Horny teen alaina dawson measures her girlfriends bf cock and fuck it

Horny teen alaina dawson measures her girlfriends bf cock and fuck it
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Devon Sawa had just turned sixteen a few days ago, still a virgin and wanted to fuck something other than his right hand. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he saw his thin and lanky figure.

His blond hair cut straight flopped around his eyes. He knew his sparkling blue eyes broke many girls' hearts. "Damn I'm hot," he thinks to himself! He was in Middle America somewhere, a small town where he was shooting a movie. They had just wrapped up on the set and he had a few days to himself. He decided to venture into town one day and was swarmed by fans at the local movie theater.

Dozens of adoring teenage girls surrounded him hounding him with questions and eager to just see him, but being a horny sixteen year old virgin himself Devon wanted a real experienced woman not small town girls, most of who were probably just cock teases. As he signed autographs, Devon thought sadly to himself what older woman would want him. He was a skinny blond sixteen year old boy, who looked more like twelve. Suddenly out of the sea of girls, she came up to him and politely asked for his autograph.

Her hand grazed the side of his arm. She was a hot looking girl, a woman, about eighteen to twenty-one years old. She was much taller than Devon. She looked like a model built with a nice pair of tits and shiny long black hair!

Devon started to get a hard on just looking at her. His khaki pants began to embarrassingly tent at the crotch and Devon saw her looking at his arousal, which because of the crowd being so close and all over him no one else noticed. She gives him a sexy smile. He signed a picture of himself, "To Gwen with Love, Devon," adding a note that said, "Call me tonight!" He left his cell phone number with the autograph.

He winked at her as he moved on to take care of the rest of his adoring fans, but just as he turns to do so she gets a real good feel of his hard teen dick, groping him through his pants. Right there in front of so many people, he almost shoots his load, but manages to keep his composure. Again with so many people crowded together no sees a thing, then just like that she vanished like she wasn't even there. Later in the day she calls him and sets up a date.

Damn she sounded so hot and sexy! Devon got hard just listening to her voice on the phone. He was so horny he wanted to beat off his meat with the thoughts of her mouth all over his cock. He decided he would save his cum for her later.

He took a shower and again looked at himself in the mirror naked as he dried off. He thought he was too skinny and he didn't think his dick was big enough. He was hairless except for a few pubes, and he had downy blond pubic hair so it was barely visible.

His dick was a bit small, and his balls hung loose underneath. Damn it! I still look like a little boy! He thought. He played with his dick gently rubbing his cock shaft up and down.

Devon's penis was about five and half inches rock hard. He reminded himself that he was famous and many girls. no women dreamed of riding the rod between his legs or wrapping their lips around it. He wanted to cum so badly, but again decided he'd save his juices for Gwen. Devon puts on a pair of sexy tight white jockey briefs and finishes dressing.

They had a nice dinner at the town's most fancy restaurant. Afterwards, they go up to his hotel room. "I'm gonna get laid," Devon thinks to himself. He suddenly panics realizing he forgot to bring protection, but then got up the courage and asks her if she any.

Devon blushes as he brings up the matter to her and Gwen laughs. She replies, "I think there's a machine in the men's room down the hall on the other side of the building. You can get some while I freshen up later." When they get to his hotel room, things get hot and heavy fast. Devon strips down to his briefs and has a raging hard on.

Gwen is naked except for her panties. She grabs his cock through the fabric of his briefs and begins feeling him up.

The celebrity teen moans as she slides her hand inside the leg opening and grasps his hard dick. "Go and get some condoms," she whispers in his ears.

With her hand around his dick and sensations spreading from his groin, Devon feels like his legs are going to buckle under him. "Okay, let me just get some pants on," Devon says as he's about to pick up the pair he left on the floor. She doesn't let go of his penis and rapidly jerks him off inside his underwear. "No, go outside as you are. These briefs look hot and sexy on you. I like you in them," she orders. "But someone might see me," he asks her puzzled.

"But it'll be thrilling. You look so, so hot in them. It's so exciting, right," she teases him. Gwen rubs the mushroom head of Devon's stiff prick. He moans. "Now go or I'll go. And you better be just as hard and ready to fuck when you get back." She grabs his ass cheek, pats it and begins rubbing his buttocks with one hand.

"Go!" Devon takes some money and runs out the door in just his white Fruit of the Looms briefs with his stiff hard teen prick tenting the crotch. He navigates his way down the hall and for a time manages not to encounter anyone. Just as he makes a turn into the hallway leading to the bathroom he accidentally bumps into a young woman, one of the hotel maintenance staff. She was about to open the door to a room and didn't see him coming, nor did Devon see her either.

Their bodies collide and her hand which was about to turn the doorknob accidentally finds itself groping Devon's crotch. Not knowing what she's holding, she twists and turns it her hand which in effect frees the stiff teen prick from the confines of the briefs.

Moments later she realizes what she's holding feels soft, but solid and hard. She looks at her hand and is shocked to be holding a throbbing piece of boyhood, then looks up to see it is attached to a very scantily clad and very red faced teenage boy. "O my god. This is so embarrassing. This isn't what it looks like. I was just looking for the men's room," Devon begins to say, but realizes the cleaning lady is still holding his hard naked dick.

"You can let go now." She hears him, but hesitates letting go and in fact takes a moment to squeeze and rub the teen tool. The young man pulls his cock away from her just as his dick slit dribbles a little pre-cum onto her hand. "The bathroom," he asks her as he shoves his cock behind the fabric of his briefs? She stares intently at his cock outlined in the tight briefs he's wearing. Even with the underwear on Devon feels naked before her. She points to a door on the left side of the hallway.

Devon quickly runs to it covering his modesty. When the bathroom door shuts the cleaning woman puts the palm of the hand, which had only seconds ago been wrapped around the cute blond teen's cock, to her nose and smells the distinct smell of the teen boy now hiding in the bathroom.

She licks off the little pre-cum that had dribbled onto the back of her hand. Inside the men's room Devon finds the condom dispenser in the back. He is about to walk out with several condoms in hand. Excited at the prospect of losing his virginity the teen's cock is hard as a rock and still tenting his briefs. He doesn't notice a man in one of the stalls watching him. He passes by the stall still unaware of the man, but giving stranger an excellent profile view of his teen body with his hard cock tenting his tight briefs pointing out in a ninety degree angle from his crotch.

Devon looks at himself in the mirror for a second, then being a horny as hell he decides to play with himself and reaches a hand inside his underwear and begins gently jerking off. "Hey there," the man surprises the young teen star who makes to immediately cover up his modesty.

"Jesus," Devon yells out. "I didn't see you there. This ain't what it looks like. Look man, I have this hot girl in my room and I was just getting some condoms." The man gets up from the stall, stands in front of Devon and the door. He's about a good foot taller than Devon, muscular, with a strong chin, and a five o'clock shadow. "Having a private party I see. I understand," the man says leering at the young practically naked teen in front of him.

"I just met her tonight, but she's got a great body, man," Devon brags. "Ain't you Devon Sawa," the man asks knowingly to amuse the kid's ego?


"Yes, I'm a movie star." The man moves closer to Devon. Their bodies now only inches away with the man fully clothed wearing jeans, leather boots, and a black leather jacket, while the young teen is just about naked dressed in only a pair of revealing low cut briefs.

"I know. I saw that movie you were in, Now & Then. Saw your little cock and balls in that scene with you running after the girls. You were naked weren't you, then" the man asks now practically over the boy's face? The teen star's face turns a shade of red at the mention of his cock and balls and being naked.

"I wasn't actually naked in that scene," he replies as he puts both his hands in front of his crotch to cover his obvious state of arousal. "Well, you're practically naked now, aren't you," the man teases. Now being so close and in intimate contact with him, Devon notices the man's breath reeks of alcohol. He's a drunk and probably a faggot who just got lucky to catch a cute teen star like Devon in this predicament.

"I should get going. My girl's waiting for me," Devon moves forward to leave. "Bet you can't wait to get that hard dick of yours into her hot warm pussy," the man says extending an arm out to block the teen's abrupt attempt to leave.

The young teen looks meek and avoids looking the man in the eye. "I should go," he says. "Hey man, can I at least get your autograph," the man asks with a wicked smile? "Sure. You got a pen," Devon replies thinking giving this guy his autograph will get him off his back. "Sorry, dude, don't have one on me," the man tells him leaning ever more closely to the young buck. The guy pushes his leg into between Devon's inner thighs causing the teen to spread his legs farther apart.

The stranger's knee rubs up against the teen's tented crotch. "You can use that hard cock of yours, boy," the man says pressing his knee deeper into the teenager's throbbing hard on. The teen tries to keep it light hearted. "That's funny dude, and what am I gonna do sign my name in cum on a piece of paper," Devon jests.

"No, twinky boy, you can use my mouth," the man says demandingly. Devon struggles and makes a sudden attempt to escape, but is overwhelmed and overpowered by the man. "Man, I ain't into this, really.

I ain't gay," Devon tells him. With a huge hand wrapped around Devon's neck the man slams the teen idol's lanky frame against the tiled bathroom wall and lifts him up a foot off the floor. The young celebrity begins to almost choke, but the way his assailant is holding him he is easily restrained without causing him to asphyxiate.

Devon feels the man's other hand feel him up between the legs groping his bulging and throbbing teen dick through his briefs. "Come on, man, stop touching me! Oh god, not there. Please, I really ain't into this. I ain't gay," he cries out as the guy continues to touch him where no one let alone another male as ever touched him before. "Not gay? Then why is your pretty little dick so hard and leaking so much pre-cum, little man," the rugged looking man intimately inquires of the teen boy?

Devon was confused. Why am I so hard he thinks to himself? Ashamed, he lets out a moan as the man slips a hand through the leg opening of his briefs to grasp his pulsing teen cock and begins rubbing it up and down stopping to massage the mushroom head and toy with his piss slit. "Look mister, I said I ain't gay. I have a girlfriend so please stop touching my dick and let me go, come on, I ain't gay.

Really, I'm not into this," he pleads. "Oh no, don't." The man pulls Devon's underwear down to his ankles and exposes the teen star's hard on. "Nice cock. Now it's time for me to get an autograph." Devon struggles but the teen is no match for the man and finds himself now on his back on the floor with the man holding his skinny wrists.

The young star draws his legs together in a vain attempt to protect his penis from what's about to happen. The man easily manages to open and restrain Devon's legs giving him complete access to the teen's crotch.

He wastes no time, envelopes the hard teen prick in his mouth, and begins to give Devon Sawa the first ever blow job in his life. The man spends half an hour raping the teen boy's cock and Devon tries his best to resist and keeping himself from shooting his load. Unfortunate for the star his teen body betrays him.

Against his will he has an orgasm. His cock slit spews out seven thick loads of fresh white hot teen cum into the man's mouth. To Devon's painful surprise the man sucks his dick to the bone with each cum shot causing the teen to grimace in discomfort as his five and half inch teen dick is orally raped. After Devon's stops ejaculating the man releases his teen cock, gives the teen a grin, and for a few seconds plays with the kid's recently spent and sensitive cock, roughly rubbing the cock head.

Devon can do nothing, but utter a painful moan. He's in shock at what had just happened. He'd just been orally raped by another guy and he was ashamed that he enjoyed it.

The guy suddenly bends down to his crotch again, opens his mouth and sucks just Devon's cock head. He nibbles using his teeth just a little on the tender sensitive tip and toys with the teen's dick slit with his tongue.

"Oh god, not again please!" The man brings his mouth down to engulf Devon's entire penis, which is now softening, but to Devon's luck the guy releases his dick after sucking and kisses his dick head. "Bye now faggot. And thanks for the autograph." The dick rapist stands, exits, and leaves a very exhausted, spent, and confused Devon Sawa on the bathroom floor curled up in fetal position with his white briefs dangling from one ankle.

The teen stares at his naked crotch. He covers his groin with his hands and attempts to cover the fact that again his cock got hard after being sucked off by a man. A bead of pearl white cum spills out of his cock slit as Devon unwillingly recounts the rape of his teen prick by the man in the stall. He gets up, notices his dick is covered in saliva, quickly puts on his briefs, and leaves the bathroom forgetting to take the condoms with him.

The teen is afraid the man would return and want more. That he'd return and would fuck his virgin straight boy ass. Yet as he makes to his way to his room his cock is still hard and tenting the front of his underpants. Devon enters and sees Gwen completely naked in bed with her legs spread wide. Her pussy lips are out in the open inviting him. He walks over to the bed with his dick leading the way. "What took you so long," she demands.

Devon blushes remembering what that man had done to him in the bathroom and doesn't tell her that because she made him step outside in nothing but his briefs he got his dick raped and was forced to give up his teen boy jism. "I got lost," he says lying to her. Trying to prove his own manhood to himself, especially after his oral rape, Devon gets on the bed and attempts to be a man and begins rubbing Gwen's succulent boobs, he licks them, and like such a naïve and inexperienced virgin attempts to mount her pussy forcefully.

Gwen pushes him off of her and the bed. "What the heck," he screams at her! "Where are the condoms?" she asks. Gwen stares at the teen with his butt on the floor in front of her with his legs splayed open and his cock straining to burst out of his briefs.

"Get up!" Devon gets up and approaches her. "I'm sorry I lost 'em. I was almost seen and I had to leave 'em behind, okay," he fakes an explanation. His crotch is at her eye level and she takes a moment to stare at his cloth covered hard on and notices the pre-cum stains on the fabric. "Why is your cock so hard and all wet, little boy," she asks him just as she slides a hand inside the leg opening of his tight briefs.

Gwen grabs a hold of his stiff boned teen prick and begins masturbating him. Devon gives out a guttural and animalistic groan. Suddenly the door opens and to the teen celebrity boy's horror the man who had just raped his dick back in the men's room walks inside the room. "Hello there," the man says closing the door behind him. "Is that a banana in your panties or are you just happy to see me again." Gwen lets go Devon's dick and takes her hands out of his briefs.

The teen star gets between the intruder and Gwen. He turns to Gwen, "I'll handle this, baby." He clears his blond bangs, which covers his face slightly and marches up to the man. With his hands on his hips he demands, "Look, mister, you got the wrong room.

You gotto leave. This is a private party." He's nervous and afraid the man would reveal to Gwen what he had just done to his teen cock in the bathroom and how he had lost control and been forced to give up loads of teenage cum. Eric looks at the blond boy standing there seeming so brave with his little boner tenting out in his tight white briefs stretching the thin fabric to its limits. He can't help but let out a chuckle.

"No, buddy boy, I got the right room. You see I was invited," the burly man replies. "What are you talking about," Devon is confused. "Why don't I tell your girlfriend why your dick is really hard and why it's all covered in my saliva," the man threatens now standing closer to the teen celebrity. Devon's face blushes several shades of red upon hearing this, but courageously keeps his hero stance with his legs wide open.

"Look faggot, just leave before I have to call the cops," Devon whispers to him. "Eric, baby, you're just in time. I was wondering what took you so long. Somebody's got to show this young buck what a real man looks like and what his boy cock is good for." Devon suddenly realizing Gwen knows him turns his head to her puzzled.

Suddenly Eric brings his foot up and kicks the kid in the balls. Devon doesn't see it coming, but he feels the full force of the man's boot slamming into his balls. The force of the blow knocks the wind out of him. He folds up on the floor and cups his busted balls. He tries to get up, but the pain radiates from his testicles out to his entire groin and abdomen.

He falls to his knees again, coughing, gasping for air with his breath literally kicked out of him and almost vomiting from the agony. Eric kneels down next to Devon Sawa and grabs the teen by the hair, then lifts his face toward him. "Still got that boner, boy," he teases. The guy easily manages to turn Devon onto his back. With both of them facing Gwen, Eric pushes the kid's hands away from his crotch, which is no longer tented. "Let's just see," he takes a hold of the front of Devon's briefs and brings the fabric down exposing Devon's bruised balls and a two inch flaccid penis.

"Not so brave without your hard on," he smiles at Devon and tucks the teen's cock and balls back inside the briefs and begins groping them. The pain from the kick was intense and Devon's balls are still sensitive. "My poor balls," he cries.

Please man (cough).

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I can pay you (gasp). Don't kick me again, please," Devon pleads. "I can pay you." "Yeah, you will pay, boy!" Eric cuts him off. "You don't want to lose that pretty face, your boy cock and those pea balls, do you?" Devon points to his wallet on the night stand.

Eric takes a moment to consider, leaves the teen on the floor, and checks out the wallet. He fishes out $500, "This'll do for now." Devon looks relieved and get up on his knees.

"This just is enough for you to suck my cock." Eric pulls his huge twelve inch cock out. Devon's shocked, "What? Please, man. I ain't gay." Eric looms over him with his huge, uncut cock. He grabs the boy's hair and demands, "Suck my cock, boy, or you won't have a pretty face left to act with any more!" Devon sees the huge meaty cock swinging in front of him and couldn't believe it.

He couldn't believe what was happening. The size of this guy's cock dwarfed his boy dick. Eric slaps him hard on his face, leaving a big red mark, and orders, "Suck my cock, now!" Devon begins sobbing, but he starts to mouth the cock.

Eric slams his big dick into the open and gaping teen mouth, and instructs the young virgin on how to suck it properly. Devon's sick to his stomach, but he knows this guy could kill him and he obeys. He begins to suck the huge member and Eric begins to moan in pleasure. "You suck cock just like a girl, boy," he humiliates him.

Eric looks over at Gwen as she watches him dominate, rape, and humiliate the blond teen heart-throb. Her pussy is wet as she gets more and more excited and turned on as she waits for Eric to turn out the young teen kneeling before him sucking his cock. As Devon's sucking begins to weaken with fatigue, Eric jams his cock deep into the teen's throat making the boy gag.

Devon falls back and Eric pulls his cock out of the boy's mouth. Devon chokes and pulls out some pubic hair from his mouth. Eric grabs him again by his hair and takes a hold of the teen's briefs.

"Time to take these off, boy," he says grabbing the front of the teen's underwear. Devon struggles. "Hey no. Please not my briefs," he protests to no avail. "Let me keep them on," he begs. Eric tears off Devon's underwear. Devon is stripped and completely naked on the floor.

Eric pulls off his own pants and Devon realizes he isn't wearing any underwear. His erect cock and huge balls are fully exposed. Devon realizes he's in deep shit. "Oh fuck," Devon comments upon seeing Eric in all his naked threatening glory.

"Exactly, boy," Eric says slapping his cock on Devon's face. He panics and tries to run, but Eric grabs him. They struggle until Eric punches the boy hard in the nose.

Devon screams again and drops to the floor with a bloody nose. Eric's pissed off and sees the groveling kid on the floor. The teen is on his knees crying and holding his bleeding nose.

Eric notices the teen's legs are wide open so he kicks him again in his exposed balls. Thwack! His foot slams into Devon's virgin boyhood with a meaty sound.

The young actor curls up in agony. The unbearable wave of pain again sweeps his body as Devon curls up, dry coughs, then vomits. He clutches at his busted balls with his hands praying they hadn't been completely smashed into mush. Eric watches the boy thrashing in pain and really gets off.

"How are them scrambled eggs hanging?" His cock gets harder and he grabs the boy by the hair and drags him over to the bed. He bends him over and slaps his cock on the teen's butt cheeks. The tip of Eric's cock toys with Devon's anal opening. The feeling of power he holds over the teen is intoxicating. He forces Devon into a full Nelson and then savagely penetrates him in the ass with one quick and painful thrust. Devon struggles in vain as he's dragged to the bed, bent over and then held up right before Gwen with his front utterly exposed before her.

As he's being molested and sexually humiliated, Gwen simply smiles at him letting it all happen with out even as much as a word of protest. Suddenly he feels a new pain pierce into him as he realizes that he's being fucked in the ass by a man.

He cries out and begs for the man to stop, "Oh shit! Oh god! Please, stop! I'm not gay!" Gwen stares him straight in the eye and he sees she's really getting off on watching his rape and degradation. "Fuck! It hurts. Take it out.

It's too big, please!" Eric laughs and crushes him in his grip as he fucks the boy even harder. Devon is reduced to a sobbing mess as his rectum is stretched and torn by the huge cock that's fucking him. Finally Eric is ready to cum.

He shoots his load deep inside the boy's ass, then cums all over Devon's back. He spears his cock deep into Devon's asshole lifting the teen a good feet above the floor. Devon lets out a girly cry, moans, and then he whimpers. When he's done, Eric releases his hold on the teen. Devon just slumps over on the bed still sobbing.

Eric notices the boy's low hanging balls below his asshole. He savagely kicks them. Devon's racked with even more pain as another kick slams into his tortured testicles and he starts to vomit and then dry retch until he passes out. Devon wakes up shocked to find his wrists tied tightly to the head board of the bed. His legs were also tied over his shoulders. He realizes he's still completely naked with his asshole and crotch open and vulnerable.

"What the.oh my balls," he moans. Gwen's sitting in a chair quietly in front of the bed. She has an open and clear view of his bruised balls and flaccid two inch dick as well as his no longer virgin asshole. Eric kisses her forcefully, and then approaches Devon who begins to struggle. "You loved seeing my twelve inches go in and out this small-dicked wonder," the bully laughs as he grips Devon's flaccid teen cock. Eric cruelly stretches the prick and pulls it up forcing Devon's hips to rise five inches up from the mattress.

Devon squeals like a pig. "Oh god, please stop. Please stop! It hurts! Stop, you're gonna rip my dick off." "Well let's see if he's man enough. He certainly doesn't have enough man hair," Eric points out the fact by spreading the teen idol's legs revealing his almost hairless crotch to Gwen.

Devon notices her lick her own lips and smile as she revels in his humiliation. Eric begins groping Devon's teen dick and balls. With his huge hand he covers the teen's boyhood entirely as he feels Devon up for a few minutes. "Stop it, stop it," Devon begs shaking his head.

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"You can't do this to me. I'm a star." "You'll be seeing stars when I'm done with you, boy." Eric forces Devon to swallow several blue pills by squeezing the teen's balls. "Swallow or I'll crush your pea balls into mashed potato!" He makes the teen celeb wash it down with a glass of vodka. "Was that ecstasy? The pills" Devon asks? "No, blondie. That was Viagra. And boy, your cock's gonna be hard as stone for over twenty-four hours.

Just perfect. Perfect for milking," Eric turns to Gwen and smiles at her. "Milking? What do you mean milking," Devon inquires looking at his flaccid dick. "Means I'm gonna milk your cock and balls dry.

Jerk you off. Suck your teeny dick off. Milk you like a cow. Gonna rape that star dick of yours until it's sore and hurting you're gonna wish you were a girl. You're gonna beg me to cut it off," Eric promises. He flicks Devon's tiny dick and the blond teen flinches. Eric steps out for awhile. "This can't be happening," Devon says to himself. He looks over at Gwen who is also completely naked and sitting on a chair in front of the bed.

She seems calm as her eyes seem glued directly at his naked and exposed teen cock and balls and recently raped asshole. He blushes red at her lustful gaze at his most private parts. "Gwen, can you hear me? What's going on? You have to get me out of this. This is so humiliating," Devon tells her, but she seems drugged or hypnotized just staring out lustfully at his helplessness.

Suddenly he feels Eric's cum leaking out of his just fucked asshole. He knows Gwen sees this and he's even more embarrassed as he looks up to find her licking her lips and smiling at him. Eric returns carrying a bag. He sets a digital camera and tripod. He points the camera directly at Devon Sawa's naked body on the bed.

"A camera! No, please don't," Devon pleads. "You can't do this!" "We're gonna make a movie, Mr. Movie Star. It's gonna be called: SUCKING, FUCKING, RAPING, and MILKING DEVON SAWA. And I'm gonna make a lot of money selling it on the Internet," Eric tells a now devastated teen star.

He looks over the blond's soft prick lying on the teenager's almost hairless crotch. "But you're gonna have to give something to work with. No one wants to see a little worm like this," Eric demands as he runs a finger up and down Devon's deflated penis. For half an hour and to Devon's dismay Eric and Gwen watch as the tied up heart-throb's flaccid dick hardens to five and half inches of teen boy meat. Eric trains the camera on Devon's face also showing the teen's wide open legs and his stiff teen pole sticking up from his vulnerable crotch.

He grabs Devon's dick and begins fisting it up and down. "Nice cock, right Gwen. Small, but nice," Eric painfully bends Devon's dick to point it at Gwen. "Aaaagh, stop it!

It hurts. Don't bend my dick like that, please. Aaaagh," Devon begs. Eric lets go of the teen cock and it slaps against the star's belly. "Let's get milking, boy." He tightly wraps one palm around the virgin dick and cups Devon's balls with his other hand. Against the teenager's will he is jerked off in front of a camera and Gwen. Devon's dick to his surprise gets harder.

Gwen watches captivated by the scene. He begs and whimpers for Eric to stop, "Please don't touch me. Stop jerking me off. You're gonna make me cum. Stop!" Devon's body shakes in orgasm and his cock lurches in Eric's tight grip. The star bucks his hips up and his piss slit shoots out seven thick ropes of teen boy jism.

Devon moans, but as cum spills out of his pee hole and down his cock shaft, Eric ever so cruelly tightens his grip and rapes the teen's dick by fisting his grip up and down causing the naked celebrity to begin crying. Devon pleads, "Oh god, please. Stop. My dick hurts. Please it's sensitive after I cum. Please, stop!" Eric ignores his cries and speeds up and jerks off Devon's cock to the kid's painful moans.

Eric stops to rub just Devon's dick head causing the teen to cry out in pleasure and pain. Gwen excited by the site before her watches focused on both Devon's stiff dick and the anguish on his face. She cums on the chair she's sitting on just as Eric forces Devon to another orgasm. He grips the teen's dick tighter as Devon's cock splurges out six heavy thick loads of teen cum.

"Fuck, no more. My dick is so fucking sensitive it hurts," Devon begs. "Please Gwen, make him stop playing with my dick," he whimpers and stares at her for some kind of relief. Eric continues to masturbate the teen star quickly jerking off Devon's shaft, but slowly rubbing his cock head. The bound teen shakes his head from side to side and tries to pulls his sore and tortured dick away from his assailant.

"Stop touching me. I'm not gay. Come on, let go of my dick. Stop it." "That's it, Eric, rape that teen boy cock. Suck the faggot's five inch meat! Make him cum so hard it hurts. And suck him like a vacuum while he's coming, milk him dry until he passes out, baby," Gwen says to Eric demandingly. "No! Gwen what are you doing? I thought you're gonna be my girl. Come on, I ain't gay. Tell him to stop. This ain't funny. I ain't into this shit. Stop! No don't," Devon Sawa beseechingly implores the man and woman.

"Bitch's right, tiny cock like yours ain't made for fucking. It's made for milking," Eric glares at the frightened and naked teen. Gwen stares wickedly at Devon as he's dominated by the older man gripping his rock hard penis. "Yah baby, rape his dick," Gwen encourages the man. "No, don't. Come on, no. Please, don't do this to me. You can't, I'm a guy," Devon tries to persuade Eric. The older man tightens his grip around the teen's dick and only Devon's now purple mushroom cock head peeks out from Eric's powerful fist.

He chokes the cock shaft slightly, then gives Gwen a naughty smile and wickedly glares into the teen star's eyes before licking Devon's cock head. Being so sensitive after being forced to blow his load twice, as Eric's lips cruelly wraps around his dick head the young blond teen's body immediately jumps as if electricity just shot into the tip of his cock. "Oh man, stop it. Oh, oh, oh god.

This can't be happening. Stop, I'll give you money, whatever you want. I won't say anything, just let me go," Devon bargains just as Eric's tongue toys with his piss slit swallowing his leaking pre-cum. Eric stops fisting the teen's cock shaft and begins gently kneading his plump balls with both hands.

Without warning he suddenly deep throats the kid's cock engulfing the whole five and half inch rod down to the sparse blond pubes. He sucks the teen prick like there's no tomorrow. Devon's body now covered in his own cum and sweat begins to heave and shake in orgasm. The young teen's cock shoots a weaker amount of boy jism, but Eric swallows it all and doesn't let up on sucking Devon's much abused Viagra-hardened cock.

"Stop it, you're killing me. I can't take no more. My dick. It hurts. Stop, man," Devon snivels. Again and again Devon's prick quivers in Eric's mouth. He is forced to orgasm and dry cums as his virgin teen cock is raped over and over by the older man's suctioning mouth. Gwen watches sadistically as the teen boy's eyes roll back in his head and his cock violently quivering in yet another dry and painfully orgasm as he passes out.

Moments later Eric slaps Devon around to wake him up. The teen stirs just as Gwen throws several clean pairs of Devon's own low cut white briefs on his face. "What are doing with my underwear?" he asks. "Sweet cakes, we ain't done with your milking. You're gonna personally autograph your tighty-whities, but we're gonna use your dick as a pen.

Gonna sell those cum soaked briefs of yours and make us a lot more money," Gwen says deviously taking a pair of his briefs. She puts a finger out through the fly and pretends to jerk it off like it was Devon's cock. "You can't. Please, I'm spent. My balls are empty. I can't take anymore. You can't make me cum anymore." Eric approaches Devon on the bed and brings a syringe to his face, then points it down toward his balls.

"See this. It's a special drug. It'll make your testicles go on over load and make lots and lots of cum. If you don't give up the jism your cock and balls will be aching." "Oh shit, no. Oh god. Please, don't. No," Devon begs as Eric grabs his scrotum. Gwen takes the ripped briefs Devon wore earlier on their date and shoves them in the teen's mouth to stifle his scream just as Eric inserts the needle into the kid's right testicle.

The man leaves the needle in the boy's ball and watches as Devon's body stretches in and out in pain. The teen desperately tries to draw his legs up together, but can't since he's still securely tied spread-eagle.

The man takes a second syringe and impales it into Devon's left testicle. He takes both syringes and injects their contents into Devon's testicles. Gwen takes the camera and aims it directly at the teen's exposed crotch as a small bead of pearl white cum bubbles out from Devon's piss slit as if it were forced out by the syringes.

Eric maliciously shakes the still imbedded needles in the teen's balls causing Devon's body to rack up in pain. The bastard pulls the needles out as the young teen looks at him imploringly.

A little blood trickles down from each of the kid's balls. Eric puts a hand on either of Devon's hairless pink white inner thighs. He rubs the teen's skin before forcing his legs wider apart making the lad more vulnerable with his crotch openly displayed before the man.

Eric leans forward and licks each ball clean before completely engulfing the whole ball sac in his mouth. Devon lets out a pitiful whimper. Gwen approaches him. She rubs his cum and sweat covered belly scraping his belly button with a red painted nail. She leans forward and licks the little pearl drop of come oozing out of his dick hole, and then expertly deep throat's the teen star's hard on to the base.

She sucks and her head bobs up and down on Devon's ever sensitive cock. The teen boy moans as she stops with just her lips tightly wrapped around his dick head. His assailants rape his Viagra hard dick for about fifteen minutes, when suddenly Devon's cock erupts and to his surprise and pain Devon shoots twelve heavy loads of teen boy jism into Gwen's waiting mouth.

She spits his boy juices all over his crotch. It's the most he's ever ejaculated and it was forcefully and painfully milked out of his tender balls and super-sensitive teen prick. His body is racked and over-stimulated by his orgasm. Eric aims the camera at Devon's crotch and face capturing the young man's oral rape just as Gwen's lips releases Devon's rock hard penis. Cum dribbles down from his piss slit and coats his cock shaft. Gwen takes several pairs of Devon's white briefs and wipes the cum off of his dick.

She rubs the briefs roughly over his cock head and wrapping his cock shaft over the fabric coating it with his freshly milked teen juices. With his dick super-sensitive from his forced orgasm the teen star groans in pain as his sore cock is rubbed. Gwen places the cum-soaked briefs in a bag. "I wanna see you fuck the cum outta of him," Gwen says wickedly. Eric quickly unties Devon, but the teen heart throb is too weak from his forced orgasm to resist and is picked up like a rag doll.

The man takes his hard cock and rubs it against Devon's teen ass as Gwen takes the camera and records Devon's continued rape and domination. She takes a shot of Devon's hard cock, which is pointing up to his belly button, then pans up to his face. Dreamy she thinks to herself. Suddenly the young man's expression changes to a mask of intense pain. Again, Eric puts him in a Full Nelson and with one quick powerful thrust fucks Devon deep in the ass. Devon being much shorter than Eric is lifted a foot off the floor.

Eric moves around positioning Devon's profile in front of the camera. Devon's hard cock and balls bounce around as he's fucked. He moans wearily and his luscious teen lips whimper out pleads for mercy. "Oh god, oh man, please stop. I'm not into this. I'm not gay. Please take it out.

Oh, please. It's too big. it hurts," the teen star begs for the fucking to stop. Eric increases his fuck pace and suddenly spears his man cock into Devon's once virgin ass. Devon ashamed he can no longer control his body tries hard, but in vain not to cum. With Eric's cock head rubbing into his teen prostate, Devon is helpless and unwillingly forced into another orgasm. In front of the camera he shoots his teen boy cum with a man deeply fucking him in the ass.

Gwen sets the camera on a tripod and walks over to the captive star still being fucked senseless by Eric. She kneels between his legs and takes his Viagra harden dick and bending it 90 degrees from his crotch causing Devon to cry out in pain. Gwen cruelly rapes his dick sucking it to the base, then licking and sucking just the cock head. "No, not that. I'm so sensitive. No, not my dick. Please stop sucking it. Oh god. It hurts!" "My turn," Gwen tells Eric. The man abruptly stops fucking Devon and throws him on the bed.

He jerks himself off and comes all over Devon's face coating his blond hair with his cum. The celebrity turns around on his back and sees Gwen approaching him. He's shocked to see her wearing a twelve inch strap-on dildo. Scared he starts to back away, but she grabs his feet and pulls him closer.

"Didn't you want me to fuck you tonight, Devon," she whispers into his ear? She pulls his legs over her shoulders and prepares to fuck him like a girl. The dildo cock head rubs up and touches the opening of his boy pussy. "Why are you doing this to me?

I thought you liked me," the teen begs her. Two inches of the phallus penetrates Devon's already well-fucked ass. He moans. "Because you're so cute and fuckable," Gwen again whispers into his ear as she fucks the strap-on all the way into his ass causing him to sigh in unwanted pleasure and to whimper at the utter humiliation of being raped by a woman.

"Eric, suck him off while I fuck him," Gwen orders as she fucks the dildo in and out of Devon. Without hesitation Eric jumps on the bed and grabs Devon's dick, starts milking it, and sucks it deep. They anally and orally rape him for over an hour. Devon Sawa is milked and forced to cum over and over again against his will. Gwen fucks him deep with the strap-on and she wiggles her body just right and rapes his teen prostate as Eric deep throats the young man's cock.

Completely humiliated as his ass is raped by a girl while a man sucks and pumps his teen cock, Devon's body begins to tense and sexually over-stimulated he shakes in orgasm and his ass muscles tighten around the faux cock embedded in his boy pussy. His five and half inch boy cock is engulfed in Eric's vacuum sucking mouth. The teen's dick quivers as Eric continues to suck and tongue his ever so sensitive cock head. Again Devon shoots twelve thick loads of pearl white cum into Eric greedy suctioning mouth.

Eric swallows every drop. Devon cries out in pain because the man doesn't let up on sucking even after Devon's stopped ejaculating. Gwen still has the strap-on cock deep in Devon as she watches Eric rape the teen's sensitive and heavily milked cock. "Oh man, stop. You gotto stop. Gwen, make him stop sucking my. oh my god. my cock. Stop it," Devon begs helplessly. For a moment Gwen watches the relentless oral rape and the anguish on Devon's face.

"Ask him to punch you really hard in the balls," she tells Devon. Eric sucks just the tip of the teen's super-sensitive dick and Devon's nerves all seem centered in his boyhood. "What?" he's confused by her and asks.


"Ask Eric nicely to rack up your balls. Ask him to punch them very hard. And then he'll stop sucking your pitiful little dick," she says with a naughty and wicked look of domination.

She shakes the cock in Devon's ass to get her point across, which causes Devon to painfully orgasm again shooting yet several more loads of teen jism into Eric's hungry mouth. Devon cries and whimpers and begs them to stop, "Okay. okay. Please, punch me really hard in the balls. Please rack up my testicles.

Punch me in the balls. Just please stop sucking my dick. Please punch me in the balls." Eric stops his oral rape, turns to Gwen with smile, and begins pumping Devon's much abused cock with one hand. Gwen suddenly begins to deep fuck the strap-on phallus in and out of Devon's ass. Soon his body is again in the convulsions of another orgasm.

"What are you doing? Please stop," Devon pleads as Gwen plows his ass deep. Eric tightly wraps his fist around the teen's dick as if to choke off the cum from shooting out. Several drops of teen jism dribbles out from Devon's piss slit covering his cock and Eric's hand. "Punch him now," Gwen demands.

Eric continues to pump Devon's dick, but balls up his other hand into a fist and lands a heavy punch to the kid's unprotected jewels. Devon moans in pain and Eric punches him in the balls two more times just as the teen star continues to come. It's as if Eric's punching the jism out of his testicles. Devon's cock slit splurges out a pool of cum onto his belly. Gwen quickly and roughly pulls her strap-on cock out of Devon's sore ass. Eric immediately takes Devon's legs spreading them far apart and WHACK!

He kicks Devon in the nut sack really hard three times. Devon crawls into a fetal position in bed and clutches at his tortured balls and milked cock. He coughs and sobs. The villains give him a moment of respite. "We're not done yet, fuck boy," Eric says as he grabs Devon by the ankle. He wrestles with the teen and manages to subdue him.

Eric grabs Devon's dick, which is surprisingly still hard and begins milking him again. "No, stop. Don't touch me. You said you'd stop milking me. Let go off my dick, pervert," the teen star says as struggles with the groping hand fondling his cock. Gwen approaches them and spreads Devon's thighs apart to give her more access to his already vulnerable boyhood.

She shoves three fingers into his asshole, finds his prostate and finger fucks him without mercy. With her other hand she grasps Devon's hairless balls and begins to squeeze them gradually increasing the pressure. "Oh god, my balls. You're crushing my balls," Devon sobs with tears welling up in his eyes.

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Suddenly he comes so hard it hurts. He dick hole spits out seven heavy loads of teen jism just before he passes out from the nerve-wrecking stimulation of the finger-fucking, cock milking, and ball torture. Eight o'clock in the morning and Devon Sawa is in bed with his hands tied to the bed posts. His legs are also tied over his shoulders.

He's spread-eagled with his asshole exposed along with his now flaccid two-inch penis. His hairless balls still seem swollen and full of cum.

The teen star wakes and is shocked that it wasn't a nightmare, it was real, it did happen, and that he's still captive to his rapists. He looks around and glad to see no one is there, especially Eric.

Being raped and dominated by a woman was humiliating, but he wasn't gay and the horrid things Eric did to his mouth, cock and balls, and raping his ass and taking his cherry had the young man quite distraught and confused. He hears some noise from the bathroom and afraid it may be Eric, Devon struggles to get out of his bindings, but is unsuccessful.

He looks up and sees Gwen staring at him with her wicked smile. She's fully dressed. "Loved our date." She takes a moment and admires his subjugated and naked body. So vulnerable and helpless with the way he's tied up. His cheeks turn a little red as she gazes at his body and spends some time staring at his flaccid teen prick. She opens the palm of her hand and reveals ten blue pills. "Swallow," she tells him. Devon shakes his head no and turns away from her.

"No, more. Not the Viagra again. Please." She pulls out and opens a switch blade, grabs his soft cock, stretches it, and places the blade just beneath the base of his dick. "Do it or I'll cut your cock and balls off." She lifts the blade up to his cock shaft and Devon in fear opens his mouth and swallows the blue pills. "I love raping your dick, Devon. It's so cute when it's all hard and red. You're gonna be hard for hours, baby.

And you're gonna be hard when they find you," she says wickedly as she takes Devon's flaccid two-incher between her thumb and fore finger and begins jerking him off.

"What do you mean," Devon asks puzzled? Suddenly she goes down on his crotch and envelopes his little soft prick in her mouth.

In a few minutes his dick is a solid hard five and half inch piece of teen meat. She sucks on just his cock head for awhile and then releases the stiff prick as it now points up at the ceiling. Gwen takes out a twelve inch vibrator from her purse and begins teasing the outside ring of Devon's asshole.

"No. Come on you had your fun, no more. Jesus, Gwen, not that. No please," Devon whines and pleads. "No, no. No, don't," Devon begs her. Gwen jams the dildo up his very well-fucked no longer virgin asshole, wiggles it about a little, and turns it on in its medium setting. The celebrity's body arches and he attempts to struggle in vain as Gwen rapes his boy pussy with the vibrator.

Devon moans as cum spills out of his piss slit onto his belly. Gwen leaves him for a moment with the vibrator still deeply impaled inside his ass. She returns with a vacuum cleaner. Gwen attaches its hose, plugs it in, turns on the vacuum, and approaches Devon's body which is now glistening with sweat and cum.

She takes his stiff prick, jerks him off, and shoves his dick into the suctioning vacuum. "Bye, now. And thanks for your autographs," she says to him as she shows him a clear plastic bag full of his cum-soaked briefs." She leans forward, sucks just the exposed base of his Viagra hardened cock, and then engulfs his whole ball sack, eliciting moans from the teen boy celebrity. "You can't leave me like this. Please, my career will be ruined. Don't leave me naked liked this, Gwen!" The lights go out, the door shuts, Gwen is gone, and Devon Sawa's body convulses in another forced orgasm and the teen's much abused penis is raped by the vacuum and his ass by the dildo.

For about an hour Devon is alone and all his attempts to free himself fail and he's unable to remove either the vibrating dildo or the vacuum. Suddenly there's a knock on the door. "Housekeeping," Devon hears. "Oh, no," he says to himself and begins to struggle in vain. The door opens and two cleaning workers, two girls in their early twenties, enter.

Devon continues to struggle. As they reach the center of the room someone switches the lights on and the girls are surprised by the sight before them: a completely naked and bound blond teenage boy spread-eagled with his legs over his shoulders, his exposed balls, his cock enveloped by the hose of vacuum cleaner, and a dildo up his ass.

One girl covers her mouth, the other looks just as confused, but neither of them averts looking at the captive cute boy in bed. "Devon Sawa," one girl says in Spanish accent. No, they recognize me Devon thinks. His face blushes into a deep red as he's consumed with embarrassment and utter humiliation. He realizes the younger girl is the cleaning staff who groped him in the hallway earlier.

"It's not what it looks like. Please help me, untie me," he tells them. The older girl finds the strap-on dildo on the floor next to the bed. The younger of the two approaches him as her friend closes the door and they immediately return to gaze at the naked young man. "Oh, thank you. Thank you," Devon says prematurely thinking he was going to be released.

The younger woman touches the ropes binding his hands and ankles to the bed posts. "No, don't take them off," her friend says in Spanish. "This is the chance of a life-time. Do you know who he is?" To Devon's disappointment the girl hesitates and doesn't release his bindings.

"I was just checking the ropes. They seem awfully tight. I know who he is. Devon Sawa, teen movie star. And we have him all to ourselves. naked and helpless," the young woman replies also in Spanish. Devon doesn't understand them, but realizes he's in trouble by the looks they're giving him. For awhile the girls just ogle his sweat and cum soaked naked body focusing on the vacuum and dildo raping the young celebrity.

"Please let me go. I got money, lots of money. I'll pay you," he bargains with them. "You gotto take it out.

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Please, man." The young women look at each other, speak for a moment, then stare intently at Devon's exposed asshole as the buzzing vibrator ravages his ass muscles and rapes his prostate. The younger one takes the mouth of the vacuum hose, wraps her hand around it and Devon's hard on, then gently masturbates both pumping them up and down.

Devon moans like a dog in heat just as she finally removes the hose raping his dick. They stare at his teenage cock with its shaft raw and red and the mushroom head now a mean purple, sensitive and sore from so much abuse. A drop of pre-cum leaks out of his dick slit. The second woman pulls the vibrator out of his ass, sets it on its highest setting, and then amuses herself by shoving it in and out of his boy pussy.

Devon's body shakes every time the tip of the dildo touches his prostate. The woman watches her helpless victim, smiles an evil smile, and shoves the 12 inch vibrating dildo deep into his ass.

They watch as his cock spills out a pool of cum onto his belly. The first girl leans forward and begins orally raping his dick. Her friend puts on the strap-on cock and removes the dildo from his ass. She positions herself and begins to slowly penetrate his boy twat as the other girl deep throats his very sore dick. He moans in pleasure and pain. They rape him for two hours changing places one girl sucking his dick and the other fucking his asshole hard with the strap-on.

One Year Later Devon Sawa is at movie producer Larry Jones's office for private audition for a period piece movie his agent had told him they were considering him for a role. He had just returned from the bathroom after changing into his costume. The producer thought it would be better to see Devon audition for the role dressed in the period outfit. When he saw himself in the bathroom mirror Devon blushed.

His costume mainly and only consisted of a very low cut white almost translucent Greek tunic and a very thin loincloth. The young teen star feels almost naked and vulnerable as the costume left little to the imagination. The tunic is cut low just barely covering his crotch and the loincloth is practically just a sliver of fabric covering his butt crack in the rear and in the front the fabric barely holds in his teen penis and balls.

An erection he feared wouldn't only tent the material, but literally leave his dick and ball sac naked and exposed. To his most utter embarrassment, he realized he looked more like a girl or even more boyish in the costume. With very few block busting movies landing on his lap and at his agent's advice about period pieces being career makers he thought very little of his costume and returned to the producer's office. "I think they might have gotten me the wrong size," he says to the producer as he covers his crotch with a copy of the movie script.

Devon stands ready to audition. He had left his street clothes in the bathroom. The producer is leaning against his desk in front of Devon. He faces the young man and looks him over. The man is very professional looking dressed in suit and tie. "No, you look perfect in it. Just perfect for the role, but lets go over some scenes to see how you do, okay," he says lifting Devon's hands and instructing him to look over the script.

This gives him an opportunity to look over how the loincloth barely covers the teen's genitals. Devon is too busy reading over the script to notice. "Hey, there's a guy-on-guy kissing scene in this. And I .

my character gets fondled. masturbated by another guy," Devon inquires nervously? The man approaches Devon and puts both hands on his shoulders. Standing, he dwarfs the young star being taller than the boy by a good foot. "Well the story line is this: a young Greek prince is betrayed and captured by his father's political rival and sold into slavery to a Nubian warlord.

It's very independent. And this is Hollywood. If you want your career to take off, you have to do some edgy and thought provoking material. You may even have to show a little flesh or even show your front and rear. This script has some totally nude scenes," the business savvy man explains to Devon professionally. The young teen turns his head down and looks at himself practically naked in his costume. "I guess," he says to himself reluctantly. "Why don't we go over some scenes right now and see how comfortable you are with the material.

You know we originally had Leonardo Di Caprio and Jessie McCartney interested in the role," the man lies to the naïve teen. The older guy pulls up a chair and sits on it pretending it's a throne as Devon begins reading from the script, "You won't get away with this, traitor.

My father will never pay your ransom. He'll bring the army and you will be executed." Devon stands proudly with his hands at his hips challenging the traitor character. "Fool, I am the army. And I await no ransom from a dead man who can pay no ransom," the character villain explains with a smile. "The king and your whole family are dead. You are the only seed of the kingdom that is left and you are mine to do with as I please." Playing his role the young star charges at the man and is overpowered.

The man forcefully rips off the prince's tunic garbs leaving the young man in nothing, but his skimpy loincloth. Devon is taken aback at how real the producer is playing his role as domineering villain and soon finds his himself on the man's lap arms restrained and his legs splayed open.

Mr. Jones faces Devon and asks, "Ready for that kissing scene?" Before Devon can protest he pulls the boy's head and locks lips with him.

The man's tongue is deep in Devon's mouth and is forceful and too real for the young celebrity, who now begins to pull away and struggle against the older man. The man holds him tight and Devon's is helpless and shamed to suddenly realize his teen prick getting semi-erect by the unwanted and deep kissing.

His breath feels like its being sucked from him by the man, who now has a hand snaking up Devon's leg, rubbing up into his smooth inner thigh between his legs. Devon closes his legs in protest. His mouth unable to vocalize a NO since the man's mouth is still tightly locked onto his playing with his tongue. Too late, the man slips his hand inside the loincloth and begins fondling Devon's teen parts. The man gropes both the teen's cock and balls before completely tearing off the flimsy loincloth leaving Devon's now three inch semi-erect penis exposed.

He wraps a fist around the teen dick and rapidly jerks off the young man until he's fully erect with pre-cum glistening and coating the mushroom dickhead. Devon manages to speak when the man releases him from the tight kiss. "NO! Stop, please I ain't into this. I'm not gay." The guy rubs the tip of the teen's cock and Devon's lets out a moan. Releasing the engorged dick, he picks up a remote control and suddenly an LCD camera hanging above them projects a movie on the wall in front.

The image is all too familiar and frightens the young naked teen as he sees himself on the screen wall being fucked deep in the ass by Eric. The profile shot clearly capturing his rape and humiliation as his hard cock bounces up and down with each thrust that penetrates his teen ass. The man returns to jerking him off rubbing his cock up and down without mercy. Devon cums just as the Devon on screen shoots his load of teen jism as Eric spears his ass a foot off the ground with his man cock up Devon's ass.

Larry Jones pushes Devon off of him and the teen lands on his butt on the floor. He's completely naked covered in his own cum and turns to look at his continued rape and domination on screen. His face blushes and he turns to find a huge cock in front of him. The man pushes him back to the wall and Devon makes to get up, but two forceful hands on his shoulders keeps him on his knees. "If you know what's good for you and if you don't want this distributed all over Hollywood, you're going to do everything I say," Larry Jones intimidates the teen as he slaps his cock across Devon's face.

"Now, suck my cock, boy!" A defeated and hopeless Devon Sawa opens his mouth and begins giving the man a blowjob. The man pushes the teen's head up against the wall. As images of Eric and Gwen milking Devon's teen dick is projected against their bodies and the wall he skull fucks the teen star.

He cums in the young man's mouth, then all over the teen's face. "Get up, sissy boy," he orders. "Turn around! Hands on the wall and spread your legs wide!" Devon does what he's told. A hand wraps around Devon's hard five and half inch dick and again begins to masturbate the teen boy.

"Bet his this little rod is sensitive especially after you've just cum," the man whispers close to Devon's ear. The fist gripping his cock tightens and pumps the teen sausage up and down causing young Devon to whimper. The man suddenly inserts three fingers into Devon's ass and finds the teen's prostate and begins to play with the teen's love button.

He finger fucks the teen hard and the young man can't help, but cum a second time his teen boy juices splattering all over the wall. "Please, stop. No more, I can't take it. Please, stop milking my dick," the young teen pleads for mercy.

Devon's legs fail him and he collapses against the wall. The man grabs him by the hair and forces him to stand again. He doesn't relent on milking the teen's cock and Devon cries painfully as his sensitive, sore, much abuse teen cock is continually raped by the man's hand.

The milking stops all of a sudden, Devon's head is slammed against the wall, and he feels a new pain thrust deep into his asshole as the man's huge twelve inch man cock pierces his boy pussy hard causing the teen to rise and stand on the tips of his toes. As the man fucks him hard he also slams Devon's hips against the wall causing the teen to crush his hard cock and balls against the wall.

"Oh, god NO! My balls," Devon cries out as he's brutally fucked and crotch-slammed into the wall. Larry Jones fucks Devon for over an hour and cums deep inside his boy twat. With his man cock still embedded inside Devon, the man continues to rape the teen star. He grabs the boy's arms and puts him in a headlock. Devon Sawa doesn't resist as his ass is continually fucked. The office door opens and Jones's secretary Janice walks inside and her gaze immediately falls onto the naked young man.

She notices his teen dick is flaccid and his face now flushed red with embarrassment. "Hello, Janice," the man welcomes her. He pulls his cock out of Devon's sore ass only to shove it back deeply thrusting it into the youth. She hears Devon illicit a moan. "The Nubian extras you wanted are here. Shall I send them in," she says watching Devon be raped and humiliated. Tears stream down the teen's face. "No, let them wait. As you can see by his two-inch cock, Devon here has a problem getting it up.

Don't think he's man enough. Why don't you grab the bottle in my desk and give him ten tabs of Viagra," the man orders his secretary. "Oh shit, no. Please, that'll keep my penis hard for hours," Devon complains. She does what she's told and approaches the teen with the blue pills, but the kid keeps his mouth shut. Mr. Jones grabs Devon by the hair and roughly pulls the teen's head back. With his other hand he grabs the youth's balls and viciously begins to squeeze them.

"Swallow," he commands. Devon swallows them all and Janice confirms that he did. The man releases Devon's tortured balls and begins to slowly fuck the teen. Janice kneels down in front of Devon's splayed legs and watches as her boss fuck the teen to hardness.

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In just a few minutes Devon's five and half inch cock is fully erect standing 90 degrees from his crotch. A drop of pearl white cum leaks from the tip of his piss slit.

"Can I have his autograph," she says to her boss as she stares at the cum drop on the mushroom head of Devon's dick. Her boss nods his approval and to Devon's dismay she immediately grabs his dick and begins jerking off his tender and sensitive parts.

She engulfs just the tip of cock into her warm and hungry mouth. With one hand she cups and massages the teen's ball sac and her other hand moves up between his legs up his ass to feel the older man's hard cock still lodged in the teen's asshole.

Devon can only cry, moan, and groan for the next half hour as his ass is fucked and his cock forcibly sucked and milked of his teen jism. Devon painfully shoots five loads of cum into her waiting mouth and she swallows every drop and continues sucking his cock causing the teen heartthrob to spasm and struggle. The older man holds him tight with his own man cock still inside Devon's ass as his secretary's lips continue to tighten around the teen's dick and her suctioning continues to bring Devon to a new height of unwanted pleasure and pain.

The man cums hard inside Devon's ass just as Janice releases the teen's cock. Devon Sawa collapses to the floor in fetal position clutching his tender and sensitive teen prick. "Send in the Nubians," instructs the older man. Janice kneels next to the teen and runs a finger up Devon's ass tracing it across from his ball sac up to his asshole. Her boss smiles at her and she violently shoves three fingers into Devon's boy hole causing him to arch his back exposing his crotch to open air.

Devon ejaculates copious amounts of teen sperm all over his sweat covered body. Janice roughly pulls out her fingers turns the teen actor around and slaps him hard across the face. Devon just cries helpless and humiliated. The producer presses a few buttons on a remote and Devon notices the mirrored walls open to reveal hidden cameras that had been recording everything since he walked into the office earlier. He shakes his head no realizing that for a second time his rape and degradation had been recorded.

He was fucked. really fucked he thought to himself. "Jerk off that hard teen dick of yours, now," the man orders him. "I can't, please don't make me. I came four times already. My dick really hurts," Devon pleads for mercy. The man gives him an evil grin.

"Fine, the Nubians will suck, fuck, rape, and milk the teen juices out of you," he threatens. "Nubians," Devon thinks to himself and frightened at what was in store for him he begins rubbing his very sensitive teen cock with his legs wide open in front of the cruel man.

Devon jerks off for about ten minutes, but seems unable to cum. "Shoot your teen jism, boy," the man demands. The terrified youth grips his dick harder and grudgingly pumps his cock faster. He begins sobbing, "Please I can't. My dick hurts so much and my balls are empty." The man ignores him and Devon closes his eyes shut and continues to debase himself fisting his teen prick.

When Devon opens his eyes he's surprised to find himself surrounded by five tall muscular black men all wearing black leather medieval loincloths. The teen star looks at the man imploringly, stops jerking off, and bolts for the door. His futile escape is thwarted with a swift and brutal kick to his balls. Janice the secretary catches him just outside the door by grabbing his shoulders, then planting a hard kick to his exposed cock and balls.

Devon collapses to the floor in fetal position groping his teen balls. Two of the black thugs grab each of his ankles and painfully spreads his legs wide open as they drag him back into the room screaming. "My, look at his cock, it's still hard and stiff even after that kick," Janice mentions as she stares at his throbbing teen dick. The so-called "Nubians" again surround the naked teen. He's roughly made to stand up and one of the black men holds him in a full Nelson.

Devon's body is sandwich between all the black men and they rub up against the now sniffling white teenager. He tries to kick them away, but is unable to bring his legs up with their huge bodies so closely pressed against his lanky frame.

Devon's cum and sweat covered white skin is a deep contrast to the men's clean ebony bodies. "Ever been gangbanged by five black studs, Devon boy," Mr. Jones asks as he's video tapes poor Devon's brutal ordeal. "No! Get away from me, you fucking nigger perverts," the teenager yells at them! One of the men slaps Devon hard across the face. "Think you got balls, white boy," says the man who just slapped the teen.

Suddenly his hand reaches out, grabs Devon's plump ball sack, yanks down hard and squeezes the young man's testicles. Devon yelps and as the man squeezes harder the teen screams out like a girl. A hand wraps tightly around the white teen's hard cock and begins jerking off the blond boy's already much abused and sensitive pole.

"Got milk, white boy," the man smiles his pearly white teeth at the trapped boy and pumps the teen cock in his hand up and down stopping to rub the sensitive mushroom head. Devon whimpers as the man's finger tip toys with his cock slit and foreskin.

"Yes, milk his cock dry. Jerk him off until he passes out," Janice says egging on the men from behind Mr. Jones as she watches Devon's rape continue. "The Nubians" each a take turn molesting and milking "the white boy's" stiff dick.

They jerk him off, finger-fuck his asshole, and orally raped his hard five and half inch teen penis. Noticing he's about to cum, Janice manages to squeeze in, kneels, and sucks just the tip of Devon's prick as a black hand continues to fist his pink white dick shaft. The teen orgasms and he shoots five thick loads of teen jism into Janice's hungry mouth.

Even after his forced ejaculation, her lips remain wrapped tightly around his cock-head sucking hard while the man also continues to milk his spent cock. "Oh, oh, oh god. Please stop. Stop sucking. Please let go of my dick. It hurts, please." Devon begs. Much to his pain Devon is made to orgasm five times, two of which were dry. "Get the brat on the table," Larry Jones commands. They easily lift Devon onto the table. Janice holds his arms back.

The teen struggles, but two of the Nubians manage to pull both his legs back over his shoulders. The teen's crotch and asshole are left completely open and vulnerable to his rapists. Jones approaches Devon's helpless body. He grabs a hold of the young man's hard on and pumps it a few times before inserting three fingers deep into the blond teen's asshole.

The man has the teen all worked up and on the verge of another forced orgasm, but he stops and they all watch as the teen boy's cock quivers in anticipation. Jones licks the head of the teenager's penis. Devon can't help but moan like a whore. The man moves up to suckle on each of Devon's hard nipples, then he latches his mouth over Devon's neck and gives the teen one hell of a hickey. He nibbles on Devon's ear causing the youth to sigh with pleasure.

The man whispers to Devon, "Ever take two big fat black cocks in the ass, at the same time?" The man moves off of Devon's body, just as two Nubian's sporting the biggest cocks Devon has ever seen approach him with their ebony pricks aimed at his puckered asshole. Devon attempts to back away, but is held down against the table. "Please don't do this. Don't fuck my ass with two cocks at the same time.

Oh god, please don't. I ain't into this. I ain't gay. Please just let me go. Don't. No, no," Devon continually begs just as the first black guy's cock head touches his boy cunt. The teenager's eyes well up with tears and he shuts them close when the man's prick is shoved deep into his ass. The teen celebrity clenches his teeth in pain, but moans a little as the cock inside him rubs up against his prostate. Just as Devon feels the second black man's cock head rubbing up against his already cock-filled boy twat, Devon's eyes bug out when the man suddenly and cruelly shoves his cock inside Devon's used asshole.

The teen cries out and moans like a girl as his ass is filled with two fat black cocks and his rectum stretched to its limits. The men fuck him simultaneously and with each thrust their cocks rub against the teen's love button.

"They're fucking the cum out of him," Janice comments as she stares at Devon's hard teen dick leaking his boy juices out from his piss slit. At the humiliation of being savagely fucked like a girl, being forced to give up load after load of his teen boy milk, Devon's face flushes red matching his plum cock head. A sudden thrust by both men causes Devon to buck up his hips exposing his crotch to everyone.

Devon orgasms, but his cock doesn't shoot out his load of boy jism. Instead a steady flow of pearl white cum dribbles out oozing from the teenager's cock slit coating his dick shaft and forming a pool all over his belly. "Hah, white boy can't shoot, but he certainly dribbles like a girl," one of the black men says pointing to Devon's cock as more semen dribbles out onto his body.

Mr. Jones and the Nubians each take a turn double-cock fucking Devon's asshole.

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After their fuck fest, Devon is pushed to the floor and made to kneel in front of each man. He is forced to suck off each man sometimes taking two cocks in his mouth. Janice watches on captivated as the men fuck Devon's mouth making him swallow their thick man juices or covering the teen's cute face and blond hair in their cum.

Mr. Jones puts Devon in a full Nelson again and fucks the teen hard in the ass as each of the Nubians take a turn orally raping the celebrity teen's five and half inch hard dick.

The man pulls out of Devon's ass, slaps his man cock against the teen's bubble butt and jerks off and comes all over Devon's ass. "Hold him," says Mr. Jones as he steps back and has one of the Nubians keep the teen standing by holding him up just by the hair on his head.

The man kneels between Devon's open legs and stares at the teen boy's hard dick. He grabs the boy's hips and pulls Devon's crotch closer to his drooling mouth.

"Please, Mister, no more. Don't touch me, not there. I can't take any more. It's so sensitive. Please don't milk me. Please don't suck my dick. Oh god it hurts," Devon whimpers as the man's hand wraps around his very much abused and sore teen cock. He milks the teen's cock for a few minutes, and then swallows it down to the base of the teen's hairless crotch. Devon whimpers in pain, but suddenly moans in pleasure as the man starts to really work on his teen prick.

Just as the teen begins to buck his hips and his abdomen begins to spasm, the man notices Devon is about to cum. He sucks just the tip of the young cock, licks the teenager's dick slit, and releases the throbbing cock allowing everyone to watch Devon's humiliation as the teen star orgasm in front of them.

He shoots seven thick creamy loads of his teen cum, which splatters all over his chest, his crotch, and on the floor. Moments pass and the men now stare at the lanky teen exhausted by being forced to cum so much. His teen cock is now a flaccid two inches and it looks like a dead dried up worm between his legs. Devon is thrown onto the floor and the men each kick and stomp on the teen's cock and balls before the exit the room.

"Oh god, my balls. Not my balls please stop kicking them. You're gonna bust my balls," the teen begs. They leave the teenager with his balls racked up in so much pain as he clutches them as he hides his cock and balls in fetal position is afraid they might just castrate him. "He's your for two hours.

Afterwards, Janice, get this useless piece of shit out of my office," Jones smiles at Janice with a demonic smile. Janice, the secretary, is now left alone in the room with the teenage celebrity heartthrob who had just been dominated, humiliated, anally and orally raped, forcefully milked of his straight boy teen cum, and then painfully busted in the nuts.

She looks at the broken teenager captivated by his utter helplessness and now under her total control to do with as she pleases. The sadistic secretary licks her lips in anticipation. Before Devon Sawa realizes it, he's on his back again and his hands are handcuffed to a pole and his legs are over Janice's shoulders. She has on a shiny metal strap on vibrating dildo. With a quick and painful thrust she penetrates Devon's well fucked ass.

The teen doesn't even have the strength to resist as he's raped by the woman. He only whimpers as she shoves the thick dildo in and out of him.

As she's fucking him, she turns on the vibrator and Devon begins moaning like a dog in heat. "That's it bitch. Moan like a dog, boy," she humiliates him as she grasps the teen's flaccid two inch dick and begins jerking him off. Janice fucks and molests him for two hours, but Devon's cock remains limp throughout the whole ordeal. Although limp-dicked, he's forced to cum three times by the vibrator raping his teen boy love button. Janice enjoys watching the cum spill out of the teen boy's drooping cock.

Later in the evening, Janice lets him go leaving him completely naked in a deserted neighborhood, but not before finger fucking a last and copious forced ejaculation from Devon. The teen heartthrob is left on the side walk naked by an alleyway and covered in cum and sweat.

He cries to himself as his wilted dick continues to release his teen boy jism, which dribbles out of his piss slit. Devon sees Janice driving off and waving goodbye to him.

He gives her the finger and crawls into the alley and hides behind a dumpster. A dirty calloused hand suddenly takes a hold of his flaccid teen dick and Devon turns around to find a homeless bum tightly gripping his teen cock. "You're Devon Sawa, aren't you? Can I have your autograph," the dirty bastard says to him. The teenager tries to push the dirty vagrant away, but the man is strong and pulls Devon's hips closer. Before the teen boy knows it both his cock and balls are in the deviant's sucking mouth.

Minutes later the vagrant has overpowered poor Devon and the teen is on his back with his legs over the stranger's shoulders as the bum savagely sucks the teenager's now hard dick to the base. Devon tries to pull away, but the man begins to really suck him hard. Several teenage girls cut across the alleyway just in time to witness a struggling Devon Sawa on his back with a dirty bum raping his stiff cock.

The girls stop in their tracks shocked and in awe. Devon with tears in his eyes whimpers out a girly moan as he notices them. He blushes utterly humiliated. "Isn't that Devon Sawa?

He's naked," one girl points out! "Holy shit, that guy's molesting him. He's raping him," a younger girl shows concern trying not to look, but peeking through her fingers. "We should tell someone," she begins walking away, but stops.

She and her friends seem all too captivated and frozen by the scene. "Let's go." "No, I want get his autograph too," another girl says as she stares intently at the bum's mouth engulfing her favorite celebrity teen's hard dick.

The man shoves a finger deep into the teen boy's ass and rapes the teen star's cock and ass forcefully. The girls watch on as Devon shoots load after load of teen boy milk deep in the bum's throat.

"No more, please, stop sucking me," Devon pleads. The bum stops sucking the teen idol's cock and notices the girls watching. Devon has a moment of hope and starts to pull himself away on his elbows, but suddenly the vagrant pulls him closer by his balls and returns to sucking Devon's prick while completely ignoring the girls.

"Help me, please. He's making me. oh god, I'm cumming," Devon moans aloud and his hips jut out into the bum's raping mouth. To Devon's dismay the girls just watch his whole ordeal as the vagabond continues to ravage his teen cock and vigorously rape and milk the hot teen boy celebrity dry. ******************************************************************************************************************** This story was written as an adult fantasy.

The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. ********************************************************************************************************************