I fuck munni her ass is so nice she isalone

I fuck munni her ass is so nice she isalone
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Dick Hardown was the dean of Roughton University. His job wasn't easy, but it was quite rewarding. Yes, the salary and benefits were very nice. However, the best thing about being a dean was the students. The female students. And the hottest female students were cheerleaders. The school's football team was truly terrible. However, there wasn't a single college in the country that had cuter cheerleaders than the ones that attended Roughton University.

The school mascot was the beaver while the school's colors were black and violet. The cheerleaders' tops and bows were black while their miniskirts and bloomers were violet. The cheerleaders were on the field getting ready for the game against tonight's opponent, the Washington Warhawks.

Mr. Hardown had the perfect view of the football field from his office. Mr. Hardown pulled the blinds aside and peeked out of his office window as he stared out at the football field. The cheerleaders were stretching on the field, and it was a glorious sight to see. At that precise moment, one of the cheerleaders dropped her pom poms. She bent down to pick them up.

Her miniskirt crawled up her legs, allowing Mr. Hardown to have a clear view of her large round ass. Her cheeks were hanging out, and the outline of her pussy lips could be seen through her thin violet bloomers. Mr. Hardown unbuckled his belt, pulled out his cock, and began to masturbate. Eventually, he achieved orgasm, and he ejaculated all over the window. He grabbed a blank piece of paper, wiped the cum off of the window, and tossed the paper into a nearby garbage bin.

Suddenly, he heard a loud rapping noise on his office door. Mr. Hardown buckled his belt, zipped up his pants, and grabbed a stack of papers. He pretended that he was working on paperwork. "Come in!" he yelled. The door opened, and Ms.

Pusskins walked in. A blonde cheerleader followed her into the office. Mr. Hardown instantly recognized her. Courtney Assmon. Courtney was his favorite student. She had the perfect body, and she always wore the perfect clothes to show off that sexy body of hers. Ms. Pusskins placed a beaker onto Mr. Hardown's desk. The beaker contained a white foamy liquid. Mr. Hardown stared at it, wondering what the strange liquid was.

"What is it?" he asked her. "I'll show you," she said. Ms. Pusskins tossed a pair of black socks onto the table. She poured a small amount of liquid onto the socks.

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Within seconds, holes began to appear, and the material vaporized into thin air. "I overheard Courtney telling someone that she was going to have somebody use this at tonight's game," she said. "Plant this all over the visiting cheerleaders' bench. Once it came into contact with the other cheerleaders' undergarments, it would." "I think I got the picture," he interrupted. "Well, I find it appalling! And I demand that you address this immediately!" she ordered.

"And I shall address it," Mr. Hardown replied. "You may go now, Ms. Pusskins. I would like to have a private conversation with Courtney regarding her role in this." Ms. Pusskins nodded and headed for the door. However, she decided to add another comment. "This girl needs some discipline in her life, Mr.

Hardown," Ms. Pusskins said. "I sincerely hope that you can provide her with some." "I will, Ms. Pusskins," Mr. Hardown stated. "I will." Once Ms. Pusskins had departed from his office, Mr. Hardown ordered Courtney to sit down. As Courtney sat down, her skirt crawled up her legs. Mr. Hardown did everything in his power not to look up her skirt. Even a brief glimpse of her crotch would cause his libido to go wild. "Courtney, you do realize how serious this is, don't you?" Mr.

Hardown said. "Serious? But it was just a joke, Mr. Hardown," she answered. "Planning to use a chemical that exposes other cheerleaders' body parts is a very serious offense, Courtney," he said. "An offense that could severely damage this university's reputation." "Well, you won't let us cheer unless we're wearing those tight uncomfortable bloomers," she argued.

"Why do you think we have so many guys in attendance for all of our games?

Because they want to watch a 4-8 football team? Please. The team fucking sucks every year. They only come for the show, and that show is us." "So you decided to make other cheerleaders show their stuff and pay the price for an offense that they did not commit?" he asked. "Give those horny men a show while evading the consequences?" "You make it sound like a bad thing," she replied. "Cheerleading is all about pride and spirit.

And every cheerleader should be able to show off her body. Otherwise, what's the point?" "Courtney, you know that I cannot allow this to occur," he said.

"Something like this cannot happen in a public setting on school grounds. I'm afraid that I have no choice." "What do you mean?" she asked. "I'm going to have to remove you from the squad," he told her. "Permanently." "No!!!" Courtney shrieked. "No, Mr. Hardown! Please! No, please! Just give me one more chance! I need to be on the squad!

Please! I'm begging you, Mr. Hardown! Please!" "As the dean of this university, I cannot allow something like this to go unnoticed and unpunished," Mr. Hardown stated. "You know that. So now I must." "Please, Mr. Hardown!" she screamed. "There must be something that I can do to stay on this squad! I'll do anything!

Anything! You name it! Just don't remove me from the squad! Please!" Mr. Hardown prepared to dismiss Courtney again. However, her willingness to do anything caused him to develop a crazy idea. Before he could think it through, he opened his mouth and spoke.

"I'll tell you what," he said. "I'll give you a test. If you pass, I'll let you back on the squad. If not, you're out, and any chance of representing this university as a cheerleader will be gone." "Okay, what do I have to do?" Courtney asked.

"Now I must warn you," he said. "What I am about to do to you is very unorthodox and very unprofessional. However, I am doing this for your own good. Are you sure you're ready for this?" "Yes!" she said.

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"I love being a cheerleader, and I will do whatever it takes to keep being one!" "Good," he said. "Now get up and turn around." "What?" she asked. "Courtney, this is apart of your test," he said. "Now follow my instructions without complaint." Courtney got up and turned around. Mr. Hardown picked up a ruler and walked over to her. "It is evident that you lack discipline in your life," he said.

"So I am going to give you some discipline.

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I am going to assert my authority over you. And I am going to teach you how to behave." At that moment, he flipped Courtney's skirt up. He stared at her large round ass, which was barely covered by a pair of thin violet cheer panties. "Bend over!" he ordered. "Now!" Courtney immediately complied. "Mr. Hardown, can you please tell me what you're going to do to me?" she asked. "Courtney, you have a been a very naughty girl," he said. "And for that, I must punish you." Suddenly, Mr.

Hardown grabbed her panties and ripped them right off of her. The loud RIPPING sound caused Courtney to shriek, but she did not move or turn her head around. Mr. Hardown lifted the panties up to his face and licked the moist crotch before he tossed them aside.

Mr. Hardown raised his ruler and whacked Courtney's ass several times. She yelled as he repeatedly smacked her cheeks with his twelve-inch ruler. Eventually, her ass was covered in red bruise marks. Mr. Hardown leaned down and kissed each of her bruises, licking her ass as he did so.


"Now I'm going to perform an internal search to make sure you're not hiding anything from me!" he said. "Dirty little cheerleaders always have something to hide. So let's see what you've got!" He dropped the ruler, took his right hand, rammed three of his fingers into Courtney's pussy, and began to finger-fuck her.

She moaned loudly as her pussy became moist and ready. Mr. Hardown added a fourth finger to her pussy and picked up the pace. Courtney screamed. It was the best "internal search" that any man had ever given her.

Mr. Hardown plunged his fingers in deeper as he searched for something. Eventually, he found it. Her G-spot. Courtney shrieked, unable to suppress how much she was enjoying this punishment. Finally, Mr. Hardown yanked his fingers out of her, and she came. It turned out that Courtney was a squirter. Her cum gushed out of her pussy as she came on his hands, the office rug, and the floor.

Courtney fell to the floor, panting heavily, as she tried to recover from her intense orgasm. "Now it's time for your oral exam," Mr.

Hardown said. "I'll even provide a demonstration." Mr. Hardown picked Courtney up and tossed her onto his desk. Several items fell onto the floor as she landed there. He leaned forward, pulled Courtney's legs back, and began to suck on her pussy. Courtney moaned as he ate her out. His tongue tickled her clitoris as he made out with her pussy lips. Courtney's screams continued to grow louder as she came once again.

Mr. Hardown devoured the juices that came out of her pussy, savoring every drop that his tongue could collect. A few moments later, Mr. Hardown got up and walked over to the other side of the desk. "The top," he said. "Lose it. Now. Your test cannot be completed unless the entire body is available for testing." Courtney smiled. She attempted to remove her top, but she was unable to get it off of her head. Mr.

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Hardown sighed. He grabbed the top and yanked it up and over her head. Unsurprisingly, Courtney wasn't wearing a bra underneath her top. Mr. Hardown stared at her gorgeous rack. Courtney's double D's were as amazing as he had imagined. "No bra underneath, huh?" he asked. "Apparently, your upper body needs as much discipline as your lower body did." Mr. Hardown placed both of his hands on Courtney's boobs and began to play with them.

He slowly stroked her nipples, twisting and turning them. She moaned as he massaged her rack. Mr. Hardown leaned down and licked her tits with his tongue. At that moment, Courtney pushed her tongue into Mr. Hardown's mouth. Mr. Hardown pushed his tongue back into his mouth to meet her tongue. They made out for several seconds as he groped her amazing boobs. Once they had separated, he leaned back, unbuckled his pants, and dropped them.

His erection was clearly visible through his dark green boxers. "Alright, I've given you your oral exam," he said. "Now it's time for you to show me how well you can perform an oral exam." He sat down in his chair and waited for Courtney to approach him. Courtney walked over to him and got on her knees.

She yanked his boxers down his legs and off of his feet. Once they were gone, Courtney turned her head and stared at his seven-inch cock.

Her face indicated shock. "Oh my, Mr. Hardown!" she said. "It's so. it's so big! I don't know if it'll fit in my." "Do it!" he demanded. "If you want to stay on the squad, you'll take my lollipop and suck it!" Courtney immediately obeyed.

She shoved Mr. Hardown's dick into her mouth and began to suck on it. He groaned loudly as she pushed his large cock down her throat. Her mouth nearly covered his entire shaft.

She pressed her tongue against the head, moving it back and forth against his urethra. Mr. Hardown felt the semen in his cock rise. He knew that he couldn't cum before he entered her. Mr. Hardown gently pushed her head to the side, and she released his cock from her mouth.

Mr. Hardown stood up and whacked his dick against her cute little nose. "You're on the pill, right?" he asked. "Of course," she giggled. "I hate latex. Getting to feel the skin on my skin is so much better." "I agree," he said. "Now get on that desk and get yourself ready for my arrival." Courtney giggled and climbed onto his desk.

Mr. Hardown placed his cock onto her pussy. He shook it several times, beating her clitoris as he did so. Courtney gasped, unable to deny the pleasure that Mr. Hardown was giving her.

Finally, he pushed himself inside of her and began to fuck her. Courtney moaned as Mr. Hardown pounded her twat with his cock. The walls of her moist pussy gripped his dick, making him want to move even faster and fuck her even harder. Suddenly, the door to his office opened.

Courtney's best friend and cheerleading partner, Jenna Vagnus, walked into Mr. Hardown's office. Jenna stared at the two, and her face widened in shock. "Courtney, what the hell?" she yelled.

"Jenna!" Mr. Hardown screamed. He pulled out of Courtney and ducked under his desk.


Crap. He was busted. His reputation would be ruined.

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The school board would fire him immediately and ensure that he never worked again. "Courtney? You're fucking the dean?" Jenna yelled. "Look, Jenna, I can explain," Courtney said. "Mr. Hardown was just giving me a test and." "I cannot fucking believe this!" she groaned. "Here you are having sex in the dean's office with the dean!

And you never thought to invite me? Wow! I am very disappointed in you." Mr. Hardown stared at Jenna. He was stunned. This wasn't the reaction that he was expecting. "I'm so sorry, Jenna," Courtney replied. "Is there anything that I can do to make it up to you?" "Well, I have been feeling a little dirty," she confessed. "Perhaps you can help. clean me off." Jenna sat down on a couch in Mr.

Hardown's office. She leaned back and spread her legs, revealing her violet cheer panties. Courtney turned to face Mr. Hardown. He nodded in approval. "Go ahead," he said. He breathed a huge sigh of relief as he got up and calmly sat down in his chair. "Show me what you have learned from your oral exam, Courtney. I want to see it for myself." Courtney giggled.

She climbed onto the couch, grabbed Jenna's panties, and pulled them off of her legs. Mr. Hardown's cock got hard again as he stared at Jenna's pink shaven pussy. "Here, you're gonna need those," Courtney told Mr. Hardown. Courtney tossed Mr. Hardown Jenna's panties.

They landed on his face, and he inhaled the moist fluids that were inside of them. He could smell it. Jenna was just as naughty as her best friend.

"Jenna likes it when guys cum in them," Courtney explained. "Just saying." Courtney leaned down and began to suck on Jenna's pussy. Jenna moaned as her best friend ate her out. Courtney stuck her ass up in the air as she kissed Jenna's moist pussy lips.

She also rubbed her fingers against her own clitoris so that she could have an orgasm too. Mr. Hardown pounded his cock as he watched the two cheerleaders play with their pussies. Mr. Hardown had some very naughty fantasies, but this was far better than anything he had ever imagined.

As Jenna screamed, Mr Hardown yelled. Eventually, the screaming became too intense. He wrapped Jenna's panties around his cock as he ejaculated, smothering the crotch with his warm cum. Jenna got up from the couch and gave Courtney a wet kiss on her lips. She walked over to Mr. Hardown, grabbed her panties, and sucked the cum right off of them.

"Don't worry, Mr. Hardown," she said. "You can taste me next time." "I look forward to it," he replied. "Keep your grades up, Jenna." "I will as long as you can keep that cock up," she answered. "Alright, I gotta go meet Ashley. She'll be pissed if I don't save some of my pie for her.

I'll see ya around, Courtney. Mr. Hardown." She placed the panties inside of her top, flipped up her miniskirt, and gave Mr. Hardown a nice long look at her ass. After a few seconds, she pulled her skirt down and walked sexily out of his office. Mr. Hardown got to his feet and walked over to Courtney. She rubbed her clitoris, purring softly as she thought of a variety of naughty things. Mr. Hardown grabbed his ruler off of the floor, raised it into the air, and smacked her pussy.

Courtney screamed and removed her hands immediately from her cooch. "Tell me, my dear," he said. "Can you do a handstand? And how long can you do one?" "Of course," she replied. "I think I can stand on my hands for five minutes if you like." "Show me," he demanded. Courtney stood up and did a handstand.

Her skirt flew up, allowing Mr.

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Hardown to have a great view of her ass and delicious pussy. Mr. Hardown grabbed her legs with both hands, held her steady, lowered his head, and sucked on her pussy. She moaned as his tongue moved all over her moist pussy. In addition to using his tongue, he rubbed his fingers all over Courtney's twat, taking great care to properly stroke her clitoris. Courtney screamed as she came in Mr. Hardown's mouth.

"Put it in!" she yelled. "Put that giant cock back in me! I need it! I fucking need it!" "Very well," he said. "If a giant cock is what you need, a giant cock I can provide." Mr. Hardown raised his right leg, inserted his cock into her, and began to pound her once more. He moved as quickly as possible, determined to give Courtney the best orgasm ever. Courtney moaned loudly, but she began to lose focus as she stood on her hands. Recognizing this, Mr. Hardown pulled out of her and dragged her across the room.

He tossed her onto the couch. "Turn around," he demanded. "I'm ready to finish this test and give you your final grade." Courtney nodded and turned around.

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Mr. Hardown flipped her skirt up, put his hands on her ass, pushed his cock onto her pussy, and entered her from behind. Courtney moaned as Mr. Hardown pounded her pussy. He grabbed her ponytail and yanked on it as he plunged his cock as deep into her as possible.

He moved his fingers across her clitoris, adding to the intense orgasmic sensation. Courtney screamed loudly, unable to contain her excitement. Mr. Hardown smacked her ass with his right hand, and the intense pleasure increased even more.

Mr. Hardown and Courtney screamed loudly as they reached their climax at exactly the same moment. The semen in his cock shot up, and he felt the orgasm overtake him. Mr. Hardown moaned loudly as he ejaculated into Courtney's pussy.

He pulled out of her pussy halfway through the ejaculation, and he squirted some of his warm cum onto her ass and miniskirt. Mr. Hardown groaned as he climbed up off the couch, walked over to his desk, and pulled his pants on. He was very happy, knowing that he had turned Courtney into a happy, obedient cheerleader. Courtney climbed up off the couch and limped over to his desk. She was very sore, but going through Mr.

Hardown's unique form of discipline was worth it. She grabbed her top and used it to wipe Mr. Hardown's cum off of her miniskirt, ass, and pussy. She licked the cum off of her top with a smile.

"So, uh. Mr. Hardown?" she asked. "What grade did I get on my. uh. test?" "Well, I think it's only fair that I give you an A+, Courtney," Mr. Hardown replied. "You surpassed my expectations in every way. and in every place possible." "Excellent," she said, as she slid her top back on.

She grabbed her panties. They were torn apart and completely unwearable. She frowned as she showed him her shredded panties. He laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll get you some new ones," Mr. Hardown said. "After all, I am the dean." He took the panties from her and used them to wipe the fluids off of his cock. "Besides, I wanted a souvenir," he said. "Something to remember you by." "You want to remember me?" she asked, as she pulled her skirt down. The skirt just barely covered her crotch and ass. "Well, I can think of some things that I could do to help you out with that." "Courtney, public naughtiness will not be tolerated on this campus," he said.

"You're not going to use that chemical at any of our games. It would prompt an investigation, and several jobs would be lost. Now naughtiness in here, or at, let's say. my house. that's a completely different story." "So what are you going to tell Ms. Pusskins?" Courtney asked. "About the whole." "You mean the chemical?" he replied. "Fortunately, I am a wealthy man, and Ms.

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Pusskins likes money very much. So I'll just give her a raise, and I think we can forget about this silly incident." "So I'm back on the squad?" she asked. "Yes," he replied. "However, there is still one part of your punishment that you have not yet fulfilled. You failed to tell your friend, Jenna, that you were going to be here today. Therefore, you will have to return to this office at some point with her and take a comprehensive test together." "I'll be more than happy to bring her back here for a test next week," Courtney replied.

"Excellent," Mr. Hardown stated. "Alright, Courtney, you're free to go now. Thank you for stopping by my office. I hope you have a fun night." "Thank you for teaching me a lesson, Mr. Hardown," Courtney said.


"I hope you have another lesson to teach me very soon. I'll see you around." With a dirty wink, she turned around, flipped her skirt up, and smacked her ass as she opened the office door and skipped out of Mr. Hardown's office. Mr. Hardown sat down and put his fingers in his mouth as he tasted Courtney's cum.

Yep. He had a pretty nice salary. And his job had some pretty nice benefits. But right now, at this very moment, there was nothing that he enjoyed more than a nice taste of cheerleader discipline.