Nabhour Bhabhi Hard Fucked By Lover

Nabhour Bhabhi Hard Fucked By Lover
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Theresa quickened her pace as she neared her home. Almost running now, she reached her block panting hard, the images of the day�s events gathering like a rain cloud in her mind. The day had started innocently enough. Going to school at seven, reporting for flag rising, the usual.

But there was where the similarities stopped. Returning to class, Theresa was unable to concentrate. Glancing sideways, she found herself staring at the crotch of her classmate.

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At the same time, she was shocked to find that she was caressing her breasts as she fixed her gaze on her classmate. Embarrassed, she quickly removed her hand. Trying desperately to get back to her studies, Theresa knew that she had to quench her desire if she was to have any piece of mind.

Seated at the corner back of the class, Theresa placed her bag beside her, facing the class. Lying down as if with sleep, she spread her legs a little, and glanced furtively about as she slid her skirt up to her thighs.

Reaching in obtrusively, she pulled the nylon aside as she slid a finger into her slippery wet folds. Sandwiching her clit between her fingers, she rubbed it gently, the stimulation eliciting a soft moan from her. Luckily, no one seemed to hear her as everything around her dulled and she could only feel and sense that incoming orgasm. Leaving her now swollen clit alone, she inserted a finger into her tight cunt, which contracted, upon her finger.


Knowing that secret spot within her, she manipulated her finger to contact her g-spot. Placing a fingertip upon this sensitive area, she moved her finger in and out of her, making sure that her finger was in constant contact with her g-spot. It was not long after when she felt herself breathing unevenly as her cunt began to tighten around her finger as she tensed up, sensing the moment was near.

The resultant orgasm made her want to throw her head back and cry out with its intensity but it was with sheer willpower that she held back. However, the craving for gratification did not stop and Theresa decided to get on with it at home. Now back in the privacy of her room, Theresa drew the curtains and locked the door just in case somebody came home. Stepping out of her clothes, she was naked save for her panties and bra.

Lying down on her bed, she reached down and began to rub herself through the material of her panties while thrusting her hips up to meet her finger. The abrasion by her panties seeped into her and caused her to become wetter and wetter by the minute.

The wetness seeped out of her cunt and pretty soon, her panties was soaked through. But as she neared orgasm, Theresa stopped. She decided to tease herself until she could no longer take it. Taking off her bra, Theresa proceeded to apply some lotion to her hands. Cupping the underside of her breasts, she squeezed them lightly. Massaging the lotion into her breasts, Theresa sighed as her nipples began to harden and her breasts grew taut, her breasts tightening deliciously.

Grabbing a nipple between her fingers, Theresa rubbed and played with it as she felt herself begin to orgasm again.


Stopping abruptly, Theresa caught herself before she came. Resting a while for the sensation to die down, Theresa continued on. Rummaging about her dad�s cupboard, Theresa found a ribbed condom.

Wrapping it around a test-tube she had lifted from the school�s laboratory, Theresa took off her panties and slid it into her tight virgin cunt.

As the test-tube disappeared into her cunt inch by inch, Theresa could feel the ribbing of the condom inside of her, stimulating her even more. Sliding the six-inch long test-tube in and out of her cunt with more urgency now, she felt the test-tube fill her tight cunt and she thrust the test-tube into her harder still.

Taking the test-tube out before she came, Theresa decided to try something out. Getting some rope from the storeroom, she tied her hands to the bedposts with her hands and teeth. Fantasizing about a guy in her class, Theresa rubbed her crotch onto her bolster, effectively creating a wet spot on her bolster. However, she did not wrap her thighs around the bolster tightly enough and the bolster dropped to the floor. Frustrated at this, she decided to something wild.

Undoing the knots, Theresa pulled the curtains apart. She had sliding windows and her table was just beside the window. Lying down on her table, she lifted her legs into the air and pressed her cunt onto the cool glass of the window.

Grabbing the windowsill with her hands, she rubbed herself against the window, her cunt in open view for all to see. Somehow, this exhibitionist stint made her even more aroused and aroused. Contracting and relaxing the muscles around her cunt, she felt herself begin to orgasm. No longer able to hold back, Theresa shut her eyes and threw her head back as the orgasm began to wash through her.

However, just before she neared completion, she felt a pair of hands lifting her small frame off the table. It was her dad! Theresa was shocked and embarrassed. She had forgotten that he had the spare keys to all the rooms in the house.

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But instead of being reprimanded, Theresa�s father told her to bend over and grab her ankles.

Being a dancer, she had no trouble doing it.

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The sight was too much for Theresa�s father to withstand. Her ass was stretched so tight he could see her glistening juices dripping down her ass and thighs. Taking off his clothing, Theresa�s dad rammed his enormous pecker into her tight virgin cunt, breaking through her hymen making her scream once in pain, and then in pleasure as her dad�s cock stretched her cunt to its limits.

The tightness of her cunt and the feel of a large cock in her cunt made the both of them cum at the first thrust.

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Moaning softly, Theresa looked up at her father. Crawling on her knees to his pecker, Theresa lowered her mouth onto her father�s penis and began to suck him off.

Licking the head of his penis, she grabbed his balls with her hands and began to play with them as she started to move her mouth down on his shaft, in a gentler approximation with the way he took on her body.


Unable to take it with her horny daughter sucking him, Theresa�s dad grabbed her by her pigtails and began to force her to suck him faster. Looking at him with an innocent look upon her face, Theresa sucked on him with one last long suck that made her dad cum instantly. Swallowing her father�s cum, Theresa wondered when her next