First timer in hardcore sadomasochism sex

First timer in hardcore sadomasochism sex
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Amy-Sue: Who me? By Boez Chapter One It was one of those days where the temperature and humidity together passed 200. The kind of day you would expect in an equatorial rain forest.

The kind of day that gave a new meaning to sweat. You always hear that high temperatures in Phoenix are accompanied by low humidity thereby making 117 degrees merely bearable. Look it's not natural to be able to defrost a steak by putting it on the hood of your car for 2 minutes. Amy-Sue had to do a little shopping downtown on this day and was standing in her bedroom rummaging through her dresser looking for something to wear.

Because Amy was a rather Junoesque woman, a compromise had to be reached between comfortable and practical. Not an easy feat anytime and even more difficult on this particular day. "Damn it, I've put on a few pounds. I better not wear these shorts," she groused.

Soon clothes were flying over her head as she searched for something to wear that wasn't too hot or constricting. She finally settled on a denim skirt that was literally a belt but fit fine around her waist.

'Better not bend down too much,' she thought. Amy had put on the skirt and was now thinking about what to do with her COLT 45's (really 44's, but whose counting). Anyway she decided on a leotard type top only because it was very light and cool.

The impossibly thin straps were aptly thought of as spaghetti straps. They were by no means linguini or vermicelli but more like Angel Hair. Hungry??? You wait!!! Chapter Two Getting into her truck, she turned it on and then pumped up the AC to bring the heat down to blast furnace.

After a few minutes of cooling, Amy was on her way into town. There was a sale for some clothing items at the "Grotto" that she did not want to miss. The traffic seemed routine, a little congestion but nothing out of the ordinary. She had her XM going to "Evanescence," her favorite band, (probably because she wanted to do the Amy Lee in the worst way). Our Amy was listening to "Open Door" while taking a hit from a sneaky. Her legs were apart as she drove and she was getting just a tad musty.

She realized that the top she had on was cool all right but a pain in the ass because of the size of her bust. 'Oh well.' She thought; 'so what, I like the feeling of being almost naked and besides by the time anyone notices, I will be blocks away.' As she passed the Convention Center, the ride got a little bumpy. She rolled down the passenger side window and listened.

Sure as shit she had a flat in the right rear tire. "Ah fuck, just what I fuckin need!" She was at the corner of Washington and Third by Symphony Hall when she had to pull over. There was a space near the drop off area. Amy-Sue got out of the truck oblivious to how she was dressed. The heat was oppressive and the sweat began to extrude from every pore in her body.

Talk about "beaver's," Amy got out as if her legs had never met. Every inch of her pussy and inner thighs were right there for the looking. She never even thought about it. Chapter Three She went around the back of the pick-up and as she expected the tire was as flat as a pancake.

She took down the rear gate and got what she need off the truck. It never once crossed her mind that she did not exactly have a mechanics outfit on. I mean if you pulled into your garage with a flat tire and someone came out to change your tire wearing a very short denim skirt, bare-legged, and a flimsy top with teeny thin straps trying to keep two sweaty, round breasts in place, along with a shock of thick blond leonine hair and big brown eyes, what would you think?

Probably that you walked into the filming of a Russ Meyers movie. Or maybe even that this was a flashback from drug use at a younger age. Amy-Sue rolled the tire around and rested it up against the side of the truck. Then she had to crouch down to take of the lugs off. Have you ever seen a catcher in a baseball game when he's calling for a pitchout? You know what I mean, one leg stretched way out to one side, the other beneath the torso for balance.

Got the picture? Can you see it in your mind's eye? Let me just say that a few people in the coffee shop, a woman at a florist counter, and a handful of people going in and out of the Hall knew that they were NOT at a baseball game. Chapter Four Maybe you are wondering how I know all this. Maybe I was in the coffee shop.

So don't sweat the small stuff and concentrate on your mental picture…Amy in a squat, open-legged, vagina very visible, sweating and grunting as she changed tires.

Tires are just a tad dirty from dirt and grime on the roads and if you manhandle one you soon begin to look like the tire. In addition to getting dirty, sweat was running profusely from every pore of her body. She was dripping, dirty and just a sight, and totally oblivious to the show she was putting on.

I wish I could have sold tickets. Would have made a bundle, but back to Amy-Sue. Bad tire off; good tire on, tighten the lugs and pump down the jack. That's what did it. The action of pumping down the jack forcefully (and if you have ever done it you know exactly what I mean) made her ample chest bounces around likes a super ball on a tile floor.

Those "Angel Hair" straps just plumb gave up. The threads began to unravel slowly. Just as Amy pulled the jack out from underneath the frame, she stood up. In her hands she held a crowbar and the jack so there was nothing she could do when the left strap burst and was immediately followed by the right one doing the same.

Amy-Sue stood there with a crowbar in one hand and the jack in the other, hands down at her side, skirt riding up on her hips and her prodigious bust right there for everyone to see.

Sweat was permeating her entire body and she glistened. The bright hot sun made her look like she was made of gold or on fire. She quickly tossed the tools onto the truck bed and added the flat and tried to cover herself to no avail.

Her hands were way too small to cover her tits. She was able to pull down her skirt just a bit because she was so wet but it did no good. Chapter Five It was at this very moment that Amy became totally aware of her surroundings. There were fifty or so people around, standing still and they were all 'STARING AT HER.' Some of the men were glassy eyed from trying not to blink, lest they miss one moment.

Even women were staring and some were offended (probably because they were uglier than Freddie Kruger, and no one would look at them even if they were starkers). If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would never in a million years expected to see Amy-Sue blushing. But there she was in all her glory, sweaty, streaked with road dirt, covering her bust with her hands and trying to keep her legs together. Look I know she's no dilettante. She knows what she has, is proud of it, doesn't mind placing her menu in the window and is not by any stretch of the imagination, innocent, but this crowd of people gave her goose bumps, which made her all the more attractive to most of the crowd there.

I guarantee that half of the guys would have married her on the spot. Chapter Six Just then a police car pulled up, and a couple of cops got out and walked into the crowd asking who was responsible for all the commotion? Spotting Amy-Sue he said "Are you responsible for this scene? Do you always dress like this? Don't you care what people think?" Amy-Sue just looked at him with her hands over her nipples and said as innocently as possible…Who Me???

Author's note: Someone asked me sweetly, to please not end it here, so one thing led to another …read on please Epilogue After the police broke up the ogling pedestrians they went over to Amy and tried to be, well, Police! You know, mirrored sun glasses (which allowed them to stare with impunity), and chatter to the precinct desk about questioning the perpetrator and securing crowd control and all that efficient garbage the police are famous for, making a non-event into a cataclysm of national security proportions.

Fortunately they were human after all and were putting on a display in case some do-gooder offended idiot wanted to make trouble. As Amy was getting back in the truck, the only other woman around was an officer (a sergeant, no less) who did not get out of the police car.

She tossed Amy-Sue a tee shirt from some PBA golf tournament. "Here, I suggest you put this on," she said quietly, "And the rest of you get back to work." All of the cops turned away and got back to their respective cars and the Sergeant was the last one left.

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Just before she walked away she told Amy, "I am going to follow you for a little while to make sure that this doesn't lead to something more dangerous." "I'm sure everything will be fine, officer, but thanks just the same." As she was driving away Amy realized that she was very hot in more ways then one. The idea of being so exposed made her very wet. As a matter of fact that was why she was driving with one hand. Then realizing how sweaty she was she pulled into a Mexican take out joint, to get something cold to drink and cool down.

Looking in her rear-view mirror she saw 'The Guardian' pull in behind her. However the sergeant did not get out right away. After a few minutes Amy-Sue got back in the truck with a big ice-cold mountain dew and kicked back to enjoy it.

The Sergeant came over to introduce herself, "Hi, my name is Mary Johnson; please excuse me, but I am not talking to you on official business." "What can I do for you?" inquired Amy. "Well, I don't know how to say this, so I'll just come right out with it," she seemed really embarrassed as she shuffled her feet. "Please, just say it." "Well, ok, it's just that I have never seen anyone in my life that made me as hot as you did back there." "I mean that's why I didn't get out of the car." I didn't want the guys to see how flustered I was." "Hell, I know I'm taking a chance telling you this, but I just had to try." Amy-Sue had a big smile on her face; "God what a wonderful thing to say." "Would you like to go somewhere and talk about this further?" They exchanged phone numbers and Mary said that her shift was going to end at 8pm and that she would call the minute she got home.

Can you just see the shit-eating grins they both wore? Chapter A Amy-Sue was in the shower when she heard the phone. The cell was ringing so she reached over to the vanity and answered "Hello!" "Amy. This is Mary, you know, we met today?" "Hi Mary, glad you called, can you hold on a second while I get out of the shower?" "Of course I can and that sounds really delicious," said Mary, a husky kind of comment as if she was treading lightly.

As Amy began to dry herself she picked up the phone. "I'm back, so what's up?" There was a long pause then the two of them began to laugh.

"What a question" Mary said, "Look Amy are you able to go out tonight?" "I mean can you meet me somewhere where we can talk?" "Sure where do you want to meet?" "My time is my own." "Great do you know where "The Biz" is? "It used to be called 'Ain't Nobody's Bizness' or something like that." "Say in an hour?" "I'll be there Mary, looking forward to it." "Me too Ames, me too!" Chapter B Amy-Sue had passed this place a few times and thought it might be a masculine challenged place.

Well it was, and that didn't bother her one bit. She decided to wear a 'just above the knee" leather skirt, a black Danskin top with a dungaree vest and a pair of black espadrilles. There were only about three people in the bar (all women) and they took no notice of her. Amy walked up to the bar and perched upon a stool at the bend of the bar. The bartender was a non-descript older woman who walked over and said, "Hi, what can I get you?" Amy ordered a margarita. The drink was made to perfection and served promptly.

"Are you Amy?" said the barmaid. Amy stared at her and put two and two together. No wide-eyed bumpkin she. "Yes I am. Is Mary here yet?" "No but she's on her way. She phoned and described you perfectly and told me that your money was no good." And if I may say so, her description was perfect, enjoy, make yourself comfortable…" Amy, lit up a smoke, and took a few sips.

Before long, she felt a tap on her shoulder and there stood a stranger, oh wait! It was Mary looking completely different then she did when she was in uniform.

It was black and sheer and did not expose anything but you could "see" everything. "Hi!" Amy said, smiling. "Amy I'm so glad you showed up. Especially here where we can be ourselves and I don't have my officers standing around drooling," Mary said giggling. They almost bumped heads giving each other a 'hello smooch.' The bartender, who was introduced as Rita, poured a "Jack" on the rocks without being asked. Mary took a belt and suggested that they grab a booth where they could be more comfortable.

They settled in and before long a young looking waitress brought them another round. "Damn, these are going down really good," Amy, mentioned as she was looking at the departing ass of the waitress.

Mary's eyes were locked on Amy's, watching her ass-watch. At the same time there was very quick, but very noticeable pause in their thought processes. Kind of like a decision being made that there was no turning away from. Chapter C At first, Mary was not really sure where Amy-Sue's tastes ran. I mean she was obviously cosmopolitan, but was it mere friendliness or was there more involved. At that moment Mary knew the answer.

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Amy's eyes were all over the waitress' ass. "Pardon me Mary, I was just perving, I have never been to this place before, nice help and the bartender was really nice to me," Amy explained. "You haven't seen a thing yet sweetheart, wait until the rest of the 'bims' get here." "Bims," Amy questioned. "Yeah Bims as in bimbos, we say it with love of course, they just love to strut their stuff and most of them have a lot of stuff to strut." "Man I can't wait, when does the show start?" Amy asked.

"How about a preview Amy," Mary smiled as she was calling the waitress back. "Kelly, come back here please," she called out. Kelly sauntered over looking dreamy eyed and totally responsive and pliable all at the same time.

Mary reached out and put her left hand on Kelly's hip, "Kelly, this is my new friend Amy-Sue; hopefully you'll be seeing more of her, (chuckles) I mean more of her here." "Oh I knew what you meant Miss Mary, but both would be nice." "Wonderful! I hope you didn't mind me checking out your bod Kelly you are quite exciting to look at." Kelly stood transfixed.

"Amy-Sue, may I call you that, you can check me out any damn time you please. For you I would be easy pickings, as I want to see more of you too!" "Hey you little slut, wait your frigging turn, I saw her first," Mary said with a big grin on her face.

Amy-Sue's fire was always nuclear. There was no fuse to this stick of dynamite. She put her hands under her large bust and suggestively cupped her breasts for both Kelly and Mary to ogle. "If I could, I would whip these babies out right now and ask you two to feast on them," Amy said huskily.

As if scripted, both Mary and Kelly looked at each other and said at exactly the same time "So? What are you waiting for, an invitation?" Her bluff called (the greatest thing about Amy-Sue was her ability to just do it, now) Amy realized it was put up or shut up.

First her vest came off. Her Danskin immediately followed this, and before you could gulp, Amy had her breasts in each hand offering them to Kelly and Mary, and watching their reaction. While they were slobbering, Amy had a delayed reaction. Momentary panic as she realized that the situation had taken off unexpectedly quick.

"Oh Christ, what the fuck am I doing, I don't want to get anyone in trouble. Gee I hope no one saw us." Mary and Kelly looked at each other solemnly, and burst out laughing.

"Rita, will you click us on please?" Suddenly a large 50-inch Plasma flat screen came to life and there was Amy cupping her huge bust as the girls drooled over her. There was a smattering of applause from about a dozen other women that Amy-Sue never even noticed.

Then all of the women came around laughing and smiling and introducing themselves. Chapter D Amy's initial uncertainty vanished as quickly as it surfaced. She sat there chest out letting her bust do the talking for her. Then another attack of boldness hit her. She pulled off her leather skirt and sat on the edge of the table with her legs open, her bust self-mauled, and a lascivious look on her face inviting nothing but lust.

She was on fire, fully engaged. "So do you girls tape everyone who comes in here? Aren't you afraid to get into trouble?" Amy asked. "Baby, Mary answered, no one gets in here without clearance first, and I do mean no one." "Now the rest of you will have to wait for another time," Mary ordered. Some of the women actually came closer to Mary and gave her breasts, a friendly grab, as they drifted away.

Amy-Sue did NOT fail to notice Mary's command of the situation. A true sergeant at work! Her pussy was starting to drip in anticipation. Kelly was the last to walk away but not before saying, "I'll do anything you want Amy, anything!" It was enough to make Amy shudder once with the pre-cum shakes Epilogue Redux I Mary stood up right in front of a nearly buck naked Amy, looking into her eyes, breathing heavily and whispering, "If I don't get you out of here soon, I may have to draw a weapon to get you away from the mob." Amy couldn't tell how much was a joke and how much was serious.

All she knew was that she was nodding, gulping and smiling as she pulled on her top fastened her skirt and sat down to finish her drink. "God Mary, I'm on fucking fire. Did Kelly mean what she said about anything, anything at all?" Amy questioned. "Oh Absolutely… The little slut," said with a twinkle in her eyes. Amy looked up at her and made a conscious decision right at that moment. Being no one's fool she never gave herself away prematurely.

Amy knew who she was and knew exactly what she wanted. She was just particular about it.

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At this precise moment, Amy knew exactly what she wanted, she thought, "I just hope I am reading her right." Amy did not have a thing to worry about. Her radar was working on all cylinders. II "Mary, I want to go somewhere.

I want to go with you. I want to say just like Kelly said to me." Amy was looking down at Mary's legs when she said it. She missed the momentary smile that crossed Mary's lips. Mary looked Amy straight in the eye and said, "Is that the way you speak to a superior officer, she intoned, with just the hint of a twinkle in her eye. Amy meekly and quietly said "I'm sorry Mary, I don't know how to speak to you properly will you please instruct me." The change in Amy-Sue was so sudden that Mary almost missed her cue.

(Almost only counts in hand grenades, horseshoes and halitosis.) "Wicked lady, not here, not now! We should bolt!" "I think we are going to be booed loudly," Mary was laughing as she said this. As they got up to leave, her comment turned out to be right on the money. Friendly boos and catcalls for a moment but only a moment.

Once outside, they were in the parking lot. "Should we both drive," Amy-Sue asked. "Definitely, Mary stated, late nights are much different here then they are now. III Amy and Mary each drove their own wheels with Mary leading the way. It was a short 25-minute drive to the outskirts of town where Mary pulled into a lot at Zenobia Towers.

Well this was supposed to be an uppity place so Amy followed to a spot Mary was pointing to. The doorman opened the door and said hello to both informally but it was quite clear he knew Mary. On to the elevator where Mary pressed 17, which was one floor from the top, soon they were walking in to a bright airy and very posh apartment, or as Mary mentioned her condo.

While Amy was ready to serve her mistress sexually that did not mean she was a collared puppy. "Jesus, how much do they pay Sergeants in Phoenix?" "My Ex wasn't a policeman," Mary said smiling broadly, and that as they say, was that.

There were a few chuckles between then and then an awkward moment of silence. Up to now there was nothing but showboating, mugging, posing, and just teasing and a little grab ass. Now they were totally alone and not on display.

There was no show to put on. No one was watching and cheering from the cheap seats. We all know what Amy-Sue looked like but Mary hasn't been exposed to our eyes yet except for this sheer black thing she was wearing when she met Amy. Mary was about 3 inches taller than Amy at 5'10', weighed about 150 pounds, which made her a little thin for her height but that, was a very misleading thin.

Talk about a hard body! Mary was fit, defined, cut and looked like a sprinter, you know, sleek, all graceful lines, long muscles, perfect skin, a good "better than B not quite a C" cup, no waist, slender hips and the greatest legs since Jennifer "Anyone." "Baby, I think we need a drink or two and we need to get out of these duds," Mary said.

"Why don't you use this guest room to freshen or whatever you would like to do to get comfortable?" "You'll find lots of stuff to wear, in the closet and in the drawers." "That is…well never mind," Mary hesitated.

The hesitation was barely perceptible. Amy however was all nerve-endings and caught it square in the chops. "What were you going to say Mary?" "I was going to say wear or not wear…totally up to you," Mary said and turned to walk into the kitchen and continue what she was doing.

"Ooh I like the sound of that, maybe I can do a little of both," Amy-Sue said in a little quiet voice. From the kitchen came a deep-throated chuckle… "Sticking to margarita's Amy? Hungry? And after a little pause&hellip.Horny? "Yes…Yes… Yes," Amy-Sue called out. IV Amy sat on the edge of the bed and first started curling her toes in the thick shag carpeting. The room was very feminine, in taste, color, design, and smell.

The bed was a king sized addition and had about a dozen pillows covering the spread but not like a magazine picture but more like someone who just wanted to have a pile to dive into. Furniture was modern, and there were no edges. Rounded corners everywhere; the pictures seemed part gothic and part fairy tale. The room was tasteful and just fun to look at.

Amy wondered what Mary's bedroom looked like if this was the guest room. Off came her skirt and her top. Amy opened up the top dresser drawer and hit pay dirt. Panties galore! 'Red! I want something red,' she thought, and Ta-Da!!! Amy held an impossibly thin pair with strings on the side. She tied two bows on each side and checked herself out in the mirror.

"Great!" Second drawer had bras, halters, tubes, and tees. Amy knew that the bras would be a waste of time as they were not in the same range. She grabbed this half cut tee and laughed then tried it on for size, and chuckled some more. It actually said "SLUT" but after Amy pulled it on it looked more like CIIIT. The bottoms of her mega-breasts were fully visible, but the effect was spellbinding to her.

"Mary?" "That's Mistress Mary, or just Mistress to you baby," Mary answered matter-of-factly. You know when a switch is turned on, the power surge is barley negligible but nevertheless still you know it? Amy-Sue felt this, switch, being thrown. In less time then it takes to think it… "Mistress, would you please tell me where I should find some shoes?" Amy's response surprised Mary a bit.

It was like a different person said it. Not as firm as the unrestrained exhibitionist. Not as weak as a sissy boy. It was just the right amount of little girl and cosmopolitan woman. "The closet next to the john, my little tramp," Mary said firmly. Mary responded in a hushed whisper, "Ooh I like that name," she said.

"What was that? "Speak Up!" Amy-Sue raised her voice and said, "I like being called names, Mistress!" "You do?" Well good, because I like calling you names, now hurry the fuck up and get out here I want to see what you chose," Mary ordered in her best drill sergeant voice.

Amy had chosen a pair of bright red open toed 4-inch high heels that fit like a glove. V She stepped into the kitchen and stood there in her outfit waiting for Mary to notice her.

Amy stood with her hands clasped and in front of her panties with her arm pushing her breasts together. Her head was bowed a little making her look up. The effect was of a little girl who just might be a little shy. Mary turned and just stared. Wordless! Expressionless! Just stared and eyed Amy up and down for a good 30 seconds.

Mary gulped visibly, but plunged ahead. "Oh good you have your name tag on I see. Now listen and get it straight, you do not ever hide yourself from my eyes. Why are your hands where they are?" Amy put her hands on her hips instead, Sorry Mistress, what's expected of me?" Amy asked.

"Look you slut you know why I took charge of you earlier, because you were showing everything to everyone, and now you stand before me, shy and hiding." This will not do, no fucking way this will do." "You are MY slut, you hear that?

"MY SLUT!!!" "Here in this house at least, and as MY SLUT you will always show yourself to me no matter what's happening. Open you legs, handle your bust, spread your asshole, and pose lewdly. Use anything you can find to fuck yourself. Damn it you need to be spanked." Mary's face was red with force. "Oh mistress can you forgive me? Are you going to spank me? Hard?" Amy was looking down while she spoke. But her hands were moving.

She was toying with the panty knot on her left hip with one hand and running her fingertips under her bust with the other. "You admit you've been bad. You skank you! I'll just have to teach you a lesson." "Hop up on the counter and sit there with your legs open." Amy did exactly as she was told.

Mary handed her a drink. "Here drink this right down and you are going to have three or four of these as quickly as you can swallow them." It's easy when you make a pitcher of drinks. They belted them down in big gulps. All the while Amy sat there feeling herself up and Mary took in every movement, without expression.

"Okay, now you have to get away from me I want to concentrate and you are distracting me. Come with me, Trollope!" Mary got down and followed Mary through the living room. Mary went to the patio, and slid open the door.


"Now before you go on the patio, take that fucking shirt off and those panties. You can keep the shoes." Amy-Sue did as she was told. Now she walked out into the open air. This was more like it. Naked, breasts bouncing, legs open, cunt wet, nipples hard&hellip.Suddenly! …Mary attached a pair of handcuffs to Amy's left wrist and then connected the business end to the railing making Mary's territory limited to a few feet around her where she could be seen by anyone in the penthouse and neighbors on both sides of Mary's place.

VI Mary went back inside and closed the sliding door behind her. She went into her room and did not appear again for a good fifteen minutes.

Amy's drinks were now coursing through her veins and she was just a tad sloshed. She had managed to reach a pack of smokes lying there and lit one up. Her inhibitions, of which she had very few to begin with were totally gone.

Amy-Sue was looking at the view and her free hand was exploring her body. First she pinched her nipples until they looked like thumbs sticking out, then her free hand was between her thighs and slipping into her sopping pussy and then even into her asshole.

What Amy did not know, was what Mary was doing in her room. Amy just assumed she was dressing for the part or getting some toys to play with. Well she was only partially right. Mary had slipped through the other door in her bedroom and went next door to her "neighbor's apartment which just happened to have a perfect view of Mary's patio.

Mary's "friend" Jane T was away on vacation so Mary was able to go in there and set up a camera that would capture anything that happened on her patio. She was also getting crazy watching Amy feel herself up, fingering herself into a controlled frenzy. At one point Amy had two fingers in her ass and then removed them and ran them first under her nose and then put them into her mouth and sucked them clean.

Mary was now aflame and had had enough preparation. She flew out of Jane T's apartment and into her own and put on black stockings, thigh high boots and a red leather bodice that pushed up her breast suggestively as if invisible hands were cupping them. She grabbed a riding crop, a paddle, a ball gag and a bag of goodies and stormed onto the patio like some Warrior Princess from hell coming to avenge the lost souls. Amy's mouth hung open. "Oh mistress you are so beautiful!!" "I thought you forgot about me." "Baby, when I'm done with you, you may wish I had," Mary said with a slightly icy chill.

She dropped her toys on the deck and as if by magic produced another set of handcuffs and coupled Amy's free (right) wrist to the same railing.

Now Amy's arms were far enough apart so that she had to stand with her legs apart affording Mary full view off asshole and cunt and more importantly, full access. Mary walked behind Amy so she was hidden and without warning picked up a cat-o-nine tails and snapped her wrist perfectly causing the leather filaments to snap as if they were electrified.

The blow landed on Amy's left cheek just above the thigh and below the ass. Before Amy could utter a protest, another blow landed on the other side.

Mary then approached Amy's slightly pink rear-end and kissed her ass once on each cheek. With the handle of the Tails she began to trace the crack of Amy's ass pressing the knob into the hole but stopping before actual penetration. "Oh mistress, please, let me feel it more, please!!!!" Amy was getting drunker by the moment. Question was; was it from downing four drinks in a row, or from Mary's actions, or both. (Like you need to guess)! Mary was standing behind Amy's ass and started passively lashing Amy's back and reaching around and touching her hanging cans too.

Then just a little harder. Then she backed off causing Amy to try to see where she went and trying to figure what else was going to happen. Amy's body had a tingle in it from the little shocks the tails were causing but she wanted more and didn't know how to ask. As she was trying to decide what to do next she felt something that was as hard as mahogany probing her asshole.

Mary stood over Amy's backside and let a bog glob of spit land right on Amy's bung hole, then another, and another, "now baby I'll give you something to squirm about." "What are you going to do to me Mistress? Instead of beating around the bush (no pun intended) Mary's came right out with.

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"I am going to fuck your ass with this 16 inch nightstick that I use for my more dangerous and nasty criminals and see if I can't find another use for it besides banging dirt bags, upside the head.

"Yes Mistress, I want that, I want that real bad, fuck my ass, make me come Mistress, ooh please let me feel it," Amy was practically begging. Mary was in no mood to tease anymore. She got down on one knee behind Amy's succulent asshole and proceeded to rub the crack first. Through all of this Amy was fidgeting and getting all crazy. She wanted to finger herself or just rub stuff but she was restrained from doing so.

Mistress Mary, on the other hand, was enjoying the tease. She would press the end of her club into the rosebud and just as the pucker spot began to respond she would move to another spot. Amy's breathing began to be erratic.

It was beginning to sound more like panting. As Amy was being caressed, she started to sway rhythmically. Her luscious breasts were hanging there so inviting, so large, and so full. Each jiggle was like the undulations of waves rolling over the tops of a calm sea. Mary placed her free hand on Amy-Sue's vagina and was startled at how wet she was. At first Mary just rubbed her whole vulva, then tweaked her clit and with just a little loss of self - control (Mary's) she inserted four fingers into Amy's cunt and just pulled one side open.

Her hand was now soaked so Mary wiped off the pasty nectar on Amy's asshole. The nightstick also got greased up and Mary went back to knocking on the entranceway. This door needed to be opened, so Mary began to push inwards a little at a time but steadily.

Soon the passage contracted and literally engulfed the edge of the mahogany rod. First just an inch or so, then a few more, then out, but not all the way, then in again a little deeper.

A steady metronome kind of motion was having its effect. Amy's knees were a little less steady. Her breathing was more like gasping. Her desperation at not being able to caress an manipulate her self began to cause discomfort, and still the beat went on. Mary was engrossed watching the stick go in about 4 inches and then return. It wasn't enough.

Not by a long shot!!! VII "You like it in the ass, don't you, you dirty whore?" Mary was intoxicated herself and lest you think she was cool calm and collected and merely the enabler, think again. "Oh Mistress please fuck me harder, I want more please!" Mary stared a different pace now. The stick was being pushed in deeper now, first 6 then 8 then 10 inches up Amy's hungrily squeezing ass.

Mary was inserting it slowly and pulling all but enough to keep the spot open. Slowly in, an inch at a time steadily, and out fast like a bullet being discharged, Mary was enjoying this. Amy was slavering now, her juices were coming from everywhere, her mouth was sopping wet with spittle, her cooze was spewing, and the musky smells that emanated from this drilling operation began to have their effect on both of them. Mary inserted the now "dirty" nightstick all the way in so only about 4 of the 16 inches was visible, and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Mary went and lit up a smoke (a real one) and went inside to get the pitcher of drinks and poured herself a large glass. "Is my horny asshole slut thirsty?" Mary asked disdainfully. Amy was throbbing and swaying. The pounding that she got weakened her as she was standing handcuffed to a rail and could not reach her holes or her tits and was getting more and more frustrated.

"Oh Yes, My Lady!" "May I please have something to drink?" "I see I am your Lady now am I?" Mary commanded Amy to turn her head sideways and then took a big mouthful of the tequila margarita.

Moving nearer to Amy's up thrust face, Mary stood so that her head was directly above Amy's mouth. She let the contents in her mouth ooze out in a small tubular flow and at first they splashed on Amy's upturned face.

Amy immediately then moved her mouth to capture her mistress' offering. Amy was gulping the booze using her lady's mouth as a glass. Mary filled and emptied her mouth three times. Amy's eyes bored into Mary's with a look of total subservience.

Mary's eyes betrayed her a bit. While she was ruling the moment her attraction to Amy was making her crazy. The feeling while intense was only momentary, for now, and Mary gave the wooden prick sticking out of Amy's reeking ass a tug just to get back on track.

Amy was still writhing around but was starting to come back to reality. Mistress saw this quickly and went into her little bag of tricks and produced a few mousetraps. Amy's eyes got as big as saucers. "Mistress, what are you going to do with those," she asked meekly.

"Bitch I won't keep you in suspense, they are to remind you of where you are." Mary open the traps and placed on and then the other on Amy's already engorged nipples.

Now Mary started to really squirm. "MISTRESS, that fucking hurts," Amy wailed. Tears began to form. "TFB baby!" "I am going to release you slut, but if you so much as touch the traps or the night stick I'll leave you out here all fucking night, understand?" "Yes ma'am." "YES MA'AM WHAT?" "Yes ma'am I understand that I am not to touch the traps on my nipples nor the stick in my asshole, ma'am." With that Amy opened first one then the other cuff and Amy stood up as best she could since this began.

"Now stand still right here," Mary commanded. Mary had positioned her so she was directly facing the hidden camera, unbeknownst to her.

Reaching into her bag again, Mistress Mary took out a leather collar, studded, and small chains along with the ball gag.

First she fastened the collar around Amy's throat then clipped one end of a chain to it. This chain was no more than a foot long. Then Mary took a little longer chain and attached both ends to the traps that had made Amy's thumb-like nipples an angry red color. Amy was sweating up a storm and she really smelled like sex. Dirty, stinking, musky, exhilarating sex. Mary connected the chain on the collar to the middle ring of the chain attached to the traps. This had the effect of raising Amy's large bust obscenely.

To finish off the effect the ball gaga was fastened to Amy's drooling chops. VIII "Let me see you walk around like that, you dirty tramp. I want to see you move with the nightstick up your ass, and you'd better not fucking drop it, and the mouse traps biting your nipples, your big fucking jugs being pulled every which way whenever you move, gagged, wet, and totally obscene," Mary panted.

She was beginning to lose control but a long way from giving in to it. The stroll was designed to be captured in all its glory by Mary's hidden camera.

Mary just happened to have a remote for the camera that controlled zoom and pick up so this would be as professional yet amateur as she could make it. Amy was prancing around like some horse show contestant in the middle of dressage.

"Get over here in front of me," Mary ordered. "Mmph! Mistress," Amy tried to respond trough the ball gag. She did as commanded and Mary grabbed hold of the nightstick and wanked Amy's ass for another few minutes. Upon disgorging the phallic mahogany cock, it was apparent by sight and smell of it that it had performed "AAB" the call of duty.

The stick was dirtied and darker at the business end with the results of impaling. Mary was not the least bit disgusted.

She made Amy turn around and face her. " Cup your breasts!" Amy did as told. Mary wiped a little of the fudges that had gathered between Mary's large blue-veined orbs. Then she ran a little dollop across the ball in Amy's mouth and it stuck there as if fastened with tape or tacks. Then Mary attached the stick to a hook on her bodice and it hung on the side like a weapon.

Like it would if she was on duty. Mary grabbed the chain attached to Amy-Sue's bust and pulled her over to a chaise lounge. She released the back of the lounge so that the entire piece was horizontal. "Lie down between the armrests, on your back," Mary instructed. Amy-Sue complied. "Now bring this knee up with your heel touching the back of your thigh." "Good," Mistress Mary admired her project.

Mary produced some luxurious rope and proceeded to tie Amy's right ankle to her thigh and the final loops were then tied to the armrests. As wild as Mary was getting she was not an amateur, the most dangerous people in things like this. Mary made sure that all was accomplished with minimal danger of any lasting effects. Sure, Amy was bound and immobilized but in no pickle. Mary then went to the left side and repeated her effort. When Amy-Sue was restrained enough for her liking, Mary re-handcuffed both of her wrists to the same armrests.

In your mind's eye visualize Amy on her back, hair a mess, a ball gag in her mouth, a dollop of fudge on the ball, her breasts an angry red because they are held for display by tightly pulled chains, her nipples an angry red as they are in the bite of copper. Her legs wide open and immobile tied to the arms of the chaise. This had the effect of opening her overtaxed asshole so that what was usually a pucker spot was more like a an opening beckoning for an insertion about the size of …well, a nice big tubular object like a nightstick or cock or maybe even a cucumber, or a double headed, black, rubbery, lifelike, penis erectus.

This position also gave access to Amy's succulent over wet, under used vagina. Mary stood back to admire her handy-work Amy just moaned.

IX At this point Sgt. Mary need a little more participation. She walked around to the back of the lounge where Amy's head was and straddled her face and head. Mary was panty less, so Amy got her first really good look at her lover's cooze. The moans got louder. From both of them. Mary began to inch her cunt closer and closer to Amy/s mouth without actually touching it.

Amy was straining trying to get her face close enough to taste her mistress juices. Frustration was setting in, because whenever Amy made any contact at all the gag was in the way. Amy-Sue was moving the ball around with her tongue trying to force it out of her mouth. Mary was content to rub her wetness all over Amy's face.

Forgetting for a moment, Amy had succeeded in turning the ball around in her mouth so the little piece of candy went onto her tongue and just melted there causing Amy to swallow her own product. All Mary heard was the guttural moans and choked off words Amy was trying to say when with a final Amazonian effort, Amy managed to dislodge the gag. "Oh Mistress Mary, please let me taste you, let me lick you until you come, let me suck your cunt dry don't put that gag in me not now please!" Amy was pleading like a schoolgirl asking to stay out an extra hour on prom night.

"You luscious fucking whore, you are so fucking hot. You really want my cunt don't you?" "Oh Yes Mistress god fucking damn it!!!! Please!!!!" Mary squatted down further and rested her hole right on Amy's mouth. For a moment neither party moved. Amy was breathing in deep gulps taking in the musty aromas of her lady's cunt. Mary was enraptured closing her eyes and wondering how she was losing her self-control so fast.

Amy began to lick as much of the juices as she could into her mouth. The she sucked some more in. The tastes co-mingled in her mouth making her pulsate and throb with the pre-cum jitters.

Amy started to concentrate on the task at hand&hellip. Serving her mistress properly. She slowed down her frantic feeding and started slow even stroke that covered the outer folds, the taint, the asshole and eventually the heart of the matter. She would flash her tongue as if trilling a song in Spanish. The effect on Mary's clit was explosive and Mary started to moan. Amy began to lick, suck and titillate Mary's vagina like it was the finest meal she ever had.

Mary began little tiny spasmodic shivers. Amy was beginning to focus now; she had just the right rhythm on the very edge of Mary's button.


A pleasant thought popped into Amy-Sue's mind. Something a boy friend once said to her. She was always amazed how he controlled her entirely when eating her pussy. She lost it time and time again until she couldn't handle it anymore. While she was trying to remember what he had said she continued perfectly administering to her Mistress' needs.

'Shit, Oh yeah, she thought, Whenever a woman is reacting to what you are doing, don't go faster or harder or softer or anything. Do what you are doing it's working fine.' Suddenly Amy was snapped back to the moment at hand. Mary was crying out. "Oh God, yeah, fuck, shit, coming,,aaaaahhhhh! " Mary had spent nearly a full minute at the one half second that takes over your body just before you come.

The moment when you do nothing to egg it on and just let the build up wrack your body for all it's worth. Then you just make it happen with your mind. If this isn't rapture, then there is no such thing. Mary's full weight now was pressing Amy's face until she could barely breathe.

Mary's eyes were closed, and she was oblivious to Amy's lack of air space. Amy squirmed. In the nick of time Mary raised her scalding hot cunt off of Amy's drenched face. "OH my little slave you are sheer perfection," Mary looked deep into Amy's eyes. They said what was not voiced. Mary dropped down so her face was inches away from Amy and in a nano-second after that, their lips locked for the first time in the throes of passion, unbridled passion.

After a long time had passed it was redundant to speak. Words were simply not necessary. Mary raised up just a tad and began to trace her tongue down the middle of Amy's body. When her tongue was between Amy's enormous bust she encountered the residue created when cleaning the nightstick. For whatever reason you can conjure, this had a strange effect on Mary.

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She didn't skip it or wipe it away or even think about it. It was so matter of fact it actually made her smile and think to herself, 'I am truly mad for this woman." Next thing she knew, Mary was licking Amy's cleavage clean, then she released one of the traps and gently inhaled a nipple into her mouth and soothed the poor mistreated succulent.

The second was also treated to manumission. Mary then focused on the bottoms of these bulbous mammaries making sure that she was clean as a baby's ass. The voyage was continuing southward. Amy was powerless. All she could do was writhe. Mary had made it down to the Mons Veneris. Just like an astronaut, she explored every crevice, every nub, and every fold while finally entering the promised land.

She festooned her face on the top of Amy's already up in the air vagina. Mary lost it. Completely. She was licking and sucking for all she was worth. Her hands and fingers were competing with her mouth and tongue for the same space.

She was fisting Amy then sucking her labia into her mouth. The her fingers were probing Amy's asshole. Her tongue was trying to reach Amy's brain from the inside. Amy was already wound up tighter then a well digger's ass.

Amy-Sue had no control at all. None. Zip. Nada. Niente. Nil. Nothing, and Squat!!! She exploded so hard she pulled one of the arms partially loose. Not that either of them noticed. Mary was suddenly untying the ropes, removing the handcuffs, and making Amy free.

"Oh Amy, my slut, my angel, my dirty little whore, I want your fucking arms around me. I want your hands all over me; I want your mouth all over me. They were all over each other. There they were standing on a patio, Mary had removed all her trappings and stood as naked as Amy. The night sky was clear and vivid.

The air was cool and pleasant. The smell of sex permeated the atmosphere. Exhaustion was momentary, requiring just a few minutes; a few smokes, some more drinking and holding each other close so neither could get away. Incredibly neither would let the other go. No words, no traps, no bondage. Nothing but lust. They both knew at that moment that they had only just gotten started.

As if they were reading each other's minds, they both laughed the "Lady Clairol" laugh. You know the one I mean? Throaty, bold, and tender too! The End Or Is It? Your Call