. I don't know what pee tastes like but I know the smell and it didn't taste like pee smelled.

I was completely bewildered everything happened so fast and I had some in my mouth and heaps of it all over the front of me. By now he was over his cumming or orgasm as he told me it was, and he had cum. He said it was amazing and he was sorry for cumming in my mouth. Some how I was overwhelmed by it all everything happened so fast I hadn't realised what was happening until it was over but I saw it spurt and I got some in my mouth and knew what it tasted like and I was covered in it all down my front.

I wanted to look at his cum and see what it was like I put some on my finger and it made strings as I lifted my finger up. I giggled it looked so funny. It had all come out of him through his cock, I was fascinated. The two of us just played with his cum on me and we rubbed it around my nipples and it felt great. He said again he was sorry he came in my mouth. I said it was ok, it was an accident but now I don't have to worry about sucking it into my mouth in future, it wasn't bad and I didn't mind the taste of it - but it had a strange taste and I could still taste it.

I said I couldn't believe it made babies. He kissed me and our bodies rubbed together and we spread his cum all over us where he rubbed against me. Shit he said I can taste my cum in your mouth. I have never tasted it before. Shit it tastes awful. I said no it doesn't - have some more lick it off my tits. He didn't want to and I said it was ok for me why not him.

He was not very keen to do it but stuck his tongue out but didn't come too close to me so I pushed my chest out and rubbed his face in it on my chest. He had to lick my nipple then and got some on his tongue and swallowed it. Shit it tastes strange. Have some more I said then kiss me.

He licked some more off my chest and then he kissed me and we both got the taste of his cum in our mouths. That was the first time I have ever tasted my own cum he said how could you like it. I like you…&hellip. And you like girls doing that to you - I said and if it's a part of you I like it.

Kissing you with it I my mouth really bonded us together didn't it I cant get pregnant from swallowing it can I. No that's not possible otherwise Jan would be.

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She has done it a few times. Who does it the best her or me. You. Liar. I will ask her what she thinks I am sure she and I will have a bit to talk abut after today now I am going to wash all your stuff off me and I jumped back into the creek and he followed and he swam over to me and then he began to wash his cum off me with his hands.

He really concentrated on my nipples and I loved it and I did the rest and then washed him. I washed his cock thoroughly and it got hard again. I laughed and said look at it.

Its getting ready to fuck you he said - come on lets talk about it. We lay on the bank and dried off and we held hands. We kissed on the lips a few times and then he sat up and said now its your turn. Without another word he just got down and pulled my legs apart and put his head right down onto my vagina. I don't have any hair there yet like Sue so he just put his finger into me and I opened my legs further and he licked my slit up and down and it was like being on a cloud it felt fantastic and I touched my nipples because they were all touchy and it made it feel really great.

I don't know if grown ups like this but I do. Then he sucked on my cunt a bit and moved his mouth to the top of my cunt and he licked and sucked on the little pimple I have there and I shuddered all over with the feeling it was amazing he gave me the most amazing sensation just by touching me there and it went right through my body. I moaned like him. He said see I know how to make you moan too and immediately went back to licking me, working his finger inside me and touching my clit as he called the thing at the top of my slit.

I lay there letting him do what he wanted to me I loved every moment. I had no worries or concerns about what we were doing seemed perfectly normal to me even though I had never done anything remotely like this before and I knew it was wrong that we are doing it. For a moment I wondered if my mom and dad did this too, god it freaked me out to think of mom laying back letting dad do this to her. I suppose it was wrong or far beyond what kids our age should do but he was so kind and gentle and he was making me feel really special.

He did this for about five minutes and I wish it could have been five hours but I started to get sensations which made my body jerk when he touched my clit and rubbed his finger inside me. I started to grunt and my body jerked every now and again as he touched my clit and it sent spasms of the most amazing sensations right through me.

I got breathless and it was happening faster and faster and then he said you are about to cum and he sucked and fingered me and my whole body shook and shuddered and every nerve in my body just exploded and I could not stop writhing and bucking my ass up and down into his face, he kept sucking on my vagina and I tried to sit up but I was shaking so much and the sensation between my legs going up into my tummy and nipples was overwhelming.

I could not take any more and tears ran down my cheeks as I cried stop…… please stop I whimpered. He did immediately and I lay there shaking and gasping for breath I have never felt like that in my life before. I had achieved my first orgasm and no idea that it would be like that.

I was shocked and delighted, it felt absolutely amazing. I was soooo happy. He let me lay there just looking down on me. He waited until my heart stopped thumping and I got my breath back.

Then he lay beside me just looking at me and smiling. My whole body was completely exhausted, I could hardly move but it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. My first orgasm was something I would never forget. I am sorry, I made you cry……No they were tears of joy and overwhelming satisfaction I had no idea what it would be like and that was the most wonderful thing I could have ever happen to me.

I thank you. I sort of lost control of my whole body I didn't know if I wanted to pee or noteverything inside me down there was ringing like church bells. After I had completely recovered we talked about what had happened and what he had done to make me orgasm. He said he would show me how o masturbate myself with my fingers and have orgasms any time I wanted to.

I couldn't wait. Then he said now I want to make love to you will you let me. What fuck me? No make love. Fucking is just fucking I really like you I have never felt love before but I think I know what it is now it's the way I feel about you. Making love to a girl is something special I have read fucking is just having sex. You can fuck any girl you like but it has to be somebody special when its called lovemaking. I never realised how wonderful you were and you have let me do all these things to you I have never felt like this before with Jan and Sue it was just fucking with them, looking at you and knowing what we have done together makes me feel all gooey inside its something special with you.

You are truly beautiful to me. I feel the same way I was thinking when you were doing it to me that I should feel that what we are doing is wrong or dirty or something --- but I don't feel like that with you I really want to do what we are doing together with you I don't know if I could with any other boy. I don't know I could get nude and let anybody else do what you do to me. You are the most wonderful person I know. Ok lets make love I have o make you feel something special about me too and I know you have fucked Jan and Sue and now I want to know what it feels like to have your cock inside me.

I don't care what happens I want you to do it with me properly. We hugged and kissed for a while and his cock got hard and I loved the look of it sticking out and wobbling as he moved it looked wonderful and I bent down and kissed the top of it, and just popped the top of it into my mouth and licked around the top like I know he likes.

He was playing with my nipples at the same time and that really made me feel like I wanted to have sex with him I wanted to feel him inside me. Then I said ok what do I do it has to be right and special. This is the first time loosing your virginity I think the girls call it. He said not losing it that way we might not find it again lets call it sharing it.


I want to share your body with me to enjoy us being locked together as if we are making a baby. That's special. I want you to but your cum inside me lets do it right if what they say is right I cant have a baby yet, but I want to have one with you one day and remember what we have done together today for ever.

Shit, are you sure. What if you do get pregnant. Lets worry about that if it happens I just know I love what we have done and I want it to be the best thing in my life I want to know what it is like to make a baby. I know my mom takes pills to stop them having any more she said having me nearly killed her. I know they do it I have heard them and she makes a lot of noise sometimes, but I never realised doing this was so much fun.

Maybe I can take pills too if you want to keep doing it with me. I want nothing more. Ok lets do it. I lay back on the ground and he told me what I had to do.

Laying there in the nude looking up at him standing over me with his hard cock sticking out made me shiver with excitement. He was going to make love to me and we were going to practice making a baby inside me.

Well he told me I couldn't make babies yet and I believe him but I want it to be like that. I have seen his cum which makes babies and I want that to be inside me. I want to tell everybody he did it inside me, like making a baby. He got down and he kissed me and I really felt special. I shivered with excitement as I saw him crawl between my legs then he said pull them back up near your shoulders and open them wide.

I did exactly as he said, and I have never felt so grown up. Then he held his cock and he guided it to the opening of my slit and just put the tip of it into me a fraction. I could feel it against the lips of my vagina. Now I am going to push my cock in really slowly this is the way its is supposed to be and not be painful. Tell me when it starts to hurt and I will wait for a minute before I go any further into you.

He pushed it a bit further in, I could feel it but it wasn't hurting. Ok, my cock is up against your hymen I cant get it in any further without pushing hard but I will try and do it gently. How does it feel. Ok, it not hurting me it feels good. He sort of gently rocked his cock in and out a bit and I could fel the top of it rubbing against the lips of my vagina.

I could feel it, but couldn't feel my hymen blocking it from going in. He did this for about two minutes which seemed like ages but then he said ahhh, its going in, is it hurting. No but its pretty tight, I can feel your cock in a bit further and it feels ok, but it is very tight.

I can feel it myself, it much tighter than Jan or Sues. Can you put it in a bit further, how far in is it. About half way, there is a tight ring around my cock about half way down. I am going to go in a bit more tell me if it hurts. I felt him push down and I could feel something happening in there, it wasn't painful, but very, very tight then as he went in a bit further there was a sort of a sharp stab for a second or two, like I pricked my finger only it was inside me.

Then it stung and I said now its hurting a bit, its stinging me, but its not painful. It feels ok, but don't move for a minute, I can feel something in there its gone all slippery or something did you cum. No can I pull it out a bit. Ok but do it slowly. Ahhhh its blood, my cock is covered in blood, your hymen has been ruptured and its bleeding. Hell, what will happen now I cant go home covered in blood.

Everybody will know I have been fucked. Don't worry, it was like when I did it to Jan she bled too but it wasn't much. Look I will take my cock out and see how much blood comes out. He pulled his cock out and I looked down and it had patches of blood on it. I looked at my vagina and there was blood on it but I wasnt bleeding, that is there was no blood was running out, it had stopped.

He looked at me and opened my vagina with his fingers and said its not bleeding anymore. That must have been your hymen, did it hurt.

Only for a second, and it stung for a minute but it feels fine now. Ok I will put it back in and we can fuck, you are not a virgin any more and you have given me the most precious gift a guy can have, a virgin cunt covered in blood.

He bent over and before he went back into me he kissed both my nipples and then my lips, I really felt great. Then he got down and this time he just put his cock at the opening and said Ready. Fuck me hard. He pushed his cock in to me and it felt great going in and the feeling of it inside me he doesn't have a real big cock, but I don't have a real big vagina either, but I know now it has had a cock inside it and it fits and it doesn't hurt.

I thought now my dads cock might fit as it has been stretched, by his fingers and his cock. I felt great as he started to fuck me pushing and pulling his cock up and down inside me. It was funny to begin with because he slipped out of me a couple of times but it went straight back in without him having to touch it, my cunt couldn't wait to get it back in.

He fucked me for ages about 10 minutes we guessed later. The both of us really had the best fun of our lives he showed me a couple of ways to fuck and it was absolutely the best experience I have ever had and we were both nude, that made it feel even better and he often touched my nipples which made it feel better.

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The blood had stopped and most of it had gone after we had been fucking for so long, but I still had some dried on my legs and so did he. He said it was a badge of honour my virgin blood on his cock. When he was ready to cum he asked me are you sure you want me to cum inside you.


I said yes more than anything I want to know what it feels like when you spurt it into me and that you are making a baby for me. He fucked me for another minute, and he sped himself up and fucked me really really hard and fast. Then he sort of slowed down and grunted and screwed his face up and I could hear him grunt each time he pushed his cock into me hard and spurted his warm wonderful baby juice as he called it into me.

After a minute he just collapsed and lay on top of me. That was the best fuck I have ever had - you were absolutely wonderful. Better then Jan and Sue. Better than them both put together you were magnificent, and letting me cum inside you was awesome. God you must have put heaps inside me - I can fel it beginning to run out.

Does it always do that. No I guess what with the blood and the heap I put in you, I was cumming for ages and it was still cumming out of my cock. It cant all fit so its running out. The same thing happened to Jan When I came in Jan it didn't start to leak out until we had finished and she was standing up and then it ran down her legs.

Oh shit you didn't cum. I forgot all about you I was so worked up about fucking you I forgot you should have cum too. Lets wait a while and when my cock gets hard we can do it again. Are you sure I don't mind we will do it again and I can cum then.

No I want you to cum on your first day it would have been better if you had cum on your first fuck. Look I only came for the first time ever today there will be plenty more times. No I want you to cum I want you to be able to tell Jan and Sue you did. They are sure to ask you.

You only have to say you came not necessarily on the first time, but on the first day wont matter. He said ok lets do it again he got himself hard and I lay back and he started to fuck me again. It was far better this time I was full of his cum and he slipped into me as easy as anything and he began to fuck me hard. I had no pain or bleeding his time it was all pleasure. After a minute or two he said lets kiss and we kissed French while he was inside me and I soon got the sensation of wonderful enjoyable sex in my tummy.

When I said I was really worked up he said ok get on top of me and fuck me. That way you will cum quickly. He told me how to do it and he got down and I lowered my cunt over his cock and sat on him. After a couple of goes I managed to keep his cock in me. Lay forward and rub your clit on my cock. I did what he told me and in a minute I was in the right position and I could really feel his cock rubbing my clit.

I did this for a few minutes and then that sensation built up inside me and I could feel this amazing feeling all around my cunt and up into my tummy, my clit was exploding and he put his hands up and played with my nipples and then it happened I came and I was really working my cunt onto his cock and then he grunted and he started to push his cock up into me as I lay there and he came again and pumped more cum into me.

Like him I got exhausted and had trouble getting my breath it was an amazing feeling. Now I knew what all the kids liked about fucking it was fantastic. The two of us lay together with his cock still in me and the two of us just laying there getting our breath back. After a minute or two I was back to normal and his cock hd gone soft and slipped out of my cunt and once more his cum was leaking out of me.

It was one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever had I had been fucked and had cum running out of my cunt. There could be nothing better than that well getting your cunt sucked was great too and sucking his cock the list was endless sex was the most wonderful thing I have ever done. I was not going to stop now. I am glad I didn't wait until I was 16 or something I love doing it now.

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Then he stood up and helped me up and we walked hand in hand to the creek and washed the cum and blood off us. It was over unfortunately. But it was the beginning of a new life for me I wanted him to fuck me every day from now on. We put our swimmers back on and swam back to where we had left the others. We had been gone for more than two hours and as soon as we got back they all wanted to know if we had been fucking each other. A few had left but Jan and Sue were there and they came straight to me and said isnt he magnificent.

He is the best fuck about. There was no doubt about what we had done they all knew we had been fucking but did they know we masturbated and sucked each other as well, and we had drank cum together.

I smiled and said I know I am not a virgin any more. Did you cum Jan asked. Of course I did he is the best fucker on earth and made me cum twice.

You did it twice. We would still be fucking if it wasn't getting so late I would let him fuck me all day every day. So would I said Sue. Me too Jan said. I laughed and said we will have to form a line and he can fuck the three of us one after the other. By now he had come back from boasting to all the guys and he held my hand. Well girls meet the new mother. You let him cum in you.

Why not I cant have babies yet or that's what he told me. Don't believe a thing a boy tells you they all want to cum in you. It's a status symbol. I said I will get those birth control pills when I have my periods.

Oh thank heavens Sue said you havnt started yet. No. Well lets get going or I will have some explaining to do I cant get home late and say I have been fucking and sucking all afternoon.

Shit you sucked him off too you are a glutton. It was a pleasure and I know what cum tastes like too now. God is there anything you didn't do. Tell me what you have done and I will tick off the boxes. We all laughed got changed and headed home. When I got home I showered and looked at myself in the mirror opening my vagina and having a good look inside it. I couldn't see any difference however I knew that it had been full of cock and cum earlier and I was so proud of myself.

I lay awake half the night trying to remember everything Mike and I did together. I had my finger in there and did what he told me and wow - I soon found out I could do what he did to myself. I did it till I came, but it wasnt like he made me cum, but it was good. Tomorrow would be another day and he was going to take me somewhere and we were going to fuck all day I couldn't wait. My sex life continued to improve and Mike and I became lovers We both had occasional experiences with Jan and Sue (even I tried it with Jan) and a few of the other guys in the group.

Within a month I had experienced sex with three other boys but it was never the same as with Mike. I wanted to try it and I did. I didn't regret it but now its basically Mike and I exclusively now.

I think everybody has written about how they have ben fucked here and I wasnt much different - so I dont know if I will write some more about what we did - we just fucked and sucked and masturbated sometimes alone sometimes with the others - no matter who it was with or where - it was fantastic.