Www ich will ficken

Www ich will ficken
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I had been divorced from Irene for eight years and had had really no contact with her in that time. When I split from the partner I left her for I thought it might be a nice thing to do to call her and apologise for my bad treatment of her heart! Crazy really but the thought just came over me and I acted on impulse.

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To my surprise she already knew my news and suggested we meet. It was duly arranged and she came to my house and after some small talk she made it very clear that she wanted me to go to bed with her. There was no kissing or petting. She just said "Lets go upstairs" and she held my hand as I led the way to my bedroom. We stripped and dived under the covers to embrace and explore each others bodies. She had aged well for someone already 13 years older than me and was slimmer than she used to be.

I complemented her on this and she pushed away the duvet to run her hands downwards over her tits and belly, arching her back as she did so." Yes I'm pleased with my body now" she said as one hand pushed down between her legs. Her legs opened as she slid her second finger up and down her blonde sparsely haired cunt lips.

Her other hand went back up to her left nipple which she pinched between finger and thumb. Her back still arched away from the bed and her breathing began toget louder as she finger fucked herself. "Fucking Hell Irene, you must be pleased with it, You never used to touch yourself at all with me around".

".A lot of waters gone under the bridge since then and I've learned a thing or two. Now do you just want to watch or are you going to make me cum? I needed no second bidding and leaned over her to take her ripe nipple in my mouth. I teased it breifly before taking the other one and nibbling it between my teeth.

She sighed and pushed herself off the bed to meet my lips and tongue. "Please suck me" she said as I felt a slight pressure from her hand on my head pushing, me toward her cunt.

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I moved around between her legs and pushed them further apart as I leaned forward to place a playful kiss on her mound. "dont fuck about get your tongue up me" she hissed and I snaked my tongue up and down the length of her cunt lips. They parted wetly and I found her clit with the tip of my tongue and began the circular licking which she had once loved. "No inside. I want to feel your tongue up inside me" she breathed as her finger tip replaced my tongue and her other hand pushed down on the top of my head.

I pushed her legs further apart and lifted them upward from behind her knees. Her cunt opened and a bead of cum had appeared and was running down toward her ass.

I licked this away and plunged my tongue deep into her hole, tasting her sweet juices as I pushed in and out as deep as I could.

Her breathing was very rapid now and she was murmering incoherantly as her finger raced around her clit. She began to thrust her hips forward and back and it was all I could do to maintain my tongue fucking. "Oh you fucking bastard I'm going to come. Deeper! Push some fucking fingers up me. Lick my fucking ass. Oh you Horney cunt fucker. Deeper! Oh God.Oh God. Fucking Hell. OH NO! Oh no!

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Oh no! No.No. NO.No.No No. No,ooooo" She pushed my head away from her and clamped her hand over her mound as she lay quivering through the last part of her orgasm. I well remembered this bit and I knew that I just had to stay out of it while she recovered. But I was intrigued by the language as she never used to say hardly a word during sex except the No stuff when she came. "Christ Irene that was quick and noisey too. Where did that come from?" She opened her eyes slightly and said "I told you I've learned a thing or two.

Including how to let myself go AND how to come more than once so I want you to fuck me now and I'll show you." As I kneeled up toward her she reached forward and took my rock hard prick in her hand" And dont cum cos I want to suck you afterwards" I slid easily into her and recognised that familiar fit and warmth of her delightful cunt.

I started to move slowly.

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"You wouldnt believe how many times I've dreamed of this" she said. "But I always knew it would happen. I love your lovely prick and I always knew I would have it again someday. Push it in deep baby. Give me the fucking I've been waiting for" I started to get into a steady rythm as I slid into her squelching cunt.

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She had her eyes closed and her lips parted in a very sexy way when she suddenly jumped and screamed. Barney my dog had appeared at the bedside and decided it might be a good idea if he planted his cold wet nose on Irenes arm!

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"Jesus" she bellowed " your fucking dog scared the hell out of me" Then more calmly,"Just like you Blakey. Nothing on the brain but sex" She pointed toward Barney's rear end where you could see his prick erected and out of its sheath. "Bloody hell he must have been there for a while to get excited like that.


He must fancy you Irene" I reached over and stroked his head as he rested his chin on the bed, wagging his tail and looking longingly at me.

He then licked Irene's arm. "Bloody hell. He really does". " Well he can fuck off. This is beween you and me" she laughed. Barney had been my constant companion since my last relationship finished. He was a jet black giant of a dog being a great dane/labrador cross.

He was big and gentle and very obediant. I got him from a dog rescue the day after he had been left there by an emigrating family. He was great with kids, never scrounged and never gave me any trouble at all except he could be a bit embarrassing with that cock of his.

He was always getting it up and I used to have to send him out in the garden if I had guests. It was very obvious he was horney the bloody thing used to extend about nine inches out of his sheath and was very thick too. He put me to shame! "Dont send him away. He's just reacting to you. You're very sexy and the noises youve been making have turned him on.

Its not his fault" Barney licked her arm again."fucking hell look at the size of his prick" she hissed "its a fucking monster". She moved her body across the bed so she could see Barneys cock more from the side." Why is it so wet?" " Cos it needs lube just to get it out and be ready to get it in" I said as again I stroked his head and again he kicked out at Irene but this time she had moved her arm and he wetly slurped accross her left nipple.

"Jesus Christ" she jerked off the bed "the fucker licked my nipple" Yep, he definately fancies you Irene. Why dont you touch his cock?" You filthy bastard Blakey. If you think I'm going to wank off the dog while you fuck me. You've got another think coming!" "Who said anything about wanking him off? But there was something in the tone of her voice that had me intrigued. I had to push her a bit further.

"Wouldnt you rather fuck him and toss me off?" "You're a fucking pervert. I'm not having that fucking great thing up me. It'll split me in two". She pushed her hips up at my groin "now fuck me" she comanded. but as I started up the rythm again her hand slid along Barneys back and then down and under him until she had her fist around his enormous girth. She began gentle movements along his shaft, never taking her eyes off it.

She pushed up at me harder and faster and I knew she was rapidly approaching a second orgasm.

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Oh fucking hell this so horney. Fuck me you prick. you cunt sucker. You fucking horney dog. Fuck me. Oh no. Oh no. No No No Oh Barney come for me. Come for me. No No No NOOOOO" She was pumping Barney's cock like a steam hammer and he was responding by hunching his back and making rapid thrusts into her hand.

But as she came she slowed her hand,eventually letting go and holding her breasts as she shuddered and twitched, Her eyes tightly closed. We waited. "Fucking hell that was the strongest cum I've ever had. It nearly ripped my guts out. Jesus Christ you are so horney" she breathed.

"Its not me Irene. Its you. All I did was fuck you" Yea, but you want me to fuck Barney you filthy bastard. That was what did it for me" "do you want to fuck him then?" I grinned "he's still up for it look".

Barney was standing at the side of the bed, sort of shaking and there was a string of cum dangling from the end of his now fully erect cock. I had never seen it so large and it was now out altogether with the dog knot next to his sheath The size of a cricket ball.


The whole thing must have been over a foot long. "Look at the size of it! I could never take that" "Yes you can. If you get on your knees I could hold him and stop him going in too far" "Yea but theres the width too. Look how thick it is!" "Now thats just an excuse. You've had a bloody fist up you in the past. You'll take that easy.

Now do you want him or not because I want to cum soon?" I said as I slowly waked my prick and fucked her with two fingers at the same time. I leaned forward and kissed her " Do you want Barney to fuck you Baby?" "Oh yes!" she breathed "Will you let him fuck me? Will you help him fuck me? Can I suck you at the same time? I really want him now Blakey". "Get on your knees then Baby. Low down the bed so theres room for me in front" I told her as I got off the bed on Barneys side and took him by the collar leading him round the bottom of the bed.

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There we met Irene's Ass up in the air. Barney knew what to do. He sniffed once and then slurped his tongue all the way from her clit to her asshole. She groaned. He did it again. She collapsed her shoulders onto the bed but kept her ass in the air. Barney continued to lick."Oh please put him in me" she cursed "I'm nearly cumming already.

Put his beautiful dog cock up me. Please Blakey I want him up me now". I patted her back gently and Barney jumped up with his front feet eitherside of Irenes quivering body. I pressed down on her back slightly to get the position right and he just pushed straight into her.

He got about 5 inches straight up her when he started to fuck her wth very rapid thrusts of his pelvis. Irene started groaning from deep in her throat and seemed to push back at him as more dog cock sank into her. Pretty soon it was up to his knot. "Oh this is heaven" she shouted "This is so fucking horney. I can feel him so deep. Come here Blakey so I can suck your cock". I looked down at Barney's cock pistoning her cunt and saw both their juices running out of her. She was absolutely pouring and I knew that Barneys dog knot would soon be in her.

This was definately the point of no return! I left matters to take their course and went up the bed to lay with my legs either side of Irene and then moved myself down so that my crotch was beneath her face. I looked down at her as she took my prick in her hand and start to lick it.

I looked up into Barney's face. He was wild eyed and his tongue hanging out. He was pounding away as if his life depended on it and I could have sworn he winked at me! Back in my groin Irene was wanking me into her mouth furiously. Not stopping to tell me that she now had Barney's knot up her and that she was having a continuous orgasm that wouldnt stop.

Then it all went very frenzied as I announced that I was close to cumming and Irene screamed as Barney pumped his load up her. She took my prick fully down her throat as I let go and she collapsed on top of me, goaning and shaking. Barney tried to get off but ended up ass to ass with Irene but his back legs could not reach the floor. He was whimpering and struggling to get away from his entrapment and Irene was moaning that it hurt although she was still quivering through her orgasm.

Suddenly it all came right as Barney managed to pull his knot out and Irene collapsed on the bed. Barney went and sat down to lick himself and I pulled my wilting prick from Irenes mouth. Irene was now silent. I think she fainted. To be cont. Blakeseven View Public Profile Send a private message to Blakeseven Find More Posts by Blakeseven Add Blakeseven to Your Buddy List