Three glamorous lesbian anuses destroyed

Three glamorous lesbian anuses destroyed
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Prologue I lived near the woods almost my entire life, but not too far away from civilization. Me and my younger sister like to explore the woods, she's 14 and I am fifteen. My family is kind of a big one consisting of two younger siblings, one guy, one girl, and one older sister.

Alex is my 14 year old sister and my name is Chris. My life was great, until something happened. I remember it almost clearly, it was a chilly Saturday in early March.

Chapter 1: Chase "Chris, come on!" Alex pleaded toward me. Alex was about 5'1, a little shorter than average.

She has dark orange hair, but it was usually brighter during the summer. She has cute little freckles below her blue crystal-like eyes. She wanted to go out for a walk in the woods. I always liked the way the woods looked when there was snow on the ground. "Alright, alright, Alex, I'm coming," I said as I tied my boots. Her face lit up with happiness and she sprinted outside, waiting for me.

I finished up and as I was just about to leave, my dad said to me, "Keep an eye on your sister, be back before dark, an-" I cut him off, ".and don't go too far, I got it." I continued on outside. We left at around five so we only had about an hour of daylight left. Just as I walked outside, Alex saw me and turned to the woods and sprinted off. She wasn't as fast as she normally was, considering how much clothing she had on, but she was still quick, nonetheless.

She was wearing a white, puffy jacket and two layers of blue jeans with a white beanie and mittens. Of course, I had to run after her, but she had already ran far off by the time I actually got into the woods. Our house is on the side of a hill, the woods at the base of the hill, I'd say you'd have to walk about 95 meters just to get to the woods.

I started to lose vision of her as she ran further and I started yelling for her to slow down, but instead, she seemed to speed up. By now, we've gone further than we've ever gone.

I couldn't see her anymore and I started to panic, I slowed down because I was totally out of breath. "Alex?" I called for her and I waited a few minutes. No response. "Alex!" I shouted again to no avail. My heart dropped into my stomach, my mind was racing with horrible thoughts. What if she's hurt and I can't find her, and that's why she's not yelling back? What if she's lost?

The thought of being lost struct me.


The entire time I was thinking, I realized I was walking aimlessly around, looking for Alex. "ALEX!?" I shouted as loud as I could, my voice echoing throughout the woods. "HELP! Someone!" I yelled, but my shouts for help didn't help. I saw the sun low over the horizon, it was getting dark and cold.

I didn't know what to do, I was panicking. I fell to my knees and sat there, thinking hard what to do. I couldn't let myself panic like this, I needed to calm down I thought to myself. That's when I felt a painful prick in my lower back. I let out a groan as I felt around for what just pricked me. I felt a metal prong sticking out of my back. My head began to get cloudy as I pulled the metal prong out of my back.

I felt dizzy and nauseous, like I was about to throw up. When I went to inspect the prong, it took me a minute to figure out what it was. It was a dart. I fell over onto my side, my eyes heavy.

I looked around as my vision began to fail. I seen a dark feminine figure approaching me with caution, and another behind. The second figure had a rope around her wrists and I could hear muffled cries, like her mouth was taped shut or something. It must have been my sister, I fell unconscious after the thought swept over me. Chapter 2: Insidious When I woke up, I had an incredibly painful headache.

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So painful, it was hard to move any of my limbs, I tried to anyway but they were stuck on something. My mind was too cloudy to figure out what I was stuck on.

I looked around, the room had a cozy feeling, but it was dark and there were only candles lighting the room up. I was in a bed, a comfortable bed, actually.

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I had sat there, allowing my mind to clear up and for my thoughts to get back on the rails. It took a good bit of time, and I realized what I was stuck on. A rope. Both my arms were tied, apart from each other. They were tied to a piece of metal in the wall. My legs were tied to the bed frame, apart from each other as well. I wasn't wearing anything but my boxers and I felt extremely exposed. I struggled to move, but my headache prevented me from doing so. I had hoped for the headache to dissipate, but it didn't for a while.

I couldn't do anything but wait. That was when I heard a muffled voice through the door. The bed I was sat upon was opposite of the door. It was a female voice, a young one. I only caught a few words from her, "Mamma," "Us," and "To mess" was all I could catch from her. I could hear a second voice, but it was soft. I couldn't make out what she said.

A third one, she spoke with a little more of a defiant tone. "Come on, she won't catch us." I heard her say, it was clear from her. They were all young, I would say around my age. It went quiet for a few seconds, before I could make out one word from all three of them. "Okay." I heard the doorknob jiggle, and the door opening.

I laid my head down and pretended I was asleep. I could tell they were hesitant to approach the bed, it took a few minutes before they actually got to the bed. "Why doesn't she look like us?" the second voice said.

She? I thought. "Uh. I don't know, Krissy. Her hair is so short." The first voice spoke. Why do they keep referring to me as a female? I thought to myself.

It was so strange, my mind was still slightly clouded and I couldn't figure out why they referred to me as "She" and "Her." It was strange at the time. The second, soft voice's name was Krissy. I took mental notes. The defiant sounding one was a little more quieter now, "Shh, we don't wanna wake her." The normal one spoke, "I know, Sarah, that's why I'm whispering." The defiant one's name was Sarah. Suddenly, I felt a slight poke on my face, and I flinched.

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It felt like they all froze, like they were scared that I was awake. I heard a sigh of relief and Sarah spoke, "Do not do that again, Krissy. We don't wanna wake her." Krissy replied, "She looks so different. She doesn't even have boobs." It was a strange thought that someone would think I would have boobs. I'm sort of a tall slanky guy, but the thought of having boobs never occurred to me. Then I remembered I was practically nude except the boxers. The first voice spoke, "We didn't have those when we were younger." Sarah replied, "She looks older than Krissy, though.

Maybe we should wake her up. She is tied up and everything, and we could ask her questions." Krissy spoke, "What if she breaks the ropes?" Sarah spoke in a slightly annoyed tone, "Have you seen how scrawny she looks? There's no way she'd break those ropes." I've never thought I was scrawny, I always thought I looked normal. I'm not that weak. Krissy spoke, interrupting my thoughts, "Good point." Sarah spoke to both Krissy and the other girl who's name I didn't know, "Should we wake her up?

Krissy? Janie?" The first voice I heard belonged to a Janie. I waited to hear something, but I didn't. I started to feel pokes on my face, so I just assumed they nodded their heads. I groaned, to make it sound like I was waking up. "Oh my god. She sounds so weird." Krissy spoke.

They continued to poke me until I got tired of playing around, I slowly opened my eyes. I heard some shuffling on the left side of the bed and a murmur on the right. I studied the females features as soon as I opened my eyes. Sarah was kind of short. Her hair was brown/black and kind of frizzy and her head was shaped like an oval. She had two cute beauty marks, one on each side of her face, on her cheeks.

She had light freckles along her nose and it was very light under her brown eyes but on her cheeks. Her body had a slight hourglass look to it with a slight, but cute, chub around her stomach.

She looked as if she was either 16 or 17. After studying her, I realized she wasn't wearing any upper clothing and only had shorts on. Her breasts were small, I'd say A cups. She had freckles on the top of her breasts. Her areolas were perfect for her breasts, as well as her nipples.

Krissy was shorter than Sarah. Her facial structure looked the same as Sarah's, but she didn't have any freckles or beauty marks, her face looked rather smooth. She had lighter hair, it was a very dirty blonde. Her hair looked more silky and smooth, but she wasn't very skinny. She had the most chub, but it wasn't too bad. It was more of a cute chub.

She had a regular body structure, just up and down. She wore a long T-Shirt, she also had the biggest breasts, B-Cups, but looked the youngest. I'd say around 14. Janie looked the skinniest, but it wasn't bad. Her cheeks were a little chubby but it looked adorable. Her head wasn't very wide but it was kind of long.

Her face was smooth looking, as well. She had dark hair and green eyes, but she had glasses on. They made her look more cute to me. Krissy and Sarah looked like they were related, but she didn't look like them. She was taller than Krissy but shorter than Sarah, and her body also had a slight hour-glass look to it. She didn't have much chub. She was wearing a short T-Shirt and some panties, they were black. She had the smallest breasts, between AA and A cups.

I felt my penis getting stiff, and I could only hope that they wouldn't notice. I couldn't help it, being surrounded by half-nude females. "W-Who are you?" Krissy managed to ask, I hesitated for replying, "Uh. my name is Chris. Where am I?" They didn't respond, but they just looked at each other, as if trying to ask a question that had an obvious answer. They were clearly nervous, but Janie got the courage to ask, "W-what are you?" So it was true, they didn't know what I was gender wise.

These girls have never been outside a day in their life, or at least, never seen another human being aside from my kidnapper. I went for the truthful route, "Uh, a guy?" I spoke it as if it were supposed to be obvious but that only raised more questions than answers. Again, they started glancing back and forth between each other.

Chapter 3: Activity "Why do you look so. Different?" Krissy asked. I responded, "Because I'm a guy. Male. You're a female, the opposite sex of me." As I said the word sex, they all looked up at each other quickly and I could see them clearly smiling as if a six year old heard the word and knew what it meant. They didn't know what a male was, so how could they know what sex was?

The smiles faded and I heard Krissy and Janie whispering to each other on the left side of the bed, and I saw Sarah glancing back and forth at my penis and the duo to the left of the bed. I felt exposed and embarrassed, I tried to move my legs so they couldn't see but it didn't help. My boxers weren't thick and it was clearly poking at the boxers.

Sarah had broke my thoughts, "What is, uh. What's that in your shorts?" She was obviously referring to my penis. "It's. uh, it isn't anything." I replied, quickly. "Right," she said as she reached over to pull the boxers off. As she reached over, her breasts jiggled as she moved and it only made me more stiff. "Please, don't do that." I pleaded, I didn't want her to touch me.

She paused and asked, "Why not?" I didn't know what to say, I never thought this would happen to me. She shrugged and pulled my boxers off, I struggled to keep them on but to no avail. She eventually got them off and my penis flopped out. Sarah jumped back and the duo to the left gasped. Sarah moved over to the other side of the bed, and they all started whispering. I strained my ears to hear, and I caught a few words, "It looks," and "Magazine" was what I could hear from Krissy.

I put two and two together and assumed they somehow got their hands on a porno magazine. "I didn't think they were real." I heard Sarah say, she wasn't good at whispering. Janie said something, but all I could make out was "In." Suddenly, I heard a door slamming, it must have been the front door. "I'm home!" a female voice spoke, the three girls suddenly went quiet and got out of the room, closing the door.

They didn't even pull my boxers back up, so I had to do it myself and without hands, it was difficult. As my erection faded, I felt a pain build up in my testicles. I didn't know what it was, but it was extremely discomforting.

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I've never had this happen to me, but the pain was real and since my hands were tied, I couldn't do anything about it. Chapter 4: Prism I would guess at least three hours have gone by and my mouth was beginning to feel dry and I was getting hungry.

I don't know how long I've been in this house, and I've got no idea if it was night or day. I could still feel a little bit of pain in my testicles, but it seems to have subsided at least a little. Just then, the door opened. It was Sarah, carrying a food tray. On the tray, there was a clear glass with, I hoped, was water, and a bowl. She closed the door behind her and brought the tray over to me.

I thought it was nice of her to bring me soup and water.

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She was wearing a long t-shirt this time, and that's all I could tell that she was wearing since the shirt went over her waist.

"Hey, you hungry?" She asked, "Y-yeah, uh. Thanks." I didn't know where the stammer came from, "I'll have to feed it to you." She said, I didn't really care and nodded. She laid the tray on my stomach and began to spoonfeed me the soup, it wasn't actually bad.

"How did you get here?" She asked, "Honestly, I don't know." I was being truthful, I couldn't really remember how I got here. "Oh." She gave me a drink and I nodded for her to stop, but then I noticed something on her shirt. Her nipples poked out at her shirt and my penis began to get stiff again, my testicles aching more.


Suddenly, she started to move over me, "Sorry, it's not comfortable sitting there," she said. While she was moving, I saw down her shirt and I could almost see her nipples. Not seeing them only made me harder, and then I realized she was going to sit directly on my penis.

I was wearing boxers, so I wasn't in direct contact with her but it still felt good. I was still a virgin at this time and I didn't want it to go much further than this, as I didn't want to lose my virginity to the wrong person. "H-hold on, what… what are you doing?" I asked, she just shook her head and shushed me. She began to slowly rock back and forth on top of my penis, which was flat against my stomach. It felt good and I moaned quietly.

My boxers suddenly started to get wet. The strange liquid must have been coming from her vagina, as it seeped through my boxers and onto my penis. She moved the tray off to the side, and she reached for my boxers to pull them down.

I went to go grab her wrists to prevent this, but my hands were tied. "S-stop, I-I don't want to go any further than this," I pleaded. She just shrugged, "Well I do want to go further, sorry." I tried to get her off by thrusting my waist and moving my legs, but she just punched me in the stomach hard enough to knock the air out of me.

She smiled, "You struggling only makes me feel better," she giggled at the end of the sentence as I felt her juices run down inbetween my legs. She got the boxers off and my penis flopped out, hitting her in the clit. She shook as the tip of my penis hit her, and she went back to humping my penis.

I could feel my shaft being wrapped around by her wet lips, and they would run along my shaft until it hit the penis tip, and then back down to the base. It felt so good, I shuddered every time she hit the tip. I couldn't believe my body wanted this, but I myself did not want this. I twisted my body to the side to try to push her off, and she almost fell off the bed. She just gripped onto the other side of the bed and adjusted herself back on top of me.

She grabbed a hold of my throat and squeezed. I gasped for air, and little came. My face began to feel like it was inflating with blood, it was painful. My vision started to go dark and my hearing faded. She smiled and said something, but it was difficult to hear and she kept rocking back and forth on me. Suddenly she let go, and I choked as she did so. I gasped for air, and my vision and hearing came back as quick as it faded. She smiled again, "You look cute when you're being choked." I couldn't do anything, she was set on raping me.

"Please… stop," I cried. She ignored me and kept on, and I felt a pressure build up in my balls, the pressure builded quickly and it felt amazing.

A second later, I ejaculated out onto my stomach and chest, and my penis grew soft. "What? Why'd it go soft?" She spoke with an annoyed tone. "I-I don't know, please. Don't hurt me." I said, I didn't want to be choked again. "Well, how does it go hard?" I shook my head, "I. don't know." I did know how it went hard, but I didn't know how to explain it. She frowned, and took her shirt off. I watched as her breasts bounced as she pulled her shirt off and I had the urge to reach up and touch her perfect breasts, unfortunately I was tied down.

I was too busy staring at her gorgeous breasts to notice she was wrapping the shirt around my neck and tightening it around. My penis began to build up with blood again and grow stiff as I watched her breasts slightly jiggle with every movement.

She kept tightening the shirt anyway and I felt my airway slowly close. "W-wait," I managed to choke out, "I-I'm.getting.hard, p-please. Stop." She smiled, "I know. You just look cute when I'm choking you, and it makes me feel better." She tightened it to the point where I could barely take in any oxygen and the shirt itself just hurt because of the friction.

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She kept rocking on my penis, which started to hurt because it's been hard for a long time. Suddenly, I felt my penis being engulfed in something wet and warm, and I could only assume she had stuck it in. I heard her gasp as my penis went in.


Her vagina was very tight, it was actually kind of painful, but I eventually got used to it. I could barely hear her say due to the shirt choking me out, "Y-You're so. Big, it feels so-" She suddenly gasped, and I felt something hard inside of her vagina.

She kept going and it broke, which was when she gasped. I later learned that I had popped her cherry. My vision began to go dark, and I managed to choke out, "S-shirt." It was painful on my throat, but I had to. She suddenly looked at the shirt as if she forgot, and undid it to where I could breath. I gasped for air and my face felt like it was deflating with blood.

I jerked my body and I felt a pain in my penis as I bent it inside of her, and Sarah gasped as she slid all the way down to the base. I saw her breasts bounce up and down out of the corner of my eye as she slid down. She sat there for a second, looking down. She started to thrust, in and out, very slowly at first. "G-get off of me, please," I asked. She just shook her head, "Do I need to wrap my shirt around you again?" I felt her juices leaking, flowing down the sides of my shaft. "T-this is so nice.

H-how do. You not like. This?" She asked, "Because… it's rape." I said, I didn't really like saying the word 'rape.' She reached down and started to rub her clit as she began to pick up speed. She started to smile and moan with every drop, and her perfect breasts jiggled every time she hit the base, and they would bounce up and back down as she went up, and jiggled while they tried to go back to their normal position. They looked so soft and so perfect.

After a while, I could feel her vagina squeezing my penis and her breaths shortened. I could see her begin to hunch over a little, her face turn slightly red and she started rubbing her clitorous quicker. Seeing her close to an orgasm made me feel close to my orgasm as I felt my balls building up pressure again. She began thrusting on my penis quicker and she bit the bottom of her lip. She made a squeaking sound as her jaw dropped and her eyes rolled back, and I began to feel her pussy contracting and more of her fluids came rushing out, more than normal.

She sped up while she was rubbing her clitorous, and I could see almost every muscle in her body begin to tense up as my penis was being squeezed by her vagina. She was struggling to not scream, but she moaned instead, her voice higher pitched than normal, "Ohh… my god," the words barely escaping her. She clenched her eyes and gripped onto my arms.

I couldn't take anymore of it, the sight of her orgasm made me come into her, I felt my load shooting inside of her. It kept coming and coming, this was the best I have ever felt in my entire life.

Her orgasm finally ended, and she fell over on top of me. She was breathing hard and she didn't move, so I assumed she must have fallen asleep. I could still feel her wet, warm and cozy pussy, my now soft penis still inside of her. I decided to just leave it there, as I was tired from all that choking. I eventually fell asleep, as well.

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