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Big cock pounding shaved pussy
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*Cough*cough*.shit.*cough*Whats with all this dust? They only sold it to us a few weeks ago, and they used this house themselves. Thought Daniel as he shifted some stuff in the attic. *cough*. F*****g bas***ds couldn't keep the house clean themselves.

Said Daniel to himself, but loud enough for his sister, Driana to hear. It's not so bad, just shift around a bit. Find something interesting maybe. A rotten piece of rat is what these shit worth for. Probably left to get rid of this irreversible stench for all I know. Said Daniel. Both were exhausted to there height from constant moving but everyone have already unpacked their last box all that left was the attic.

Take what you want and throw the rest. Meanwhile their uncle was having some medical problems because of which they were about to leave for an hour or so to visit him. A great way to put this chore on those sibling, probably knew that stuff is worthless. They had just shifted from their home to this new one a few weeks ago.

All was going smoothly, though the school remained the same, their house was now not in apartment but a plot they bought from some old people who went to retirement village. That along with dad's big promotion allowed him to now afford this house of 5BHK with an attic. 2 bedroom on ground floor along with kitchen lobby and 3 bedroom at top floor and there is no need to explain toilets.

the flooring was wooden and the walls were mostly yellow but they were some rooms which were floored differently as well as the walls were painted differently in those rooms. The house had a smell of musk and crushed pine.

Siblings have decided to sleep at first floor in separate rooms but parents thought there must be someone on the ground floor and decided for them selves to be there, being only a family of four, rooms was never an issue. The house looked much empty and with a lack of neighbours made this whole area deserted as compared to their previous home.

"Driana! Daniel!" Yelled their mom. They both came running down the stairs. Turned left at the bottom of the stairs and saw their parents at the door grooming their dress. "Ok Driana, we are going, food is in the oven, we will be back by an hour or so but we might be late.

And Driana, make sure Daniels is asleep by ten." "Comeon mom today is Friday and she has to go for practices not me!" "That doesn't matter and you will do well by listening to her.

You have been in a mad mood as it is. Makes my day." Said mom, sarcastically in the end. Daniel drummed his feet while Driana just said ok brimming brightly. Being an older sister, she feels content in knowing she is in control. "And clean the attic before we come back." Said mom while dad was now waiting just outside" "Mom let me come." Asked Daniel. Looking surprised she asked. "How come?" "Poor uncle is sick and all vegetable like.

It's children's duty to look after their fathers." Dad said with a smile " You did not even look at his face." At which Daniel just made a confirming jester, almost realising that now, mom hid her smile with her gloved hand. "And beside, what will you do there." Said dad more like a statement.

"I don't know, maybe chat with my friends little longer than 10?." Knowing he had already lost. Dad scoffed at that and turned to leave, mom following him.


Even though the uncle was nearby he had rarely come to any occasion and absolutely did not make his own celebrations. Epitome of introverts. When mom closed the door, sister turned to brother and said "Won't you have some fun with your cute sexy sister" "Didn't know you were funny, besides your name doesn't match you." "Well I don't need your judgement Daniel 0 mighty" they talked as they climbed their way to the attic. Driana was actually in third year high school, cheer girl, and has a cute face, her lips are kind of bowed shape and face a bit angular but not like a slice of pizza, nearing toward's a square more but you can still see her elegant cuts, there was no fat, fair complexion, straight black hair which flowed till her back and strand of hair were always on her eyes and shoulders, she has a straight figure but still, nobody could deny she had curves and a height of around 5'8''.

Many had confessed to her.

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all rejected cause they were either for boasting or just sporting, otherwise downright boring with strange pick up lines. She wanted someone like her father, trusting, honest and mostly dependable. Not like she had any fatherly complex, but respect.

As for Daniel he is a second year high school student and member of track team. He is good 5'11'' with v shape muscular but toned body. They were not bulging but one can feel the lines through his garments. Black with a tinge of brown in hair and a bit darker complexion than her sister but still considered fair and out of brown.

He himself had a history of confessions, he went out sometimes but all of them were too clingy for him. He needs an independent and loveable women. He would not say, but he liked intelligent girls, preferring common sense much more though.

He remains mostly quite in classes, but his attractive voice will comfort any girl. But he really is stubborn. He normally remains at peace and is good natured but this shifting had him worked up, specially being at a rebellious phase. Safe to say, if they were not sibling they could have become a good couple. Once again at the top they begin their shifting of things. "What is all this." Said Daniel irritatingly." A stuffed toy.

a broken hair dryer, candle sticks, rusted bars of iron. even unused broken tiles." Meanwhile his sis just ignored him and looked into a box of jewel she end up opening. He was continuing his discoveries while she just took out all those jewel one by one staring at it like a thing of beauty and hoped that they are wearable enough after some cleaning.

At the end, underneath some more jewels that were left in the box she touched a hard surface, first she thought it must be the box but she could feel the edges of that thing near the sides of box. Curious she lifted the wood which turned out to be a big enough board, a foot and a half square. "Hey Daniel, what's this?" she asked as she wiped the dust off.

Daniel came to her side and examined it along her. He wiped the middle of board and saw alphabets. "Probably child's material." he said as he wiped the upper part to prove it. A sense of doom and fate with a tinge of curiousness and fear came when incidents concerning it came into mind, when he read the top saying 'Ouija'.

"Where is that triangle thing?" He said right then excitedly as he scuffed in the boxes around where she found it.

".Over there" she said pointing towards a small pile of artificial jewel, underneath somewhere lies the triangle. Probably took it out thinking of it as just a piece if wood. Now realising what it was. He reached it, put his hand straight into the middle and instantly found it and pulled it out.

The ouija board was of ivory colour with letter ingrained in black colour but triangle seemed to be of dark wood. "What do you think?" Asked Daniel.

Now realising what they are capable for and feeling a bit responsible of what he may do. "I don't know" ".Want to try" ".I don't know Daniel, it's dangerous." ".Let's try, it will be fun. maybe." Said Daniel as a bit of fear swelled inside. Both of them were confused whether they should try or not, knowing that consequence may be severe.

" Let's throw this stuff first." Said Driana, while pointing at all the garbage around, this gave them time to think. "Ok." Said Daniel. It did not take as much time as they thought, they in fact might be thinking that parents will come home before they finish but some how they quickly threw out all the stuff they deemed unimportant excluding some spare parts, loose tools, the box of jewels and of course ouija.

Still unable to decide they thought of taking turns in bathing while the other cleaned the ouija. The dust on the ingrains was hard to get rid off. By now Daniel was in black t-shirt and black boxers, it seemed to be a size bigger than what Daniel should wear, while Driana was wearing a black dress with white skirt covering till half of her thigh.

After cleaning the ouija Daniel brought it to her sis sitting on the couch in front of tv though it was not on. Her hair was still a bit wet and looked like she just left the bath, though he knew that is probably not the case and she must have swiped the extra wetness. Just that she did not use her hairdryer. It was winter but the house was warm enough to comfortably sit in loose clothes. She saw him coming with the ouija. "Daniel maybe we shouldn't." She stopped, expressing her concerns in the way she did.

Daniel said with a bit of false conviction " it's gonna be ok, we will try just this once, and besides, they say children should have as many experiences as they can." With a sigh she said "I don't think it includes people of the other realm." But she was already starting to get up and come to him. "Ok, I am curious as well, we will try this only once, whether or not they come." "Ok." "And we will use the first floor room in front of stairs so that we can notice parents come." "K k" said Daniel already climbing the stairs, Driana followed the suit after taking a candle out of the nearby drawer.

The room was mostly empty though, the door opened in a corner, in the front wall, top part was all windows lower part were walls painted light blue. The left walls were cupboards and the wall adjacent to the door was a drawer Daniel knew were full of make up and a mirror at its left and then a few other cabinets that end up before reaching the door however the right wall was empty to give space for the door to open and the rest of right side were only opened and empty boxes.

This room is a dressing room but unusable since the curtains were not put up by now No chairs were there so they brought two rested them away from the window and positioned it opposite to each other. They sat opposite to each other, with Daniel having windows to his left. They Sat their ouija on their laps and put two finger of each hand on the triangle, called planchette.

"*Sigh* who gets to talk?" Asked Driana. "I will do" said Daniel as a candle light flickered on the floor at his right, from the windows only came the light of lamps from some distance down the hill and the moon was half covered by clouds. All the silence was unnerving. Daniel began with the first question. "Are there any spirit who wants to talk with us?" He yelled.

"They are not deaf, Daniel." She said softly. "Sorry." Though with that conversation, he felt a little at ease. "Are there any spirits who want to talk with us? He asked again, normally but nothing happened. "Spirits, talk to us through the Ouija board." He said in a commanding voice. Again nothing. "Spirits come and talk to us. Are you even there?" Asked Daniel, again nothing happened and Daniel sighed. Starting to try again.

Instantly, planchette shifted and both of them yelped as the it moved towards yes. Their yelps sounded genuine and so did not question each other. Daniel looked at Driana and her face was of shock and wondered, she did a small nod, telling him to go on. The spirit came easily to them it seems. "Wha.what's your name?" Asked Daniel, but nothing happened. This time clearly, he asked again " what's you name?.looks like it doesn't want to answer." "Try asking again." "What's your name?" They waited and stared at the planchette.

".Y-o-u c-a-n c-a-l-l m-e C-a-s-s-I" read Daniel. A bit shaking. "Is that your real name" asked Daniel? ".No" told the spirit Cassi. Obviously not wanting to answer. Daniel tried to move to a new question.

".What are you?" He asked thrice but she did not answered. "Try asking are you a spirit." Said Driana at which Daniel nodded. "Are you a spirit" ".Yes" answered Cassi.

"Would you like to tell us something?" Asked Daniel. The triangle moved in a circle and came back to yes. They waited for Cassi to tell something but she didn't. Understanding the silence he asked "What's your sex?" ".F-e-m-a-l-e" " How come you have a gender when u don't have any form?" Asked Daniel at which Driana glared at Daniel angrily.

"B-o-y.(it stopped and then Continued) A-r-e y-o-u t-r-y-i-n-g t-o m-a-k-e f-u-n o-f m-e?" Her anger was obvious. "No no no I was just curious." "M-I-n-d y-o-u-r t-o-n-g-u-e." then there was silence. "Would you still answer our question?" "Yes" "Would you like to to talk about something?" Asked Daniel, still shaking from excitement and fear, unable to think clearly.

"I. A-l-r-e-a-d-y s-a-I-d y-e-s." " I mean tell about the topic you want to talk about." But she remained silent. "Ok, then tell me about my future" asked Daniel. ".C-o-n-f-e-s-s-i-o-n o-n s-u-n-d-a-y t-o y-o-u." Daniel blushed at that, even though he has a fare share of such experience, it still left him blushed and nervous.

Driana looked at him mischievously. Then after reading it when Daniel looked up, Driana started laughing because of the face he was making, confused whether or not it is true, with a blush on his face made his face hilarious. "What about her asked Daniel?" ".she will have some problem in cheering squad" Suddenly her smile drained at which Daniel hid his smile. "What! Why?" Exclaimed Driana. "Daniel ask her." Hiding his smile and making a stern face he asked"What will happen to her?" "S-h-e w-i-l-l b-e-c-o-m-e t-h-e c-h-e-e-r-l-e-a-d-e-r a-n-d w-i-l-l h-a-v-e s-o-m-e p-r-o-b-l-e-m R-e-a-l-i-g-n-i-n-g t-h-e s-q-u-a-d." Driana couldn't help but become wide eyed full of shock and then a long smile captured her face.

A sense of fate and destiny swelled inside her on hearing this, She liked to be in control of everything she can. Hearing she will be a cheerleader made her day.

Daniel on the other hand had the same initial expression on him like that of Driana but it did not change unlike her sister's. When He looked a her and she at him did her long smile came. "Wah, hehe, wow, cool, great, hehe, congrats sis." unable to decide whether he should be happy or irritated but by looking at her face he decided maybe when she becomes bitch of a sister, that's when it will get irritating.

Thinking all cheerleaders were a bitch. "Hehe" she looked at the ceiling trying to understand what she just found out. Her? Cheerleader? Truly unbelievable.

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But then a bit of doubt came to her. This looks too good to be true thought Driana. And then did her thoughts came to Priya, who right now was the cheerleader. Cautious enough not to anger Cassi the spirit, she asked "What of Priya?" Though she acted like a bitch sometimes, she was not all thorns, at time she did well in helping her friends.

Sometimes she tries to argue for the sake of it but sometimes she argues to stop it. She had a sense of equality in her. In fact her own points were divided on pros and cons on any topic. Some called her indecisive, but is or was a worthy cheerleader. Daniel repeated his question once, twice, thrice but to no avail. "Looks like she ain't gonna answer that." Said Daniel.

Driana sighed, her face had a fainter smile than before, but that of contentment, though she couldn't get her to answer that, she still felt good. She felt her hand on the planchette and it felt sweaty.

"Perhaps a few more questions." Daniel looked at her fingers rubbing each other and then looked at his sweaty fingers, understanding why she said that, he nodded. "What about me, what will happen in my track team." "A n-e-w m-a-n-a-g-e-r." Was also she said. "Ok cool. Who will be the lucky student?" He asked at which Cassi remained silent and left him to ponder about it.

"When will it happen?" "." "Will it happen tomorrow?" ".no?" "The day after?" "." "*sigh* no use, she is adamant in not telling me. Day after tomorrow was a one day camp by school where he wanted to go. He thought he might met that person and turn the person in manager. Their manager was lousy anyway "Ask for me" said Driana.

"Please tell when Driana will become the next cheerleader." Asked Daniel. But the triangle did not even budge. Sighing, Daniel took the support of his chair still having his hand still on the planchette he thought that it's about time they stop. He was too exhausted and Driana had much to ponder for. "Shall we stop then." "Yea, I am exhausted as well." Said Driana as she sighed. "Did not know these things can exhaust is to this level I already am feeling tired and we haven't eaten our food yet.

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Thought Driana. Daniel looked at the clock and noticed that it was 9:40 PM meaning only about 40 minutes has passed since their parents left. By that time they cleaned the Attic, got bathed and talked to the spirit called Cassi. "Well then goodbye Cassi and thank you for your time." Said Daniel, but the triangle did not budge.

Suddenly a fear gripped him. He said again. "GoodBye Cassi and thank you." He said this time louder, he looked at Driana and shared her concern with her, she looked equally frightened."Good bye Cassi" said again and was disturbed when triangle did not budge."Shit" said Daniel and he saw Driana mouth a slang.

And then 2 seconds later the door of the room opened fully and closed with a loud thud scaring the wits out of them specially Driana, since the door was behind her. Now totally full of fear he quickly said"Ok ok Cassi you can go about .

Half an hour, yea 30 minutes after we say goodbye ok? How does that sound! So, goodbye?" He said in total fear hoping she agrees. Driana stared at it hopefully. The planchette moved to 'O then 'k' and then to goodbye. A great big heavy sigh left both of there lips as they lift there hand from the triangle and rest their weight on the back of the chair as the fear drained out of them like sewage, the fear was very toxic for their minds.

"That, takes care, of that." Said Daniel. " Mm hm" said Driana as she nodded. After what seemed like a minute when he was about to get up, he said "let's never do that again." She looked at her for response but before he could do, ouija board fell from their lap.

He was getting down to get it when in an instant he felt Driana's hand at his shoulder pushing him on the back of the chair, and she sat on his lap because of which the chair swung a bit and before he could make head and tail about the situation she felt her mouth on his own.

She forced her tongue into his mouth while his mouth was totally covered hers. She was sitting on his lap, on the chair, her hands gripping his shoulder pressing him at the back of the chair and mouth covering his mouth. Her tongue reached way inside him to the back of his tongue. He has kissed before but never has anyone reached the back of his front teeth let alone back of tongue for sure. She pressed herself into him with such force pinning him on the chair.

She left his shoulder and put her hands around the chair, clasping them together tightly. Her boobs touched his chest. Daniel could feel a hard on developing which pushed on to the middle of her legs, which was very hot and becoming wet, a boxer and her panties only saved his dick from reaching into her pussy. He tried pushing his hands against her, not caring whether he pushes her boobs or stomach, just pushing, but all he end up pushing was clothes. She did not even budge, all the while making out, sloppy kissing it was, his mouth and surrounding area was all wet from their saliva, she was kissing him so hungrily as if a wild animal had no eaten for months and managed to survive to eat a full course.

She sucked his lips into her mouth and bit it hard enough for blood to drop out of his pink lips, her tongue was reaching all parts of his mouth all the while, small bits of her moaning leaving her mouth every second or 2. His dick was totally hard now and in such a position that the tip of his dick end up inside along with her panties and his boxers, she started grinding her pussy on his dick as well all the while kissing.

A moan left Daniels mouth at that The F**k happened to her?

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Thought Daniel. So sudden !, Why?! How come?! Why is she doing this?! He tried to talk but with all the tongue in her mouth, it was not good however by mouthing his words it seemed she got a bit annoyed she left his mouth and looked at him.

The moment she left his mouth Daniel asked "The fuck are you doing Driana." Danial thought I did look at my sister in this way but never had I even thought we could get to this extreme. Her response had shook his whole being when she stood up and lifted him by his t-shirt, and said "I am just showing you my feminine nature to you boy." Her voice was like 2 beings were saying together, one of his sister in an innocent way and the other of an older women with a seducing voice as if around 30 years in age.

The voice almost lulled him to sex. After saying that she made her way towards the window with Daniel lifted up in the air by his shirt, for a moment he thought she was gonna throw him out of the window, but she threw him below the window at the wall such that no one else from the street can know there was a boy below that window unless he sits up.

He hit his head and lay flat on his back with one of his hand clenching his head where it hurts. He laid parallel to the wall. A moment later, possessed Driana made her way towards his boxers, swiped it down till his foot, stood up again and slipped her panties out from below her white skirt and threw it somewhere to her right and sat on his dick, she started rubbing his dick on her pussy and asked him in the same manner "Do you like that boy?

Do you want me to put it in? Her hand was resting on his wrist and Daniels boxes prevented his legs to move.

"Doubting a sex demon's sex is the worst you possibly could have done."she said.


While grinding she yanked his shirt quickly, ripping it and threw it somewhere. "Nice outline." she said while rubbing her finger tip on his abs, chest and stomach. "About 7 and a half inch." she said when her nail reached the tip of his dick. She grabbed his dick and said. "You gave me half an hour? That's all I need." And with that, lined his dick and put it in her pussy, not just any pussy, but his sister's. Siblings just committed incest. With out much of a foreplay, blowjobs and all, she came down to raw sex.

Daniel had only reached till blowjobs, position 69 was still fresh in his mind however this break through all that like a bullet through his body. The moment that ass slapped down, the moment he lost virginity, he got to know what he had actually missed. Bliss, torrents of painful bliss went through his brain. She was screaming from both of her voices to the height "Ahh.ungh.ungh.ungh.ohhh.huunh.Hufff oh yea that's it, you are hitting my womb." Driana was having her share of fun, without any thought, just in the present moment as she yelled and moaned, being no human even close, she yelled to her height.

Daniel still had some willpower and tried to push her off, but it was like trying to move a builder with both hands tied back. She did not even feel it.

Her white skirt hid the deed from their view, her hand was inside her dress and was messaging her tits with both hand as she yelled and yelped in ecstasy in both of her voice. Daniel could not restrain his moans when ever her ass slapped down. Only a minute had passes when he felt a familiar churning inside his balls and he said between his wavering voice that he was about to cum.

She said. "Like I care" and was totally absorbed. "Let's ungh.uunffh. cum together ahh" "Ahh.No. please you ca.ungh.can't, it may destroy us." "Yea ungh." "No." He felt quite as he tried to control himself but the cock swelled inside her.

And he came"Ahhhh." "Ohhhh yea." Suddenly her voice became fully of the demon, that seductive voice and her pupils turned red. "Yea that's it, you are pouring it all in your sister's pussy, and it feels so great" At hearing that voice somehow his cock remained stiff even when they both were cumming, she gyrated herself on his dick till they orgasmed together, just when their orgasm was over, with out stopping she continued humping again as if they just started.

Hearing the new voice, thinking that she had lost her sis, he got depressed and let her do what she wanted. She ripped her now totally wet skirt as well as her top, and started jumping with new vigour. She put her now long nails on his shoulder and with each dip, it dig deeper into his shoulder. "Ahh jeez, your cock is perfect for her pussy" said Driana in that seductive tone. Her boobs were swinging, her eyes were closed hair was falling on her back and she yelled and rode herself on her brother's dick.

She hopped, bumped and gyrated like crazy not even stopping when cumming, he came multiple times, it took a bit longer for him to cum slowly however it was now much too painful since he had already cummed so much, thick juices were all over his crotch and a puddle was on the floor and a bit leaked when ever she lifted her self up and it splashed when ever she slammed herself down, making lewd sex noises.

Time seemed slow, a half an hour looked more but he had already forgotten about it, he just laid their, his mind was empty as he fucked Driana to a level he had not thought of. Driana Did not even care to change position, but just focused on humping her brother's dick. The floor itself had gotten warm an wet from all this. She yelled and as they were about to reach another climax, she bend down and did that sloppy kiss again, with tongue deep inside him as they cummed heavily.

Driana sighed with content and said with that seductive tone. "Boy, that surely was one of my favourite episode. Pity you only gave us half and hour." She said with a real tinge of pity in her voice. "We will surely do that again later for much more time." she said. Daniel just looked at his right towards the end of the other wall, trying to ignore her.

The felt silent again and drops of water was dropping on his stomach which he knew were her sweat, it had been dripping for most of half an hour. Only when he heard a sob did he turn towards Driana and saw droplets of tears coming from her eyes. Unable to think what he must do he just looked at her with confusion, whether it is genuine or not. "*sob.*sob*. So. I'm sorry." He instantly sat up and hugged her as she started crying.

Knowing she came back. "It's ok. It's ok. It's not you fault." "It is." She said while sobbing. "I was aware. The whole time I was aware, I was fighting when she started entering me, I lost my ground and leapt on to you. I felt it, I felt every thing.

But I still held my will. Only after you came inside me that my will wavered and she took whole control of me. All I could do was feel, see everything, everything except control. I tried my best. But I couldn't hold on, I knew you can't hold on inside me and you tried to stop but I couldn't stop her." She explained quickly all the while sobbing while Daniel hushed her. "It's ok. We will get through this together." The sentence seemed to calm her down, while she was still hugging him.

Suddenly a thought came to Daniels mind.

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He tried to ask her softly "Driana." ".yes?" she tensed a bit by getting a bit of caution from his voice. " was a safe day.right" he asked hopefully. ".yea, it was safe." She felt him getting relaxed at that.

With today being safe, they only had to cover their mental scars. Daniel was looking out of the window when he noticed 2 white dots at a distance. Being at a hill top, they could see far and at this hour moving in there direction would probably be their parents. "Shit parents, probably only ten minutes away."said Daniel. At that Driana startled and started getting up but at that point, they got to know something of horror. They both were still horny. Very very horny, they were not only moments ago, Daniel dick was again hard from semi hard and Driana's pussy started to get tighter and wetter.

They looked at each other. She started lifting her self again, but it was too much and she can't help but get down slowly while Daniel pushed his dick in, at which Driana involuntarily moaned, she to a breather tried getting up again and the same thing happened yet again.

Slowly the trying turned into sex and they were both humping again quickly, and furiously knowing they can now only end this by cumming, that too before their parents reach them. They forgot about what happened and focused on sex humping with great force, still in that position, only difference was that Daniel was sitting and not lying on the floor. They managed to cum together and then just after last bit of their orgasm she forcefully lifted herself. Only 5 minutes away Daniel said "Go take a bath, I will clean this mess and go straight to bed, tell them we were not hungry." With that Driana wore her panties so that nothing else may drip and went to her room to get some clothes.

Meanwhile he quickly wiped himself from all the wetness, quickly collected all the torened up clothes, and put it inside his cubboard in his room. Took a cloth and wiped the floors and threw it then perfumed it with what she had been wearing, hopeing she won't notice the difference.

All the things done he quickly wiped droplets along the hallway left by her sister and quickly closed the door of his bedroom.

He did all this in total nakedness. Daniel looked from his window and saw parents getting into garage. Good he thought, he quickly changed to night suit and got to bed. It was 10:20 pm at the wall clock. 20 minutes late, thankfully.

Thought Daniel as he heard the opening of bathroom door and entering of their parents. As he closed his eyes to get to sleep his mind got to the happenings of today.

It seems thought Daniel almost fearfully, that Cassi cast a spell of hornyness on them. He was again feeling horny and his cock was at it's hardest. As if he have not cummed for ages. Anger swelled inside him knowing how much Cassi had damaged their relationship and somehow have to live with this hornyness or the consequence might be infact a boycott against him and her sister.

They might loose their school, their family.

Only way to save them selves was to get used to this hornyness or get rid of it in someway or involve other in it with him. The last one he did not like, since it also included his parents. And he forced himself to sleep with raging hard-on.