Method of girl sas i love you

Method of girl sas i love you
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Fbailey story number 657 My Daughter's Panties When Charmaine was ten years old, my wife was killed by a drunk driver. The insurance paid off very well so that I could become a stay at home father. I took care of my little girl as she grew up and matured. I became a very good cook, I kept the house clean, and I did the laundry. As the years passed Charmaine's bras got bigger and her panties got smaller.

I first became aware of her period when I found blood in her panties. She told me that her friends at school had told her what to expect and that it was no big deal. It was to me, my little girl had become a woman. That required birth control.

Within a year I started to find cum stains in her panties. That required me to let her find a few toys that her mother had used in the past. After that I would hear loud moans coming from her bedroom. After she turned thirteen I started to discover larger deposits of cum in her panties, especially after the Friday dances at school.

I figured that she just got excited dancing and showing off for the boys. However, when she turned fourteen and I finally allowed her to go out on dates I found much larger deposits of cum in her panties.

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More than one girl could produce. Even though I drove them to the movie theater and picked them up afterwards, I sill found those big gobs. I knew that they were having sex in the theater somehow. So! I followed them in, I stayed out of sight, and I kept an eye on them.

The movie hardly got started when her head disappeared into his lap. It was three or four minutes before her head would come back up. She always took a long drink of soda right afterwards. Just when the movie got to the good part they would get up and leave the movie.

I saw them both duck into the men's room.


Eventually, I realized that they left in the most exciting point to assure that the bathroom was free. I slipped just inside the door and listened to them moan and groan. I heard her call him by name when she came.

This went on for several weeks, always with a different boy. My little girl was sowing her wild oats and I was praying for a crop failure.


When I felt that it had been going on for long enough I just stood in the doorway to the men's room and watched them come out of the stall together.

Charmaine looked at me and said, "Hi Daddy. We were just…he had too…I had to go…and the girl's room was being cleaned." I said, "You really want me to believe that. Don't you." Charmaine said, "Yes Daddy, I would." She then kissed the boy and said, "I think you had better find another way home." Charmaine then washed her hands, she checked herself out in the mirror, and then she straightened her clothing.

That was when I realized how beautiful my little girl was.

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She had raven black hair, green eyes, and a terrific body. She was five feet six inches tall, she weighed a hundred and five pounds, and her measurements were 34C-24-36. Her nipples were hard, her pierced belly button was visible, and her miniskirt was awfully short. I pointed to some cum that had gotten on her inner thigh.

Then I watched her take a paper towel out of the dispenser, wipe her inner leg, and then toss it into the trashcan. We got in the car, drove home, and went into the house.

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I had given her 'space' which is what I felt she needed. Charmaine then said, "Daddy I've been letting boys fuck me for a few months now. Unfortunately I have a bad reputation now for it. The nice girls won't talk to me and all of the boys want to fuck me.

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I don't know what to do." Then she started crying. I embraced her and hugged her tightly to me. I rubbed her back and told her that I could help. With tears in her eyes she said, "Even if you could help I'm addicted to a good stiff cock.

I play with myself at school, I use dildos at night, but I really like cock. I don't think I can stop." She cried even harder. I said, "I can help.

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Trust me." She pushed me away, looked me right in the eyes and asked, "How?" I said, "For starters you are not allowed to date boys anymore, no more sex with boys, and your reputation will become better with time." She said, "But Daddy, I still need a good stiff cock." I smiled and said, "I've got one right now that you can have." For the first time that night I saw her smile for real.

She said, "I'd like that. Your room or mine?" I took her hand and I led to into my bedroom. I had the bigger bed. I kissed her and I started to undress her. I removed her tiny top. I removed her short skirt. I then removed her bra and her wet panties.

I looked at her shaved pussy and the cum that was dripping out of it. I took her into my bathroom and got out one of her mother's old douches. I sat her on the toilet, stuck the nozzle into her, and squeezed. She giggled and I squeezed in a second bottle to make sure that she was cleaned out. I got her positioned in the center of my bed and then I got between her legs.

She thought that I was going to fuck her but instead I started eating her pussy. According to her I was the very first boy to go down on her. She loved it so I did everything that I had learned over the years with her mother. She had one orgasm and then a few minutes later she had a multiple orgasm that just kept going and going. While she was still flying high I slipped my cock into her. She enjoyed the way I felt and the way I moved around inside her.

She was surprised that I lasted longer than her so-called boyfriends had. Then I pumped several years' worth of cum into my daughter. I had saved up every sperm since I lost her mother…and I gave it to her.

She cried out 'Daddy' several times. She cried out how wonderful it had been, how I made her feel like a real woman, and that she would never fuck a sexually frustrated boy again. In the morning when I woke up, Charmaine was sitting up against the headboard looking at me. I said, "Good morning." Charmaine said, "Daddy if I can sleep with you every night, then I won't need any of the boys to fuck me…ever again." She kept her word.

She slept with me every night until after she had graduated from college and fell in love with a doctor.

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The girls in school did become her friends and the boys learned to respect her too. Under her picture in the senior class yearbook the caption read, "The nicest girl in our class." She was voted 'Most likely to succeed." My little girl grew up. The End My Daughter's Panties 657