Asian hottie Fucks Her Doctor

Asian hottie Fucks Her Doctor
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My wife had left me almost five years ago, after which my daugher went into a punk-rock stage.

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It made me feel even older than my 46 years as my little girl looked even more grown up than her 17 years. My daughter Jody was maybe 5'3 and probably 220 with decent sized boobs that only seemed small to me in comparison to her mother's huge breasts.

Jody was an art major, a punk rocker and pretty much made it clear she hated football and all sports.

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She would wear torn up tights under mid-thigh miniskirts and big baggy t-shirts she silk screened herself with weird sayings and logos on them as well as a huge leather jacket with weird patches and studs all over it.

"I hate computers!" Jody swore under her breathe. "What's wrong?" I asked from where I sat watching tv, "This computer is driving me nuts and I have to finish this assignment by noon tomorrow or get an F for the first half of the class." Jody said angrily.


"Can you help me dady? I'd do something really nice for you if you do." She sounded a lot calmer and there was just a little bit of pleading in her voice.

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"Okay baby," I said as I got up and sat next to her and showed her how to first make the computer stop locking up. She knew full well that for an old guy I was really good with computers. I spent most of the time just enjoying the sight of her plump legs in those stockings and how the rip in her t-shirt showed off her surprisingly good cleavage.

Due the to lack of space we were sitting right next to each other, my leg against hers.

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I could smell what I guessed was paint on her and I spent a bit too much of my time looking at her while she worked on the assignment. She was so different from her mother it blew my mind a bit that I could be attracted to her, she was shorter, smaller and had short spiky blond hair with streaks of blue and red in it.

Finally around 3am we finished Jody's assignment and she shocked me by turning to me and grabbing me and giving me a huge kiss on the mouth. I should have let go but I grabbed her back and kissed her. That was when I realized that her tongue was pierced. Her kisses were so different from her mother's sensual slow kisses, Jody's were hard and slightly brutal and shockingly arousing.

"When did you get your tongue pierced baby?" Jody smiled. "Last week daddy." She pulled my shirt out of my pants and started and was unbuttoning it without ever stopping kissing me. So I did the one thing I could and returned the favor and started pulling off her t-shirt. She broke the kiss and I thought she would be mad but she pulled her shirt off over her head and grabbed me and pulled me up.

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She pushed me against the wall and dropped to her knees, undoing my belt as she kneeled there. Her mother had gone down on me so many times, in so many places, but she had never nearly ripped my pants in the process.

Jody released my hard cock and took most of it in her mouth without any of the licking and kissing of it I had become use to with her mother. Part of me missed the teasing of that mouth and part of me was so hot at Jody's wildness and the feel of the barbell on her tongue nearly drove me insane.

I felt the nub of it running up and down my cock and she sucked hard and deep. I reached down and grabbed her short spiky hair in both hands and did something I had never done to her mother, I began to fuck Jody's face as if it was her pussy. I was sure I would make her gag at any time and that she would get mad and stop but she just kept sucking hard and running that tongue up and down my cock. I pulled her head towards me, slamming my cock over and over into her greedy mouth and then I felt her groaning around me so I slowed down thinking I was hurting her.

She didn't seem to like that so she grabbed my ass and started to bob her head harder and faster. I finally realized she was getting off on it so I grabbed the back of her head and started to pound myself against her face. I thought about her mother and it just made me want to fuck Jody's face til she gagged, I wanted to fuck her hard. I wanted to fuck all my anger, all my guilt away.

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So I grabbed Jody by the hair and pulled her up and grabbed one of her tits and gave it a twist. "I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck you and if you don't want it you better fucking tell me now cause I am not stopping otherwise." I couldn't believe those words were coming out of my mouth. "Fuck me daddy." she growled at me.

"Fuck me now." I wanted to fuck her right there and then but something made me think for a second and I quickly grabbed her and pulled her upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed a condom out of the bedside table and handed it to her. "Put that on me now." I demanded.

She didn't say a word but grabbed me and got the condom on me so fast my head was spinning. I grabbed Jody and picked her up, I could tell that she was shocked by how easy it was for me to lift her up and toss her onto my bed.

Before she had even stopped bouncing I was on her, pulling her to the edge of the bed and reaching between her legs. Something about those torn tights she wore had always attracted my eyes and now I realized that she was not wearing any panties under the black mesh.

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I don't know what came over me but I pushed her hands away as she reached down to pull them off and put my hand between her legs. I could feel how wet she was as my fingers pushed the mesh into her pussy which I could see was totally hairless, then I did something that shocked me and seemed to turn Jody on. I ripped a hole in the crotch of her panties, first just one of my fingers broke through the mesh but then I found myself ripping them away and exposing her cunt to my fingers.

I grabbed her ankles, still in her boots, and spread her legs wide and slammed myself into her mercilessly. I had never fucked anyone in aggression and yet with Jody it seemed so right, she was eating it up like candy. "Pound me daddy." she demanded. "Pound my fucking cunt." Her foul language had me even hotter and I began to pound her as hard as I could, I was tearing her pussy apart, enjoying the feel of her tights covered legs against my chest.

Part of me wanted to get off and just ignore her needs but I had learned better than that. "Play with your clit, I want to see you play with yourself like a slut." I said.

Where were these words coming from? I had never talked to anyone like that in my life. Jody reached down past her firm tight belly and began to massage her clit. I continued to fuck her mercilessly, pounding away at her tight cunt, when I felt her start to cum. I started to pound her even harder until she stopped cumming and then I let myself go, I came with all the pent up energy of not having sex for over five years.

I came and came and nearly fainted from it.


I let go of her feet and pulled myself out of her and stumbled back into a chair, realizing that I had not even gotten my pants, much less my shoes, off. Jody lay there a moment and stretched.


"Wow for an old guy daddy you are pretty punk rock when it comes to sex." she said. I wasn't totally sure what that meant but I figured it was a compliment since she gave me one more hard, passionate kiss before heading back downstairs to grab her clothes. I lay there for a while smiling to myself. I knew that this was just the begining of the fun I would have with my punk-rocker.