Who wants to fuck my chocolate ass

Who wants to fuck my chocolate ass
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My mother and I had been living alone in our small house in the country side for as long as I can remember. We only had each other (although our recent addition was a little kitten called princess) and always got along perfectly with little to no fighting, we hugged alot and spoke about everything.

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She would always demand a kiss on her cheek before I left for school in the mornings and another before going to sleep. I was 15 at the time with average looks, my mother was in her late 50's. She had long blonde hair down to her shoulders and a curvy figure, a little bit chubby.

Back then there was not much sexuality in the air among the other kids at my school, some of us would still giggle at words such as "penis" and "vagina", others had a partner but would only ever go as far as kissing and holding hands. We didn't have playboy mags or the internet for porn. Summer holidays came and I decided to stay at home with my mother to just sit back and relax with some television and soda, most of my friends all went to camps or trips; I honestly couldn't wait to just stay at home and do nothing.

I didn't have to worry about homework, I didn't have to worry about getting up early to get ready for school, I didn't have to worry about anything.

It was extremely hot to the point which you could pass out from dehydration if you didn't drink enough water and absorbed too much direct sunlight. I'd walk around the house with some old donald duck boxers and a thin white t-shirt, my mother would only wear a long aquamarine coloured shirt which would almost reach her knees.

She didn't even wear any bra or undies, I never found that strange because it just simply has always been like that when it wasn't cold, besides, I never saw my mother in a sexual objectivity.

I remember when my mother used to bend over to pick something up from the floor and I would see her hairy vagina i'd nearly giggle.

Not long after the holidays had begun, I had found out about the pleasures of masturbating when I noticed how excited I got after seeing the naked women in the last pages of a newspaper by accident. They were prostitutes and had a little black and white picture of themselves exposing their breasts next to their advertisement, I don't know if everybody in their respective countries had this in their newspaper.

From that day on I did not brush my erections off as something annoying that would prevent me from peeing or made an awkward tent in my underwear. I never found out why I suddenly built an attraction towards my mother, perhaps because we were so extremely close and she was just simply the only female around me at the time. I knew it was not completely right to have sexual feelings towards my own mother but I really didn't think much about it, there must be people out there with the same fantasies and some probably even acted on them.

I wanted to act on them aswell. I was awoken by the intense beam of light which slipped through a crack in the curtains. I instictively grabbed my phone to see what time it was. 11:30. It was wonderful, being able to sleep so long not having to care about getting up early. I felt my hard uncut cock rubbing against the sheet, the friction on the head of my cock is probably what made me hornier than normal with this typical morning wood.

The sheet must have pulled my foreskin back and forth while I slept, and it most likely was the cause of my wet dream because I saw a white cum stain on the matress. I didn't really care about it, my mother would probably just think it was swet due to the heat and all. I adjusted myself a bit better and started to masturbate with my eyes closed and cock in the open.

"Hey hun, don't mind me, I just need to put yesterday's laundry in here. Dried so quickly!" my mother said as she was walking around in my room with a bunch of shirts and other clothing, completely catching me off guard and pretending i'm not furiously masturbating my 6 inch penis.

I instantly threw the sheet over my cock and changed to a sitting position. "Oh uhm I-" "Don't worry sweetie, I knew it was just a matter of time before you started with that, it's perfectly fine. Not like i've never seen your weewee before huh!" she cut me off mid sentence with a big smile on her face as she glanced over to me.

"Mom i'm so glad you said that, I was about to die from embarassment.are you sure that you don't mind? I thought this was something I am supposed to keep from you. I heard that at school in sex education." "Don't believe everything you hear!

You and I have an unbreakable relationship don't forget that. It's just you and me in this world, I was always so proud of being able to speak so directly with you about anything.

Many mothers would sacrifice so much to have something like that with their child" she said as she sat down calmly beside my with a hand resting on my knee. I noticed how she clearly was looking at the tent forming under the sheet and wanted me to know that she's ok with it.

"But mom before you leave I have to tell you something.it's this stain in my bed. I don't remember how it got there but I think it's because I was dreaming about stuff and it just happened. It wasn't on purpose, I just found it and was going to clean it.


I'm sorry." I jumped a bit to the side and showed it to her, pointing a finger at it with a little innocent frown on my face. "Yes that's called a wet dream. You ejaculated without realizing it, many boys your age do it, don't worry, I was going to make your bed new today anyway.

Had to change mine aswell, it was soaked in sweat. I checked the temperature before and must blame the warmth!" My mother suddenly pulled the sheet away from me and grabbed the cushions. I got up from bed and was just standing there with a semi erect cock and wearing nothing but a t-shirt which was a few sizes too big but would only barely reach my waist.

I didn't bother covering anything up because I simply thought t we cleared everything and she had already seen it anyway.


"I'm going to take these with me alright hun? To get you something new and fresh for later, so that you can sleep good tonight" she announced as she was removing the cover from the matress. "Alright thanks mom, I love you" "Love you too sweetie. I think you're going to have to take care of that though. Your peepee is getting quite hard. If you don't masturbate then it will start to hurt. I saw you doing it when you came in so I guess you don't need any help!" my mother said as she was staring at my now fully erect cock and dropping the stuff onto the bed.

It looked like she was not even thinking about leaving, but instead, wanting to see me take care of it. That was making me extremely horny, although at the time I didn't realize how rare something like this in a halfway normal family. "Yeah I can do it, will you be watching?" "I can leave, if you don't want your mom here." she replied with a sad expression, nearly wanting me to go hug her and already apologize.

"No no no, I would love you to see mommy" and I grabbed my throbbing cock and started to jerk off fast and strong as I was maintaning eye contact with my mother. "That looks good hun but don't press too hard or it will leave marks afterwards" "Oh, is it better like this you think?" I said as I slowed down the masturbation. "Come here I'll show you before you hurt yourself. I bet you don't want to go to a doctor with a problem like this right?" "No ofcourse, ok" and I walked towards her.

I was now standing only a few inches infront of my mother with my completely hard cock, she was still sitting down. My cock was so close to her face, it made me insanely hot. My mom then grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled back the foreskin as much as she could before I would feel pain and bend backwards a little. Then she just held it like that, exposing the head as she was cupping my testicles with her other hand, giving a small and very slow massage. Her hands were so warm and soft, I gasped from pleasure.

I started to leak some precum now which she gently rubbed all over the place. "Oh my god that feels so good. It feels a thousand times better when you touch it mom." "Aww thank you sweetheart, your old mom still has some tricks up her sleeve you know!" she joked as she was now looking at my cock and playing with the foreskin.

She pulled the skin down and up, down and up. Causing immense pleasure and bringing me very close to orgasm. "Ma i'm going to cummmmm.your hands just feel too good on my penis!!!" "Wait not yet darling, let me make it a bit wet so that I can rub it easier, it also feels way better I promise" she said as she leaned over and let her saliva dribble on my pulsating cock. I thought she was going to do something with her mouth, but no.

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Not yet. She quickly spread her spit all over my cock and gave it a few strong jerks. I could not hold it in any longer, my body was shaking in anticipation and I just started to ejaculate wildly, my mother firmly held my penis and made sure the semen landed on her hand so that it wouldn't make a mess.

The cum landed all over the palms of her hand, her arm, some on her cheek and even on her shirt. It felt like I was cumming for ages, it was only a few seconds but load after load, I had never ejaculated so much before. I fell back and landed on my bed, totally exhausted, trying to catch a breath. "Wooow, that was so much hun! You covered me in it! Great job!" she exclaimed with a large smile on her face. My mother cheering so hard for me after exploding all over her, it was just simply amazing.


I wanted to save that moment forever, I would never forget it. Some semen was flowing down her cheek, she elegantly wiped it off with her left other hand, the one not filled with my cum. To my absolute surprise, she began to flavour it. I couldn't believe that, I thought it would taste horrible. "Mom thank you so much, I never felt so good in my life! I love you so much!! Do you need a towel? I can bring a few" "No it's all ok my deer, you are my son, there's nothing wrong with trying this.

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It actually has a sweet taste and it makes foor a good cream on my skin." she replied. But she was not just tasting it, she was filling her mouth with my semen and I watched her swallow it. That whole big load I had shot into her palm, it was gone in a matter of seconds. After she had licked it all up she stood up and was heading towards the door. "Mom wait, there's some on your shirt, won't it leave a nasty stain?" I pointed out after sitting back up again.

"You're right! Thank god!" she took off her shirt and let me see her fully naked body. It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen to this day, my nude mother standing infront of me. It was not only lust, my cock did start to get hard again; don't get me wrong, but I also felt like I just loved her so much more because we were not both so comfortable around each other. It was not just a one sided thing now.

Her large breasts bounced up and down a little after she took the shirt off, her big brown nipples were hard as stones and pointy. She had a beautiful figure for her age. My eyes wandered down and I saw her pussy, from a new angle this time. It was wonderful being able to look at her like this, in a different light, appreciating what she's doing.

She had a wonderful small bush, carefully shaved. At the sight of this my cock was instantly 100% again.

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My mother noticed and without saying a word slid a hand down to her cunt and rubbed the area. "Mommy you are so beautiful, can I please masturbate again? Watching you? Can you masturbate too? How do you do it? How do girls do it exactly?" "So many questions! I'd love to show you, so I will, move over a bit." She came over back to the bed and layed down beside me, stroking my arm and her hairy cunt at the same time. "Oh my, you are making me so wet sweetie, I didn't think i'd ever be like this anymore.

Do you like this view?" she spread open her beautiful pussy, showing me everything. She really was wet. One of her fingers started to tickle her clitoris, the other dug inside of her. She was smiling at me and breathing loudly. I started to jerk off enjoying the view.

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The smell was something out of this world aswell, it made me extremely excited. "Mhmm, it's so pink and wet mom!" "Be a sweetheart and do what mummy is doing yes?

Put your fingers inside of me then pull them out, in and out, just like i'm doing. it would make me very happy, it's the equivalent of what I was doing to you earlier!" my mother begged as she grabbed my arm. "Yes I really wanted to do that but was too shy to ask" I replied, stopped masturbating myself and turned my body properly towards her to be able to finger her how she wanted. I slid my index finger inside of her, it was so very warm and tight, wet and slippery. As soon as I put a finger inside of my mother's pussy, she began to moan and thrust her pelvis up.

"Faster hunny faster, put a second finger in there!! Spit on them before please!" she ordered as she was rubbing her clit with her left hand.

And so I did, i spat on my middle finger and thrusted both into her, as deep as I could. She kept moaning louder and louder, until I felt her whole body vibrate. She screamed in pleasure as she was holding my hand infront of her entrance. "YEEEEESSSSSS OH MY GODDDD YESSSSSSSS" she shouted just before she fell back into the cushions. My mother orgasmed on my hand, I saw how a white ooze was dripping out of her hole and promptly wiped it up with my hand and put it straight int omy mouth.

It had a neutral taste with a hint of salty goodness. She was surprised that I did that but then smiled. "Hun you made me cum so hard, that was fantastic! Let's finish you off now, I bet you want to cum aswell, I didn't forget that I stopped you from masturbating to the end before, but I really needed that!" my mother said as she sat back up again and hugged me. My cock was stabbing her stomache, I felt her soft large breasts against my chest, her nipples poking me. She looked down and started to violently jerk me off, she spat on my cock aswell to lube it up properly.

"Stand up, I want it my mouth" she said agressively. Without a a second thought I did what she asked me to. Before I could imagine what it would feel like it was already inside of her mouth, her lips wrapped around my cock so fast, so very wet.

She made slurping sounds as she was working on the head. It was a godlike feeling, I was in heaven, I felt like I was going to cum the moment she took it into her mouth. There was nothing gentle about this anymore, after licking my pee hole with the tip of her tongue she was sucking the head and shaft like there was no tomorrow whilst moving my foreskin back and forth.

It was too much, without a warning I came. I came straight into her mouth as I moaned very loudly. She did not move her head, but instead, grab my ass and pull me closer to her, she wanted it all.

I grabbed her head and just unloaded my semen into her mouth, she was swallowing it as it came, gurgling and slurping, i've still got that image in my head. After what seemed like an eternity of heaven, I was done cumming and gently moved back, my now soft cock sliding out of her mouth, touching her lips on the exit.

She had a couple of tears and was still coughing; but with a huge smile. "That was delicious hunny, your cock and cum taste so good, I can't get enough of it" she said as she was wiping her mouth and standing up with me.

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I felt like I was going to fall back but she grabbed my head and kissed me on the mouth, I had never kissed my mother like that before. I felt her tongue invading my mouth, as we were exchanging fluids I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. The taste was just simply intense, indescribable.

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That was only the start of our new relationship. Let me know what you guys think and if there should be a second part, I look forward to comments