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Asian singaporean chinese wet pussy amateur homemade vid exploited college girls
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High school is a very memorable time. Everyone has that one story from high school. The one story that they still dream about, that they look back on and just smile. My high school nostalgia, however, is totally different than most people's high school past.

It was about half way through the year and it was wrestling season. Wrestling to me was the greatest thing on earth. I loved it.

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It was a sport about two men in physical combat trying to prove they are better than the other. There is no one to blame for your mistakes besides you. Granted some of the moves in wrestling did look a little gay but if you ever wrestled, you know it is anything but. I was on the JV team in the 150 pound weight class.

I was about 5'-11", short dirty blonde hair and was in good shape. I was not what one would call ripped but I also was no way considered fat or skinny. I was an athletic boy still growing into himself. I had muscles and could lift twice my weight, almost, the definition just didn't kick in yet. I was waiting in my sister's car waiting for her to drive me to school.

It took about a half hour to get to school and school started at 8:00. It was 7:25 now. Finally she comes out and walking nonchalantly to her car. My sister, Julia, was around 5'-8" 110 -120 pounds (I can never guess a girls weight right, because of their tits), long beach blonde hair (she got that from mom), my friends wouldn't let forget about her big boobs and her plump ass.

Long story short she was you're typical girl next door blonde bombshell who was also a cheerleader. She came out in her short cheerleader skirt and cut-off top that looked like a bra on her.

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I didn't know how she did it in this cold weather. That's another thing I like about wresting, it's indoors. A controlled environment. She gets in the car. "Finally". She sticks her tongue out at me and started driving to school. My sister and I have always been close, even with her being 2 years older than me. Despite the age difference you could barely separate us for more than a few hours.

My parents run a locally famous coffee shop that they make us work at but only during the summer. They don't want us to get distracted form our schoolwork or our sports. So they don't get home till late, apparently people like coffee at all the times of the day. Even when they are home, their bedroom and bathroom are downstairs. My sister and I have our bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.

Separating our rooms is an extra room that we have our TV and X-BOX up there. So for the most of the time we just stay up there. Out parents nicknamed it "The Den" We usually sit on the couch and watch chick flicks. Yeah I watch chick flicks, so what they're funny. On the ride to school Julia cranked up the heat, obviously cold in her cheerleading outfit. I was dying from the heat in my warm-ups, which were sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hoodie.

I didn't mind though, sweating meant more weight off so I could make my weight class. "You nervous" Julia asked me. This was the first wrestling meet of the season. Usually JV wrestlers didn't matter but I was different.

Or should I say who was above me was different. Butch Clark a three-time state champion and the team captain. He was also the coach's son. This was his last year and I was the only other person in his weight class (which is weird because 150 is a very popular weight class).

So everybody was looking at me and trying to figure out if I could be the next Butch Clark or not. "You know it's not fair, all the pressure they put you under, testing you, seing if you'll be the next 'superman'" Julia complained. "Well, I'll just have to live with it." I said "None of that matters anyway when I'm on that mat. As long as I get that W. I don't care what anybody else thinks" Julia giggled a little bit, looked at me, smiled and said "That's why you were undefeated last year and I know you'll do well this year" She softly places her hand on my leg as comfort.

Jokingly I said "That all depends if we get to school on time you freak" She then pushes me and laughs as we just do some basic chit chat the rest of the way there. The entire day went by pretty smoothly, I was mainly thinking of tonight. It was almost guaranteed that I would have a match tonight being I'm the only JV kid in my weight class. This first team we were facing wasn't all that great. We killed them last year and was expected to double that this year.

During weigh-ins I weigh at 147.06. Feeling satisfied with myself I scarfed down two sandwiches the cafeteria made for us for after weigh ins.

Coach Clark came in to announce the JV lineup. Suddenly every JV kid came running up to coach to see if they had a match. "We only got one JV match, and that's Portz" saying my last name he looked at me and said "Show us what you got kid" When coach left everything sort of hit me at once.

I'm wrestling in front if everybody at school for the first time and every single one of them will be there watching me.

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It's not like normal JV matches where only a few people really care about what you do. These people care immensely what I do if I don't show enough potential everyone is going to hate me. The amount of pressure just stopped me in place. I would have stayed there all night if I didn't hear someone yell "Portz". I looked back and saw Clark coming towards me. He put his hand on my shoulder and said "Look man. I understand how much pressure you're under.

No matter what happens. You got to remember one thing. Nothing else matters…" "When you're on the mat" I finish his sentence recollecting on what I said this morning. "Right" he said with a smile "Now come on you're warming up with us since you're the only JV.

I'll be your partner" As we ran out the crowd erupted into cheers. We warm up and then it was time for my match. What was once a noisy gym went dead silent when I came onto the mat? Everyone anticipating on whether or not I would show promise. I just acted normal and blocked everything out like I usually do. I only heard my Coach, family, and the ref. When the whistle was blown my opponent and I stepped into a collar-tie.

I could easily tell that I was much stronger than this guy. "Thank god you're my opponent" I said out loud and then immediately took a shot.

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He never saw it coming I took him down for two points. I then got into legs, spladeled him, got three points. Feeling comfortable I put him in the power half and pinned him.

(For anyone who doesn't know wrestling. I kind of destroyed him). Immediately the crowd cheered. I turned and saw my sister on the side and she winked at me and gave me a thumbs up. I went back to the coach "That was just a junior you pummeled out there kid" coached excitedly stated.

Wow, I thought to myself I beat a junior. After getting congratulated by my teammates I went back to the wrestling gym to do what we called warms downs. They were workouts we did after a match. While In the middle of my warms downs I heard the door open and close.

There wasn't supposed to be anybody else in here with me.


The Varsity match wouldn't start for another 15 minutes. So, confused I looked behind me and saw this cute petite young freckled red head. You could see the seduction on her face and the way she walked. God! She was hot. "Good match out there." She said in what was the cutest and sexiest voice I had ever heard. I was hooked.

"Well thank you" I said still dumbfounded. "You know you looked really hot out there on the mat" She said stepping as close as possible. Her hand then gently went onto my crotch and she started groping me through my singlet. "Mmm really? You think so?" I said "You're not too bad looking yourself". She smiled at my comment and then she leaned in and kissed me all the while still groping me.

Her soft delicate hand felt so good on my now fully erect dick. She definitely knew what she was doing, even through my singlet she had me pre-Cumming already. She broke from our kiss smiled and walked away. I couldn't believe what happened. Did she really feel me up because I won? If I didn't want to win every match before then I definitely wanted to now.

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Being so awestruck I stood there for a couple seconds and then started to walk towards the gym to watch varsity wrestle. When suddenly I see Julia come running down and hugs me almost knocking me down.

"I'm so proud of you" then I heard her gasp and she quickly pushed back into the wrestling room. "What the hell" I exclaimed. "Look down" she said. "Oh shit" I saw that my hard erection had been sticking straight out and was so very easy to see. "Are you that excited over winning" she asked. "No, it's just that this girl came in here kissing me and groping me.

It was all so surreal". "Well" she said "you can't go looking like that" She then reaches in my singlet, through my boxers grabs ahold of my bare dick and shoves my dick down and tries to hide it for me. It took her a while but she got it and then, I swear to you there was like this moment where she stopped, lingered there with her hand on my penis and she looked me straight in the eye.

I could almost see what she wanted to do. Or was that what I wanted her to do. She then took her hand out, and walked away like the mystery girl. On her way out it almost looked like she liked her fingers like there was some of my pre-cum. But Julia would never do that, she's my sister, she would never do such a thing.


Right? I started to go back to the main gym, this time interrupted by my parents. They congratulated me and said they were on their way back to the coffee shop.

It was going to get busy after the match because it was near the school and they had deals on pies for the wrestlers. They said that they would be home late but they left an extra pie for me in Julia's car. We ended up winning the match. 56 to 4. When I got to Julia's car she was already there (for once) she was eating a slice of pie already. "Hey mom and Dad gave that to me" I joked.

"After what I did for you today. I think this well-deserved". I blushed and said "Yeah sorry for that" "It's ok" she said to me as she winked. What was that supposed to mean? I also thought she said something under her breath, but when I asked her she said she said nothing. On the ride home I was thinking of the girl who walked in the gym, then after a while I started thinking of Julia, but in a different way. I thought of how it felt when Julia grabbed my dick, what else she could do with it.

Omg, I thought, that's my sister I shouldn't be thinking this. But the more I try not to think about it the harder it was. My penis sort of followed the same trend as I got hard once again. It was almost certain Julia noticed but she didn't say anything, although now that I think about it she kept looking at me and when we went home she was always a little closer than normal.

Around 10 we went to bed and I still had an erection, I just couldn't jack off if I knew my sister was the cause of it, that's just wrong, isn't it? Oh well, I'll just sleep it off. When I was about half way asleep I heard my door open then I felt the covers get torn off. I looked up and it was Julia. "What are you doing?" I asked. Without saying a word she climbed on the bed, took my penis out of my boxers and started stroking it. She gave this gaze as she looked me in the eyes.

The same gaze I saw in the wrestling gym. The same gaze that left me speechless then and the gaze that left me speechless now. She then bent down and started sucking me off. She immediately took the whole thing in her mouth. Just ravishing my cock. Like she wanted this for years, like she was starving for this.

Her saliva and spit was everywhere as she made good work of my cock. I never felt something like this before. The feel of her tongue dancing around my thick shaft. Her spit a saliva just everywhere. She knew what she was doing. It didn't matter to me that it was my sister, it was a hot beautiful girl sucking my dick and boy was she good.

I could tell she liked it to because she started playing with herself while blowing me. That throw me over the edge . "Ohhh… I'm.I'm about to cum" I did my best at saying. She then went as deep as she possibly could and swallowed glob after glob of cum I had spewed into her throat. She then got up swallowed my cum and said "Next time you make the first move" and then she walked away.

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