Curvy and horny latin chick brunette deserves to get drilled hard

Curvy and horny latin chick brunette deserves to get drilled hard
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Pam looked at ring she gave Neil and he gave back to her proposing to her and proudly wore it to see her mother and sister in hospital. They are to be released today after treatment for being stabbed by Kevin who was driven to insanity by aneurysm in his brain causing him to have extreme anger before he finally died from it.

Pam only 17 was stunningly beautiful and extremely intelligent. Pam was now engaged to marry Dr Neil Kelly who was taken by her extreme beauty and impressed with her intelligence and accomplishments and Pam deeply loved him and he loved her. Pam checked out her mother Kris and sister Lyn who now could walk. Kris said, "Is this the ring Kevin gave you?" Pam said, "Yes mom Neil summoned me to his office and I was afraid he want to break it off but he reached in his pocket and the ring was not there and he told me he was to propose but forgot the ring." I gave him this one telling him I am cheap to keep.

He then got on is knee and said he loved me deeply and asked me to marry him." I loved him and said yes and the diamond in this ring is much bigger than the one he got from his mother. It is the ring given tom me by Kevin but when I gave to Neil he got down on one knee and it seemed like Neil gave it me.

I would rather have bigger diamond and I now have it. I love him with everything in me. Pam now did the driving and took them home in only a couple minutes. Pam was there to help but they both made it to house with no help. They both took off their clothing and shoes as soon as they got in.

Pam did too but Kris handed her shopping list and she put on some jeans and tee shirt to go shopping. Pam had to go to two markets to get all of it and returned home put away groceries and sit down for lunch. Pam went to the weight room to lift some weights and do more pushups and sit-ups. She pushed her self to do more repetitions sets of everything. After an hour of this she took a shower and dried off still naked. Kris started at dinner setting aside the ingredients she would need She was naked except for the bandage around her abdomen.

Neil arrived right at 5:00 and Pam let him in and they hugged and kissed inside the front door. Pam took him her room and he undressed and Pam gave him a blowjob to help with his arousal as he sat down for dinner of try tip steaks backed potatoes and delicious crisp vegetables that had been broiled.

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The food was delicious for Neil and the view was just as Pam described eight naked females showing their breasts at the dinner table. When everyone was done eating Pam and Amy cleared the table at the direction of Neil. With two towels spread Pam and Amy were naked and spread their legs facing each other.

Neil put down what looked like 1 inch plastic spheres connect by a cord Neil pressed in two of the spheres in each of their vaginas and metal sphere on their clitoris having each of them hold it there.

He then switched on the vibrators in each of the spheres and Pam and Amy inhaled and screamed together with pleasure. This got everyone's attention to watch Pam and Amy come to simultaneous powerful orgasms one after another every two minutes. After the demonstration leaving Pam and Amy exhausted and smiling. Neil passed out plastic bags holding more of these orgasm kits to everyone there with batteries included and Neil's business card.

Ten minutes later they could hear the screams of pleasure coming from every room. Dr. Neil Kelly was now the most well known guest ever in ten minutes. This could be done one girl to another of as new level of battery powered masturbation. Neil said, "The balls inside touch every sensitive place in a woman and the metal sphere is on the clitoris and they all have vibrators." "It is my way of thanking everyone for the fabulous dinner tonight and the view of the fabulous nude females." Pam and Amy each took one of Neil's hands and took him to the pool for the next few minutes they had private use of it.

Neil loved this place with two six-foot tall women on each side of him. Both Pam and Amy let Neil touch them anywhere. As others came into the pool Pam, Amy and Neil got out and went on a guided tour of the weight room and bondage room. They then settled into the hot tub where each of the girls came and personally thanked Neil for the orgasm balls he gave everyone. Pam introduced him to each or them. At bedtime Neil got to fuck Pam giving her one more orgasm and ejaculating inside her.

Amy was there to give him a blowjob in the morning Neil had never slept with one woman in his life an now he one on each side of him completely naked.


In the morning Pam got up to put on her sports bra and brief shorts and running shoes and Amy saying for him to cum in her mouth and putting his penis in her mouth. Amy swallowed and kissed Neil after the blowjob. Neil sat down to a delicious pancake breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice. He watched Pam, Kristy, Christine and Dennis going for 13 miles and Amy there to go at Neil's pace he tired to go as much as possible running but need to slow to walk sometime and Amy and Angie staying with him with two lovely ladies Neil managed 9 miles in 46 minutes and they held his hands waiting for Pam to come home just ahead of Kristy and Dennis and Christine.

All of them went to the pool to cool off. Neil standing in the shallow water with 8 naked ladies Pam came to him and kissed him passionately. He loved holding her slim naked body. Neil said, "Pam I have enjoyed every second here with the possible exception of that running." "I love it here and I love you Pam." "Since all my patents come to me during the day I will be able to stay here every evening and night." "What is the cost of the rent with meals?" Pam said, I contribute $1800 per month for the room and if you can afford half that it would be worth it for you." "It comes with me and Amy to provide your sexual satisfaction and some real good food." Neil said, "Just the food is worth that every thing else is a bonus." I will bring a bunch of AAA batteries for the orgasm balls I brought here." "I heard some of them were being used until the batteries went dead." "I personally designed those and they available at the med center store but they must be asked for." "They are called 'pleasure spheres." "I will bring the money tomorrow." Neil looked at Pam's blue eyes and wide smile thinking her the most perfect woman on earth.

Her tall naked body was suburb in every respect with her slim waist without a hair on it except the blond hair on her head making her sexy and smooth in every respect. Pam was so much more than her suburb physical appearance and she would become his wife someday. Neil felt extremely fortunate to have her come into his office to break his shyness and ask her out.

The more he learned about her the more he loved her. Here he could run his hands over her firm breasts and body and actually put his penis in her tight vagina to cum inside her. Neil felt he died and gone to heaven and heaven was Pam.

Amy was tall and very pretty and he got to bed with both of these beautiful girls. Neil wanted to show his family this most beautiful woman but they could never visit him here. She was so young at 17 but had accomplished much. Neal measured her pulse and blood pressure and she has pulse of only 40 and blood pressure of 90 over 55. Being only 17 the blood pressure was still good and all of her running had lowered her at rest pulse to new low.

Pam was wonderful inside and outside. She was proud of being cheap to keep. Neil seriously wanted to be able to run 13 miles in less than one hour like Pam did every morning. Pam was very right about men having to show their sexual arousal and Pam and Amy's efforts to help him.

He never would forget Amy saying to cum in her mouth. There was so much to be aroused about here. While he was looking at Pam she came up to him and kissed him with her hand on his stiff penis.

Pam took him to the bedroom and pushed him on the bed. She came up and lowered her vagina over his penis and pumped him while smiling at the man she loved. Neil could not believe looking up to her doing this.

He grabbed her breasts swelling her nipples Pam had an orgasm and soon after that Neil ejaculated inside her. Pam came over and kissed him lying there. Pam said, "I want to have your children Neil, I love you so much." "Thank you very much for coming here for me." Neil said, "I was looking at you because you are so beautiful and sexy." "It is privilege for me to be able to make love to you." "I have really enjoyed every second here with you Pam.

Pam said, "I am your willing fianc?nd Amy is your mistress she won a drawing for that privilege." "She is here to provide you with pleasure and relieve you arousal when needed when I cannot and accompany you in the morning when I am out running." "I promise not to be jealous if you want to make love to her." "You are one of two men here with eight women so you need to take care of two of us and we will take care of you." Neil said.

"I never before slept with one woman until last night I was sleeping two women." Pam said, "Amy will be there for you tonight when you get off work." Today Kristy did not go to work with Dennis but would try out for the women's track team. Pam went with her for the same reason.

Neil went with them for short downhill walk to campus. Kristy and Pam were in their running outfits and Neil was in suit pants and dress shirt. The first event was the 100-meter dash and both Pam and Kristy signed up for it.

They would be competing with each other. The track was hard rubber and no spikes were allowed and the running shoes they wore would work. This was sprint event and it would begin in few minutes.

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Both girls did some warm up and stretching They crouched with others. When the gun went of each girl ran as fast as possible and Kristy was a half step back from Pam who was the first one at very good time. There was one more heat the first four of each would go to final. The winner in this race was slower time than Pam or Kristy. Kristy was impressed with Pam for her great time. With the first four of each heat they crouch and took off with the gun and Pam again beat Kristy but it closer this time.

This was Pam's first sprint race and she had no idea of her ability to run fast. Both Pam and Kristy had place on the track team at this distance. Pam had not idea how to do well in class and travel with this team. The next event at 400-meters required some endurance that both Pam and Kristy had. This one had staggered start with each girl staying in same lane for entire race. Pam on the inside lane was last and Kristy drew the middle lane and was middle stagger.

It would not be clear who was leading until the final turn. After the starting gun they all started good, Pam caught up with second girl before the first turn and was in third place at the second turn and clearly in the lead at the finish with Kristy again second. Neil was watching his love faster than any other and was very impressed with her superior abilities in everything she did.


At 1500-meters Kristy and Pam were the only ones that also ran in the 100-meter race. The stagger was single line to make for one turn only This was almost four laps around the track neither Pam or Kristy were ahead at the first lap or the second but at the end of the third lap Kristy was just ahead of Pam. At the finish Pam was just ahead of Kristy. Neil and the coach were impressed with Pam and Kristy. Pam and Kristy also were one and two at 5000-meters. Tomorrow would be a marathon and both Kristy and Pam were signed up for it.

The coach had never seen one girl that dominated at all these distances and he was really surprised to see her sighed up for the marathon. He did not know she had no intention to sign up for the track team. It was up hill to home but Neil had to go to work and walked alone. Pam was excited with her ability to win at all these varied distances. If it were anybody but Pam Kristy would be very upset at herself but they loved each other. Tomorrow they both would run in the marathon. Neil turn on the television in office to see the news and one of the top stories was this extraordinary female athlete at UCLA that ran first place in races at all distances from 100-meters to 5000-meters.

Neil now knew Pam was truly extraordinary woman in everything she did. Pam was extraordinary beautiful, extraordinary intelligent and extraordinary athlete. She was close to being super woman. Everyday she gave him more reasons to love her.

He sent an email of her portrait he took to the TV station saying this was the extraordinary female athlete they were featuring. When the story came up that portrait was on the television with the part about her. Dennis was at work in his office watching TV and he saw the picture of this beautiful woman knew exactly who she was.

Neil got home just in time for the report on "Pam Kelly the extraordinary female athlete who in track tryouts managed to win at every distance 100-meters. 400-meters, 1500-meters and 5000-meters and is signed up for tomorrows annual marathon open to all UCLA students male and female. "The 17-year old Pam Kelly is on an academic scholarship scheduled to begin in the fall." "Also Pam Kelly is signed up for 24 units that would have her graduating in only 3-years." "The coach said he never had previously seen anyone do this extraordinary thing." "We will be coving parts of this marathon to see if Pam can do well in this too." "Another extraordinary female athlete came in close second in each of these races named Kristy Davis who in high school was the quarterback on the boys football team" "Kristy and Pam are close friends living at the same address with Pam's mother and sisters." "The extraordinary and beautiful Pam Kelly is engaged to marry Dr.

Neil Kelly a resident at the med center at UCLA." Neil said, "I had your picture on my computer to admire from time to time and I emailed it to the television station doing this piece about you." "I did not tell them about being engaged to you but they found out some how." Pam said, "I am somewhat famous now thanks to that picture." "I have been telling everybody I know I am engaged to you Neil." "I was wearing this ring and the coach asked me who the lucky man was and I told him." "I am sure he was interviewed for this story and he may have told them." "I am proud to be engaged to you Neil, I am sorry if you did not want them to know." "I did not say you were a resident at the med center." Neil said, "Pam I am proud to be engaged to you and I don't care who knows." " I feel very lucky to have you Pam." "I love bragging that you will be my wife." "What you did today is newsworthy because it so unusual to do what you did." "It was extraordinary and you are beautiful and you are destined to be famous." "You will need to carry a pen and paper to give out autographs." Pam said, I told the coach I could not travel to track meets because my efforts are academic here and I want to do well at that.

He said, "I could bring big crowds to the track meet here and I agreed to participate in-home meets." "He also told me as a NCAA athlete I may get invited to the Olympic games tryouts and bring big crowds there." "Neil I would love to go to the Olympics as an athlete and be able to compete for a gold metal or two or five." "That would be worth graduating in four years instead of three." "I could not get pregnant for that summer." Neil said, Pam you can do anything you try and I hope you could be a Olympic athlete." "I would go there just to watch you." "It is great that you will be doing home track meets because I am sure you will like it and it will keep you famous locally." "I hope I can be worthy of you Pam because I love you so much." Pam said, "Don't worry Neil I can do it all and do well at everything, I love you and will give you children but not on that summer" "I am young and able to have children for at least ten years" " I only want two or three children so I don't need to pregnant every year.

Kris had dinner ready and Neil sat down next to Pam and viewed the other female breasts on the other side of the table. He reached across the table and handed Amy a check for $900. Plus the box of AAA batteries. Amy said "Thank you doctor Kelly." Lyn was serving the roast beef with mashed potatoes with a bigger helping for Dennis, Kristy, Amy and Pam.

Lyn said, "Congratulations Pam for making the top story on the news." "You put your legs to work doing something that had never been done before" "You are not just beauty and brains." "Good luck on the marathon tomorrow". "We have the two fastest ladies under this same roof." "We all are proud of both Pam and Kristy.

Pam said, "Thank you Lyn, Kristy and me are going to show everyone we have what it takes tomorrow." "All we need to do is slow down the morning pace to go twice the distance and not get lost." With Amy watching closely Neil and Pam made love after using the pleasure spheres to have multiple orgasms with both Pam and Amy.

Pam had one more orgasm before Neil cum inside her. Neil had one satisfied nude girl on each side of him for the night. He passionately kissed both of them before going to sleep. In the morning Pam got up to help Kris with breakfast and Neil had sex with Amy giving her one more orgasm before filling her with his cum.

Everyone showed up for breakfast with delicious French toast with maple syrup and fresh squeezed orange juice. Pam and Kristy did not go running this morning because of the marathon a little later. The walked down to UCLA where the start would be and there were hundreds of people there along with press. 227 serious runners would be making the start and each of them had map of the rout to take.

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They would first go north to Sunset and back and forth through residential streets before crossing under the 405 and going around the veteran's hospital down to Montana Avenue following it back east to Gayley at UCLA. Some of the run was same one they used every morning. Pam and Kristy were feeling good and cameras were on them as they started running. They could hear the news helicopter above them as they ran. Soon Pam and Kristy were at the front of large group that was occasionally passed by faster runner that would eventually be passed as they slowed from exhaustion.

The Key for Pam and Kristy was to have a pace they could maintain. There were tables with water for them and they were able to drink while running. They passed some news vans at corners. Almost everyone was behind Pam and Kristy running in large group for the miles. Soon an open van ran ahead of them with camera pointing backward. They passed the 13-mile mark meaning halfway done and with slower pace Pam and Kristy were filled with energy.

They picked up the pace a little and some 18 people came with them. After 20 miles the small group led by Pam and Kristy was far ahead of the rest. Most of the ones just behind Pam and Kristy were men but they respected the two girls in front.

The van with the camera was still there providing live coverage of the two girls in front. After 23 miles the original 227 was down to 74 but Pam and Kristy were still feeling fine.

The 18 runners that came with them were now down to only 8 at 25 miles. Two men tried to pass but Pam and they quickened the pace and remained in front.

With the finish in sight Pam and Kristy lengthened their lead over everyone. They sprinted together and Pam was a fraction of a step in front of Kristy at the finish line. There were cameras everywhere documenting this as the two held hands now.

Pam had won every footrace from 100meters to 26.2 miles. Dr Kelly came from the med center and examined the two women before hugging Pam. He loved her so much now. On television the big tall Doctor looked like he were leading adolescent children back to the med center. Some reporters there were just shouting congratulations girls.

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The winning time was only a few seconds more than 2 hours and 18-minutes. Pam rest pulse was only 40 but it was now 229 just after the race. The statuesque 17 year old was still very beautiful. After getting the two girls inside an examination room he passionately kissed Pam. When he was done Pam kissed Kristy hugging her body. They got white gowns and were in Neil's car being driven home where they stripped down to naked.

Neil made love to Pam before returning to work. He was extremely proud of her and loves her deeply.