Blonde with tanlines lathers amp_ masturbates in bathroom

Blonde with tanlines lathers amp_ masturbates in bathroom
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. Running into the kitchen, lmao; with Jeffery chasing me, I slip on the wet floor; crashing to the floor; rolling on the floor laughing. "YOU SHIT RAY." . Jeffery yells at me. I am still laughing when Jeffery leaves the kitchen. He was giving it to me for patting his wife's ass.

Donna is Jeffery' wife, a cute little thing; I love teasing my friends. I love patting women's asses. I see Bart and Ron are joking with Cindy at the kitchen table; they look over at me and continue their conversation with Cindy. I would too. I lay on my back smiling, I am having a good time tonight; and feeling no pain. I roll onto my side looking at the table were my friends are sitting.

I look under the table and see Cindy's feet. Cindy' on one side of the table, Bart and Ron opposite her; all three are nibbling on snacks. Cindy is sitting. Cindy is Braden's wife, she is a very, very nice woman, 26 years of age I think, truly amazing. Cindy has an Asian look to her. I cannot say she is hot because Cindy does not show her body. Cindy is from Vancouver; she is part Chinese, and part French Canadian.

a gorgeous lady to look at. . I'm getting hard thinking about her. 'Settle down Ray', Cindy is a special lady; I say to myself. Cindy and Braden are professionals. Braden is a Science teacher, Cindy is a nurse. Braden used to be a bit uppity, he's cooled down some over the past few years, and lets his hair down now at the parties.

We have monthly parties in our neighbourhood, moving from one household to another. He is actually a lot of fun. This month's party, July, is at Bart's parents' house. Lying on the kitchen floor I am reminded that there are people here by the sounds of voices. Bart and Ron are joking with Cindy. I slither under the table, which has a large table cloth on it and a couple of chairs on each side of it, one of which is occupied by Cindy.

I lay motionless on the floor looking at Cindy' feet and ankles, sexy, yummy! Cindy wears long dresses or skirts almost always. Cindy is a stylish dresser, always neat and well groomed; she is polite to a fault.

Looking first at Cindy' hem; then her skirt I see no way for me to lookup her dress. I lay my head on my arm; resting, and stare at Cindy' feet and shoes. I'm not really paying attention to the conversation going on above me until I hear Braden's voice.

I pull my knees up hoping no one will notice me under the table. I want to check out Cindy. "Cinder, you ok hon.'.". "Yes.". Cindy answers "I am going outside to the pool area for a bit. You're good with these two young fellows?" "Yes.". Cindy answers. Braden leaves and the joking and conversation resumes. Cindy asks Bart and Ron: "what happened to that guy who was here on the kitchen floor?" Ron says: "Don't know, must have left, I guess." I turn to look in Ron's direction and see his face looking under the table toward me, he smiles and disappears.

Bart's parent's home has a farm kitchen. The table is huge, thus affording me more than adequate cover when you add in the table cloth. "Yup, not here Cindy." .Ron says. The three of them talk for a several minutes more as I lay under the table looking at Cindy' ankles and feet; what a sexy woman. I am hard from looking at her feet and ankles. Cindy has beautiful feet; there is no doubt of that.

It must be the idea of who those lovely feet belong to and the treasure hidden under her skirt that has me going. "Well I think I join the party Bart; Ron.". Cindy say's "AH, come on Cindy, stay and talk with us.". I hear Ron say. Cindy stands and pushes her chair back getting ready to leave. I don't know what transpired above me but soon I see Cindy is struggling as I watch her feet move about on the floor in front of my face. There is some laughter from the trio as Bart and Ron hold Cindy back in her effort to leave the kitchen.

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I'm watching Cindy' feet move about as she, Ron and Bart play their game of Tug - O - War. Cindy' dress comes to the middle of her calves now that she is standing. I watch her lovely legs move about under her skirt; pushing the material first one way then another. I conjure up images of her sexually as she moves; fuck is she hot .

I put my face near her hem to see if I can get a view of her. I pull back and watch her body struggle to get free, seeing her thighs and calves moving under her skirt. Cindy' feet spread apart as I watch; about two feet; I suppose her buddies have her at a disadvantage in their little game of Tug O - War. "Come on you guys, let me go.". I hear Cindy say to Bart and Ron. The table is about twelve feet when fully extended; the rails under it are heavy, a solid wooden and expensive table.

With my left hand I grab the one rail and swing my head over and look up Cindy' skirt. I see a pair of very glossy white panties. God damn, I want to eat her, she looks so fucking tasty.

Cindy is a wet dream. She is driving me nuts. Cindy has gorgeous legs and a nice hollow crotch; I look for a few seconds. Pulling myself up with my left arm and moving my right hand inside her skirt and outside her right leg, I move my right hand upward under her skirt to her hip; past Cindy' hip, and hooking my hand and arm over her lower back; under her loose skirt.


I hold her tight as I pull my face toward her white panties. Cindy gasps and jumps; Ron laughs. My head rises toward her pussy; Cindy clamps her legs tight to my head; I am but a few inches from those tantalizing white panties covering her crotch. Cindy smells like a mild soap with only a slight girly smell to her; so clean. Cindy struggles to get free and this adds to my lust as my face edges its way to her pussy, my head wedged between her thighs. My nose comes in contact with her panties; feeling the softness of her panties pushed against Cindy' lips.

Moving my head slightly, my nose finds the edge of her panties, aaah; so soft and sweat. Ah . Cindy, Cindy; the fragrance to you; sniffing the edges of your panties, rubbing my nose against your skin, pressing upward, my nose finds the opening to her covered vagina. I push against her; I feel her opening surround the tip of my nose. Cindy struggling adds to the thrill. I press my nose and lips into her pussy. My tongue pushes her panties inward. I feel Cindy's pussy lips, and I kiss her thru her panties feeling her softness.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Cindy fucks my face as she struggles.

I feel me face move in small circles, brought on by her motion. My nose rims Cindy' hole thru her panties; her pussy is grinding into my face as she tries to free herself. I am too strong for her to break free. Cindy is pinned by my right arm holding her hips; my head between her legs, and the table, from which I hang from with my left arm. Every move she makes is sheer heaven to me. The softness of her, the motion of her body she uses, and the unmistakable pump of oncoming arousal.

More and more I sense her arousal to being sexually assailed. Those panties of hers, God damn they taste good. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" .

I moan softly. During this Tug O War Cindy' panties have moved a little. At first I did not catch on to this, I felt the fabric gather some in my mouth. I moved my mouth to one side briefly to taste the hollow between her pussy and inner thigh. When I moved my face back her panties moved aside exposing bare pussy to my mouth. Heaven, Oh God I'm in heaven. I open my mouth wide, covering most of Cindy' crotch; her pussy, her sweet lips press against me each time she moves, her pussy hole centres on my upper teeth and top lip.

Her legs part and my mouth takes in more of her as she opens. I lick Cindy, licking her crack until I find her clit. Her sexy white panties rubbing against my cheek. I am licking her sweaty little cunt. "Oh my God!" . Growling as I eat her; what a sweet cunt. I feel Cindy thrust. . UH, Huhnn., Uh, uh, uh., and. I hear Cindy' breathing, her moans, a gasp, her breath catches in her throat. . Ron and Bart are quiet.

Except for the distant party noise, and Cindy, the house is quiet. Cindy rubs her crotch hard against my mouth, her hunger driving her pussy; grinding against my jaw and mouth; my teeth gently gnaw on her. Her legs weaken as her passion increases. . Cindy rides my face, rubbing her sweet pussy against my face Her shinny panties are half off her hips now.

My tongue is in her vaginal opening, rimming her cunt. Her bare crotch covers my face, my wet face. My nose is pressed against her bum hole . she seems to rub her anus on my nose one moment, and pull away the next moment. I pressure her lower back with my right arm arching her back. I search with my tongue until I find her clit. I beat on her clit with my tongue as fast as I can. .She vibrates. Cindy softly cries out as she orgasms. Her beautiful hips gyrating over my face, spasmodic motions squeezing my head.

Her body moves up and down as she bounces. Her thighs tighten as Cindy finishes. Her fluids run into my mouth.

I drink of Cindy.


Cindy is weak. I hear one of the guys say; WOW! "That was beautiful Cindy." I hear Ron say. She pulls back now that she is finished; she looks at me.

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Covering her face Cindy runs to the nearby washroom. I lay upon the floor briefly. I have just tasted heaven. .

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Bart says; "Wow man, that was wild." Ron grabs my hand: "Come on man. Let's go"; . we leave the party. . Just after lunch the next day Ron calls and asks if he can come over, he wants to talk.

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. . Ron speaks; "Hey man, how' it going." "Good, good." I reply. "How did things go for Bart last night after we left?" I ask Ron. "Ok Ray. He said Cindy took awhile to appear but seemed ok when he saw her. He said she smiled at him that was it." "Let me get on with this man, it was wild." Ron says excitedly.

Ron is fifteen years my junior so our language is different. Ron wants to, has to talk about Cindy last night. We sit, coffee in hand, Ron begins his description of what happened on the top side of the table. "When I saw you under the table man I knew what you where up to so I decided to help, Cinder is such a babe man, I couldn't resist." "When she got up to go she reached for a bottle of water so I grabbed her hand and asked her not to go, while my mind was working to story this out man.

Bart looked at me and I winked, he got her other hand as she reached in with it to help pull away from me. It was all fun at first. Bart pulled her somewhat to his side, I don't know why, but right after that you went up her skirt.

Cindy' eye's got huge man, fucking beautiful eyes that woman. She struggled hard right away, she glanced back to see who was doing her and when she didn't see anyone she got scared." "That's when I mouthed: "" It's Braden."" Too her, I wanted to keep her cool for ya' man." "The fear left her but she kept trying to get loose.

She looked a little pissed, actually. [Pause]." "Over the next few minutes I watched as Cindy got hot; it was so cool to watch a woman get aroused right in front of me; and the way she was being sexed man.

"WOW!" Especially a woman like Cindy man is she something". . [Pause]. "She fell forward once spilling the water bottle she had in front of her Ray.

Her blouse got wet and her nipple on Bart's side showed through her blouse. Bart looked like he was going to freak so I suggested he touch her." ""Bart said. " I can't man, that is Cindy."". I told Bart that he would never get this chance again so it is now or never. Bart started feeling her tit and Cindy was to rapt with you to even notice." "I notice this and got a tit for myself. I have more experience than Bart so I undid her top and pulled her tit out.

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There gorgeous Ray; Bart followed suite." "Fuck Ray, you should have seen him, he is so in love with Cindy man, it is comical." . [Pause]. "I started tweaking her nipple and noticed the harder I did it the more she liked it; what the fuck man.

I pinched her nipple and twisted it between my thumb and fingers. Cindy loved it Ray." "That only lasted a minute or so when Cindy cam; that would be you man." "Ray. watching Cindy' orgasm; that is something I will never forget." . [Ron has a hard on, he rubs it.] "I got to go man, going to fuck my bitch man. Thinking of Cindy got me going again, what a hot woman"