Mind blowing fuck session with sleazy Sakura

Mind blowing fuck session with sleazy Sakura
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"Hey! What's up?" I heard a female voice say. I had just finished mowing my backyard lawn. I turned to the left to see my neighbor with her head above the wooden fence, smiling at me. Emily is a pretty brunette in her early twenties. A college student, comes back home to stay with her parents during the summer.

I turned toward the fence, pulling off my shirt to wipe the sweat from my face and neck as I did. "You're looking at what's going on." I told her. "I'm just mowing the yard in the 120º heat, like an idiot man." I saw her eyes glance over my chest as I walked closer to the fence.

Emily was obviously standing on something in order to peek over the top of the fence. She had her arms resting on the top of the fence and her chin was balanced on her hands. Her long brown hair flowed out over her shoulders, hiding what I guessed would be the straps of her shirt or bikini. I was always a little jealous of the pool next door. You could smell the water sometimes, and the sunlight would reflect off of it during the heat of the day.

Whenever I heard people splashing in it on a hot day like this, I wanted to hop the fence and jump in. "Yeah," she replied, "it's way too hot to do that. You're going to die of heatstroke." "So what's going on with you?" I asked her, hoping to change the subject to something other than the heat.

"I'm just hanging out. Mom and Dad left this morning for their annual trip to Colorado." She told me. "You didn't want to go? Or were you not invited?" I teased. She laughed and shook her head, "No, I didn't want to be the third person in a hotel room.

That really isn't my idea of fun you know, sharing a room with my parents." As she shook her head, her hair shifted revealing a bare right shoulder. I assumed she was wearing some type of bikini top, but the bare shoulder made her look naked.

I began to feel my cock growing stiff in my shorts.

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"Yeah, I guess you might cramp your parents' style," I replied. "Of course you might have also interfered in other ways, too." I left the meaning of that statement hanging in the air. She looked a little puzzled for a second, and then replied, "Ohhhh, gross! That's the last thing I want to picture them doing!" I laughed out loud.

I always enjoyed the little chats I had with Emily over the years. She was always cute and funny and she laughed at every stupid thing I said. I was three years older than her and just about to graduate college. Back in high school, I was amazed at how she developed into a young woman. Today, looking at her over the fence, I again realized just how beautiful she had become.

"Well," I said, "I guess I'll hit the showers and cool off." "You can always hop the fence and jump in our pool if you want." She said with a smile. "You mean that?" I asked her. "Of course!" she replied with another smile. "You can come over anytime." "Okay, " I said, " I won't pass that up.

It's just too damn hot." I walked closer in preparation of climbing the fence. "Be careful," she warned me. "Don't land on this bucket I've been standing on." Her head and arms disappeared below my eye level behind the fence as she stepped down. Again I laughed and said, "No problem, with any luck, I'll land right in the pool." I heard her laughing as she stepped away from the fence.

I braced my hands on the top in order to lift myself up and over. As I pushed up and was about to lift my left leg onto to the top of the fence, I glanced over at Emily. She was walking away from the fence. Her back was facing me. I nearly fell over the fence. Emily was wearing red thong bikini bottoms. That's all she had on, just the bottom of the bikini. The thread of the back was lost forever in the most perfect ass I've seen.

Her hair flowed down her bare back. From my viewpoint, she was tanned all over her body. As she walked away from me, her ass cheeks jiggled with each step. As she reached the edge of the pool, she took a quick running step and dove into the water.

"Damnnnnn," I whispered out loud as I watched her swimming underwater. I stumbled my way over to a lounge chair and began removing my shoes.

Emily pulled up from her dive and stood up. She was in about four feet of water. Her hair had slicked back on her head and she smiled as she walked towards me.

As she approached, her breasts came into view. I sat there with a shoe in my hand, staring at her as she came closer. The water seemed to melt away from her body. I watched droplets gather in that sweet underside curve of her breasts, then to slowly drip off onto her belly. She giggled and said, "Are you just going to stare at me all day, or are you going to undress and get in the pool?" I awoke out of my stupor and said, "Ummm, yeah, I'll be right there." I kicked off my other shoe, tossed my socks on the ground, and stood up.

As I was doing this, Emily was reaching down into the water. She came up holding her bikini bottom around her finger and twirling it in the air. "I won't wear mine, if you won't wear yours," she said with a mischievous grin. "I'm going to get a beer, do you want one?" "Sure," I replied, watching closely as she stepped out of the pool. Emily was naked, standing in front of me, with water cascading down her body.

She suddenly stepped forward, and slid my shorts and underwear down in one movement. The way that she was bent forward while doing that, she was nearly hit in the face by my cock as it popped free from my shorts.

"Mmmmmm," she whispered. "Why don't you rinse all of this sweat off in the pool and then come over there and have your way with me." She was pointing toward another lounge chair that was in the shade. She gave my cock a soft tug and turned away from me, heading toward the house. "I'll have your beer waiting for you," she said. I watched her ass jiggle as she sauntered away from me.

She turned her head, knowing that I was watching her, and smiled. As hard as it was to do, I turned away from the view of Emily walking and I dove into the pool. The cool water felt so wet and refreshing. The chill of the water did nothing to diminish the rock-hard erection that Emily had caused. I swam around for a minute to rinse off the dust, sweat and debris that I had picked up while mowing the yard.

When I finally stood up, the first thing I did was to look around and orient myself so I could see Emily. There she was, stretched out on the lounge chair.

The chair was in a slight reclining position, and she was on her back, watching me as I swam. She had her lovely legs crossed at the ankles. Her breasts were so perfect. Emily's breasts were smooth and tanned, topped with slightly erect, pinkish nipples.

Her long brown hair flowed out behind her, across her shoulders and slightly across her chest. She was perfect. If you've ever walked naked towards a woman lying down, you know how awkward it is to approach her with a hard cock. My cock seemed to point the way, attempting to get there before I did. It bounced and waved with each step. I stopped a few steps away from her and admired her lovely nude body. Emily giggled as she looked up at my hard cock.

"I'm glad you brought along your friend," she said with a smile. "I can tell he's enjoying himself." "I can't believe I'm even asking this while looking down at a beautiful naked woman," I told her, "but do you have that beer? I'm really hot from mowing and I really need something to drink." Emily sat up in the lounge chair.

"I'm sorry. I was watching you in the pool. Let me get it for you," she said. She was already sitting up. Now she spun her legs off of the lounge toward me. The movement placed her feet on the deck next to mine. Her face was now inches away from my cock. She looked at it for a few seconds and then she ever so slowly looked up at me. Is there any man alive that doesn't just melt to jelly when he looks down and sees a lovely woman near his cock looking back up at him?

That look is all so innocent and naughty at the same time. It is a look of questioning, seeking permission to do what you know you want her to do. I don't think my facial expression changed, but she looked me deep in the eyes and she knew the answer was a screaming affirmative. Emily slowly moved forward until her soft pink lips kissed the red-pink head of my hard cock.

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I stared in total disbelief as her lips softly parted to allow the head of my dick to slide into her mouth. It was like sliding my cock into her tight, wet pussy. Her hands went out to the back of my thighs, and slowly slid up to cup the cheeks of my ass. She gently pulled me forward a few inches as she swallowed more of my cock. I could feel her tongue working its magic along the underside of my dick.

Emily's left hand came back around and she grabbed the base of my cock as she slowly slid it out of her mouth. Again, she repeated the whole process. I watched again as the head of my cock pushed past her lips into her hot little mouth.

"Emily," I whispered, "I can't take much of this. I've dreamed about this for years. It feels so good I'm not going to last long." Emily looked up at me again, and slowly slid my cock out of her mouth. "Then don't," she replied. She went back to sucking my dick. Her hand and mouth began working together, sliding back and forth. She had my cock so wet and her hand and mouth were so tight. I began to feel my orgasm beginning long before I ever thought it would.

I was about to come and come hard. My hips began to pump uncontrollably. Emily felt this and increased her attentions on me. "Ohhhhhh," I moaned. "Emily.Emily.I'm about to come, baby." I wanted to warn her before I ended up shooting my load down her throat.

To her credit, Emily moaned deeply. That did it. The vibrations of her moaning, not to mention the incredibly sexy way that sounded, pushed me over the edge.

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I came. I came so hard I think my heart stopped for a second or two. Emily took the first large spurt in her mouth and down her throat. Then, she smoothly but quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and pointed it downward. "Ohhhh, baby," she whispered. "Come on my tits. Come all over my tits. I want to feel it." I felt like I was coming over and over as I pumped my cock through her hand. Jet after jet of my hot liquid shot out onto her chest. I was thrusting into her hand in quick spasms. Finally, I slowed down my hip movements, but my cock just kept pumping.

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The last few spurts slowly dribbled out across her fingers. She relaxed her grip on my cock, but continued to slide her hand on it, rubbing across the head of it with her thumb. "Unnnnh," I moaned as my cock became too sensitive to her touch. I finally had to pull away from her hand. I collapsed onto the lounge chair next to hers, breathing hard, thinking I was about to pass out. "Soooooo," she said with giggle, "are you ready for that beer?" I looked over at her. The most beautiful girl I've ever known was sitting next to me.

She had a radiant smile on her face. Huge drops of my cum were slowly sliding their way across her breasts. Incredibly, one load had landed just above the nipple of her right breast and was slowly sliding across the pink aureole. Emily reached up with her cum covered hand and slid her fingers through the cum on her chest, sliding it around. She looked over at me as she worked the cum over her nipples. "I guess I need to clean up a little," she said with a smirk.

She stood up. It was a reverse of positions from earlier. Now my face was inches away from her belly. I was staring directly at her belly.


Her tightly trimmed pussy hair was so close to my mouth that I could see the hair moving from my breath. I could smell her arousal. I looked up at her face as she looked down at me. She knew what I was thinking.

She reached out and stroked the close-cropped hair on my head. "Not right now, baby," she told me. "Let me clean up and get you that beer. Then we'll see what happens." She turned and walked away from me, heading toward the back door of the house. I sat there, still breathing hard, watching her walk away from me. Just before she got to the back door, she turned and looked back at me, knowing I was watching her. She smiled at me. This time, I followed her.

I stepped into the coolness of the house and found her in the kitchen. She had a damp paper towel and was slowly wiping away the residue of my cum. She heard me come in through the door and close it behind me, but she was in a trance-like state, as if mesmerized by what had just happened.

Let me paint the picture if I can. A beautiful tanned brunette named Emily is standing in the center of her kitchen. She is totally naked and leaning against the large butcher-block center island. There is a doorway behind her leading into the dining room. The window in the dining room provides just enough light to showcase her profile.

She is slowly wiping her breasts with a damp paper towel. As she wipes upward, her hand catches on the underside of her breast, sliding across her erect nipple, and then as her hand continues its upward motion, her breast falls free, jiggling softly. I can see her nipples standing proud, a combination of excitement and from the coolness of the air-conditioning.

I'm standing in the kitchenette, observing all of this. Emily turns her head toward me and smiles. She wads up the paper towel and tosses it into the sink. "How about that beer?" she asks.

She turns away from me and opens the refrigerator door. The bright interior light of the refrigerator is like a beacon on her body. As if she knows the effect this has on me, she leans forward at the waist with her legs slightly spread. The light allows me to see the lips of her pussy as she bends forward.

She finds the beer bottle and then slowly stands back up. She sets the beer on the island counter and closes the door of the refrigerator.


I walk across to her, my cock already rock hard again, leading the way. I open the bottle of the beer, and offer it to her. She takes a sip. As she does, I can't help but notice that the condensation on the beer has pooled down to the bottom of the bottle. As she tips the bottle, a water droplet lands on her left breast and quickly slides across her skin.

Emily jumps at the unexpected cold droplet. I smile at her. She smiles at me and hands me the beer. I take a deep drink and swallow. It was just what I needed to refresh from the hot lawn-mowing. I set the bottle down on the counter and step forward to her.

Her lips meet mine in an embracing crush. Our lips part and our tongues meet, teasing tip to tip. I work my way across her face to her ear, breathing heavily as I nibble my way down to her neck. She stretches her neck up to me, exposing the hot flesh to my lips and tongue.

I savor the salty sweetness of her skin. I slide down to my knees and softly suckle onto each nipple, enjoying the hardness of them against my tongue. I looked up at her with a nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard until it popped free. She was smiling down at me. I slowly let my tongue do the walking and worked my way down her belly. Her hands went to the back of my head, softly guiding me. I could smell her arousal the closer I got to her pussy. She smelled good. It hit me somewhere deep inside and made me want to just take her right there.

I stood up. She looked me in the eyes with kind of a disappointed look.

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It didn't last long as I quickly picked her up and placed her on the island counter in the middle of the kitchen. I sat her naked butt on the edge and she fell back onto the island, her long hair flowing free and hanging down. She brought her legs up, ankles just resting on the corners of the counter as I swooped down for my target.

She was wet. Hot, wet and clearly aroused. Her pussy was free of hair, except for the light brown tuft she kept closely trimmed. The lips of her pussy were full, and her clit was just beginning to peek out. No matter what they say, no man is really an expert at pussy-licking. We go at it roughly, fumbling around until we hit the right spots.

Eventually, with a little luck, and guidance from a willing partner, we learn what to do. I'm no professional, but I get by. Today, however, I was reduced to a mere amateur, overwhelmed by what I was being given access to.

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Unabashed, I dove right in. "Ohhhhhhh," she moaned as I ran my tongue slowly from the bottom to the top of her pussy. Her swollen lips parted as my stiff tongue worked its way through her folds. She was so wet. My face was quickly drenched. I took my time, licking, sliding, probing my way, until she finally reached down and grabbed my head, directing my mouth to her clit. "Oh, yeah," she moaned as I directed my attention to her little nubbin.

I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly. As I did this, I brought up my left hand and inserted a finger inside her. I could feel her pussy clench around my finger. I started a quick in-and-out motion. Her hips began to move up and down. She continued to hold my head to her clit, her grip getting tighter and tighter, pushing me into her pussy.

"Oh. Oh. Oh!" she practically yelled, followed by a deep, "Unnnggghhh!" as she came hard, slamming her hips up and down on the counter.

Her hands pulled my head hard, and I pushed my tongue against her clit and held still as the spasms raced through her. My finger inside of her was clenched repeatedly by the walls of her pussy.

She slowly relaxed, and then quickly pulled me away from her clit. As I pulled back, I flicked my tongue one last time across it, causing her to jump and another spasm to seize her body.

I slowly slid my finger out and she jerked away at that too, her body all too sensitive as ripples of pleasure continued through her. I stood fully, and laid my chest lightly across hers. I held her as she continued to shudder. She wrapped her legs around my back for a second, but they weakly fell down after a few seconds.

I stood up again and took this beautiful woman into my arms. She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck as I cradled her. She buried her head into my chest, her breath still coming in hard gasps.

"Need.you.inside me.need you." She whispered in short whispers I carried her into the den. In what felt like one fluid motion, I laid her down onto the floor, my body coming down on top of hers. Her legs opened wide for me and I leaned forward, my hard cock meeting her hot pussy.

I let it nudge against her a few times, parting her lips and coating the head of my cock with her juices. Her hands slid down to my lower back and she pulled me into her. She was hot. She was wet. She was tight. I thrust into her four times and came. Four strokes. That's all it took.

I'm not ashamed of it. She felt that great. Besides, I knew there would be more to come later. I came hard, spurting my cum deep inside of her. She moaned as each jet of hot cum launched into her. "I can feel it," she whispered softly. "I can feel you coming inside of me." Jessie was one of those girls that did everything by the book.

Everything was strict, punctual and neat. And that means everything. From the way she platted her hair into two perfect pig-tails behind her head, to the way she'd adjust herself in public. Nothing was left to be messed up in any way shape or form. Another thing that Jessie enjoyed was dressing up for school, and this meant wearing everything straight out of the movies. The pleated checkered mini-skirt. The white collar shirt that was a few sizes too small to emphasise her 12C breasts. And the bra and panties to match.

She looked, perfect. Every guy in the school wanted her, and nobody could have her, up until one day when Jessie decided enough was enough and her ways had to be changed. As she listened to Mr Adams her Arts teacher explaining the last part of the tutor she realised that her hand had crept under her desk and had pushed aside her cotton panties. As she massaged herself she noticed that James next to her had started watching.

He was moving at the same rate she was and had a blank but excited smile on his face. As he reached over for her leg, and placed his hand on her thigh, she noticed her knees fall apart at his touch. She moved her legs around and apart more to give him a full view of everything she had.

James crept his hand up her silky white leg all the way and slipped his finger straight in to her already wet pussy. Slowly moving in and out, while beckoning his fingers. She began to grind against her chair.

The bell rang to show the end of class but she was stuck there in a trance. Suddenly they were the only two left in the class and Mr Adams had noticed something strange going on. He noticed that James and Jessie were in a strange position to be sitting next to eachother. It was then he noticed Jessie's erect nipples pushing through her tight shirt. He noticed his cock getting harder and harder and he noticed that he had started rubbing himself.

Jessie looked up startled to find Mr Adams unzipping himself in front of her.


Instead of pulling away like she normally would have she helped his hands along and took his hardening cock in her mouth as far as she could. She had neevr done this before but this didn't matter. James had started to pull down her panties to give himself more access while Jessie had unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall off her shoulders.

Pumping on Mr Adams' cock she started to moan as James had fallen to his knees in front of her. Pushing his face into her mound, licking up to her clit and massaging her insides with his finger still. As Mr Adams lifted Jessie out of her seat and placed her on his table, he pushed everything else off it and let it all crash to the ground. This was not a moment for clear thoughts.

He pushed her legs wide apart and sat at her entrance. "GO FOR IT!" Jessie screamed, "GO ALL THE WAY". At that, Mr Adams slipped his entire length inside of her, taking her virginity with him. James was quite comfortable having Jessie massage his co