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Preciosa chica mostrando su cuerpo y masturbandose sorexxx
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Another Friday, brilliant. Fridays at my house usually meant 2 things, I'd be on my own for the best part of 8 hours and mum and dad would come home extraordinarily drunk, which of course meant they would have sex rather loudly in their room.

Which didn't help my sleeping pattern at all since my door was directly facing theirs, and there's only so much noise an iPod can block out. The only difference this time was working away, he was a manager of a very large company, he has told me dozens of times what he does, but I never understood, and basically he is in charge of making decisions which can either make millions or lose millions.and his job.

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My dad has been pondering with retiring early for the better half of 2 years, he is only 45 but with the money he makes from his job now he can retire early and have a much better retirement than most. But that's not really what matters, what matters is mum was devoted to her weekly ritual of going out on Fridays, during the week id do my usual thing of "Look for a job, fail, look again, fail, clean the house" while she worked doing her secretary stuff and on Saturday she would cook, clean and do errands and Sunday she would just relax the whole day.

So she had a rough week every week, so I guess she deserved to let her hair down, but with no dad she had to go to a different place with her friends from work. It was around 2am and I had just switched off my computer and was trying to get to sleep, no dad for a few weeks means no loud sex, so maybe I can have a good night's sleep. How naive of me, just as I closed my eyes and felt relaxed read for slumber land's embrace there was a loud bang, which meant that mum was home, she had a habit of opening the door with all the subtlety and stealth of a grenade.

I signed, stood up and went downstairs to help her to bed. "Thereth mah bouy!" She screamed, "Commere and help mummy get to bed" yep, she was wasted. Still wearing her usual red, satin dress.

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I felt it was a little overboard for a night out, but she liked it and wore it week, after week, she kicked off her matching red high heels and drunkenly stumbled over to me, flinging her arms around me so I got a face full of her long, shiny brown hair, her large breasts pushed against my chest. I hugged her back, and then spun around so I can piggy back her upstairs.

After spending many months at the gym I felt proud that I can lift my mum so easily, not that she was heavy but before I started working out I could barely lift the living room chair.

After hoisting her up to her room I laid her down on her bed and asked: "So, you want me to help you change or?" "Nah, ets fine. I'll shleep like dish" mum replied still being loud, I nodded and turned around to try and recapture the feeling of sleepiness once again.

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But mum called me back, "Oi! Where you goin'? Come and give mummy a goo night Kish" I groaned and walked over to her, bend down to kiss her goodnight, and as I did I was met with a surprise. As our lips met in the usual manner my mum slipped her tongue in my mouth, I was surprised but didn't know how to react, I wasn't even aware if she knew she was doing it.

As soon as she pulled back I eventually said "A-a-anything else?" Mum didn't say anything instead she just flopped back and closed her eyes. I walked back to my room slowly replaying what just happened over in my head, was it a mistake? Did she mean to? Or did she think I was dad? I didn't know what to think, but I knew what I felt.

I felt an emotion I had never really had before: Lust. Although I am 19, I've never been interested in girls, mainly because all the girls I knew were complete morons who would flirt openly with anyone, not the type of girl I liked. I thought about sex sure, but always with some imaginary girl, someone I didn't feel had just had a fresh batch of horse tranquilisers, but someone intelligent and sexy, someone kind of like mom.but that was gross, I mean she's my mom, ewww.

I just tried to forget about it and went to sleep. In the morning I was up much earlier than usual, then again without all the bed springs and moaning.

I turned and grabbed my clock, It was 7.33am, I heard the water running in the bathroom, figuring mum was up, I went in to take a leak, at least that was my excuse, that kiss was the first thing on my mind when I woke up, slowly walking up to the bathroom door, I could see it slightly ajar, I slowly peaked around the gap and saw mum in the shower, facing away from me.

Perfect, I get an uninterrupted view of her beautiful, perky ass. Mum seemed to be master of time, she was 42 and didn't even look it, surprised she never got ID'd for clubs, fabulous ass, large breasts that surprisingly didn't sag, given their size, she could of easily passed off she was in her mid 20's. Her brown hair was pinned against her back as she stood looking down at her feet, I felt shaky, and then I felt my pants tighten.

As mum began to turn around suddenly, I panicked. I couldn't do anything, there I was, down on one knee, peeking through the open glass doors in our standing shower, what would she say?

"Oh thank god you're up" she said rather quietly, she didn't seem shocked or scared, "Be a dear and get me some painkillers and some water, my hangover is killing me" Without hesitating I ran down stairs and took my time finding the painkillers, waiting for this tent in my underpants to leave before going back up, I handed my mum the painkillers and the water, she gulped them down and passed the glass back to me.

"That was a bad one, normally dad tells me when to stop, and I guess without him I go a little crazy, did you want the shower? Or are you going to get dressed?" "Well I guess I'll go get dressed" I hurried off to my room, mum was in the shower for a good 20 minutes after I left, which was more than enough time for a quick solo round, I didn't use the usual porn sites like I normally would, instead I focused on her, mum's lovely ass, her magnificent breasts against my face, me sucking on them, driving her wild until I plunged my dick deep into her, making her scream out my name.

"Austin!" mom called. I had to put of my pull session, and I jumped out of my bed and heard her cell phone ringing "Austin, can you get the phone?" I rushed downstairs; still sore that whoever this is has cost me a seriously good image.

"Hello" I answered, a woman started talking "Oh hi, Austin its Ellie, is your mom available?" "Uh no, she's in the shower, she's pretty wrecked after last night" "Oh that's a shame, well can you tell her to call me when she's dressed? Thanks" and she hung up "Bye to you too, then" I thought, then I noticed she had a new text message which said "Things are going well, should be in some big money. See you soon, Chuck" It was an update text from dad. I walked back upstairs and began to walk into the bathroom "Mom, Ellie called she said-"and I stopped dead in my tracks, mum was right there, only inches away from me, completely naked, putting on a bath robe, for a second I saw exactly what I wanted, her lovely, round, perky breasts, I bottled up my instincts to jump on her immediately and finished "Um, Ellie said call her when you can" "Okay thanks" I left my room and finished what I started, with mum's breasts fresh in mind I had no trouble filling up my usual sock, id never felt so good after a jerk off session than I did just then.

I finished getting ready, messing my short, brown hair, which I clearly got from my mom, my hair was the one thing I cared about appearance wise, it was my pride and joy. But I certainly got my 6 foot height from my dad, and since my sessions at the gym I had developed enough muscle that it started to show. Going downstairs for breakfast, mum informed me she was going out again tonight, which was weird for her, she said she had told Ellie its fine, and she'll try and be back early.

Later that night mum stuck on her signature red dress, and applied her makeup, just some mascara, eyeliner and lip-gloss, nothing too fancy; I think she knew she didn't need it. "Oh your father is home on Monday isn't he?" "Next Monday, mom.

18th remember?" I said putting mum's makeup back in her makeup bag. "Oh yes, I do miss him, he's already been gone for a week, and I now have to wait another week?" Just as that sentence finished a horn beeped outside, "Oh that will be the girls, I'll see you later" she said grabbing me and giving a quick kiss on the lips before she left, nothing special about that kiss at all, maybe it was a mistake.

Instead of going to bed early this time, I stayed up knowing mum will come home as bad as she did yesterday, so of course, id have to help her upstairs.

There was a knock at the door, that was a first, manners from my drunken mother? Wow maybe Hell was freezing over too, and pigs were flying. I got up and answered, It was Ellie in a blue top and a white mini skirt, only now did I notice how sexy Ellie really was, shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, and cleavage that could hold up a Christmas tree.

"Hi, sorry to wake you, Noemi is in the car and she's gone a little overboard, could you bring her in? I know how strong you are" Her tone started off serious and ended rather flirtatiously. "Well course, anything for a lovely lady such as yourself" I said winking at her, she giggled and once I had mum in a piggyback again, I said goodbye to Ellie and her friends and took mum upstairs once again, she didn't say anything just mumbled occasionally.

I placed her on the bed that's when I noticed she had spilled some kind of blue beer over her favourite dress. She's to quite upset if that stained; I rolled her over and unzipped her dress, thinking if I get the stain dealt with early everything will be fine. I put the dress in the washing machine and went back to check on mom, she had spun back on her back which I knew wasn't good, in case she threw up, thinking ill just spin her back over and go to bed.

Somehow ignoring the MILF bombshell lay in front of me, in just a bra and panties, while taking a long look at her, I noticed she had stuck her cell phone in one of her bra cups, I think I've just hit the jackpot, I get to mess around with her bra and if she wakes up I have a great excuse.

Climbing over her, I leant back on my knees, hovering above her hips, I reached round to her back with one hand, and balancing with the other, and I unclipped her bra and pulled her cell phone out from one of the cups, I just sat there for a moment, thinking what to do, one the one hand, I had been thinking about her all day, and last night, she was right here, unconscious and she'd never know. But on the other hand, I am not so sick and twisted I would even consider that, after a moment's thought I decided I could just go half way and play with one of her breasts, I reached down and touched her soft, warm breasts, so amazing, so perfect.

I reached my other hand out and groped the other one, just holding them for a moment was pure ecstasy. I thought about doing more, but I thought if I did I probably won't draw a line and id hate myself for it, just as a pulled my hands away, a set of hands reached out from the darkness and grabbed my head, forcing me into my mother's chest.

"Mmm oh yeah, baby. Suck momma's titties" I laid there, face down between her breasts, and she was telling me to go further, she's drunk, but she knows what she's doing, perfect. Like a good boy, I did as I was told and cupped one of her tits and began to suck, as she moaned and cheered me on "Oh yeah, like that.mmm harder, yeah oh!" I couldn't believe this was happening, it was just wrong and disgusting.

Which I suppose made it all the better, after all the forbidden fruit is all the sweeter. I felt my hulk of a penis push against her stomach; it was aching to get out, to have its own fun. "Oh he's ready to play, is he?" she growled playfully. She reached down and starting stroking my dick through my underpants, I gasped, it was still through fabric, but it was a fantastic feeling.

"Come on, big boy, stick it in me, make me scream" it had just occurred to me that she wasn't slurring like last night, so maybe she wasn't as drunk as I thought, maybe she wanted this as much as I did, without wasting a second, I stood up on the bed and whipped off my underpants so fast I probably set a new pants-off record. My throbbing 9 inch dick was ready and waiting for some attention from something that didn't go on my feet, as I knelt down again, mum opened her legs and pushed her panties to the side, I looked in amazement, she had freshly shaven, which made it look that much more inviting, I slid into place and thrust slightly into her, to gauge her reaction, she just exhaled, I pushed in another inch, then I held a hand on my ass, by the nails, I could tell it was mum's she pulled me in as hard as she could, and my entire length was lost within her.

She cried out with happiness. "Oh you're so big, mmm yeah" as I started to thrust back and forth I was fixated on her breasts which were moving round and round like a water bed, how amazing they were, I couldn't resist I sat up a little more, began thrusting hard and began to have round 2 with those fabulous mounds, she screamed even louder, but I didn't care this was amazing.

Now I know how dad felt pounding this sweet pussy every week, still moaning mum pushed me up, and she slid further up the bed, I thought she was having second thoughts, but then she lay on her front and pulled her ass cheeks apart and purred "Now, destroy my pussy, you filthy boy" without even thinking I lunged forward and drove my dick as deep as I could into her, mum then dug her face into the pillow, moaning, just as I felt a pulse though my dick, my heart sank, as soon as I come, id be finished, I could stay in her for hours without getting bored.

Just then I thrust forwards and released all my sperm into my mum, she lifted her head off the pillow and moaned at the top of her lungs, "Oh yeah.oh that's the stuff" I left my dick in her for a few more seconds, thrusting occasionally to ensure I was empty.

Mum then turned her head on her pillow and said in a low tone. "Oh that was much better than normal, I love you, Chuck" With that last word I began to panic, "Chuck"? She called me Chuck? Shit, she thinks that was dad. Instead of responding, I backed off the bed, and returned to my room, dreading the next morning. I was woken rather early the next morning by my mum barging in the next morning, completely naked; my first thought was "She is going to kill me" "Oh my god, Austin, are you alright?" she said frantically I wiped my eyes and blinked and said "Yeah, fine.why?

What's up?" "Oh my god, I am SO sorry for what happened last night, I mean it was a mistake" she said sitting on my bed "I was drunk, and I was alone, and I thought dad was here, I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you, I promise" she began to cry.

She thought she forced it on me? Did she think I was upset? Like any boy, I can't stand to see my mum cry, I lent forwards and hugged her, and she pushed me away. "No you shouldn't do that, I'm a horrible mother, and I'm a monster" she began to cry harder.


"What kind of a sick bastard am I? I raped my own son" she began to somehow cry even harder than before, putting her face in her hands.

I was stunned; I didn't know what to do.


She must have forgotten what happened last night, or she was too drunk to remember. "Mom, it's fine" "No it isn't!" she snapped, she pulled her hands away from her face and looked me in the eye, I looked at her, crying to hard and my eyes flashed to her breasts for a fraction of a second, and she began to well up again. I could only thing of one thing to do now; I summoned up all my courage and risked life of no allowance, no internet, no going out and no friends. I lunged forward and passionately kissed her, like she did me that first night, her eyes were wide open, she had stopped crying.

I pulled away from her and said "I told you, it was fine, you dirty minx" and my hand slipped down towards her legs, she gasped. "B-But we can't I-" I didn't even let her finish, in kissed her again, except this time she kissed back, I brushed my fingertips down her divine, toned legs.

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For a moment, I sat there, kissing her and teasing her legs, then when I felt she was better, I reached for my bed sheet, which was still covering me, and pulled it away, I took my mom's wrist and placed her hand on my cock. She stopped kissing me "No-No, we can't this is just wrong" she said only half convincing me she didn't want it. "That not what you said last night, so your choice.

It's either your hand or your mouth" I can't believe I just said that, and people thought I had low confidence, I felt like a different person, like she was just a puppet and I had full control of her strings. She looked down and said "Well.least you're bigger than your dad is" I once again motioned her hand to my penis, but once again she pulled away. "Fine, have it your way" I said, with a sinister smile, I grabbed her head with both of my hands and leant back, forcing her head into my groin, and bull's eye, right in her mouth, at first nothing happened, and I began to feel like a sick pervert for even thinking this and was about to let her up, until she began to suck the first few inches of my dick.

I moaned "Oh yeah, like that, put more in" she looked up and said "I can't I'm not used to this, I can barely fit your dad's 7 inch dick in my mouth" but I was having none of that talk in my house, I pushed her head back down and applied more and more pressure as I felt her resist against me.

I then felt the edge of my dick hit something solid, I heard mum say something, but her mouth was kind of busy, so I pulled her back, as she gasped for air she said "Wow.I can't.believe.I just.did that" she uttered between breaths, I gave her that evil smile again and pushed her head back down, now I didn't even need to hold her head, I let go and starting brushing my hands against her back, little by little she took my whole shaft once again, and began to push it past the back of her mouth into her throat, she made a gargling sound, breathed in though her nose and pushed her nose into my stomach in one push, I let out a cry of happiness, such a great feeling.

She bobbed her head back and forth for a minute or so, until I felt that familiar pulse, at that point I said "Oh, I'm going to come" mum pulled my dick out of her throat and got a large breath and pushed back in one final time, all the way down the throat, I felt the come explode down her throat and all I could do was lay there and enjoy every second of it.

A second or so later, mum's head came back up and said "Oh, aren't you a dirty boy?" She had that same sexy tone back, like she had last night. She licked the tip of my dick and said "All gone, aren't I a good girl?" I think I had discovered mum's sexual deviant side, seemed she'd forgot a few minutes ago, she was distraught, now she didn't care, she let my dick fall onto my stomach and crawled up to me like a seductive little kitty, we were at eye level when she reached back and I felt my dick become instantly hard again, "Oh so young, so much energy." she said, and licked my cheek.

She guided my dick into her pussy like a pro, her hips began to move and I felt even better than before, I guess having a sexy MILF on your already drained dick was better than I thought, she bounced up and down on me for a good minute, screaming like she did last night, shouting all sorts of dirty things "Oh yeah, that's it.


Deep in me, make me come, fill me up" She wanted to come? Okay, I'm game. I sat up and pushed her off me, before she could regain her composure I was face to face with that beautiful pussy of hers, I began to lick like a mad man. I was determined to find out how many licks it took to get to the centre of Noemi, all this time she was moaning, but It was lower than before, I felt like I wasn't doing a good job, until I heard her say "Oh yes, I'm going to come.

Don't stop now!" my tongue was now getting tired, but I gave it one final push and white liquid began to slowly dribble from my place of origin.

Mum just lay back, breathing heavily. "Wow, I haven't come like that in years, that was amazing" Just then she stood up and began to hobble out of the room, no doubt her orgasm has made her a little weak in the knees. I had one last dirty Idea so I quietly followed her out; she was on stood against her bed, back to the door with her hands on the bed, trying to get her breath back. "Did I say you could leave?" I growled from behind her, before she could even look round, I bent her over the bed.

"No, please my pussy can't take anymore" She pleaded. "Oh that's okay.

We'll give that trooper a rest" I smirked; I grabbed my dick and rubbed it against her pussy, teasing her a little. "No, no, I said no. We'll do it later, I promise" "I know we will" I said, and with that I give it one almighty push, not into her freshly bashed pussy, but into her untouched and probably unused ass.

The cry she made was loud, but somehow that just made it all the sexier, I slapped her ass and snarled at her to keep quiet. I pushed against her again and again, so tight and it felt so good, I hardly wanted to stop.

But I wanted to look her in the eye, so after only a few dozen thrusts, I pulled it out and spun her around so fast she's lucky she didn't get whiplash, and pushed her on the bed, I pried her legs apart and edged my dick against her asshole once more.

"No" she cried "It hurts, I'll give you a blowjob whenever you want, just not there!" I had come too far to call it quits now, I pushed in her again, and I looked her in the eye after only 1 trust, she was cringed up in pain, but I was willing to bet she'll like it, during each push I was fixated on her face, on the 8th or 9th thrust she opened her eyes a little and her eyes began to water, I smiled at her and she leaned forward and hugged me, but that wouldn't stop me, I took a step back and continued pounding her ass with every inch I had, my muscles started to burn, but I didn't care, this was so good, I was willing to be in pain for a few days.

Eventually her low gasps for breaths between thrusts became low moans, which spurred me on all the more, I continued drilling into her, she leaned back a little and passionately kissed me with every bit of lust she had left, I felt my final pulse about to hit, so I placed her down on the bed and pushed as fast and as hard as I could for the last few seconds, I dick exploded like nothing I had ever felt before, I had ran myself completely dry.

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I pulled my throbbing dick out and with it came drips of my own come. I took a step back to marvel at my own handy work, I wish I didn't have to stop.

Given the chance id gladly stroll back over to the side of the bed and plant my dick firmly back in her face again. But I was tired, hungry and I had a feeling that she was too. After breakfast, nothing more was said, we just ate in complete silence. After breakfast we just sat at the table, still in silence which was only broken when mums phone rang again, she answered. "Hello.Hi Ellie, yeah everything was fine.

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Yeah, he's good boy; he does his momma proud, tonight? Um, no thanks I think tonight I need to spend some time with my special little man, yeah, well you have a good time and I'll see you at work.

Bye" I think I knew what was coming, so getting the initiative and pulled my dick out, she turned around, put her hands on her tips and said "I thought you had better sense than to get that out at the dinner need to be punished young man" she walked seductively over to my chair, got down on her knees and began doing what she does best.

Yeah, I think I like my mom.