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Fine StepSister Family Role Playing With StepBro
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Sweet Candy by BrettJ © 2009 The attractive young woman's real name was Candace Morrell, but because of her half-Brazilian heritage and sensual skin tone, everyone had called her "Candy" since she was little and the name had stuck. It suited her, because the petite, 5'2" beauty was as sweet as candy and possessed a sexy, 34C-25-33 figure, with gorgeous brown eyes, chestnut, wavy hair, and a remarkable butt that jiggled nicely when she walked. Candy could be easily described as a "feast for the eyes".

How anyone could treat this sweetheart with any kind of cruelty puzzled Mandy and Sean Collins. They didn't much like the man Candy had married and weren't surprised when the marriage had ended after less than 2 years.

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Candy's parents were currently living in Brazil, Mandy and Sean had lots of room in their home, so they offered to let Candy stay with them and get her life sorted out. Sean was away on a fishing trip with friends, so that left Candy and her aunt alone for a while.

They had always been close, as Mandy had been a "surprise" baby to her parents and was only 6 years older than 24-year old Candy. The two women got into the wine one evening and were discussing their love lives, speaking frankly as they often had over the years, sunbathing in their skimpiest bikinis by the backyard pool.

Mandy brushed a long lock of blonde hair from her eyes and sighed. "I wish your Uncle Sean was home. All this sex talk has got me pretty worked up, I'm so fucking horny." Candy sipped her wine and pouted slightly. "At least you get sex, Aunt Mandy.

My ex might have been an asshole, but he had a great cock and he knew how to use it." Now it was her turn to sigh. "If Bill hadn't turned into such an overbearing jerk, I probably would have tried to work things out with him." Mandy's pussy was wet, she was almost ready to go indoors and get out her favorite vibe or dildo and play for a while, but the sun was shining and she was getting a nice tan. "I'd probably start looking for some new sex partners, but you have to be careful these days, AIDS is still a risk and I don't want to get a reputation as a slut either, you know?" Candy said to her aunt.

Mandy put down her glass and lifted her sunglasses from her eyes, looking into her niece's dark brown eyes. "Candy darling, why don't you just join a Swing Club? You'd get all the sex you wanted, none of the emotional attachments and tons of discretion." Candy's eyes widened. "Oh shit Aunt Mandy, I couldn't do that, besides, those kinds of things don't happen in a tiny community like this, do they?" Mandy didn't know if the wine was loosening her tongue or she was just in "a mood" but she leaned forward and put her hand on her niece's knee.

"Sure they do baby, your Uncle Sean and I belong to one. It can be fun having sex with someone else, every once in a while, a new cock or a fresh, new piece of pussy." Candy sat up, her boobs practically falling out of her bikini top. "Fuck Aunt Mandy, I'm shocked, but turned on a little bit, too. Tell me more about it, you really swing?" Both women were sitting up now, Mandy spoke plainly. "We do. I was actually dating another guy when I met your Uncle, but he took me to the club where I met Sean.

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My date went off with another girl and I was left with your Uncle. He was the best fuck I ever had and I wasn't letting him get away. Sean has a nice, long cock and it's thick too. But it's still nice to fuck someone else every once in a while, variety is the spice of life. Which makes it fun to swing, plus the women … ohhh, the women …" Mandy's voice trailed off. "Aunt Mandy, you're getting me so horny.

You swing with women? Really?" Mandy nodded again. "Sure. At first, I didn't think I'd like it, but your Uncle Sean brought his co-worker over, this Japanese cutie named Janine and once she went down on me, I don't think I've ever been eaten that good. We swing with her and her girlfriend all the time, she's really hot." Mandy noticed her niece's hands were grazing against her bikini bottom, but she didn't say anything.

"That sounds so hot, Aunt Mandy, but I'd be scared to try it. I wouldn't know how to act or what to do …" "What if your Uncle Sean and I took you to an upcoming event as our guest, would you be interested in something like that?" "Oh yes, Aunt Mandy, would you? That'd be great!" Candy was in her aunt's arms before Mandy knew it, giving her a great big hug. Her soft, plush body felt so warm and sensual against Mandy's tall, leggy, slender body, before she realized what she was doing, she was hugging back, then squeezing Candy, then ultimately, kissing her passionately.

"Yesss, oh yesss," Candy sighed with pleasure. Candy parted her lips to accept her aunt's tongue, it darted into her mouth and Candy sucked on it. Their tits pressed together as their hands rushed to untie their bikini tops.

When they broke apart, both of them giggled. "Candy baby, where did you learn to kiss a woman like that?" Mandy exclaimed.

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"That was incredible." "Aunt Mandy, I never said I'd never swung with another girl … I was just surprised that you had," Candy giggled. Candy leaned in and nibbled her aunt's ear and Mandy felt her niece's full, soft lips grazing her ears and neck until Mandy was gasping in pleasure. "Oh, my naughty little darling, that feels amazing," Mandy groaned. Mandy kissed her niece again, nibbling on her lips and fondling her gorgeous tits, not caring about the implications of what they were doing Aunt & Niece, it was incest, but at this moment, incest was best!

Mandy and Candy were pressed close together, the sun beaming down on them as they kissed. Mandy loved the coppery tone of her niece's skin, the texture of her round tits; she rolled Candy's dark nipples between her fingers and heard her niece moan. She ran her fingers along her niece's spine and found a sensitive spot, Candy moaned yet again. "You're so gorgeous, your skin, your tits, that long dark hair and your ass, every part of you is sexy," Mandy complimented the younger woman as her hands explored her body.

"I love the way your nipples get so hard …" Candy interrupted her aunt by kissing the older blonde again, her tongue gliding along her aunt's lips and then she nibbled her way down to Mandy's tits and almost bit her nipples.

"You're beautiful too, Aunt Mandy. I love your wavy blonde hair, your cotton-candy nipples, the light blonde fleece at your pussy and your legs … you're fucking gorgeous!" Candy smiled as she continued playing with her aunt. "You're the kind of girl that turns me on, I love blondes," Candy confessed.

"Isn't that funny, I'm always attracted to dark, exotic types," Mandy responded. "Aren't we lucky then?" Candy giggled. They just continued their love-play, neither wanted to rush this new, thrilling experience. Mandy assumed rightly that she had more girl-girl experience, so she spread a large Beach towel on the deck of the pool and had Candy lay out on it.

She took time to appreciate her niece's beauty, from head to toe, Candy was a visual turn-on. Mandy slid her hands and lips along the crack of Candy's pussy, eliciting a sigh from her niece's lips. "I've wanted you to do that all afternoon, Aunt Mandy," Candy murmured. "Have you now?" Mandy smiled. "Uh-huh. All the sex talk was getting me so worked up, I brought a dildo with me, first chance I got, I was gonna fuck myself with it and pretend you were there with me!" Candy groaned.

"Oh fuck, Aunt Mandy, eat my cunt!" Mandy had long, slender fingers that found their way easily into her niece's vagina and when Candy tightened her vaginal muscles, Mandy looked at her with a smoldering expression in her blue-green eyes. "You fucking little slut, where did you learn that?" Mandy hissed. "I was no shy little virgin when I married Bill, Aunt Mandy, I got around," Candy sighed, loosing her grip so her aunt could finger-fuck her.

"I was just choosy and I was faithful to Bill after we married, but … oh God, Aunt Mandy, don't stop doing that," Candy groaned. "Don't you think it's time you stopped calling me Aunt Mandy darling, especially considering what we've been up to?" Mandy chuckled.

"Ohhh yeah, that does make sense," Candy sighed as she watched her aunt remove her fingers from her pussy and lick them clean. "Do I taste nice?" "Yes, you're yummy," Mandy giggled, offering her niece a finger to lick, which she did.


"Would you like to find out what I taste like?" "More than anything," Candy growled, aggressively pushing her fingers into her aunt's cunt and moving them around as her other hand patted her aunt's blonde pussy. Mandy loved the way her sexy niece was playing with her body, she had never expected when she took Candy in, this kind of relationship would develop, but only a fool would complain.

"How do I taste, baby?" Mandy wanted to know. "You're fucking sweet, Mandy," Candy said, licking her fingers as her aunt had done. "Go to the source then and eat me!" Mandy told Candy. Candy happily lowered her face between her aunt's thighs and spread her legs wide. "Hang on tight, Mandy, Candy's going to take you for a wild ride!" She bragged.

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"Oh Wow, Mandy, you have a hot, tasty cunt, you gorgeous fucking bitch!" Candy snarled, tonguing her aunt's cunt with ferocity. She hadn't been with a woman in several years, but all her skills had come flooding back and Mandy was the happy recipient of those skills. Mandy's body was bucking and heaving, Candy was really digging in deep. "Let's do a sixty-nine baby, let's give each other pleasure," Mandy panted. Candy was up for that, so they moved about and Mandy spread her niece's twat wide and dove in to her love canal, she sucked on Candy's prominent clit and felt her niece's fingers probing her own cunt.

Both women were arching their bodies upwards, eager to get more tongue and finger action from the other one. "Oooh God," Candy groaned and with a loud yell, she climaxed. Mandy's face was covered in her niece's sweet nectar, Candy's legs trembled and shook with her orgasm, a few minutes later, the little nymph brought her aunt to climax as well.

Mandy felt a profound sense of happiness, knowing she and her niece had achieved a new type of closeness. Candy and Mandy stretched out on deck chairs by the poolside, knowing the high fence would protect them from curious neighbors.

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They didn't bother to put their suits back on and poured a little more wine, thirsty again for some curious reason. "Oh darling, I can't wait to see your Uncle Sean fucking you," Mandy smiled as she sipped her wine.

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"Really? You think Uncle Sean will want to fuck me?" Candy exclaimed, practically leaping out of her chair. "Oh sweetie, I can practically guarantee it," Mandy chuckled. "So can I." The duo turned around to see Sean standing at the sliding door that led to the house. He was wearing one of the biggest grins on his face Mandy had ever seen. "Sean! Honey, what are you doing home?" "The fish just weren't biting and it looked like Jerry was starting to come down with the Flu, so we all decided to pack it in.

It looks like you two managed to keep busy without me." Candy got up, not even bothering to cover up. She moved towards her Adonis-like uncle and boldly rubbed her hands against his chest and the front of his pants, then kissed him softly.


"You were right Mandy, Uncle Sean's got a really big one," Candy said. "Let's go inside Uncle Sean, Mandy and I want to show you how we got to know each other today and how … close … we've become. Once we've got a little privacy and we're out of this hot sun, Uncle Sean, I think I'd like to get to know you a little better, too!"

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