Angel Starr Has Rough Sex With A Hung Stud

Angel Starr Has Rough Sex With A Hung Stud
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Soccer Mom Screws up Kelly had been single for six years; her husband had left her and their son Toby for a younger woman. Kelly was a MILF as all Toby's friends told him, she had a good size pair of tits, great tight ass short red hair and nice legs.

Toby had tried out for the soccer team and was the last kid accepted on the varsity squad. He wasn't all that good, but the coach felt sorry for the kids who didn't make it, so he decided Toby would stay. The two-star players were Calvin or Cal and Joseph or Joe they were great athletes, there participation always insured a victory. Once the season started Kelly would drive Toby to the game or practice she would stay until it was over.

Over the first two weeks of the season both Cal and Joe had taken a real interest in Kelly. She always wore sexy outfits she was always willing to talk to them. In truth she craved male companionship so even these two jocks were fun to talk to. During the week Toby would get pushed around by these two stars, when he complained to the coach he was told, "Man up boy"!

He hated the way they pushed him around but there seemed to be nothing he could do about it. Cal grabbed Toby after class, "hey girly is MILF mom coming to practice this afternoon"?

Toby looked at Cal, "she said if nothing was going on at work, she'd try to show up why"? Cal smiled at him "well jerk off we love watching her tit bounce as she waves to you". Toby got anger "don't talk about her that was or else". Cal looked directly into his eyes "or else what"? He thought for a minute "I'll tell coach".

Joe came up to the "hey Joe the nerd is going to tell coach we like watching his mom's tits bounce". Joe looked sternly at Toby, "does getting the shit beaten out of you every day appeal to you nerd"?

Toby looked at Joe, he realized he wasn't kidding "no I'm sorry if you like watching her tits bounce I guess its ok". "She has a great ass too, right Cal" said Joe. Cal shook his head "she sure does bet she is one great fuck"! Both guys looked at Toby Cal was first to speak "were going to fuck her so get used to it girl boy, or else".

Before Toby could respond Joe punched him in the chest, "that was a reminder of what will happen if you're not doing what we tell you". Toby was coughing, his chest really hurt, Joe hadn't tried to hit him hard so he figures better keep quiet or else.

The two walked away laughing about Toby but once out of his earshot they were talking about the MILF and the best was to handle her if they got the opportunity. Practice was always at least two hours so if they could figure a way to get her to party with them they'd have time. Toby went to practice; the teams two super stars were not there. His mom wasn't there either, so he figured she was stuck at work.

When practice ended he waited for her for a half hour, he called her cell, but it went to voice mail he figured she was busy, so he walked home which took almost 45 minutes. As he turned on his street he saw her car in the driveway, he walked in.

She was in her bedroom in the shower, so he went to shower before dinner. Kelly was in a very good mood they are she was telling him about her work the big project which was coming up. She knew there may be times she would be working late, she quite possibly may even have to run out for a few hours to handle an important issue in the evening.

Toby nodded he understood all he could think about was his chest hurt from the punch he had received from Joe. Those guys were turning into bullies and he was powerless to do anything about it. After dinner while Kelly cleaned up Toby went to his room, he opened his computer and went on line. He noticed an email from Cal, what the hell could he want to send me via email and how did he get my address went through his mind.

At first, he considered deleting it, but he didn't want to risk another punch in the chest or possibly worse, so he opened it. Cal was smiling at him as he hit play the sound came on Cal spoke to him, "ok looser here's something we thought you may want to see it's a bit long so after you've finished it email me with your feelings".

It didn't make sense to Toby, but he thought let's see what the jock wants. He hit the link after a few seconds he saw Cal, Joe and his mom in the back of her minivan. The picture was crystal clear, she was giggling "I don't think I should smoke this stuff with you guys Cal". "Come on Kelly we'll have a few laughs then we'll be on our way in an hour", Joe chimed in "besides your really hot we like looking at you".

She took several drags, coughed a little then took a couple more. All three were getting stoned quickly, while they smoked there was little conversation.

Joe finished first as Kelly and Cal were still smoking. Joe looked at Kelly, "Kelly you are a very hot bitch we'd love to see you in just bra and panties"! She went wide eyed at the comment, Cal jumped in "yeah Kelly it would be great"!

She gave them a sexy smile "I'm not sure guys", suddenly she was staring at Cal's crotch. "Cal your cock is out of your short or at least a very big head is". She was giggling, Cal looked at her "would you like to see a big black cock"? She thought about it for a few seconds then smiled "I sure would".

Cal and Joe stood up they both pulled there shorts down, she was only a few feet away from two big beautiful cocks one white one black. Cal looked at her "ok momma how about the bra and pantie thing". She didn't say anything just started unbuttoning her blouse, she removed it she hung it on the hook in the van her shorts followed, she was now in her underwear with the guys. The guys came over to her seat, Joe grabbed her face his tongue was down her throat in an instant.

Cal pushed her bra up as her nipples came into view he started sucking on one, his other hand was gently rubbing her clit through the fabric of her panties.


Kelly was moaning Joe kept up the tongue action but know was kneading her other nipple, her moans got louder the guys switched, now Cal was giving her tongue action while Joe worked her clit. Her moans were getting louder, it was obvious she had started bucking her hip Joe looked at Cal. "Hey bro mommas got a very large wet spot" then Toby heard his mom say, "please baby I'm so close don't leave me like this please"!

The guys resumed their positions within 30 seconds Toby heard Kelly moan and grunt as she came in her panties. Cal looked in her eyes "have you ever had a black cock"?

She smiled at him, she spread her legs wide which was the signal to fuck her, they quickly removed her panties. As his cock head pushed past her pussy lips she gasped, his cock was big Toby was mortified as he heard her say, "your cock feels wonderful just go slow, so my cunt can get used to its size".

It took Cal 30 second but then he was balls deep in her, her pussy muscles grabbed his cock they started milking him. Since they were in the back seat of a van Joe stood up swung his leg over the two fucking, he placed his cock on her lips her mouth opened.


It wasn't long before she was being pussy, and throat fucked. Toby hated himself because he had taken his cock out and was jerking off to the video.

They kept up the rhythm for several minutes Kelly had at least two orgasms but with a cock deep in your throat all she could do was grunt, Cal tensed up pushed deeper he grunted as a large volume of cum was pumped into her spasming pussy. Joe grunted as he shot what she though was a quart of cum down her throat, in her mouth and on her face and hair.

The three separated she looked at both guys before she could say anything Cal stood, his cock was in her mouth in two seconds, Joe's cock was pushing past her pussy lips, so she just relaxed as she wanted to enjoy the experience. Several minutes later Cal blasted her tonsils with cum as Joe's cock dumped a large deposit of cum in her pussy. They separated to allow there breathing to get back to normal.

Kelly spoke, "guys what we did was wrong, but I feel wonderful thank you". Cal looked at her "hey Kelly how big are the girls", she proudly stuck her chest out 36G's do you like them"? Joe smiled Cal she has one tight pussy it felt great".

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Cal nodded, Kelly started giggling "guys when a girl gets fucked twice she usually is leaking cum, it appears you guys shot the stuff so far up in me it doesn't want to come out". They all laughed, five minutes later they were getting dressed, as Joe opened the back-door Kelly looked at them, "are you guys going to call me again"?

Both guys kissed her squeezed her tits, very soon mamma, they left. Toby was in a daze his mother had just fucked and sucked two of the soccer team guys she was asking for more. He had jerked off watching the entire thing so who was the worst? He was ashamed of himself, but the action was hot, yet how could his mom do this to him. Toby realized although the video was over he still had to respond to the email. Now Toby started typing you guys should leave my mom alone, it was a mistake please stop.

Within seconds he got a response, not only are we not stopping but from now on you're going to be seeing us a lot more at your house, if you open your mouth we will arrange to have you butt fucked so shut up girly boy.

Toby saved the video closed the computer and went to bed. Friday afternoon Toby was getting ready for the game, Cal and Joe walked up to him. Cal looked at him "so you liked the video girly boy"? "No, I didn't you guys should leave us alone". Joe laughed, he showed Toby his phone it had a text from Kelly, "hi its Kelly just wanted to wish you luck tonight at the game, I'm hoping to see you this weekend.

Oh by the way it took almost all night for me to drain so I'm looking forward to another fill up love Kelly". "Listen nerd" said Cal "get used to us being there from now on she's our cunt you got it"! Toby nodded he was beaten, how could his mom be doing this. Kelly was at the game cheering as the team won, she had sexed herself up with tight jeans booths and a blouse open half way. She waved when they scored a goal then sat back down.

After the game she went to her van, as Toby came into the parking lot he saw her talking to Cal and Joe. As he got close he heard her say "great game guys see you". She got into the van Toby got in and they drove home.

Toby didn't say much as all he could think about was her lips around the guys cocks sucking them dry. After a shower he ate something and went to bed as it was getting late. Toby was woken up around 1:15 by a noise in the backyard, there was Cal and Joe throwing small stones at Kelly's window, he heard the window open.

"Guys its late Toby is up here asleep". "Cal whispered let us in babe you said you were looking forward to another fill up". Now she giggling, "what if Toby wakes up"?

Joe answered, "you have a spare room in the basement, right"? She thought about it for several seconds, "ok give me five minutes". The guys saw Toby looking at them, he got a text open your computer, you can watch us fuck her.

He heard the back door open the guys mouths dropped open she was wearing a purple lace bra which was two purple triangles to cover her nipples, a pair of purple lace boy shorts s size to small which showed a great camel toe.

Once inside after a quick kiss and tit squeeze they headed for the basement. Two minutes later the computer came to life, Kelly was sitting on the bed tonguing with Cal, Joe had set up his phone to record the event.

She was already moaning.

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"Cal baby I'm really liking your black cock can I get fucked by it again"? "You sure can Kell take the bra thing off".

As she was taking off the bra Joe smiled at Cal "hey man I see a big wet spot in our favorite pussy". Kelly giggled looked at the guys "I guess I'm busted wet spot and rock-hard nipples".

Cal gave her a look, "loose the panties get back here". Kelly pulled her panties down she got back on the bed she laid down and gave a big spread. Joe went to work eating her pussy while Cal sucked her nipples, she was moaning and grunting loudly. Joe took a finger and inserted it in her ass, this caused her to wiggle her ass faster this also caused the moaning to get louder.

She was breathing heavily, Joe inserted another finger. "Oh god babe it feels wonderful I'm very close please I need to blow my cookies"! Joe inserted a third finger, she shuddered and climaxed, pussy juice shot out of her coving his face.

She spasmed for at least 30 seconds, now Joe pulled back. He got between her legs his cock easily slipped past her pussy lips, in 20 seconds he was ball deep. She was grunting and moaning like an animal, "fuck me deep baby this cunt needs it please fuck me depppppp"! She had another orgasm, joe pumped her for a solid three minutes she had several more orgasms before he grunted cum started flowing deep into her pussy which contracted around his cock which only heighten the experience.

Joe rolled off Cal rolled on "hi Kelly would you like some black cock"? "Oh my god yes please fuck me as deep as you can I'm your cunt do anything you want just fuck me". Because of her pussy just receiving a load of sperm his big cock slipped deep into her, her pussy muscles contracted around his cock as if she was milking it they both grunted and groaned with each deep stroke.

Cal pumped her for several minutes then with her ass wiggling in small circles, her hips pushing up to meet every one of his downward strokes she exploded in a toe-curling orgasm.

Cal sensed this he pushed deeper than he had ever had then his cock in her before, he blasted her pussy walls with another load of warm cum.

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Joe who was laying on the bed next to them looked at Kelly, "say Kell don't you think you should clean these cocks with your great mouth, face and hair"? Kelly smiled "oh yes I'd love to" she was sucking his cock instantly.

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Kelly was lying on her stomach between Joe's legs sucking, kissing and cleaning his cock, suddenly she felt Cal cock head at her back door. He had used a lot of lube, it slipped in her, her eyes shot wide open "take it easy baby I need to just get accustomed to it".

She grunted as her mouth was full of Joe's cock again, with a few seconds he was balls deep in her ass. Cal was working a rhythm, every time he'd push deep she'd push her ass up to meet it, she had never had a sexual sensation like this.

Her pussy was tingling she knew if he kept it up she was going to have an orgasm. A few seconds later she felt it coming, she orgasmed, Cal pulled her to him cum started flowing into her bowels she spasmed as another orgasm came forward. Cal rolled off she picked her head up Joe's cock was rock hard. Joe's smiled "Kelly roll over and spread" Joe's wasted not time in pushing his cock deep in her she was grunting moaning and crying, "baby fuck me deeper my cunt needs this please".

Joe kept going for quite a while then finally after 6 or 7 minutes he pulled her to him his cock bathed her pussy walls with cum. He rolled off and without being told started cleaning his cock with her mouth and hair. She looked over at Cal she was lying between joe's legs, she turned and looked at Cal.

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"I love your big black cock just so there is no mistaking anything you have taken my anal virginity" Cal looked at her "any issues with it"? "No, I can tell you it's different, but I'd do it again anytime you want". Toby sat in his room sobbing, his mother was being fucked like a slut he was powerless to do anything about it.

The worst part was he had jerked off watching it, even worse was the fact she wanted to do it. On the screen the guys were getting dressed, the screen went blank.

A short time later he heard her at the back door, he headed for the kitchen in his underwear to see what she was doing. They came fact to face in the hall, Kelly hadn't bothered putting her bra back on so when they met she covered her tits with her arms. "Mom what was that noise I heard"?

She was startled to see him "nothing baby go back to bed". He was staring at her crotch; her panties were soaked with cum she smelled of sex as they passed each other Toby turned to see a large wet spot in the back of her panties so yes, she had been fucked in the ass as well. At breakfast she sat having coffee as he came in, he got some cold cereal and sat to eat. She had a funny look on her face, "Toby I've invited Cal and Joe to come over Sunday afternoon to have lunch OK"?

For the moment he was shocked, "mom I thought we could spend the weekend just the two of us"? "Well I think it would be nice if you had some friends around, since they have both accepted its done". Toby got up from the table "fine thanks for making plans for me I'm doing to practice". He was gone in a second, she quickly texted Cal about lunch Sunday afternoon within a minute both Cal and Joe agreed to be there at 1 for lunch.

Saturday at practice Cal and Joe grabbed Toby the three went out to the dough out, once inside they pushed Toby to the ground. Cal looked down at him, "now listen to me nerd, Sunday were going to fuck your mother for 12 hours we've invited two of our friends to join. You're gong to help make drinks and be the house boy do you understand"?

"Yes, but she thinks it's a secret and". Cal cut him off 'By three O'clock Sunday afternoon if I'm right she'll be walking around in cum soaked panties and it will be ok that you know". Now were telling you this because you know the two gay guys on the football team, well if you give us any shit they will be coming with us you will no longer be a virgin annually anyway when they leave, got it"!

Toby just shook his head. "Joe handed Toby two white pills all you have to do is around 11 get her to take these". Toby looked at them, "no fucken way man, you can beat the shit out of me every day but I', not doing that". Both guys chuckled they walked away. Practice was over as he headed for the van he saw Cal and Joe talking to her, as Toby got to the van Joe smiled "so Kelly you finally got the drainage thing under control right", She blushed and giggled "yes Joe but I need to get it constantly filled to be sure".

The guys smiled a knowing smile as she gave them a knowing look. See you Sunday around 1 beautiful they were off. At 12;30 Sunday Toby heard a car in the driveway six guys got out, they headed to the front door she was dressed in an outfit the screamed FUCK ME!

She seems a little puzzled, but everyone came in they headed for the den. As Cal made the introductions he looked directly at Toby, "Toby this is moose and dozer they wanted to meet you take them to your room show them your new video game".

Before Toby could say a word, they grabbed his arm they whisked him to his room. Toby was scared shit less, the two guys started getting undressed, they had a gym bag in it was two tubes of lube. Moose smiled at Toby get undressed girl or we'll do it for you"!

Toby had had enough, "Fuck you I'm calling the cops". In a flash he was handcuffed with twist ties he was given a gage for his mouth. They ripped off his clothes, they were admiring his ass, "do you have a virgin ass"? Toby nodded yes, they threw him on the bed he tried keeping his legs closed to no avail. Moose stuck his cock in Toby's ass deep oh my god was all he could think as he was being ass fucked.

Moose took his time until after a while Toby finally realized what was about to happen. Moose grunted he cock sprayed hot cum deep in Toby's ass. Dozer asked Toby, you want us to take the twist ties off, Toby shook his head yes. At that moment they heard Kelly screaming as she had an orgasm. "Now Toby before I fuck you, you will suck Moose's cock, ball and rectum clean or else".

Toby realized it was futile to fight, he was beaten he did as he was told. Kelly was enjoying sex with four guys, the first two had just given her the first DP she had ever had, as she suck their cocks clean she smiled at Cal, she looked into his eye's "are you and Joe going to do me like that"? "Yes, babe as soon as your finished cleaning their cocks". The party lasted till about 6:30, by that time not one of the guys had any cum left in their nut sacks.

Kelly was completely satisfied, sore but satisfied. The guys were getting dressed to leave, Cal and Joe went to her room to shower but they had received a call that Joe's mom needed him, so they were gone in fifteen minutes. Kelly had let them out in a short silk robe she had, once they were gone she headed back to her room.

She sat on the bed looking in the mirror, she was literally covered in cum with only purple cum soaked panties on. Toby walked in her room he was in his briefs, he too had dried cum in his briefs.

Her first reaction was to cover her tits, but it seemed pointless, she looked at him "hi honey I know we need to talk". Toby looked directly at her, "yes we need to talk, first off you are officially the team cum dumpster so congratulations. Secondly, I have now been renamed Tabby I have been butt fucked, sucked cock and given two ream jobs this afternoon.

This Wednesday those two guys will be back after class, so I'd say we need to talk"! She sat with her mouth open.

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