Mom anal gangbang

Mom anal gangbang
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My wife and I were over to our friend's house for New Years. It had become a bit of a tradition for us since we got married. The wife was pregnant with twins and almost due, so it had been months for me without sex, unless you call jerking off sex. Well, as the night wore on I got chatting with a friend (Jane) of my mate's wife (Michelle).

At about 10 pm my wife turns to me and says she is tired and is heading to bed, so I kissed on the cheek and said goodnight.

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I went back to chatting with Jane and as the New Year came we kissed each other on the cheek and said happy New Year.

At about 2 am there was just me Jane and Michelle awake.

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The other guys had passed out or gone to bed. Jane suggested a game of pool so we started playing, when Michelle said, "Let's make it fun and play strip pool. For every ball you don't sink you have to loose some clothing. I was a bit taken aback at first with the alcohol and the idea of seeing both them naked or at least partly naked, but I took control and said sure, why not.

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First up was Jane. She lost her shoes. "Too easy," she said. Then Michelle lost her skirt right up, but her shirt covered past her ass, so nothing to see there.

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Then me, and I was fine. I sunk the first and then the second shot, then the girls missed their next two. Michelle was standing there with nothing but her panties on and Jane had lost her top, and to my and Michelle's surprise, when she took her skirt off, she wasn't wearing any underwear. My cock was already rock hard from the idea of seeing her, but when Jane was standing there with her huge breasts and nicely shaved pussy on display my cock started to ache.

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Michelle said, "Jane, when did you loose your panties." Jane said, "About three hours ago. They were soaked from my pussy juice. I have been horny all night." Jane looked at me and said, "Your turn." As I went to play my shot, Jane dropped to below the table and crawled under and unzipped my jeans.


Out sprung my cock hitting her in the face. She said, "I see I ain't the only one with no underwear on." By now my head was spinning. It had been months since I had a blow job because the wife doesn't like giving head.

Jane quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking. Michelle moved in to join her and they soon took turns slurping my cock. It wasn't long before I came shooting my load over Jane's face and tits.

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Michelle quickly licked and sucked my cum from Jane's body. Jane laid on her back and pulled me down to her.

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She said she didn't want me to fuck her because that's for her husband to do, but she needed something. She grabbed her tits and pushed them around my cock and said fuck me now. As I began to fuck her I soon found out her tits were full of milk and with each stroke I took, her tits squeezed out large amounts of milk all over my chest and cock which created great lubrication for me and I fucked her even harder.

As I fucked, Michelle was eating her bush out and sucking up every bit of pussy juice she could.


Just as Jane was about to cum she grabbed my cock again and started sucking, which in no time had me cumming again. She swallowed a mixture of cum and her milk. I collapsed over her and Michelle slipped up behind me and started squeezing Jane's tits, squirting milk all over me.

I rolled off and both Michelle and Jane started licking the milk off my chest and cock.

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Michelle worked on my cock and got me hard again, and slowly I worked my cock into her tight ass and began to fuck herself with my cock. Jane straddled my face and I licked her pussy and tasted the sweet taste of pussy juice for the first time in almost 9 months.

Michelle quickly climaxed and fell to the floor. I was spent. I couldn't have fired another load if I needed it. Jane stood up and said, "I am going for a midnight dip. Who's with me?" It was really a way of washing ourselves without a shower. We kissed each other goodnight and went to bed.

I slept in till 1pm and when I got up Jane and her husband had gone and Michelle just winked and said, "Hell of a night last night, huh"?